Day 358

Day 358

Today's morning, early enough that the sun has not risen yet.

Minokichi-kun safely encounters the new 【Beast King】 Arthie, and their meeting developed into a battle, that he perfectly won, so having done that he began the return to base.

I received this report almost at the same time as waking up in the morning, thus I was a little surprised, but also convinced it was true.

When I was told the full story, it seems like Minokichi-kun heard from the former 【Beast King】 Lionel at that time. 『Could you accept meeting my daughter, and show her what's like to be "on top"? Without killing, if possible, for now please overlook her existence』 Apparently, he spoke of such things at the end of their battle.

Apparently Lionel wished that his beloved daughter Arthie would grow accustomed to a stronger one, also so as to not be self-conceited, and so inducing that she ran into an enemy as formidable as Minokichi-kun.

I also think as to always direct myself towards breaking my limits, but Lionel held that belief more like a faith, in which strength is righteousness, and perhaps had wanted to know a strong enough presence that was strong enough to defeat him.

Death meant you could only reach up to that point. The experience of survival becomes the driving force for the future.

And so I thought, I wonder if such a thought of Arthie went through Lionel's mind in his last moments.

I don't know if he was acquainted with such feelings, but that aside, Minokichi-kun battled and won.

Confirmed through a small cloned body, every one of Arthie's bones ended up fractured or cracked, the internal organs were twisted or ruptured, muscle and skin is torn or split apart, with massive bleeding both internally and externally of her body. She seems to have reached a critical condition of being half-alive.

Although her life had been sustained by a tremendous life force, but left in her current condition, even that force was certainly not enough to keep her alive.

But after Minokichi-kun was done with her, she was allowed to recover with a secret elixir of labyrinth production, and if left to rest for a while, a complete recovery with no after-effects is possible, so it should be rather fine in the end.

However, with that level of injury, movement shouldn't be possible any time soon, even if she is healed.

Her whole body wasn't able to move properly for a while, just her consciousness was directed towards Minokichi-kun.

Lying on the ground, Arthie is looking up at Minokichi-kun with respect. Minokichi-kun, the one that killed Lionel, even while carrying Lionel's former 【Sacred Treasure】 - 【Strong Beast Spirit God・Birusuforuga】, she has a look that seems to say "If you want, come and challenge me again", or at least that's the how it looks to me. [editor's note1]

Minokichi-kun's intentions can only be roughly inferred, but he did not dare to listen to her.

Whether or not Minokichi-kun does have an idea, I just decided to believe in his judgment for the matter.

Although there was a shocking report to start off the morning, there has been nothing else that is particularly unusual.

Because the day was to be spent on training, I let members form groups to rise up to challenge me.

Training that began in such a way was carried out at the «External Training Field».

This time I am armed with my halberd on the right hand and my cursed spear on the left. Basically I'm just using these two, because I do not have anything on the left and right sub-arms

For everyone else, they have their serious battle equipment on.

This time things will be quite serious, so Sei-kun has been asked to be on stand-by so that people can be treated at any time.

Once the preparations were ready, it was to be quickly started.

 〓 〒 〓

A harsh feeling is spreading throughout the whole body, while the natural shallow breathing becomes a rapidly one.

Even a word is not spoken as the body and the palms don't speak for themselves, as cold sweat spouting from the whole body run down with a *tsu tsu*. [editor's note2]

Countless veterans gathered in the «External Training Field», while thickly surrounding the one Oni, already envisioning the end of their own fights.

You're pierced if you stay put, you get crushed if you jump forward, and crushed if trying to rush forward.

There's a difference in the intrinsic feeling of training that can only be brought on when fighting for your life, so I change the level for each person, raising it to the limit for each person until they are left throwing up blood.

But, still, the veterans are using their new weapons.

He stifled his fear and charged his chief, even after he accumulated countless defeats.


A shout rise from what appears to be a beast, as the Redhead equipped with her shining armor 【Platinum General】 precedes alone.

The distance between Redhead and Ovarou is shortened in the blink of an eye, as she, while clad in a red phosphorescence, fiercely swung down【General's Large Cleaver】 on her right hand, with the momentum of her sprint.

- Battle Art:【Sacred Beast Bloody Judgement】

Only one who possess 【Job・Sacred Beast Eater】 can release such kind of Battle Arts, its destructive power is tremendous from their nature itself, that full power can be achieved in just a single blow. If it hits directly, even for example a dragon species or the such would be instantly slaughtered.

Because of being fully concentrated in that attack, it could be said there is a drawback that the defense becomes neglected.

Although Redhead is reducing the gap while holding the 【General's Kite Shield】 in front of her with her left hand, it is still possible to say that this choice of action is almost a desperate suicide attack.

Understanding the presented situation, Ovarou smiled slightly. When looking at it, the slash was aimed at his neck, a slash faster than the speed of sound. In addition, Redhead also appears to be smiling.

Ovarou swung the cursed spear in his left hand against that beheading attack.

The spearhead collided with 【General's Large Cleaver】, and on a second moment the colliding forces deflected slightly in a different direction. The shock produced from the collision was almost nonexistent, so Redhead's body was only slightly pushed away.

That merely produced a small gap, but Ovarou didn't miss it, using the halberd in his right hand to 【Foot Sweep】, hooking Redhead's right foot.

Not being entirely aware of what happened, Redhead's response to the attack was barely delayed, which indeed led to her fall, but before being able to take a passive atitude, Ovarou cheerfully approaches in pursuit, while trampling down.

「*---gasp* *ka-thump!* *ka-thump!* *ka-thump!*」[Ed note: tried my best to TL big clumsy footsteps+scared girl here xD]

Although barely avoiding it by rolling in succession, it continued like a giant hammer with such destruction from overlapping 【Hammer of the Earthquake】, which generated a small earthquake, with 【Earth-Crushing Cane】, that triggered as he continued trampling down relentlessly.

Knowing that just being trampled down was simply inexcusable, Redhead becomes desperate while getting covered in mud.

However, because the ground is shaking so much it becomes hardly able to move, and it would seem she is going to get herself captured in just a short while.

「 My lord, prepare yourself -tsu 」

This time, Akitainu comes assaulting from the right side of Ovarou, who is aiming for Redhead.

Seeing that gap Redhead retreats, as the sword blade 【Heavenly Moon Wolf-Warrior】 wielded by Akitainu draws an arc aiming for his torso.

Being slightly faster than Redhead's previous blow, it was an exceptionally sharp blow, however Ovarou killed the blade's momentum by clashing with his halberd, directly repelling the blade even as it was.

And without missing that slight delay, Ovarou threw out a kick forward at his opponent.

Akitainu twisted himself in an attempt to avoid it, but it was impossible to do so, because of the golden thread that was ejected from the toe of the attacking foot, successfully restraining his whole body.

「 Remove! This.. Now *grunt* *ptooey*!!! 」[Ed note: *ptooey* = clearly the sound of someone spitting something out]

Recognizing the golden thread entangling his body, he decided to prepare for the inevitable, first Akitainu used one of the abilities of the【Mask of the Sealed Soul Perudiosu・Maskarade】, which had been equipped as a helmet - 【Ballroom Mask Massive Kaleidoscope】. It softened his own body.

Originally, a mask is a tool to become something else.

If you can master the 【Sacred Treasure】【Mask of the Sealed Soul】 of 【God of Masks】 it is possible to not only become another creature, but also turn into sand or liquid. It was easy enough to escape from the golden thread restraints.

It can not be said that Akitainu is very good yet at commanding the mask, but he managed to make his flesh flexible enough, as much as a slime's, that he was able to get out somehow.

And like that, the softened Akitainu moved his abdomen on the trajectory of the incoming kick.

Not only it softened his flesh, but also his living-armor which covered his body, so he judged the receiving damage to be lesser.

Receiving a powerful unmatched kick on the hard living-armor, he managed to dissipate the shock using his entire softened body.

And then, if there's blow, he shall put up with it, and Akitainu accepted the attack while in weakened state, fully prepared to even die if necessary.

However, as Akitainu was not allowed to be blown away due to the entangling golden thread, the power of Ovarou's kicks dug deep into him so that the impact smashed into his internal organs, penetrating beyond imagination.

The living body armor becomes greatly deformed, with the softened Akitainu's body being bent into the shape of "Ku", extending even more the possibility of being cut a thousand times.

Broken bones throughout the body, the skin throughout the body is dropping away, if he is really wracked by severe pain and shock, like having his internal organs put in a blender, death would normally come after this, and even if one survives they will be crippled and near death.

In fact, Akitainu has almost completely collapsed and been crumbling before the eyes.

「 *Gufuggeboo*! ---*falls over* Not.. Yet! 」

In spite of that, Akitainu pulled himself back to consciousness through his fighting spirit and started vomiting violently from the mouth, but that didn't stop him from moving, and still trying to shake the 【Heavenly Moon Wolf-Warrior】 again.

The remains of his arms are softened and bending like a whip, managing to move the tip close to the speed of sound.

Ovarou grabbed that whip vice arm of Akitainu with his remaining right hand, and in the next moment the figure of Akitainu disappeared.

He was 【Thrown】 without even giving Akitainu a chance to react.

As Akitainu goes flying over the stone gravel ground, Ramura-san passes by there, rushing past with a living body spear shaped like a Naginata. [Ed note5]

「*Shwip*, *tsu tsu*」[Ed note: sound of wind when something passes by in great speed]

The total weight of Akitainu with such a heavy set of biological armor sums up to his speed that more than lightly exceeds a hundred kilometers per hour, as it is coming horizontally towards the ground with plenty of momentum.

If directly hit, even if it was the hefty Thunder Dragonewt Ramura-san, there wouldn’t even be one scrap of that person remaining.

Therefore, from the beginning, Ramura-san did not even try catching Akitainu.

To avoid that, she threw herself down to crawl on the ground.

The wind of the Akitainu passing overhead lightly ruffled Ramura-san's hair, and far behind there was the sound strangely resembling a slime slammed to the ground.

「Whew ...... Haaah - *Gulp*!」

Ramura-san's avoidance of the 【Thrown】 Akitainu was superb, but she was also blocked by the stature of the Akitainu passing overhead, leading to her losing sight of Ovarou after looking away.

After the figure is gone, there is no sign of her target when her visibility is clear again. Still, Ramura-san's kept to her instinct, and threw herself forward in a moment.

While moving slightly slower, as if thinking an attack was going to come over her back, Ramura-san's body suddenly got blown away as if it had received a direct hit from an explosive shell, making the delicate figure of Ramura-san to go crumbling and rolling over the ground.

Without missing a moment after her loss of sight, Ovarou moved behind Ramura-san and attacked with the back fist of his left sub-arm.

「What? This is, Oh, I see. Did she use an electrical discharge to weaken its momentum?」

Ovarou's back fist was strong enough to kill, or at least break the spine and ribs if hit directly, but the power of the hit had only been able to crack some bones.

Ramura-san, who was supposed to have been rolling around violently, immediately rises up using the momentum of the blow, only taking a moment to frown with a pained expression.

Although it was Ovarou who wondered for a moment, as soon as he had delivered the back fist, Ramura-san had coated her back in purple lightning to shave off some of the power from the hit. 『 You did well. It was a good judgement. 』 His face broke into a smile as he was impressed with her move.

「Ha aaaaa Ha aaaaa!」*gasping for air*


Female Knight and Rusty Iron Knight approaching from Ovarou's left and right flanks, both lauching an attack using Battle Arts.

- Battle Art: 【Merciful Radiant Samurai's Cherry Blossoms Storm】

- Battle Art: 【Battle Beast's Iron Fangs and Claws Attack】

Taking away the will power of those who were touched by her light, it was a continuous piercing attack harming the 【Spirit】.

Continuous slashes like fangs or claws from a four-legged beast come without interruption from him.

Both are powerful Battle Arts that repeatedly attack in succession with high power, but the charge is entirely blocked by the halberd and cursed spear that move at high speed, preventing them from reaching Ovarou.

Female Knight and Rusty Iron Knight keep their hands moving and do not let up in their attacks.

The aim of the two is to train their sword skills and see if they have improved when compared with their past lives, so they throw themselves at the weapons of Ovarou.

If Ovarou has any weapons equipped, when even unarmed he is lethal, his entire body becomes a lethal weapon. Whether it is possible to seal his movements, it becomes a priority if you want to pin down Ovarou.

Because the focus of the training was on weapons, Female Knight and Rusty Iron Knight attack in angry waves. But the tide is noticeably being overturned, gradually increasing the scars on their arms and legs.

「Tsu Tsu! Kuwuuuu!!」

「Groowwl Ooo Waaaaahhh!!!」

Female Knight and Rusty Iron Knight let out groans of pain.

They desperately endure the attack, but Ovarou increases the speed of his attacks, with his continuous attacks appearing like a muddy stream, thus passing through their slight defenses. At that moment, they each received a 【Rounded Up Uppercut】 from below, launching them into the sky.

Even though managing to prevent a direct hit using with each of their shields and equipment, they still found themselves helpless in the air and are blown far away.

「Ukyee Ooooooo Oh!」*monkey screaming*

At that moment, the Boss Monkey leap from behind Ovarou.

The aim of the Boss Monkey approaching unarmed was simple. It was the only way he could see that slightly gave him a chance to bind Ovarou from behind.

Just like Redhead's, this was a second "suicide attack".

「Hummmm.. *sigh*!」

「Sister Auro, keep on shooting! ~Tsu」

That said, typically the Boss Monkey's desperate move would have been ended in a vain death.

The left and right sub-arms are still vacant, and nothing else was visible to Ovarou from behind. There was no way to catch Boss Monkey who came grasping from behind.

However, in order to disturb him even further, explosions by Auro's magic gun and Argento's silvery white and gold partisans were aimed at the sub-arms, much like a burst-fire.

「Oh, I cannot raise my arms because of their shooting. However, there's still a long way to go for them. Yet, this is very sweet.」

It is Ovarou who rejoices in the growth of his children, but he is not so enamored as to standby by and let himself be attacked without fighting back.

From his vice arm he can usually shoot from the fingertip a rarely used black cursed bullet - 【Curse Spell Shoot】, to intercept the approaching magic bullets and partisans.

【Curse Spell Shots】- which were like black shots, as well as magic bullets exploded in the sky as astonishing fireworks, sprinkling out in a colorful flash of light.

The partisans bounced away from the impact, being sent flying like meteors.


The Boss Monkey screamed, while receiving the shockwave of the blast.

The defeat of fellow who risked his own life for the benefit of his companions, because the covering attack was not enough. That left them feeling powerless, done once and for all.

In other words, Ovarou was ready for the Boss Monkey by the time he recovered, in a prepared posture.

That was the same as a kind of suicide.


Ovarou changed one of his sub-arms into the shape of a shield, increasing its strength with【Shield Wall】, while also overlapping invocations of 【Shield Bash】 and 【Back Attack】 "Leaning Mine Afterglow" -unleashing this alias "Leaning Iron Mine · Tetsuzankou" attack at the Boss Monkey.

Boss Monkey attempts to defend with its thick arms, but it’s meaningless.

Both arms are bent with the pressure, blown apart while the whole body flew away. Its momentum is stronger than any other, and the spray of blood turns into a blood cloud as he is leaving orbit.

With the death of the Boss Monkey - obviously not dead - something of a waste, those who remain also attack with the remains of their vigor, but in a certain sense the dominance of Ovarou obviously did not collapse.

Next, both Netsuki-kun equipped with 【Wolf Fang Spirit Sword】 and Iss Haa thrusting with both of her sickle arms, but they found themselves repelled by the halberd and a spell just like a replay of the past fight. [edit note4]

Female Knight, along with the 'resurrected' Akitainu, let out a beheading slash from a blind spot, but, being aware of everything, Ovarou wasn't hit by it.

Ovarou stopped short Oniwaka's fighting spirit fueled attack with just the tip of his finger, and the two jewel animals that Opushii had released were left trampled into the ground.

As the【Spirit Axe of the Sand Ox(Nusutufu.Rabyusu)】 swang down on him, he decides to target Toro's heavy jaw floating atop its big frame, applying terrible strength to it. Then, he sent Scarface's bone body flying, which should have been greatly strengthened from intense training.

As he gets playful, the Kumajirou that usually fatally rushed at enemies was thrown away aside, while also stroking the three of heads of Kurosaburou which were coming to attack from all directions, rocking their brains.

For the sake of defeating Ovarou each member puts all their efforts into the challenge, but they were left with the feeling that the wall they had to break through was endlessly thick.


We ended up repeating that training over and over again, gradually getting the training grounds heated up.

The first participants had an easier time, but for the second half, Kanami-chan, with Burasato-san and Supesei entered the battle. The border between life and death became quite delicate up to the last minute.

Those three Oni were for sure willing to kill me. If it wasn't for me being myself, I would have died without a doubt back then.

Anyway, training with a feeling of being too overwhelmed was initially intended only for some of the top teams.

Still, there was a repeated need for me to hold back because of the gap in strength, so I eventually decided to try to go back to fighting with my bare hands for the lower members of the group, such as with five member groups and ten man leaders.

Well, rather than fight, it would be more accurate that I was actually lightly playing. It couldn't be called anything else, since a gale would occur with one swing of my hand.

However, I was still able to gauge the power of the leaders which was long-awaited, while trying to fight with the leaders of five-men teams and the leaders of ten-men teams.

Since it would take a party of 100 members to almost be a suitable training partner, I prefer to focus on my Birthday Festival - because the long-awaited birthday is approaching, there are plans for a festival - I wonder if it will be just as good as the previous entertainment?

Today's synthesis results:

【Black Octopus Ink that Should be Avoided】 + 【Acid Bubble Breath】 = 【Black Octopus Bubble Acid that Should be Avoided】

【Fireproof Mucus Secretion】 + 【Violet-Blue Fluid Iolite Liquid】 = 【Fireproof Viscous Blue Fluid】

【Black Immortal Knight Garment・Black Knight Cross of Immortality Group】 + 【Blue Shrimp's Steel Shell】 + 【Indestructible Armored Castle Shell】+ 【Multiple Shells】 = 【Unbreakable Armor of the Demon God】

Translation/Editor's Notes

Writer Note
BluBear Note1: Lmfao, so.. one kanji can be TL as either "again" or "crotch/groins/genitals", while a next one can be TL as either "challenge someone" or "to pressure someone for sex".. I would be lying to say I wasn't tempted to do a more .."fun".. TL xD
BluBear Note2: ツツ = "tsu tsu" = sound made when *slinding*.
BluBear The 3 dots indicate when it starts a third person perspective and when it finishes, going back to Rou's perspective (althought there's one mention of Rou's perspective right in the beginning but that can't be helped, really)
BluBear Note4: First, we had a note3 but I erased it, as I found that out after a while. Now, for note4. Don't confuse it with Akitainu's weapon. Netsuki's weapon has Wolf in it because it belonged to Wolf Hero beforehand.
BluBear Note5: Naginata is one of several varieties of traditionally made Japanese weapons. Click on the link for a better description.
BluBear Note6: Iolite = a transparent gem which presents a violet blue colour when looked at in a certain  direction. It's a hydrous aluminium + magnesium silicate.
BluBear Last note: the "black knight black..." refers to Rou's previous godly armor.




























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