Day 405

Day 405

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Invaded the palace sitting by  the [Sun King], near the bed, [Demon Whisper] brought closer, but now [Sun King]'s supplementary person "Wolf Shriganus" was captured.

Shriganus which added a head, body hair and tail similar to a strict jackal to the body of a strong male adult male rich with more than three meters did not have gifts and did not hold murderous intentions, so "whispering do not kill the devil" captive.

But, I grasp my neck so that I can pierce Tadome at any time. 

to break a twig if Komere the force, [Demon Whisper] would neck also is also folded. 

Well, it's a messenger that is supposedly killed.

Because the main demon was also refined for that purpose, the reason for existence will be lost unless you can complete the mission. 

So, after talking about the documents that I brought into my mouth, I drank poisoned medicine in the mouth and made my own self. 

According to it, 【Human Bomb】 is activated. 

By this time the minimum to shred up to a paranoid flesh explosion occurs between hundreds of millions or more cells and cell, " whisper of the devil " is the all around It disappears without causing damage.

Only the bunch of specially processed documents is left behind. 

Incidentally, the shriganus who had grabbed the neck did not seem to have a slight damage.

Yes, there was such a thing yesterday, but now there is no noticeable movement. 

But as the movements of the suspects began to become active, something could happen in the future . 

While thinking such a thing, we are one of the nearby 【The Kamiyo Dungeons】 【Selection of the red and white crown I came to Urgeleto Boraris].

This is a general scale composed of five palaces - the Shinta dungeon - which is a structure in which the grand sculpture goddess is sandwiched between the left and right by the Red Crown Palace in front of and behind the selection center in the center.

 Here is the history that the [King of the Sun] has captivated generations, because there is a history, information is plentiful, you can listen to most kinds of dungeon monsters, types of traps and hidden gimmicks that appear if you drink even one of the liquors at the bar.

Well, even if there is advance information, it is the existence that it is [goddess dungeon] that little capture is done.

If you know what to do, the scale is also common in size, and it is not difficult to capture Coco without a special gimmick.

A pair of me and Kanami-chan appears Dungeon monsters -

 "desert spider Although it is about ten centimeters in size, it forms hundreds of flocks and fills up the aisles. Sabakutogata

Black comedy devil " Black · Satan Cloth " on the back carrying a bag filled with sand giving various 【Abnormal Condition】 【Coma】 and [Paralysis]

Attach the limbs to the person about the size of Cobra, appearance, such as armed " Viper grave keeper soldiers coburathion  

Rolling the passage in the body of the sphere, spread that the sharp debris explode after that has been hit body "Explosion debris ball machine Breakfast mousse tiger Gollem". 

A scorpion moving at high speed that protects himself with a strong red outer shell, cuts or restrains prey with a sharp scissor and detains with four poison tails " four tail red poison scorpion Ogsula Burjugue". 

The number of individuals is small, but boasting a strength comparable to that of a hierarchical boss and having the upper half of a human being and the lower body of a winged lion " lion only beast of selection Miya Volaris Sphinx". 

 - while quickly slaughtering in a short time.

Coco's strategy procedure begins at the point where he defeats the 4 field bosses, sitting at the two Crown Princesses and the White Canyon.

BeniKanmuriMiya is distinguished by the before and after, before the other in the head snake is in Beni KanmuriMiya has a body of strong men armed [Lizardman] system " before KurenaiMamorusha of Mushunamufu " is present, lower body in women upper body of the nude in the rear red KanmuriMiya is that the snake [Lamia] of the system " Kobeni Mamorusha of Fumunayushimu " exists.

The man's Mushunamu is excellent in proximity warfare, and the woman' s hmnusushim is good at handling [magic], so if you stay together, the balance is good

Well, as it is separate, there is nothing troubling to deal with so far.

And the white citadel is distinguished on the left and right, in the right white canal, there is a " right guardian Semenathus " where the right arm and the head are eagles and the other is the male body , and the left ark There is a " left guardian 's Sutnamese " whose head is an eagle and the other has a female body .

As  well as the two of the Red Crescent Palace, the man Zemenathus is a avant-garde and the woman's suutnamese seem to have a role as a guard, but this may be a bit difficult to do because it fly in the sky.

By the 4 bodies waiting at the deepest part of each temple, most of the planners seem to be repelled even if they reach here, but we broke through without problems.

Kanami prepares large-scale magic for the backwards, but as I am mostly avant-garde I just end up with a black spear. 

Demon overloading The effect of the two black spears obtained as is tremendous, piercing it will only end with disappearance of the body or liquefaction.

Of course the debris was delicious. 

I felt like I felt chicken meat something, I liquefied it and enjoyed it as a juice. 

By combining the 4 parts you got with defeating the four bodies, a crown made of two colors of red and white is created, as if a white crown was fitted inside the red crown.

Toward the center selection house of with this, in mid-evening it was closed to the door « between the selection » was able to enter the boss room called.

Of here [ Labyrinth main Dungeon boss ] is called "Pruno Nekjet".

Head of a ferocious yellow cobra that suffers a red and white crown. 

The  long neck stretches out from the human body wearing a light-duty priest who has a devil like a balance, all the exposed bodies are covered with hard scales, a long tail from the buttocks Is growing.

There are red and white wings like the wings of the eagle on the back, white wings on the right and red leaves on the left . 

I have an appearance that mixed floor bosses in Kohaku-shi, but the signs of wearing are several times as dense as that . 

Using powerful magic, physical attack using a nerve poisoning fog from a cobra's fang or a sturdy body, raining of attack from the sky sometimes by flight using red and white wings.

In an ominous attack, even a single scales can not be hurt, and there is a serpent of the snake that makes the subject "atrophic". 

Since you may [generate] a huge cobra, you can align the strength by a number, and if you receive more damage than a certain amount you recover by molting. 

I was proud of the embarrassed strength as [Labyrinth], which has no gaps, but unfortunately the partner was bad after all.

Offset magic by magic, if the mist of neurotoxin is squirted, it also plays a deadly poisonous poison, and if it approaches, it will be lost or liquefied with black lance.

Kanami's ice storm will blow up if you fly in the sky, and the movement of "Climate - neccet" which has characteristics of climate animals also becomes dull . 

Although it took a while to recover by the extent of physical fitness and toughness, ecdysis more than anything else, it was still able to recover the body safely . 

 [Dungeon boss " Purunto-Nekujeto " was successfully subdued]

 [Treasure box [Red and white crown coffin] was awarded as the 1st subjugation bonus to the accomplishment party ]

 [Use of Teleport Gates will be given as a privilege after capture]

 [Please note that the warp gate is only applicable to the capturers ]]

 [Psalter awakening person / part of the divine power of [the god of the color crown]] was collected for the shrine of the divine poetry by the main character ]

 [God power of inferior quality was refreshed because the collector was Ogami because the collector was Ogami ]

 [Some of the shaken power is materialized by regulation]

 [Night Tenzouko one line is【 the color crown god soul treasure crown Plunellitou Ratchyard]! It is! ]

 [It became possible to get the dominated labyrinth by the effect of the special abilities [plunder labyrinth / cynomanism ]]

 [by the conditions fit , [You can plunder the selection house of red and white crown]. Do you loot it ?

« YES » « NO » ]   

Select « YES » that was displayed immediately and put it under control .

Name [" red and white crown selection house of Urujereto-Volaris " [from] of red and white crown selection Onimiya Urgeleto Boraris onus].

Because I was troublesome, I did not tame much about the internal structure, and strengthen the strength of the dungeon monster. 

It will not be a problem because the difficulty level will increase. 

When you're finished configuring, immediately "Purunto-Nekujeto" decided to eat the flesh of.

This time we cook a long tail first, as it is OK to just eat all. 

It's just a simple way to cut the tail to the proper size and bake it. 

Still because the material is good or delicious, the tightened meat quality seems to have accumulated the meat juice by lightly burning the surface. 

As you chew it, you can shake the hot broth and grease, and the painted salt further complements it. 

Odor is also good, somewhere close to the dragon meat taste. 

Ability learned: 【Crown Giver】 learned

What is this kind of abilities, but it seems to be a thing to find talented people who are strong enough to win a treasure crown.

It may be difficult to understand, assess the potential, and I wonder if I should say even. 

Anyway, I could learn for a while and the rest would be cooked by my sister and Iiya.

Basically it is a snake, so if you eat it like an eel, it might be fun. 






















 十センチ程の大きさだが数百の群れを成して通路を埋め尽くして襲い掛かってくる“砂漠棘飛蝗(サバクトゲバッタ)”  【昏睡】や【麻痺】など様々な【状態異常】を付与する砂を詰めた袋を背負う、黒衣の悪魔“ブラック・サタンクロース”









































  ≪YES≫ ≪NO≫]
















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