Day 401

Day 401

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A huge structure of mountain-like size, discovered in the hot red red [Gaudabre Huge Heat Desert]. 

Although there was no information in the survey up to the point that there was such a thing, there was a structure of size as large as this place, and we could not obtain any information at all It can not be thought of.

If someone made it manually, some sort of information will be left somewhere, and it is even more if it is in such a harsh place.

Even if there are no problems due to some troubles such as lost books on which information was written, there are still some clues left behind in ancient stories and songs, but that too absent.

It probably would have been counted as a legacy of prehistoric civilization or a wonder of the planet if it is a previous life, but in this world this is probably a highly probable 【Dance of the Gods】 I believe that I decided to enter it yesterday It is.

The appearance of the found structure has a strange feature as it is a complex of various style temples based on Pyramids.

There are also some structures around the giant pyramid in the center, apparently connected by a passageway or something, so it's probably one structure entirely.

As we can not just look at it from the outside, trying to penetrate inside from the luxurious entrance that was protected by the huge stone statues on the left and right in the red pyramid body for the time being, there was a huge entrance hall there.

It's a quite spacious space about 40 meters high and about 150 meters in length and width.

If you look up at the high ceiling, there is a spherical body like a sun, and the gentle and powerful light that it emanates illuminated the wide entrance hall.

A beautiful floor like a dustless mirror is made of a seamless and crisp stone, and receives an impression like a huge monolith . 

On the wall made of the same material as the floor, various kinds of pictures were drawn with a unique style, as suggesting something . 

A king-like bird-headed person wearing a crown of a unique shape with a vertex of a triangle, soldiers of armed guards like Konoe who protects it, shadows of dressed clothes like slavery who can be stepped on base.

Birds who flies with the shining sun, bastard purple snake swallowing the river, male dog wearing a priest's clothes, a cat-headed woman with a balance and a dagger in hand, human Eating crocodile Monster with a lion's body at the head.

The sandstorm that blows away the house, the grace of rain that falls from heaven, the great wave of the sand swallowing monsters, the desert of dark and freezing ice, the land of dead left of the decayed bone of the monster. 

Among them, the most noteworthy thing was the blue blue huge fish with wings drifting in the star waters drawn largest in the depth, the giant red birds lying on the lava, the golden giant who worshiped the palm, the book A huge white giant beast who writes something on, a black and huge eyes that sits at the center of a violent large swirl.

Once I saw it, I could not take my eyes off so that I could be inhaled .

As I came to museums and art museums to watch the walls that can feel their own civilization carefully and thoroughly, there was no sign of anything and small Pyramel with a height of about 3 meters protruding from the center of the entrance hall.

The golden pyramid is decorated with eyes and shines dazzlingly with the ceiling sphere light. 

I was wary of suddenly being attacked, but there was not any change in particular.

The time to look down on the silence of the moment is over. 

Since it is disagreeable even if it is surprised, as viewing of the wall is stopped at one time, when approaching while carefully being able to fight back even if it is attacked, a monster dungeon monster appeared from the little golden pyramid.

The dungeon monsters that came out of the inside of pyramid so that the ghost can pass through the material by 【Permeation】 wraps the gold bandage on the whole body like clothing and the hand with the devil with golden bird of prey had.

Skin peeping from glare of the gilded bandage is as if it is like a dry Kirino Mimira, so you can see that it is an undead of the "Mummy" system that appears in the desert and so on.

From the atmosphere, it must be located in the upper class even among the Mammy system. 

Ordinary Mummy is more frugal, or there is no mistake in appearance so far, so there is no doubt. 

Anyway, Kim Mommy who appeared is slim body shape, but its height is likely to be about 2 meters.

My body is not wasted, and there will be enough strength in close combat. 

I feel a sign that it is not extraordinary from the sorcerer that I have in hand. It is a type that fights mainly on something [Magic]. 

You can cope with the perspective, and the performance must be high overall as a whole .  Since I have a feeling of hiding something yet, it would be better to assume the skill higher . 

I was convinced that here is the [God] rank, as the dungeon monster that had the strength of Kore came out from the beginning.

As the first enemy here is not dissatisfied, almost at the same time as you take out the Chen Zi while thinking about it, Kim Mi Mi said, "Humma, there is no one who will come here. No, it seems there is a reason for that...".

It is a majestic voice that might have followed other people's deep bass.

I wonder if she was a noble man in life . 

I was surprised a little by surprise, Kim Mommy did not seem to care, "Anyway, I will welcome you from my heart, you are a supernatural capturer. "You said that because you are the first came aboard since Coco - [Red Desert Quadrilateral Tombstone Iburum · Lattem · Puramel] was created.

I'm worried about the mechanism of vocalization in dry and rich vocal cords, but it is well placed .

Kim Mommy 's gesture was as if he were the champion.

Each of the gestures is refined and dignified. 

I guess there is no lie in the word that welcomes you.

When you swipe the battle of a bird of prey bird of prey beside it, a luxurious desk and chair appeared between me and Kim Mommy .S

Surely this gold Mommy must also have the ability similar to it like the birch dragon emperor [Labyrinth Dungeon Chief of Security · Neit].

If you look gold Mommy somewhat with a gentle eyes, I sit in a chair without any precautionary gesture and urge you to sit here . 

Because I do not think that there is a trap, I sat down as prompted and took out the sweets that my sisters had made before and the tea that I purchased with « Olji Manu · Diunas ».

It is uncomfortable just to have it. It will be exactly right instead of hand-made. 

After that, I did not even feel like fighting at all, while I was enjoying sweets and tea, I was asked to explain in various ways as if I had a visitor from Kim Mi Mi.

First of all, it seems that this gold mummy also has a role as a guide to Coco.

Here is the 【Goddess Dungeon】 created by 【God of the Royal Tomb】 and its name is as gold mummy said 【Red desert quadrangular pyramid tombs Ibram, Latem · Pyramid】.

If it is normal it is the existence that [Kamiyo Dungeon] is known to some extent in order to gather [faith], but Coco is a bit different in circumstances.

In the surrounding area it seems that there is sufficient revenue just because there is [Faith] and customs and customs that you care about [Pyramid Sleeping Under the Sun].

That's why you do not have to bother gathering capturers. 

The royal tomb is the place where the dead silently spends time.

Since it is also a place of pride that will serve the greats of the past, it seems that the [God of the Royal Tomb] judged that there is no need to dare collect attendants and make it noisy. 

There are customs areas where customs send out messengers with fun and noise, but as an exception.

That's why I have not made [Brutality] or the [King] so far, it seems not to have done anything particularly so far.

It kept quietly since long ago.

If you dare say something, it seems to be about producing red sand around.

There seems to be a role of eliminating powerless cheapers in red sand, but since it serves as a raw material for craftworks, collecting [faith] while not knowing this well Maybe there is.

Without risk, but profits of sufficient amount can be secured, either.

Well, I guess I'll choose if there are such options. 

Anyway, Kim Mommy says, in order to capture Coco, I will capture the key « nine royal palaces » connected from the entrance hall , collect the keys, and overwhelm Coco - sleeping in the main hall [labyrinth] It seems necessary.

Just in each royal grave there are those who sleep there as area bosses, so it seems quite difficult to capture one king's tomb. 

People from all over the world have certainly been selected from among the classes such as "Yugeru" and [Emperor] that certainly existed in the long history, so those who participated in the previous [Holy War] It may be strong as well.

No, it probably will be strong. In the past, there should have been someone who can fully demonstrate the ability of the [Sacred Treasure], which can become a nuisance thing in the middle. 

But it is attractive to that extent, but that is bothersome.

Besides that, I talked about the story in various ways, but Kim Mummy's abundant knowledge was quite difficult to obtain .

There are things I've been particularly concerned about.

The [Gods] of Seven Pillars of a force - [God of Forgetting] [God of the Continent] [God of Illusion] [God of the Environment] [God of Harmony] [God of History] [God of Heritage] - is It is a story about the legendary [mystery abundant dark continent Mitrohia · Ducklebus · Fogan] which is said to be unable to come back by stepping into the ocean, which is the only [only] existing in the jointly created world 【Multi Dynasty Dungeon】 It was.

It seems that it is told that all continents are all 【Kamiyo Dungeon】 and there is more space than [Ojja Grade].

In fact, it seems that there have been challenges of the past [the sun], but even the difficulty of shallow places is equal to or greater than the depth of the [God] class deep part.

It is also a danger zone inhabited by monsters of the past era which were much stronger than modern times, plants and so on are many dangerous species and extinct species, their difficulty is It seems to be the best in the world.

It seems that the [Sun King] who did not come back is also among gold mummy's friends, so the talk was pretty real.

Maybe, gold Mommy also I wonder if challenged.

Anyway, as I am going to do the details about that later, I gathered various other useful information, but after a while I broke up with Kim Mommy, I got back to Kanami, but the next day and Will be gathered for information gathering at « Olji Manu Dei Nas » » today .

Of course, I made the following goal as the [Dark continent Shrouded in Mystery].

The gold mummy who has got along well because of something the [Quarry Pyramid Tombs of the Red Desert] also intends to capture again later, but the importance is not so high from the conditions such as the location.

« Olji · Manu · Dyunas » is evaluated at a point, but since [the god of the color crown] was created in the closer [selection of the red and white crown Palace Urgeleto · Boraris] You do not have to hurry to capture obviously tough coco. 

If you start a capture in secret to such amino Sei and Burasato's, there was also reason that a little scared after.

Regardless of the common 【Kamiyo Dungeon】 Anyway, you will be complaining that you are solemnible to monopolize such a good quality 【Kamiyo Dungeon】.

So when I will come next time I will organize a party with applicants . 

Anyway, it is the [Dark continent Shrouded in Mystery].

According to the gold mummy, there seems to more overflowing food that will not query in modern times. 

such a food and to eat because of I'm around the world, this in what do my time by not exhausted our best. 

While gathering information I think I'm off.

An extinct ancient ingredient, I want to eat quickly.
















































































 それにミノ吉くんやブラ里さんなどに内緒で攻略を開始した場合、ちょっと後が怖いという理由もあった。  ありふれた【神代ダンジョン】ならともかく、こんなに良質な【神代ダンジョン】を独占するなんてズルいぞー、と文句を言われてしまうだろう。







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