Day 42

Day 42

Among my 5 Hobgoblin minions, I identified 2 who were suitable to become Mages.

I immediately transferred them from my direct command to Hobusei-san’s «Magician» corps in order to have them begin training.

As I accompanied them out of curiosity, I discovered that Hobusei-san had scores of magic-related books in her bedroom. From what I heard, it seems that each of them had been laboriously collected from the plundered goods until now.

Hearing her story, it seems that even Hobusei-san didn't start off knowing three systems of magic like she does now.

Individuals with magical aptitude had the spell for the basic magic system best suited for themselves—for me it was [End], for Hobusei-san it seemed to be [Fire]—inscribed in their head, like I was, and when their level increased, they gained additional spells, but only superior versions of the spells they had in the beginning; they cannot handle spells for other magical systems.

It was to be expected, since they wouldn’t have known the key spells.

However, as a result of studying from the books she gathered, Hobusei-san had expanded the range of magical systems she can use. She was such a hard-worker.

Then, it seemed that Hobusei-san was happy because this is the first time she had apprentices, so her mood was at an all time high to teach the two Hobgoblins the fundamentals of magic, and I got myself some books and laid down to read so I didn’t hinder their training.

“Hm hm, ooh, I see~”, I said as I studied ways of handling other magic systems, like [Fire] system magic, [Water] system magic, besides the [End] magic I had been using up to now for creating impressively destructive lances.

Well, it appears that the [Origin] attribute that I possess is convenient since it allows me to immediately make use of other magic systems. Having bad affinity with a magic system and only being able to bring out half the power or not being able to use it at all etc, others will, without exception, have problems, but I can do it easily. It also seems to strengthen my memory, so yeah, it makes it easy for me.

Well, putting minor details aside, since I can use it now I’m not going to complain. [Pyrokinesis] and [Electro master] are probably better, because there is an advantage in being able to use them without signs unlike Magic, it may be pointless to remember the spells.

Still, it was no problem since having a wide range of usable magic is not a bad thing.

After about three hours had passed, I picked up a new book from Hobusei-san’s collection and started reading it, I have finally found a use for my skill [Job-Enchanter].

Well you see, [Job-Bishop] is slightly different from [Job-Druid] but there were many similar portions so I quickly became able to use it, but [Job-Enchanter] is completely different when compared to [Job-Magician] so I couldn’t skillfully use it.

That was why I had halfway neglected it until now.

Oh, that’s right.

[Magician] is fundamentally a technique that releases something into the open, while [Enchanter] is an art that intervenes with materials.

Yeah, that’s how it is, while magicians can do things similar to enchanters like strengthening materials, leaving the issue of support aside, a magician’s enchants are much weaker than an enchanters, in exchange, enchanters are completely useless in combat.

Yeah, for now I think I’d better treat it differently to magic.

Leaving aside the hard part for a while, for now I can use the skill [Enchanter]. Since she had previous experience, I went to Blacksmith-san.

As soon as she saw my face she pouted a little which made me slightly confused, then she let me practice using various things that she had made.

I enchanted knives made from purified spirit stones and ones made from iron.

As a result, the knives made from Fire Spirit Stones could shoot out stronger fire, the ones made from Water Spirit Stones could spout more water, while the Iron Knives’ strength and sharpness increased drastically.

Yeah, I was surprised at how easy [Enchanter] was to use. You can make powerful weapons comparatively easier, than making them the non-magical way.

Well, behind the scenes there were numerous prototypes that were smashed up because of failed enchantments…

The success rate is low if the enchanter isn’t too familiar with enchanting. Then this and that happened, time passed, I went hunting, ate, and then slept.

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