Day 42

Day 42

Among my 5 servants I identified 2 who displayed the characteristics of a Mage.

I immediately transferred them from my direct command to Hobusei-san’s magic exercising corps « Agony » in order to have them begin training.

As I accompanied them out of curiosity, I discovered that Hobusei-san had scores of magic-related books in her bedroom. From what I heard, it seems like she collected them over the years from the plundered goods until now, she even added my [Introduction to Magic — Basics of Magic vol 2 of 3] to her collection, however, I overlooked it and pretended that I didn't see anything because I have already memorized its contents anyways.

Hearing what she was saying, I found out that Hobusei-san didn't start off knowing three systems of magic like she does now.

For individuals with magical aptitude, the most basic spell of the magic system that they have the highest compatibility with will be automatically — for me it was [End], for Hobusei-san it seemed to be [Fire] — recorded in their heads just like how I learned [Spear of The End (Gendihi)] and when they reach a certain Level they gain an additional spell, however, they will only learn higher tier spells of the same magic system that they have the highest compatibility for by this way and can't learn spells from other systems.

Well, it is only natural that only the spells of the magic system they're most compatible with will be automatically recorded in their heads.

However, as a result of studying from the books she gathered, Hobusei-san learned many new spells and expanded the range of the magical systems she can use. She was such a hard-worker.

This was the first time Hobusei-san received apprentices, so her mood was at an all time high to teach the two hobgoblins the fundamentals of magic, I got myself some books and laid down to the side reading, because I felt from the atmosphere around Hobusei-san that interrupting her lesson without thinking can go poorly.

“Hm hm, ooh, I see~”, I murmured as I studied spells of other magic systems, like the [Fire] magic system, the [Water/Ice] magic system, [Lightning] and other magic systems besides the [End] magic system that I have been using to create highly destructive lances using the spell [Spear of The End (Gendihi)].

Well, it seems like the [Origin] attribute that I possess in addition to the [End] attribute is a pretty convenient attribute that allows me to learn many things which include magic in a short period of time. Having bad affinity with a magic system can limit you to be able to bring out only half the power that someone who's at the same Level and have a good affinity with this magic system can bring out when casting a spell from this magic system, or even not being able to use it at all etc., others will without exception have problems, but I can do it easily. It also seems to strengthen my memory, so it's really helpful.

Even though I learned magic, but [Pyrokinesis] and [Electromaster] and my other elemental abilities are probably better because they don't require mana to use, in addition, to use magic you need to chant the spell first, so I think that I'll probably not use any magic in the future excluding my [End] magic. However, there's no harm in having a wide range of usable magic, in addition, I can know the effect of the magic the enemy might use by learning it.

After about three hours had passed, I picked up a new book from Hobusei-san’s collection and started reading it, I have finally found a use for my ability [Job-Enchanter].

Well you see, [Job-Priest] is slightly different from [Job-Druid] but there were many similar parts so I quickly became able to use it, but [Job-Enchanter] is completely different when compared to [Job-Magician], that's why without knowing how to use it I have been neglecting it until now.

Well, to put it simply, [Magician] is a job that allows you to releases magic in the environment, while [Enchanter] is a job that allows you to magically interfere with matter.

Although Mages can do things similar to enchanters like reinforcing objects, leaving aside the issue of it being just a temporary buff, a magician’s enchants are much weaker than an enchanter's, as low as only a fifth the strength of an enchanter's enchants, However, in exchange, enchanters have a very low combat ability.

In short, it's better to treat enchanting and magic as different techniques.

Leaving this complicated relationship aside, now I can use the ability [Job-Enchanter]. So to get some experience in enchanting, I went to Blacksmith-san's smithy.

As soon as she saw my face she pouted a little which made me tilt my head to the side in confusion in response, then she let me practice using various things that she forged previously.

I enchanted knives made from [Spirit Stones] alloy and wrought iron knives made from iron ore.

As a result, the knives made from [Fire Spirit Stones] shot out stronger flames, the ones made from [Water Spirit Stones] spewed more water, while the wrought iron Knives’ strength and sharpness increased drastically.

Yeah, I was surprised at how easy [Job-Enchanter] was to use. You can make powerful weapons comparatively easily by enchanting them.

Well, behind the scenes there were numerous prototypes that shattered due to failed enchantments…

The success rate is low if the enchanter isn’t too familiar with enchanting and the ability level is low. Considering this, it will be necessary to continue training with enchanting and repeating failure to increase the ability level. Although I'm sorry for Blacksmith-san, but I decided to keep training using the items she made until the ability level reaches a certain point.

Time passed with me practicing like this, then I went hunting, ate and slept.

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