Day 45

Day 45

Early morning, today I wandered through the forest alone.

Going to the Unexplored Zone of my mental map, I discovered a Gray Slime (Tentative Name) that looked like a superior subspecies of Green Slime. The reason why I gave it this tentative name was because of its gray color, it’s size is twice that of the first Green Slime I met, the overall speed of its movement and twisting tentacles is different, and so is the digestive power of its bodily liquids as they scatter.

As soon as I fought it, I realized it was quite tough compared to Green Slimes. More like, it was somewhat strange.

I figured it was the same kind of monster, so I attacked it with a fire-based magic but it wasn’t very effective, “Then how about [Pyrokinesis]?” when I tried it out it died pretty easily.

It seems like the Gray Slimes are resistant to certain fire-based magic. I picked up the gray nucleus that was rolling around and placed it in my item box, then I searched for more Gray Slimes. I wondered what other characteristics they have, further investigation would be needed is what I said to myself.

After about an hour, I hunted roughly 20 Gray Slimes.

As things turn out, I can’t use any of the magic systems against Gray Slimes effectively except for [End].

Gray Slimes are resistant to magic itself, not just fire-based magic, unless it’s at a certain level, anything below that would be neutralized. If you add its ability to nullify physical attacks the abilities work perfectly together.

The basic slime ability [Physical Damage Reduction] can significantly reduce or nullify direct physical attacks below certain levels. The slimes are supposed to be weak against magic but these guys gained some resistance to it. With its decent speed and high digestive power, what should be a normal enemy becomes a formidable opponent.

That's weird though, I wonder why they die so quickly when I use [Pyrokinesis]‘ flames and [Electro Master]‘s lightning.

Are they not considered magic? I’m oblivious on that subject, I couldn’t really understand the “Essential facts/ Ways of Killing”, but I don’t care so it doesn’t really matter.

I took 20 pieces of the gray nucleus from the item box and ate them all at once. The candy-like nucleus is about 5cm in diameter. Though it is tasteless, it feels like candy when I pop it into my mouth and roll it around.

Ability [Physical Damage Resistance] learned.
Ability [Self-Replication] learned.
Ability [Infused Liquid Restoration] learned.

The ability I got from the Gray Slime wasn’t [Physical Damage Reduction] but a superior version named [Physical Damage Resistance]. I was convinced, it was strong.

By the way, it seems like a Slime multiplies by increasing its volume to a certain level then dividing itself into two. I was able to understand this as soon as I learned [Self-replication].

I bit my finger and let the blood flow, soon after the blood began twisting and wriggling, I created a crimson colored mini version of me. And it seems like me and my little self are connected to each other to some degree. I can share what I'm thinking and seeing with it.

I can see the clone in my own field of vision and I can also see myself in the clone's field of vision.  It was a bizarre situation

The feeling of skin and sense of touch seem to be impossible to share as expected, but it’s a good ability since it’s so convenient, even I think it’s foul play.

It’s not the kind of ability that could be appreciated immediately, but give it enough time to multiply and its usefulness would show. It can be used to gather intelligence or determine the opponent's battle strength easily.

The material needed seems to be my blood, though that’s easy to replenish it since I can suck blood from others. To end on a good note, I went hunting and ate animals such as Demon Spider, Argiope and the Triple-Horned Horse.

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