Day 388


Day 388

We finished the dungeon late in the evening yesterday and gathered in front of the gate. We had to spend the night there.

Our 4 groups were ranked in order of who finished fastest:

1st: Sato and Asue-chan

2nd: Kanami-chan and Sei

3rd: Minokichi-kun and Redhead

4th: I and the children

As a result, I was the last to capture the dungeon since safety came first with the children.

It seems that we have spent more time than we thought, as we did not only visit but also sometimes weakened and let us fight.

Even if we attack a little bit more, it may have been fine for children now, but it will not be good to kill instant death on the other hand, so it will be such a thing.

To tell the truth, I did not imagine that the four groups of Sato and Asue-chan would be the top, apparently it seems that time has been shortened by Asu-chan moving forward while breaking the sand wall.

Well, it is Asu-chan who has crushed a hard rock from usual. Although it is hard, although it is the wall of 【Kamiyo Dungeon】, it is said that it is not so difficult now.

During the battle, Mr. Buri rushes forward and kills himself, searching is the shortest route, and it is also nod to become such a ranking.

The two teams of Kanami and Sen Mi of the second place are in a good order.

Both search and battle are secured at a high standard, in some sense the most balanced team.

Even if you are misled by the maze, you will be able to draw correct answers in a short time.

On the other hand, the three teams, Minokichi and Redhead, in the third place, are low in search ability, regardless of battle.

Both are from the brain muscles, so it seems to be a result of struggling with the internal structure that is confused by a complicated structure.

While thinking as losing defeat.

Since I can not help it, I am going to receive punishment grudges, but after eating breakfast I put the keys in and opened the door.

And at the end of the door, there was a red - black sand giant as if he had sucked a lot of blood, as "a warrant of the sorrow of the sand castle.

I think that it is a dungeon boss, unfortunately it still seems to be an area boss.

The length of the body exceeds ten meters, the lower body is a scorpion with huge scissors and poisonous dripping tail. Eighth arms in the upper body like a human each have huge gifts, a thick heavy body like armrests like sand hardened, a spiral staircase leading to the upper floor behind the "Kodensha Soldier of Sand Castle" wearing full-body armor Because there is a thing, can we say as a trial before the dungeon boss?

We had to defeat the "Kodensha Soldier of Sand Castle" which was arranged in order to get the keys, but Knight Guard soldier Sharuk I knocked down sword, Kanami killed us The Konbuden soldier Garb who did it got the ax, the konbuto soldier Minobichi killed, Spears, the Kurogyan soldier Shamar who had defeated the spears got a dagger.

And the "Kodensha Soldiers of the Sand Castle" is as if they were united, looking towards the intruders we gave a roar of anger.

Technology that can be contested against the appearance is super class. Besides a variety of attacks due to gifts, scissors of the lower body and piercing of poisonous tails can not be discerned.

Moreover, as long as it does not break the small hard eight cores somewhere in the body, it regenerates almost indefinitely, not only is it possible to divide as many as the core, but also by indiscriminate range attack like sandstorm by sandification There are also many special abilities such as being able to do.

The room waiting for itself also has the function to assist the "Kodensha Soldier of Sand Castle" and it will be much stronger than fighting outside.

It is a dungeon monster of the level which will be forced to annihilate if fought normally, or to be forced to withdraw from dying.

However, this time the opponent was simply too bad this time.

That would not be the case, a ruthless ruin falls on the "Kodensha Soldier of Sand Castle".

[Successfully subjugated Area Boss [Wasato, Kodensha Soldier of Sand Castle]]

[Treasure box as the 1st subjugation bonus [Sand phantom warrior coffee] was awarded]

Tens of minutes after the start of the battle, when all the cores were removed by taking the movement of the "Kodensha Soldier of Sand Castle" of things somehow endured from its toughness, a large amount of reddish sand was left behind.

In the meantime, eat the core, collect sand with [the whole plant] and compress it small with [high compression]. It's enough to make a giant. When it becomes compressed and becomes the size as big as the human head, it is more difficult than this.

I tried to eat it with pakuri that it became hardness which can not be shaved with a mithral knife because it was compressed.

I thought that I could not learn anything, but I had a feeling that it was still a bit lacking.

As we expect later, we will go up the spiral staircase.

The spiral staircase continued steadily whether the fighting also in space.

Apart from occasional battle with dungeon monsters, did the small hour keep going up?

A huge round rock rolled from the top of the staircase, the stage of the stairs suddenly disappeared and it looked like a slide, a lot of sand caught from the top, and the spiral staircase where a gloomy trap was settled finally The end came.

Before the spiral staircase, it was an open big room not hundreds of meters square.

In the case of

Coco has stairs that came up and some big windows that can see the outside.

There are no decorative items to color large rooms, and there are no furniture such as chairs and desks. I thought that the dungeon boss of [the castle house of the sand castle] is also a throne suitable for sitting here, but it was bewildering that there was really nothing.

Well, where is the dungeon boss in such a large room where there is nothing like this, thinking so, walking towards the center of the large room, a part of the sand floor rises.

The sand overflowed like a gobo gobo, it eventually formed a monster monster.

The lower half of the monster is a huge scorpion of a strange shape wearing a vampire black violet spotted shellfish, the upper body of the monster is a clean woman with a beautiful demon wearing a thin dandelion.

If you look only at the upper body, there is a hard and inviolable atmosphere like a [saint] somewhere, but the lower body with four violent scissors and three venomous tails stands out as much.

It was a dungeon boss called "a female teacher of a sand castle" that appeared.

"The female teacher of the sand castle" which gives a sense of intimidation suitable for the dungeon boss of [the castle of the sand castle] opened the closed eyelids and glared at the surroundings with the red eyes.

Did you recognize us reflected in it as an enemy, "Are you OK! "It emits a shriek scream.

The grudge was put in, it shocked and trembled the big room and rippled the surroundings. Instead of a metaphor, the large room ruffed literally.

The change from there was dramatic.

The undulating surroundings are overflowing with sand that springs up like the "female teacher of the sand castle" appeared, forming a monster one after another.

First of all, thirty bodies of "Kodensha Soldier of Sand Castle" killed to gain the key will appear. After that, two "Soldiers of the Konju guards" appeared.

Dungeon monsters that have appeared do not have to be mentioned unlike before, and it seems that the case is one or two times lower than individuals who have been defeated, but there are many numbers to compensate for it.

The large room where there was considerable leeway is now the enemy 's nest, and a wall to protect the dungeon boss' s "female teacher of the sand castle" was built.

From that, it seems that the "female teacher of a sand castle" is stronger as a flock than a piece, the enemy of a pattern that tends to be a dungeon boss.

Whether you are ready, "the female teacher of the sand castle" spun a [magic] using the devil held in his hand while being protected by the underlying wall, and in parallel with it spewing light purple poison smoke from the three tails .

Poison smoke is very toxic to see and it seems dangerous even if there is [tolerance]. Moreover, it can be inferred that [Magic] being spun from experience is a powerful silo monochrome which blows off to the subordinate communities.

It seems that my head is not bad because I understand my own role and demonstrate the maximum effect, so it is likely that unpleasant behavior will increase if I chase it.

While watching the details, I cut a sword of the second swing that I wore on my back.

In accordance therewith, 【Arc Moon Flight Slow】 【Storm Wind · Reform】 【Saint Cross Strike · Reform】 【Reinforcement of the Great Cut Stimulus】 etc. duplicate activation.

Also add a similar line of 'warfare'.

Black and white, and the flying slash colored with red phosphorescence ripped out the dungeon monster who was in the direction of travel without asking questions, and the "teacher of a sand castle" lurking in the back reaches that red - black sand wall instantly produced It was.

But the red-black sand walls would not have been extraordinary hardness.

The sand wall broke down as though it were sharp and harsh sounds like a thick metal sheet, but it has not arrived. In the case of

Were you afraid of the imminent "death" near you, or because of anger against rude invaders?

That 's an unknown thing' s female teacher of sand castle that outperformed the attack, a roaring like a scream, it was a sign of a full battle commencement.

While the remaining dungeon monsters are going offensive, this also punishes enemies.

Minokichi's rush with shelling. Mr. Buri 's blood sword.

Kanami's demonic ice to freeze. Sorcerer's magic group like a meteor.

Raid of Redhead like beasts. And remote attacks of children.

Although it is wide, this is a space covered with sand walls around here.

The roar that shakes the body reverberates and vibrates as if it had happened even in the case of a big earthquake.

The battle becomes fierce with the time, the trace of fierce battles fierce and engraved in the big room.

Dungeon monsters that are more tough than their strength because of their characteristics take a little time, but they have already experienced battle.

I also knew how to kill, so I almost scoffed for as long as thirty minutes passed.

At the end, the lower part of the scorpion was cut off and the red core, the heart, was scooped up by my silver arms and ended wiping out.

I was thinking about getting delicious afterwards, but the body of the "female teacher of the sand castle" has become a sand, leaving the core inside the hand.

Why is it so.

[Dungeon Boss "The female teacher of the sand castle" was successfully suppressed]

[Clear condition of the divine psalm [the castle of the sand castle] 【the sandstone castle tower】 【annihilation of the army】 【the teacher capture】 was achieved

[Special ability [One night Sand Castle] was granted to one person who achieved achievement]

[Treasure box [fantasy sand castle pillar] was awarded as the 1st subjugation bonus to the accomplished party]

[Use of warp gates will be banned as a privilege after capture]

[Please note that the warp gate applies only to the capturers]

[Psalm awakening person / part of the divine power of [the god of the sand castle]] was collected for the shrine psalteric caption by the main character]

[God power collected by God with poor quality was played because the collector was Ogami]

[A part of the played power is materialized by regulation]

[Night Tenzouko one row got 【Sand Castle God Sand Tree Vase】! It is! ]

[It became possible to get the dominated labyrinth by the effect of the special abilities [plunder labyrinth / cynomanism]]

[By conformity condition, you can loot [the castle of the sand castle]. Do you loot it?

«YES» «NO»

The material of the dungeon boss is only the core, and the mass of the sand gathered by [high compression]. I will drop my shoulders and shoulders, but as I eat it at a later date.

【Sacred God Sand Tree Vase】 It is a simple pot about 50 centimeters in length, which has only one day but it changes to any structure Collect infinite sand - and treasure box and select «YES ».

[Special abilities [plunder labyrinth / exoticism] triggered. From the present moment the control of [the castle of the sand castle] has transitioned from [the god of the sand castle] to the night Tenzoko]

[Please adjust labyrinths arbitrarily after that]

After that I fiddled with setting as usual.

We will scrutinize treasure chests and other treasures collected by Kanami - chan from "Kodensha Guard of Sand Castle" and increase the difficulty of capturing so as not to be captured, and increase troublesome traps.

And if you set up [demon gate] in a newly built hidden room it is completed.

The name was made to be [the demon tower of the sand castle] at the texture.

After I finish my work I drink a little labyrinth and go out.

It was around evening, so I'm looking forward to dinner from my sisters who will be waiting at «Mushuram · Gianna».




























































































  ≪YES≫ ≪NO≫]











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