Day 43

Day 43

Gobumi-chan looks moody lately. It started around two days ago, I first noticed it when I returned from solo-hunting.

Why is it? I asked Gobukichi-kun about this and he just tilted his head saying he doesn’t know, when I consulted with Gobue-chan about this she told me that I know what I did, and as I asked Hobusato-san and Hobusei-san they just said “How nice to be young~” and such, in the end everyone evaded my question.

When I went to Redhead since I really don’t know why, she cutely puffed her cheeks and turned away. I was also told by Blacksmith-san that she was a little moody when I went to her place, “I’ve also been wondering about that since yesterday, Why?” as soon as I asked her this, she showed a shocked and slightly angry expression on her face and went somewhere.

While feeling worried, I tried going to the Sisters’ place, they forcibly fed me something with a little poison mixed in saying, “This is a prototype, please enjoy.” Without any emotion, when I tried eating it, it tasted delicious—just to remind you, poison won’t work on me—so I surprised them by telling them to make it again.

I wonder why?

Getting really stressed about it, I went to Alchemist-san and told her what I felt, she told me the reason while she was still looking shocked.

So yeah, it seems like the cause of it was jealousy. Well, when I had the affair with Dryad-san, she left a hickey on my neck and when they noticed it, they got upset.

Since it was harmless I didn’t really mind it.

So that’s why, having solved the reason I nodded but Alchemist-san suddenly hugged me tightly and greedily gave me a deep kiss.

Passionately, our tongues entwined ~wait what, we are exchanging saliva?! Is what I was thinking. After a while I was released.

“This is my thanks for saving me and my feelings for you.” was what she said, I replied “Is that so?” nodding, she looks at me for a moment, with teary eyes and quivering lips, losing her balance I held her close, and thinking what if I also touched here, I got in the mood and the situation escalated.

So as not to harm her, I lovingly embraced her body and as soon as we started flirting in a concealing manner, Gobumi-chan stormed in.

I looked like a husband caught having an affair in the way I panicked, but surprisingly I got embraced instead.

Then she said “Do it with me too!”

Compared to when she was a Goblin, as soon as she turned into a Hobgoblin she became really cute so my feelings for her wouldn’t be a problem, as soon as I was about to do this and that, intruders came in one after another!!

Well, I don’t want to explain what exactly happened next, truthfully I can’t do that. However, Blacksmith-san, Redhead and the Sisters who intruded, have decided to spend the night together in an orgy.

Using [Metamorphosis] and [Self-Body Fluid Control] was a big success. Not even in my dreams did I imagine that I would use my own twisting tentacle-like things this way since my reincarnation.

And I didn’t think I would use it on so many individuals at once.

After that, I didn’t expect I could use [Self Body-Fluid control] to turn my body fluid into an aphrodisiac.

By the way, I sealed off all the exits of the room with my threads in order to prevent the other Goblins from peeping; and used [Aero Master] to possibly prevent the voices from leaking out of the room.

My thoughts: Yep, it was a satisfying night that felt awfully good.

It’s just that, because of my overwhelming stamina, I did not feel any weaker no matter how many times I came, on top of that, it was so strong that if I hadn’t used my [Metamorphosis] I would have broken them for sure.

“Nevertheless, it was very intense”, I thought. I now have important people to protect.

Hmm.. I really didn’t plan any of this. Well, it can’t be helped. There’s no doubt I am happy with this.

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