Day 351

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Day 351

After finishing morning training, and enjoying the dragon meat dishes Meal Hero and the Sisters made for me, I saw off Minokichi-kun and Asue-chan, happily diving into our base's【Demon's Howl Gate】.

The two demons headed first to the 【Demon's Howl Gate】 for the 【Ship Ambrasm Parabellum】 whose exterior has changed in appearance, to one of a luxury liner.

【Ship Ambrasm Parabellum】 is still anchored in the vicinity of the Labyrinth City «Dur Gha Varia» which is still in contact with the ocean, for the sake of convenience.

I mean, it can be said that there were only so many options.

After all, there are only two places where you can move by going through the 【Demon's Howl Gate】 in the Beast Kingdom - 【Ship Ambrasm Parabellum】 and 【Holy Seafood Cave Of The Fierce God】.

【Holy Seafood Cave Of The Fierce God】 is the closest to land, but the entrance is underwater. It might be possible if we're talking about the lung capacity of those two demons, but because of their race it might be a little bit weird for both to be in water. At the end of the day, it all depends on their races' nature.

The two demons boarded that ship in such a way, and should go toward the land after equipping a magic item called "Crossing Shoes of Watercolor", a shoe type that enables its user to walk on water, in accordance with the navigation given by the minute clone bodies in their ear cuffs, as inconspicuous as possible, I have been planning to go to the location specified while acting similarly.

However, to say that for these 2 demons is not possible, as they tend to stand out with such huge forms.

If a presence of such a magnitude like a house moves, it will be able to recognized if it is not too straining on the imagination of a person.

Prima facie, the two demons have ways to hide the signs of their passage gained from the hunting experience of coming from the Great Forest, so they are still better than normal demons from having mastered that. Although that could be enough for too long ago.

Speaking of being inconspicuously noticeable, they can only be referred to as very noticeable.

Being noticed is unavoidable there, but I was engineered something so as to hide what Minokichi-kun really is.

The method is rather simple.

A camouflage is spread thinly across the entire bodies of the two demons, only to disguise the true appearances by changing its shape.

No need to waste the time and effort in doing so, as it would only be unusual to recognize a couple of beings from a rare giant species. Even so, this is Minokichi-kun, so even in that form he would attract attention, subtlety could not be attributed to him.

There would be no real issue unless he is recognized as Minokichi-kun, after that, he just has to complete his goal and make a quick retreat.

Even if there was a problem, whatever that would be, the blame would fall on the giants who live in the Beast Kingdom.

By the way, because the power behind the camouflage is so powerful, a strong enough existence could still forcefully pierce that shield, but I have not thought that far. It is much less likely to encounter such a presence, and if they did the only choice left would be to give up.

Anyway, thus the two demons, so disguised, go forward towards their destination.

Also, our Labyrinth business is doing well, «Dolphin's Tail・Darfime» is progressing smoothly. It would be even more so with a helping hand, but considering the future of «Dolphin's Tail», I shouldn't be involved at this time, because I would like to be in an unknown position as much as possible, now that this place has a certain relationship with us.

Well, it can also be said that two demons going alone is a stupid idea, but it will be alright as they could even go through a wasteland or a forested hill if they were so inclined.

In the first place, there isn't such an existence in the surroundings to become a potential threat to both of the Demons, so even the thought of being worried about it is laughable.

While praying that Minokichi-kun will accomplish his purpose at the time, today I will worry about the base that has become a labyrinth.

While trying not to fiddle with the artificial base labyrinth, that has already spread all the way down to 【Velvet's Hidden Dungeon】, as much as possible, I adjust the nutricional balance of the «Large Farmland», so that from each direction in the base characteristics of spring, summer, autumn and winter are easy to get out. In the «External Training Grounds», members' stamina becomes easy to increase, so I can try to push their limits as much as possible.

However, there are not many things that can be done here. As long as there aren't many problems to be taken care of, there's always something left to be desired and so on.

But this is also the present condition.

Currently, I am managing the labyrinthized base, so there are two patterns of energy sources that are sustaining it: my [Magic Power] and my【Divine Power】.

Until now, when I fought and conquered the previous Dungeons, which had been plundered using 【Dungeon Plunder】, I was basically using my stored 【Divine Power】.

So I never really considered the current issue of a possible energy shortage.

But right now, the 【Divine Power】 is not enough to set up a complete labyrinth, so [Magic Power] is the main source of power for the operation of the base.

[Magic Power] can be easily recovered by using my abilities, but although it is possible to pour a considerable amount at one time, it's efficiency compared to the use of【Divine Power】falls far short, so it's still a matter to struggle over.

If you try to roughly quantify it, 10,000 units of [Magic Power] would be a good estimate of what is required for one of 【Divine Power】.

To run a labyrinth with [Magic Power] alone is not realistic, considering the hardships.

Well, here natural hot spring came springing up, and various other useful ingredients are mixed in, so there are far better conditions found in this place compared with other locations. So here is indeed a good place for having such a dungeon.

Yeah, it's just a matter of time needed to solve the power shortage.

For the time being, I concluded that there's no need to be impatient about it, so I decided to eat one of the 【Sacred Treasure】, as they also serve as a replenishment for some of the 【Divine Power】which was used in the Holy War.

The chosen treasure this time, is the 【Tampering Spirit Club of Numerical Formula】 that I got from defeating the Number hero.

If I were to describe it in a few words, they would be: a white club of about three meters long - or a white bar,

this 【Sacred Treasure】.

A jewel like a red fruit is buried at both ends, and a distinctive geometric pattern which is reminiscent of a tree is engraved around it.

If you look closely at the pattern it is a small number or symbol, it may be some mathematical formulas, but I honestly couldn't understand it.

When lightly shaken, red light appeared inside the jewel, some thin like figures appeared around it.

Also I try to spin it round and round a little, but nothing in particular happened.

To get a feel of it, I tried using it for a while. The surface like a white tree is grinding slightly, but the grasping feel is not bad, there is also a good weight and balance that is reasonable and easy to handle.

It can be used as a beginner's equipment, and it doesn't require much skills for handling it, so it's a pretty user-friendly【Sacred Treasure】, isn't it?

I basically get how to use it, but I still didn't know what was the deal with the red light.

So while trying things, I tried to tap the rocks around me, and the red light instantly permeated them, making the rocks turn to sand, as if they were so from the beginning.

While a little 『 Oh 』 of surprise, the next thing I try to hit is another rock, this time it disappeared in the blink of an eye from the spot.

Honesty, I still don't understand how it works. I just cannot understand any of it.

Well, the ability of the 【Sacred Treasure】 is mostly such as that, but I will not waste time thinking deeply about it.

For the time being, I decided to experiment a little more before eating.

By the way, if you check its performance using the 【Upper All Appraisal・Tool・ Magic item】, it goes as follows.

Name: 【Tampering Soul Club of Numerical Formula】

Category: 【Sacred treasure / Long-handled Weapon】

Grade: 【Phantasmal】 class

Abilities: 【Tampering Soul Club of Numerical Formula】 【Treasure of Numerical Formula】

【Mathematical Alteration】 【Forbidden Fruit Arb】

【Transient Phantom Dream】 【God's Love Mathematical Formula Irma Vel Usu】

【Eggs of Numerology】 【Pagan Damnation】

【Capacity Expansion】 【No Penetration】

Note: Yatendouji who gained a victory over «Pagan Heretic / Psalm awakening's epic Away training / main character main cast» and the [Eschatological War Conquest War] 【Phantasmal】 class item obtained by victory in Kami.

Gods that exist in the world will take one of three forms in «sacred treasures / ■■ / ■■», which one of these with a shape reminiscent of the World Tree.

It is only Yatendouji himself or a person who receives permission from Yatendouji who can touch this, unimaginable disasters will befall those who touch such an item without permission .

Because it is a sacred treasures, destruction is absolutely impossible, except for special exceptions.

Would you like to see more information?

«YES» «NO»

It has become like this.

Unlike the 【Sacred Treasure】 that I got from overthrowing Avenger and Water Hero who are both 【Heroes】, the column of abilities is evidence enough that the ability has evolved to its full extent.

In any case, the phenomenon that occurred to the rocks the previous time is also due to 【Transient Phantom Dream】 or 【God's Love Mathematical Formula Irma Vel Usu】 around manipulating the probability to derive some sort of formula. As a result, the idea is that the rocks would become sand or just disappear.

But as I've said over and over, I do not know for sure. It would surely be difficult to know what it would do to trees.

Because it is troublesome, I will forget the details, so I threw it in my mouth to eat.

As usual, the【Sacred Treasure】 is really hard and I have to be continuously chewing, "Gori Gori Gori", but it is a habit to say a bit of texture and chewiness can be enjoyed for a long time.

And finally it gets slightly scraped, and from the fragments sent to the stomach past the throat, the absorbed【Divine Power】 courses comfortably through my whole body. A mysterious feeling that each new cell of my body seems to be born again, as if a new self is being built.

And whether it's from the pattern reminiscent of a tree, but basically, it has the taste of a "Tree Cake Baumkuchen".

The part of the jewels at both ends are like an apple, the part with the formula seems to be made of chocolate somewhere, sweetness like the elegant finest maple syrup is felt, and features as a different sweetness for each part. Even if I eat it for long a time, I just can't get tired of it.

To be honest, of all the sweet tastes that I had eaten in this world, 【Tampering Spirit Club of Numerical Formula】 was by far the best.

『 Ah ah ah ~~~ 』. It seems that the insides of my brain will explode with sweetness and a feeling of happiness, there is something difficult to express with words at this time, ones that you can spend time on fulfilling both mind and body together.

Even if you get interested in drinking water between moments of chewing it, you are unlikely to stop chewing because it brings out the merits in both.

Truly amazing. Because 【Tampering Spirit Club of Numerical Formula】 is full of taste, I will enjoy it from the beginning to the end.

...... Well, if there're any drawbacks, it would be its length.

I think that it would be a very surreal to see me eating a club of about 3 meters of length.





































































 ≪YES≫ ≪NO≫

















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