Day 46

Day 46

Instead of hunting today, I planned to make presents for Gobumi-chan, Redhead, Alchemist-san, Blacksmith-san and the Sisters.

Not armor, but rather cute clothes for traveling would be good is what I was thinking. I will measure their sizes for the time being. Although I have already seen every corner of their bodies, I could only roughly guess their size. I don’t really know their exact sizes.

It shouldn’t be too flashy as to not attract attention when going into a town, but I don't think the design should be too plain either. It also needs to be able to provide enough protection in case something happens. I knitted a beautiful cloth - I found it among the loots of the older goblin - with my normal threads.

In addition, I made a small clone of myself with my blood and put it on the back, it will notify me in case of emergencies. If it comes down to it, it can work as a diversion before I arrive or monitor their location and the situation around them if they get kidnapped.

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I made some clothes with my threads and clones which have higher defense compared to low-quality armors, I thought that they would look a little bland by themselves, so I made some bracelets and accessories with the Red deer’s Rose Quartz antlers and the Argiope’s carapace as materials. They didn't look too luxurious, but they are beautiful nonetheless.

They were delighted, seeing them so happy made the effort spent well worth it.

That night, everyone were a little intense.

Afterwards, Gobumi-chan and Redhead started wearing the clothes everyday during hunting or training, though I don't think they should since the clothes might tear. Well, I guess it'll be okay.

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