Day 382


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Day 382

Yesterday I gathered information while sightseeing all day, so I found out many things.

This place is only a trade city state, and many hard to come by products from other places are available here.

Of course, it is interesting to see markets where different items such as, daily necessities, weapons, magic items, rich varieties of ingredients, some ethnic traditional crafts, and livestock are sold every day.

You would be told that if there is any item you want, you can go there.

However, it seems there is also a nature that attracts attention from those in search of personal interests and profits.

Though it was learned by using information gathering from various taverns laddered together as distribution factories, going back further than the present, about ten years ago, the lord who governed and developed the trade city state «Mushuram · Gianna» lived here with his family.

Originally «Mushuram · Gianna» was a small common village, but Mushuram, who was a former chief from a few generations as well as a hero of the ocean, was sharp due to trading by water transport and other ocean vessels, the disaster that was rampaging at the time made a big impact on their history, and his descendants became the lords for generations.

Whether it was due to the ancestor Mushuram's power, the current lord had something more lordly to his ability.

He seemed to have a strong physical power, strong magical powers, the ability to manipulate sea water freely, and had a reasonable battle capability.

In addition, the lord's family seemed to have managed cities to the extent that it is rude to other nobles and corrupt, born into long-lasting organizations large and small, to bring riches without failing.

But now it is different.

However, it is unknown since when it has become different, there are five influences in the forefront of «Mushuram · Gianna » society, and five organizations that work behind the light of society - such as the mafia, yakuza, or dark guild - It is said that they signed an agreement and killed nearly all of the other lords.

While being a child of concubines, one young girl who was particularly strong with [Kagosho Higashi], and a direct descendant boy who was just a newborn baby at the time were killed, everything from children to old people, and even babies of faraway relatives, the descendant lords of the lord who were greatly respected seems to have been burnt down.

It seems that it was considerably thorough at that time, even until now it has been talked about for about ten years while leaving people awestruck.

Currently the situation is calm since one of the five organizations at the table holds the real power as a guardian of a descendant of the lord, deciding to take advantage of it as they dare to decorate themselves.

There are countless small organizations besides the great five, and since there are new inflows of wealth from the outside, there are small conflicts behind-the-scenes, so it seems to have its stable and unstable parts, as was also obvious.

In that case, let's briefly summarize the five organizations that seem to be important at first, though there seems to be a gap in the neighborhood of strength.

First of all, about the growing direct descendant men decorating the current «Mushuram · Gianna» as lord ruling and reigning as the [King of the Desert].

Here, it can be said that all aspects such as power, financial strength, and fighting power are gathered at a high level, with heads of grey hair on their brown skin, red twinning like blood as the chief priests, and dark high elves using the sword sword strength as their right to reign.

Consider that you can freely move up in the martial forces table, up to the urban forces that govern the security and defense of «Mushuram · Gianna» , that is one of the five organizations.

It seems that the other four organizations interfere if the power gets too concentrated on one side, but it seems that since the beginning this is the way that lets the five organizations have a chance to establish an agreement in the first place.

For that reason, it seems to be that, in this position, they gather the profits and disadvantages collectively as intermediaries between each organization as a collective role.

The strength of the [Desert King] is under investigation now, but the powerful one is the head chief and the dark high elf called "Sand Dungeon" etc. and his wife [Kamochi] leaves the blood of the lord's family steaming as a deeply beautiful woman who grew up in 【Sand and Woman】, an assassination unit called "Kaishin" that deals in difficult-to-treat poisons, wear a red-black costume, and chiefly have make a pet of the [Blood Sediment Dragon] and [Blood Sacrifice Big Scorpion], a monster army chiefly trained in a desert area.

Originally, from an outside view, it seems to be an organization with a shallow history compared to others, but in the present situation I think that it might be a fighting force comparable to [Yuen].

The second organization is around the [Blue Cloth Lady] who dominates customs and information.

It is the masterpiece of all prostitutes, male and female, in «Mushuram · Gianna» , taking in information or skulking around outside, dominating the downtown areas at night.

Members of other organizations are often taken care of, and it seems that their business, such as buying and selling information, is obtained by deriving the truth from stories leaked out during pillow talk, those stories are one of their projects.

The chiefs are called the "Zinnia's Shaking Basket", a male twin with a beautiful presence of absurd proportions and a woman's who take pride in captivating others with their superior figures.

Although the twin's direct combat capability itself is low, it can not be mistaken that they can manipulate one of the three major desires of others to some extent with only their body odor and gaze, faithful soldiers who turned, in their head, into a sexual beast [I'm a love beast] and [Tam's beautiful animal] etc. may be their way of trying to set up a self-destructive tactic.

Love and lust will sometimes go wrong, so you may get burned if you try to take them into your hands as well.

The third is the [Pirates · Death Parade] which dominates the shipping, shipbuilding, and marine escort business etc. mainly.

The economy of «Muscleam · Gianna» is supported mainly by land transport by carriage cars, water transport by rivers extending inland, wide and deep maritime affairs to other continents and distant islands, but the biggest part is shipping and it's water transportation.

There are huge armed vessels in the port despite having a small number, and countless small and medium-sized merchant ships are spread around.

If you look towards the harbor for a while, you will find a scene where products are being loaded and unloaded all day.

They have a lot of craft workers who make important ships for the transportation of food, occupying the majority of industry share here. Although it is inconspicuous, it has an influence which can not be underestimated.

Also, in order to deal with not only shipbuilding but also the risk of raids by marine monsters, members hire on a lot of fishes and mermaids here, under the table, to do escort business in the sea, etc. Piracy acts are also done against their commercial enemies behind the scenes. It seems that it contributes to satisfying the demand and safety of their vessels, supporting the economy from the front and back.

The chief of this place is the big man of a shark-type fish who is called [The Big Shark of the Albachum Sea]. The truth or falsehood of rumors that say that somehow as a child he inherited the blood of the sea king somehow or other is unknown, but he boasts a high fighting ability it seems, and his head appears to be quite good.

The fighting power includes a violent fishman and a pirate group composed of mermaids [Barade · Byte], etc. Their land force is slightly inferior to others, but they seems to boast an unrivaled strength in the sea.

The fourth is about the death merchant Grandes that dominates the manufacture of various dangerous illegal magic drugs and the purchase and sale of magic items used when taking them.

Grandes, the chief of this place, is an old man who is said to have been resurrected by becoming a "Dead Skull of the Sand Belt" which is a type of undead raised by using a certain secret skill.

Trumely unknown rumors are constant, such as being active for around several hundred years, preferring to eat living hearts, or breaking slaves using new illegal magic drug experiments.

It wore a luxurious outer dress decorated with gold and silver jewels, the whole body is wrapped in a bandage, the only exposed part is its bare head, a white skull, Grandes is involved in more than half of the weapons circulating in «Mushuram · Gianna» .

Private soldiers are also armed with good weapons, and they are the most numerous soldiers. There seems to be some high-ranking adventurers who are drowning themselves in debt, and seem to possess both the strength and quantity of double their number.

Also, if necessary, disposable death troops [Rendes · Cartel] that broke with reason using illegal magic drugs seem to be dispatched without hesitation, probably flying most among the five organizations.

The fifth one is about the closest to us, the 【Kamiyo Dungeon】 which is also the closest to the 【Arms Sector of the Guardian】 that is most deeply linked.

There is a robust base around the [Temple of the Sand Castle] built by 【Guardian arm sect】 that are struggling to capture the 【God's Dungeon】 - 【God of the Sand Castle】 on a daily basis .

Although it seems that ordinary people can also challenge the 【Temple of the Sand Castle】, it seems that it takes a confident adventurer to collect half of the drop items, so it is not a little thing to challenge in the present situation.

Simply put, it is because it does not get worse if you take a life or capture someone alive, the results are the same.

For that reason, the quality of the members of the [Arm of the Guardian] who trained in the [Temple of the Sand Castle] almost monopolized the important area on a daily basis, and the funds obtained by the dropped items which can only be obtained here.

There are also many kinds of spices among the drop items, and it seems that there is also a good deal of influence in the food goods relation.

Although there is another [God's Age Dungeon] in a place farther away, there are many dangerous things along the road, it is also an inferior [God] class dungeon, and there are many troublesome dungeon monsters, so 【Sect of Arms of the Guardian】 can not be shaken from their superior status.

It is a personal impression, but a woman with a petite lion beast called "god owner" who is the pride of high fighting power seems a little weak.

Is it because the direction is different, or is it possible she reminds me about the first Queen somehow?

Other members, such as Martyrs Menak, which are few in number but highest in quality, are also comparable to to the maids around the First Queen.

Although there is still some things to investigate but, for the time being, it will be a troublesome thing.

At present, the only way to get into the dungeon is [Sect of Arms of the Guardian].

Of course, it seems that it will become an obstacle to securing a [Demon Gate] in the New World, but I can not miss having a lot of spices as the drop items.

I also feel like I can meet delicious unknown ingredients.

However, if you take that away, the balance between organizations would collapse and public order may deteriorate significantly.

Since it would be better for security to be kept at a certain level, I think that my principle goal will be to proceed with secretly taking over.

There is also a calculation that a person will benefit somehow with many secret dealings. It is better that you do not have an outsider interfering, such as with intercontinental movements using [Demon Gate], so [Sector of the Guardian] can be left to handle as good gatekeepers.

So at the moment there are no plans to handle the other organizations, but if they get in the way, I can eat them at that time.

Rather, it is convenient for me, so I'd like to get that out of the way.

I think that I am relaxing with just sightseeing today.

This area is rich in different kinds of spices to preserve foodstuffs for a long time.

There are dozens to hundreds of items sold in bottles in the market as well.

There are dishes like spicy curry made with the rich spices, and cuisine dishes that are too effective in discharging the toxins from the body.

I tried eating in the luxury shops, but everything was delicious, and I liked it so much that I ordered the chef to let me do research on cooking using spices.

Now that we are splitting into groups headed to various places and gathering information, we are eating delicious food and only spending our time slowly.

Spicy Curry is the best.










































































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