Day 358

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Day 358

Today in the morning, still time zone that it does not ascended the sun.

Minokichi-kun safely encounter with the new [Beast King] Asuti, and Uchinomeshi up to smithereens and development in the battle, it is so attached to the return because doing things to do.

To report that I heard almost at the same time and wake up in the morning, I got a little surprise, also convinced.

When I heard the full story, do not you apparently Minokichi-kun met once in the "daughter from before [Beast King] Lionel]. Nde Yoo, me doing it to show on the To Choi. Without killing if possible, seems there they'll miss want was told, but Do not "thing.

Apparently Lionel wish to become more strongly daughter Asuti, also so as not to be conceited, it seems destined to hit a formidable enemy that Minokichi-kun.

I think also whether directing the presence of enough to kill an ordinary myself, force what justice, might have wanted to know the strong presence than his likely Lionel to just pure There is a belief that.

Dead would of if it up to things. The experience if survive us become the future of the force.

So I think, I wonder if such it was thought thought that of Asuti Nari until the last Lionel.

I do not know if you know such a feeling, aside Minokichi-kun battle, won.

Was confirmed by the minute body, bones of the whole body of Asuti enters the fracture or cracks, in the terrible plight and or viscera twist or rupture, muscle and skin is or tear or rupture, massive bleeding regardless of inside and outside It seems to have become a critical condition of the half alive were.

Although life had been tethered by the tremendous life force, of the extent life it was certainly not if left as it is hurt.

But so it was allowed to recover in the elixir of labyrinth production after Minokichi-kun has been completed, and complete recovery without sequel if for a while resting, it should rather be healthy.

However, not at the level of injury, such as move soon to say that the healed.

Whole body does not move for a while decent, just consciousness only seems to have directed to the Minokichi-kun.

Rolling on the ground, with respect to Asuti looking up the Minokichi-kun, Minokichi-kun kill its own Lionel, also [Sacred Treasures] of Lionel - [Shishishin'notamashi Tsuyoshimukuro Birusuforuga] because they have, if you want also challenged is Come, it seemed to say that such.

The intent of Minokichi-kun can roughly guess, but did not dare listen to it.

Since probably have an idea of Minokichi-kun, I just decided to believe the judgment.

Although there has been a shocking report from the morning, it is no other is that particularly unusual.

Because the day was to be spent on training, trying to letting Kisa challenged in earnest to team members us.

Training that began in such thing, was held at the «external training field».

Noroiyari my armed this time halberd to the right, to the left hand. Since the sub-arm of the left and right does not have anything, basically only the two.

Everyone else is, but each of serious equipment.

This time will be quite serious things, they are asked to stand so that it can be treated at any time to say melting kun.

If the preparation is appointed, it was to be quickly started.

By works take heavy feeling in the whole body, shallow nature and breathing, faster.

Without saying a palm without saying and back, cold sweats ejected from the whole body is going to run off with Tutu.

Countless veteran who Shi gathered in «external training field», even while surrounded thick Akitainu just Ichioni, had vision of the end of its own.

Pierced if put, it is Nagiharawa if thrown, crushed Slapping if rush.

Increase the level of experience value, and training while discharging the Chihedo, difference of Higa has been fought risking the life that feels only by confronting therefore is, will know clearly enough exercise if Kitaere.

But, still, why veteran're hold the Emono.

Nejifuse fear, was a fledgling to their length, which has accumulated countless times defeat.

"Consequences Aaaaa!"

Raise the Kishin Houkou that stain somewhere beast, shining in platinum [Shogun General] Redhead equipped with a series precedes alone.

Redhead took distance of Akitainu is packed in the blink of an eye, it dwells a red phosphorescence to [Shogun General's Large Kitchen Chopper] of the right hand to be swung down and put the momentum of the sprint.

- Combat Maneuver Arts [Kiyoshijuuchidan Sutiruma-Burainesu]

Only [Vocational and Eating Holy Beast] those with is one that is of combat maneuver that can unleash, its destructive power from nature that put our best to blow is enormous, with a single blow in such example dragon species if hit slaughter thing it is possible.

But the minute that consciousness to attack is concentrated, there is a drawback that it is absolutely defense become neglected.

Although Redhead is to reduce the gap in that set up the [Shogun General Kite Shield] with the left hand, but still the choice of this time would say almost desperate of suicide.

Even while to understand it, Akitainu slightly smile. To look at it, it was aimed at the neck of the extent to leave behind the sound with a smile also Redhead slashing.

For slashing aim at beheaded, Akitainu shook the left hand of the curse spear.

The pike collision with the [Shogun General's Large Kitchen Knife], movement or a thought was the moment forces to deflect slightly different direction, the minute there was no shock that I thought that there at the time of collision, Redhead's body slightly flowing.

Cause there is only a slight chance, Obaro is feeding the [Foot Pay] in the right hand of halberd not miss it, hooked a foot of Redhead

Quite conscious to have did not attack delayed the corresponding Redhead will fall, but before taking around passive immediately, approaching the trampling of Akitainu is a pursuit.

"-... Kunu' notch Uno' Choma'!"

To barely avoid it rolling in succession, but the giants of the trampling of state that such destruction and [Hammer of the Earth Shake] to generate a small earthquake and a [Crushing Cinch] were overlapping triggered as hammer is repeated relentlessly It was.

Just know that sorry is just if Rarere trampled, Redhead is desperate while becomes muddy.

But hardly move because the ground is shaking, it would seem to get after captured by a little.

"Tono, your readiness Tsu"

From the right side of the Akitainu aiming the Redhead, in turn, come to assault the Akita dog.

Akakami short on its chance to save, the blade of the [Heaven and Moon Warrior] wield Akitainu draw an arc aimed at the torso.

Slightly faster than the blow of the previous Redhead, but was a sharp blow, Obaro killed the momentum in brutal blade that caused by shaking the halberd, was directly played the blade.

And a slight delay the kick before the fed-out Akitainu not miss that occurred.

Akita dog was twisted himself trying to avoid in the moment, but can not be avoided that the golden thread that was ejected from the toe of the foot of the Akitainu was binding on the whole body.

"Nuguo! This is quite fun!"

To recognize the golden thread entangled in the whole body, with the inevitable decided preparedness, first one of the Akitainu is the ability of the soul sealing surface Perudiosu Mask Raid Noriyuki Kamen] which was equipped as Kabuto - [Masked Ball use the meeting masquerade], it was to soften the own body.

The first place is the mask, which is a tool to become something different.

If you can master the a [Sacred Treasures] [Soul Sealed Surface Noriyuki Kamen] of [God of Kamen] not only to another organism, it is also possible to Sunaka and liquefaction, from the restraint of yarn if so it also would have been easy to get out.

It can not be that far because the Akitainu is not yet good command, but much become flesh with flexibility, such as the slime was able somehow.

Then softened Akita dog, was to move the abdomen in orbit before the kick.

Not only softened flesh, damage than the subject in the body if other sites are covered with bio-armor, such as armor seems to have determined that small.

Receiving a kick powerful unmatched pre-in hard living body armor, impact parry using the whole body softened.

And Miseru endured if blow, the Akitainu accepted the attack while weakness fully prepared to die if necessary.

But also allowed not be blown away by the golden thread, also the power of before kick of the fed-out Akitainu so that the impact on the internal to penetrate was beyond imagination.

Living body armor is greatly deformed, softened have the Akita dog's body is bent in the shape of "Ku", extending the more become any moment thousand cut likely.

Broken bones throughout the body, the skin of the whole body is cut by hand, if attacked by severe pain and shock, such as agitated the internal organs in the mixer, death would normally, will become crouched and lesbian couples be alive.

In fact Akitainu, it was almost collapsed and stripped the white of the eye.

"Gufuggeboo! - But, but, still or Gahyu'!"

Akita dog pulled back the consciousness in the fighting spirit but also without stopping the movement while vomiting violently from the mouth, I tried to bath the [Heaven and Moon Warrior] again.

Arm of the remains is softening is bending like a whip, the tip was more than lightly the speed of sound.

But grabbed his hand by the right vice arm of Akitainu, the next moment was shake the figure of Akita dog.

It was [Throwing] without during the reaction by Akitainu

At the tip of enigmatic stone gravel parallel to fly go Akitainu and the ground, there are Ramla, who had been living body has been spear with a rushed, such as the halberd.

"Cho, Tsu Tsu"

The total weight of such as a biological armor were also included Akitainu is more than lightly hundred kilometers and it is coming towards momentum of enough to fly horizontally to the ground.

Direct hit even as it hefty thunder dragon who indeed if, in Ramla, who is a woman would not be one reservoir.

Therefore, Ramla Mr. receive the Akitainu from the beginning, did not the fact that.

To avoid that lie down just like crawl on the ground.

Akita dog in the winding occur wind when passing overhead Ramla's hair shimmer, far behind in the slime is sounded strange sound like was slammed to the ground.

"Whew ...... want - Gutsu'!"

[Throwing] has been the Akita dog was superb avoiding show was Ramla's, but is blocked by the stature of the past the overhead Akita dog, had lost sight of Akitainu had with Mai release the eye.

Already figure is not, there is no sign when the visibility is opened again. But Ramla's the instinct, threw himself to the moment forward.

But slightly slower, if you whether Shiden was spill violently in the back of Mr. Ramla, Ramla's body as if it had received a direct hit of the shells are blown to the front, delicate stature of Mr. Ramla is rumbling and the ground the go rolling.

Without missing a moment lost sight of appearance, but Akitainu moved behind's Ramla that yelling slapping the back fist of the left sub-arm.

"Yeah? This is, oh, I see. Discharge what he skived the momentum."

Oba backfist of wax, or break the spine and ribs if hit, the power of the only crack at least would have had.

But Ramla's supposed to have been rolled violently rise immediately by using the momentum, not even stop the movement while frown quite painful to face.

And although it was Akitainu who smiled a question only for a moment, the moment you enter the back fist, Shiden that occurred at the back of Mr. Ramla to understand that it was cutting the momentum, did "well. It floated like I was impressed with the good's decision "smile.

"Ha Aaaaa Aaaaa up!"

"Uoooo Ooooo covered!"

Female Knight and Rusty Iron Knight approaching from the left and right of such Akitainu were both feeding attacks using combat maneuver arts.

- [Sakuraarashi Haimasuto-Regefu of Merciless Shi] combat maneuver

- [Shock Blaze of Battle Beast of Steel] combat maneuver

Take away the power of those who were touched, continuous piercing harboring the [Spirit].

Continuous slashing like fangs claw of four-legged beast is coming attacked without interruption.

Both are powerful combat maneuver to repeat the attack of high power in a continuous, but its entirely is prevented by the halberd and Noroiyari that continues to move at a high speed, it does not reach to the only Akitainu.

The hands of the Female Knight and Rusty Iron Knight of attacks did not stop.

The aim of the earlier and compared both the name you are sword itself improve enough not to things is to contain weapons of Akitainu.

Body itself is not attached hand and already applied to weapons to Akitainu is a lethal weapon. Whether it is possible to seal it, because it becomes the first thing is to Akitainu capture.

Or because I have focused aim a weapon, first had pressed Female Knight and Dontetsu knight in the attack of the angry waves. But the tide If noticing is overturned, will increase gradually wounds to the extremities.

"Tsu Tsu! Kuwuuuu!"

"Gu sew Ooooo Oppland"

Groan voice of the Female Knight and Rusty Iron Knight.

Had been desperately endure, Akitainu is to increase the speed of the attack, like when the continuous attack, such as a muddy stream is fed will do slightly defense Hokoron, that moment, received a [Rounded Up Uppercut] that jumped from the bottom respectively It was launched into the sky on.

Although it prevented what hit in Emono and shield, respectively, in the air is blown to the far can not also be how to.

"Ukyi Ooooo Oppland"

At that moment, it was Odorikaka' boss monkey from behind Akitainu.

The aim of the boss monkey approaching with no hand just one. With Nishigami Akitainu from behind, it was the only thing that is also bound by slightly.

Followed by Redhead, it is a desperate second edition.


"Sister Auro, continue to shoot! ~Tsu"

That said, of the otherwise boss monkey desperate would have been in vain death.

It was the left and right of the sub-arm that is still vacant, are visible to the Akitainu also behind anything else. I had no trouble, such as that catch the boss monkey come Tsukamikaka'.

However, in order to disturb it, silvery white partisans of the sub-arm only eyeing Auro of magic cannon and Argento was emitted to burst.

"Oh, I Do not have raised also the arm of the shooting. But still, sweet sweet"

Is Akitainu obediently rejoice the growth of the children, but not as sweet as anything attacked without.

Vice arm of usually from the fingertip that no black curse bullets used rarely - [Curse Out Cars Shoot] the out shot, to intercept the magic bullet and partisans approaching.

[Curse Out] a magic bullet-like black bullets exploded in cryptic fireworks in the air, was sprinkled colorful flash.

Play skipped the partisans is, go flying enigmatic meteor.


While receiving the aftermath of the blast, the boss monkey screamed.

And assault in desperation for the fellow, a fellow of the attack to cover the it had been unsatisfying powerless.

That is to be on the watch the boss monkey, it comes to Akitainu trimmed the posture.

It is the same with certain suicide.


Akitainu's arm is changed to shield the shape of the side arm, [Tatekabe Shield Wall] increase the strength, the boss monkey with overlapping invoke the [Shield Hitting Shield Bash] and [Shock Back Attack] "Hayama TenzanKo - was feeding the "alias" Tetsuzan Tetsuzankou".

Boss monkey attempts to defense in its thick arms, but the meaning is not.

Arms are folded pressure, blew while flew the whole body. Its momentum is stronger than anyone, leaving the orbital flying fresh blood so the spray of blood.

Death of the boss monkey - of course dead is not - or things to waste, launch a veteran who also attack that remains like that, but the dominance of the Akitainu as meaning of course that did not collapse.

Netsuoni kun equipped with [Tamashikibaken Urufarosu Noriyuki wolf] chair Her san and you sickle both arms thrust, but was Nagiharawa with halberd and Noroiyari like a repeat of something.

Female Knight along with the resurrected Akitainu let out a sharp slashing from the shadow of fellow also, does not hit been fathomed in Akitainu.

Akitainu is a blow of Oniwaka paid out along with the fighting spirit crowded holding with one finger, biceps jewelry Meijuu that Opushii's shot is telescoped on the ground trampled.

[Sunaushi Noriyuki Soul Angle Ax Nusutufu-Rabyusu] swinging down to decide the upper to Toro heavy jaw floated its big frame, Naguritobasu the bone bodies of Scarface supposed formidable strengthening and improvement has been subjected.

As you get playful, but usually if fatal to throw Tomoe bear Jiro that feed the rush, shook the brain while stroking the three of head of black Saburo coming attacked along with the subordinate from all directions.

Each member in order to defeat the Akitainu go challenged by taking a collective effort, but the wall was to realize the endless high chunky thing.


Endlessly repeated training, gradually tinged with heat.

But still there was a margin The first one, but from the second half of the Kanami-chan and Burasato-san and around the Supesei entered the war, it was quite the last minute in a life-or-death implications.

That Miki must have seemed willing to kill me. I would have died no doubt if you do not 's me.

Anyway, is training with a feeling that was too much pretty, at first was going to only some of the leaders.

But repeated allowance to hold back because it is much trouble, decided to try to actually fighting with Members of the bottom, such as five-length Yara ten length.

Well, rather than fight, would be accurate is anyone who was doing playing lightly. It fell in a gale that occurs in one Nagi of hand, because he can not even be approached decent.

I still because I can feel the power of the top in the skin, reputation is a very best.

Labor is also less because it to the other party in a 100 units, birth Festival - because the long-awaited, birthday approaching plans for the festival - or would not than to say that as a previous sideshow.

Today's synthesis results:

[Takosumi Black Repellent] + [Repelling Black Acid] = [Acid Bubble Breath]

[Fireproof Mucus Secretion] + [Sumireao Fluid Iolite Liquid] = [Fireproof Viscous Blue Fluid]

[Black Knight Clothing Black Undead Knight Cross of Immortality Group] + [Blue Shrimp Steel Shell] + [Yoroijo shell of Fuwa [multiple shell] = [Yoroimatoijo Shell of Hue become Demon]




























 〓 〒 〓






























「ぬぐおッ! これはまさッフンッ!」













「グフッゲボォ! ――だ、だが、まだまガヒュッ!」

















「うん? これは、ああ、なるほど。放電で勢いを削いだのか」
















「ッツ! クウゥウウウ!」



































 Φ Δ Φ













Day 357 == Day 358 == Day 359

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