Day 373

Day 373

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Today as usual, we advance through the wide open ocean.

As the distance between the land we came from and the sea become further and further, various 'scenes' begin to show themselves making the journey more exciting.

This was because of the unusual sights such as 'floating islands' that have only been heard of through stories on land.

In the ocean, such a place is called a 'Special Coastal Waters'. ---

A coastal area where countless ocean currents rise out from the ocean like dragons charging into the skies.

A coastal area where a dense amount of huge maelstroms are gathered can drag ordinary ships into a calamitous end.

A coastal area where countless balls of seawater float about like soap bubbles. Such a scene cause many ships to crash into each other and sink.

A coastal area where the sea water is harshly blasted into the air like a volcanic eruption. A garden of deadly oceanic geysers.

A coastal sea area that has a deep sea trench where caves abound and no light can even reach.

--- Aside from the examples I have just listed, I believe there are many more natural wonders waiting to be explored in the vast ocean.

As the ocean continuously changes from serene to violent states, I am left in bewilderment and although I eventually get bored watching the changes I was able to enjoy it nonetheless.

Well, since we are within the safety of the [Ambrasseum Parabellum] the unusual scenery can be thoroughly enjoyed.


Anyway, here there is a large number of distinct races that are not found on land in the special waters, it seems they are building their own civilization and ecosystem.


- Deep in the special sea water the visibility is very bad, shellfish monsters the size of a small island, around tens of hundred of meters large, marine monster "Misusherunaru" were lurking.

Misusherunaru are mild-mannered marine monster just hiding in the sea fog, due its hovering near sea level, depending on the ocean current ships can be sunk by collision.

For the sailors advancing through the sea fog, it can be said that there is plenty of harassment.

Such Misusherunaru, but only their size is different, otherwise they had a very oyster-ish appearance.


When I first saw it in the sea fog, I wondered "how big are the contents of the broken shell. It may be larger than it appears, but perhaps maybe surprisingly small. What is essential is the taste. Does it have a taste similar to an oyster or perhaps an unknown taste that has never been experienced before" that idea came naturally.


In the first place I was worried because of the advance purchase of information from Misusherunaru, so I thought that I could absolutely take it down when we encountered them.

Since there was an actual encounter, I tried plunged into it by holding the Shuyari and Noroiyari saying " I'm hunting I'm hunting."

Even though it was a giant, but without any counterattack it didn't seem to fight back, frankly he was easily caught, the knob of meat inside had a huge appearance, as milky white as a trout.

The taste was like that of oysters, but it was more dense and complex, a taste that could become a habit. Whether the nutrition was preeminent or not, energy pervades throughout the body.

While increasing tension, we recovered it all, including the shell which would likely be a good material, into the item box, traveling on as it is.


- In another section of the waters, a section of the sea has formed in the sky, encountered by chance, was the lantern fish "Fass Tito Ashkelon" that emerged in order to breathe only once in a few months.

The "Fass Tito Ashkelon" seemed to think the huge [Anburasse No.-time Parabellum] was a fellow, or just decided so on a whim, whatever the reason it ran parallel to us for about an hour.


At that time, there was a large island forming around the gigantic figure on the flat back of "Fass Tito Ashkelon" and, depending on condition of its back, there are changes in the variety of colors and shapes in the "Shah Din Corral", a special coral that was the city, «Adora Dendisu», for a fish people and mermaids who live there, I could only interact with the fish people and mermaid a little.

With an upper body of a human and the lower body of a fish aside, the Fish People had a difficult language to understand, as "Ugyogyo" and "Ia! Ia!" was all that issued from them. Although it was possible to communicate your intentions without problems through an interpreter fish people generated with the [medium fish human generation].


I found through some conversation, they usually spent their time in the dark part of the vast ocean sea, alternating current thin mermaid who live on land are less wary the usual citizen, they interacted more with the people on land and were very friendly.

If they ever feel a margin of danger they would just escape into the sea, it might cost them, but it is not necessary if the state is friendly, there is no need to worry oppose each other, all that remained was to be guided to «Adora Dendisu» for a tour.

The city-scape had unique streets, but the goods being sold in the stores in this location seemed to be particularly noticeable.

It is made with materials such as bones, colorful corals, and scaled from deep-sea fish, numerous deep sea ingredients.

There were some things I wanted to buy, but I do not have the common currency.

Therefore, I traded purified dragon meat and labyrinth wine, as well as processed dwarf-made ornaments that do not rust in the sea.

Outside customer are very rare, so the presented goods are therefore difficult to obtain, the bartering was finished without a hitch or delay.

In the meantime I had a lively chat with the old fish who belonged to the organization that ruled, the «Adora = Dendisu» called [Gud-Lag], a fish-shark that came along as the escort for visitors.

He was an aging fish with thoroughly aged features, an amiable old-fashioned fishman with plenty of good stories.

The shark-based Fishman escort was also sociable, contrary to his rugged appearance, even exchanging opinions on battle with a warrior temperament with Minokichi-kun.


Since neither had any particularly hidden hostility, we finished our business with some friendly drinking, and went our separate ways after passing a Meitetsu for communication means.


I wanted to talk a little more, but we were out of time.

Slowly breathing for about an hour, the "Fass Tito Ashkelon" created a big tide, it dove back into the sea. It would take a few months to come back out to the surface again.

Gradually sinking its big frame, it goes back to «Adora = Dendisu», disappearing into the sea.

We parted while waving with smiles until they were no longer visible, then chatted about the ornaments that we had in hand.


- In an wide range area of water the sea level is calm like a mirror, here there resides a creature close to the apex among the sea dragons of the blue sea, the "Umiwazawaiharyu Leviathan", [Despair of the Ocean] or [Overlord of the Calm], etc. There I encountered a herd of giant marine monsters, such as had only been handed down as legends among fishermen and sailors.

Several hundred meters in length at the smallest, the area had a number of leviathans that were more than a few kilometers big, the number of those that boast a larger frame could usually only be viewed in the [Age of the God's Dungeon] in a small part of this world. In a cursory count there were only a few dozen beings that were larger than that.


Normally, if you encounter a herd of this size, even a large, heavily armed fleet, would not have even survive for a few dozen seconds.

Rather than biological, you would think this is a kind of natural disaster, rather than living beings.


It is an extremely small group of people who can say they actually survived an encounter from the roughness of their temper, but even those very few have also been left sick of spirit from the fear Leviathans, but this time the herd we encountered had a very adult-like temperament.


The evidence is that the ocean is calm, without any roughness to it.

If marine monsters of Leviathan size were to rampage, there would be no reason that the waters would be calmed so far.


The quiet reason was clear, they were dominated by the Leviathan [Emperor] class - the "Toyouzu Umiwazawai Emperor supremacy dragon Gureranasu Grand Leviathan" that was present.


The Grand Leviathan further larger, unbelievably making a normal Leviathan look like a child.


Since the majority of their big frames are submerged in deep water, their entirety is not clear.

However, since it was taking too long to find out, I jumped into the sea, and confirmed that even if only part of the big frame is above, it can hide a mountain range with a width of several hundred meters.

If you can imagine that, no matter where you look, an enormous body covered in thick skin and stacked with huge scales in a stratum so you can not tell the head from tail.

From the signs that can be explored, at its full length it is definitely more than a few dozen kilometers, but there is the possibility of being several hundred kilometers or even more.


This time, I tried asking Kugime-chan that has an excellent search capacity, towering above my own, but in the current situation, where most of the big frame has dug into the sea floor, [Kyukami Onihime Nail Princess/ Subspecies] can not confirm the whole picture, even with the eyes of Kugime-chan.


However, at this point it is assumed that it would be beyond any common sense if you come here.

Beyond the size of imagination, we continued to observe from a distance even while indeed being surprised.


As a result, we found that small schools of fish that have escaped from a wide variety of foreign enemy surround it droves, living like anemones symbiotically.

With the Grand Leviathan being so big, it does not even recognize the smaller fish, and since the Leviathan, who is governed by the need to feed on more large-scale monster, we wonder if the fish are small enough, barely, to continue to grow.


Circumstances aside, a free environment, like a paradise has been built in the calm ocean.


I still entertain a strong interest in the Grand Leviathan and its Leviathan herd, but this time I just keep viewing their figures.


To be honest, there is a desire to try to eat them.

I would like to try even a single scale.


But I can not even estimate the time required to kill a huge Leviathan that I can not even measure.

It might require a few days or a few tens of days.

Currently we are headed to the New World, so we should not waste too much time.


Although it is a definitely a new opportunity, at this time it would only be after preparing a hundred or two measures.

Even though Minokichi-kun would help me, it is reckless to fight without taking the measure of the ocean terrain that is too advantageous to the other party, and it is correspondingly difficult to eliminate the surrounding Leviathans.


Eliminating the entourage and preparing a fight in an advantageous place, would be the minimum conditions to prepare, but it is a difficult to comprehend how well prepared we would need to prepare for this opponent.


After all, the Grand Leviathan is very likely to be at the [Divine Beast] class, having said to have incorporated a part of the power of the [gods].


There is no such clear evidence that it is a [Divine Beast], but as I have found a similar existence, my body as a [Demon] reacted to its presence.

I'm not a [Divine Beast], but from a world close to it.


So, although there is no evidence, it can be assumed to be a [Divine Beast], I will continue on, from the heavy feeling that its entirety is too overwhelmingly difficult to grasp, like a [Demigod] and [God] rather, [Divine Beast] are perhaps related to the one pillar of [Great God].

I can not think of it being anything else.


- Well then, which of the [Great God's] [Divine Beasts] would it be, I wonder.


As deeply related to my 【Divine Protection】 from the Great God governing ≪Origin and Demise≫, the relationship with the god's responsible for [Rebirth and Wisdom] can be seen as [Messiah].

Could it be like the god that governs [God that governs the Soul], or the [God in charge of space-time and the star ocean].

Both are likely but, considering the symbolic color, it could be that the [God responsible for Nature and Soul] is in the lead.


The body of the Leviathan has a thin purple-ish reddish like color to its base.

Given that the surrounding Leviathans have a blue color to their body, like the sea, considering the color of the [God responsible for nature and the soul] is sometimes called red, could it not became a purple mix from the red and blue I wonder?

Since the symbolic color of the [God governing space-time and the star sea] is more of a deep blue and blue, it would not be a misguided reasoning.


Thinking from there, I remember the dreadful "White Deer" that I encountered suddenly in the «Cluster Mountains» where the valor led Fomor lived.


I did not know at the time, it is no doubt that the White Deer is a kind of also [Divine Beast], with the ability [Area Guardian of ​God Beast], as learned by eating its horns.

Then, to find out which [God] the White Deer belongs to as a [Divine Beasts], it would be the [God] that has more than a certain level of force in it and, considering the symbolic color, the one responsible for it is the [God of Birth and Wisdom] or very likely it is a direct subordinate [Divine Beast] of its dependent God.

Considering the children that had just been born, it seem even more likely that it is the [Divine Beast] of the [God] responsible for [Birth] considering the force resulting from the horn they ate and how weak it felt.


If that was the case, it would have probably provided more power.


No, because it came from the main body its influence should have been even stronger, so the White Deer I met may have been sealed or just for decoration, or it may have even been in a weakened state.


I think that might have been it, or at least I'm satisfied with that.

However, why did I come all this way to see them? I wonder if it is because I had a [Blessings] of the [God of Origins and Demise], or it could be for some other reason.


Although I do worry often, [Kin of ■■■] remains out of my grasp even now although it has been unknown since my fiftieth day since being reborn.

Although this is certain, could the [God responsible for Birth and Wisdom] have brought the horns to the children's birthday celebration? If you think calmly, it would be a somewhat silly story.


Since the talks would just become even more derailed if we follow this line, let's attempt to return to the talk about the grounded Leviathan.


It seems to dominate all of the sea as the [Divine Beast] Grand Leviathan the sea of ​​this star, but would it not be a candidate for the [Nemesis of the World]? I think even if I do watch it, such as it is, just the possibilities are likely enough.


I will not think about the chance of another [Nemesis of the World], and immediately to deny my own title.


There is a high possibility that it will obtain the title [Nemesis of the World], if this giant were to rampage, even the land could be considerably eroded, islands will sink into the sea.


Although it only has brute force there is something missing to become a [Nemesis of the World].

Only being able to live in the ocean, without being willing to advance onto land, I wonder if it could really advance.


Anyway, thinking about it, is like saying you would have no choice but to put up with failing to eat quality goods, or to aim for a greater meal than the [Messiah] that even I failed to eat.


At that time that I met it again, I also decided to prepare myself and eat it, as well as observing the surrounding water enviroment like a sea of ​​paradise.


I thought of also hunt one if there are any Leviathans away from the herd, but apparently there were none, unfortunately.

If there had been one there, I would have gently cut off its neck and recovered it....

Even so, this would be one of the things are the best part of a trip, encountering the unknown.

You see things that you have not seen before. Seeing is believing. Actually to see it, is just as important as food.


While I think as such, I spent a relaxed day observing at the top floor of the pool today.


Everyone was in a swimsuit, men as team rabbit horn, and the ladies as glamorous flowers.

Kanami-chan wearing a variety of swimwear is a feast for the eyes.

Because it is a good opportunity, try to let me get a closer look.






























 上半身はヒトで下半身が魚である人魚はともかく、頭部や身体に魚類の特徴を持つ魚人は『ウギョギョ』と理解困難な言語だったり、『イアッ! イアッ!』など冒涜的な何かを発していたのだが、【中位魚人生成】で生成した通訳魚人を介する事で問題なく意思の疎通が可能になった。































































 しかしそうなると、どうしてわざわざ会いに来たのだろうか? 俺が同格の【終焉と根源を司る大神】の【加護】を得ていたからだろうか。あるいは他の何かが理由だろうか。


 これがあるから、【誕生と叡智を司る大神】は子供達の誕生祝いに角を持ってきてくれたのだろうか? しかし冷静に考えれば、何だか馬鹿らしい話だと思ってしまう。


 この星の全ての海を支配してそうな【神獣】グランド・レヴィアタンだが、正直コイツこそ【世界の宿敵(ワールドエネミー)】の一体ではないのだろうか? など見ていて思うのだが、その可能性も十分ありそうではなかろうか。















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