Day 351

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Day 351

Finished the morning of training, after you enjoy the dragon meat dishes MeshiIsamu and Sisters who made me, saw off the happily dive Minokichi-kun and Asue-chan [Warp Gate] bases.

Two of the demons headed first to the [Warp Gate], but Ship Ambrasm Parabellum of appearance, such as the luxury liner.

Ship Ambrasm Parabellum is still because it is anchored in the vicinity of the Labyrinth City «Dur Gha Varia» which is in contact with the ocean, was good it is something convenient.

I mean, it can be said that it much only options were not.

After all, where you can move using the [Warp Gate] in the Estgrand Beast Kingdom is now two - because there is only - Ship Ambrasm Parabellum and [Totoki Seafood Shokuhora of Demon].

It made towards the [Totoki Seafood Shokuhora of Demon] is closer to land, but here is the entrance is in the water. It might be vital capacity if the margin of the two-demon, but because it is not good race to a little water Both demon, it is up to this happens with nature.

Nioni which has moved to the board in such things, toward the land equipped with a magic item "Mizukagami of over shoes" of the shoe type that from there to allow the water walking, in accordance with the navigation by the minute body of then Iyakafusu, inconspicuous as much as possible I have been planning to go to the location that you specified while act like.

However, the 2 demons to say that so as not to stand out is a huge form.

If the move is the presence of a magnitude such as the house, will be able to recognize that neither a compelling imaginary only person.

Prima facie, the two demons way to hide the signs from the hunting experience of a large forest but still better than normal because it is mastered, so somehow become stage is too long ago.

Speaking at inconspicuous noticeable, there is only referred to as a very noticeable.

As there noticeable thing is unavoidable, it is engineered so as not to know that it is Minokichi-kun.

Method is simple.

Not stick thin minute body to the whole body of the two-demon, only to disguise the appearance by changing its shape.

No need for time and effort in doing so, would unusual is recognized as also no giant species of the couple can not stay. Even as this if was Minokichi-kun it is even attention, not Bale is that it Minokichi kun us.

Because I have to be no problem even been recognized as Minokichi-kun us, is only coming quickly back do it that do after.

If even if there was a problem, would be in what because it will think that the giants who live in the Estgrand Beast Kingdom.

By the way, because the existence of to a great extent When you have to be fathom this impersonation, do not think that far. It is much less likely to encounter with such presence, because there is only give up that there is no other way if this happens.

Anyway, thus two demons disguised is a translation progresses towards the destination.

To move up before, now also I performance also is much easier if you can lend labyrinth firm hand of «Deneb-Darufimu of Dolphin Tail» that is stretched out on track, but in «tail of dolphin» consider the future because I want to have in a position to not know that there is ours and the relationship as much as possible, this is supposed to not help.

Well, to nice to say that physical fitness fool both demons, would be all right because I continue to Disrupt also even Morioka in the wasteland if someone were so inclined.

The first place is also there to be an enemy of the two demon he does not stay on the periphery, the end to the groundless be Arekore worried about would be the punch line.

While prayer that to achieve a prima facie Minokichi-kun purpose, worry about the base was labyrinth of today.

While so as not tampered is man-made labyrinth Velvet's [Hidden Treasury] spread in the basement of as much as possible sites, Toka adjustment of the nutritional balance of the «Large Farmland» of the earth, in every direction in the base so easy to get the characteristics of the four seasons Toka, Toka become «External Training Grounds» easy to increase the team members of their resilience, try toying with Chimachima in a range that can be.

But can it is still small, and I do is there if available, but there is no problem apart from without, but only those effects also leave something to be desired and so on. But this is also present condition Surely the case way.

Currently, or rather it runs the bases was labyrinth of, the energy source that is moving to the presence of the second pattern and my magic [Divine Power].

In the past when that has been variously toying the gods dungeon which has been plundered by [Labyrinth looting Dungeon plunder, Kikoku alien world] has been using the [Divine Power], which is basically stored.

So I never plagued the head in the current issue of energy shortage.

But still [Divine Power] held by the I'm for small to continue to set the various of the labyrinth, magic is in the management of the site has been mainly used.

It is magic can be easily recovered by the ability, but that Sosogikome a considerable amount at a time, efficient in [Divine Power] is a status quo that has been struggling since the fall far short.

Easily, and loosely and try to quantify [Divine Power] for one, magical power is ten thousand need, whether it be nice if you.

To run a maze only magic is not realistic past the tough.

Well here began springing natural hot springs, because lot of useful components therein are mixed, whether than other places I would get in or are equipped with much better conditions, it is now put.

Yeah, a problem that will resolve the time what to white.

It is a translation that came out personal conclusion that it is not the time being need to hurry, but also serves as a replenishment of that was reduced when Holy War in the previous [Divine Power], decided to eat one of the [Sacred Treasures].

The chosen this time, is ## [Tamashiaratame Aboga-Muferu Noriyuki Formula God] that got to defeat the number Isamu.

About 3 meters if to express a word of length white - or white bar - and would be this [Sacred Treasures].

At its both ends is embedded jewels, such like a red fruit, a distinctive geometric pattern to almost reminiscent of the trees have been engraved on the periphery.

Is a small number or symbol if you look well the a pattern, but might be a some kind of mathematical formula, it could not be honest understanding.

When I shook lightly jewel in the red light is conceived, something like Usura and numbers appeared on its surroundings.

Also try to turn a while round and round, it is not particularly something happens.

The feeling I have used for a while, like a white surface, such as a tree has been a little rough, but grip comfort is not bad, easy to handle and there is also good of decent weight and balance.

You can either as equipment of the novice, there is no problem as the equipment of the skilled person, or would not be a pretty easy to use is good [sacred treasures].

I was doing a one way type, but did not know about the red light.

So things Come to tapping the rock that was in the neighborhood about to try, penetrate into the rock with a red light for a moment, rock if you and whether you were like a sand as if it was so from the beginning.

While a little surprised with the "Oh", the next is try to hit another rock, this time would be lost in the blink of an eye from the spot.

Honesty, meaning do not know. I just can not understand.

Well, the ability of the [Sacred Treasures] because usually such things as, but might be waste only think deeply.

Anyway, I decided to try a little more various and try before you eat.

By the way, if you check its performance using the [tool-level appraisal All Appraisal Magic item], is as follows.

Name: [Tamashiaratame Aboga-Muferu Noriyuki Formula God]

Category: [sacred treasures / Nagara weapon]

Grade: [Phantasmal] class

Ability: [Tamashiaratame Aboga-Muferu Noriyuki Formula God] [Treasure Verdot-Izeira formula]

[Mathematical formula tampering Aga Fell] [forbidden fruit Arb wells]

[Transient Mugen La Wels-Runessu number of phantom] [mathematical formula Irma Vel Usu that God loved]

[Eggs of Numerology] [Pagan Damnation]

[Capacity Expansion] [No Penetration]

Note: night Tendoko is «pagan heretic / Psalm awakening's epic Away training / main person main cast» and of the eschatological Esukatoroji Conquest war Conquest War] fantasy grade obtained by victory in Kami.

Gods that exist in the world will take three forms of «sacred treasures / ■■ / ■■» is a sacred treasures, which is one of the, has a shape reminiscent of the World Tree.

Night can be touch to this Tendoko is only the person who obtained the forgiveness of the person or night Tendoko, to those who have touched without forgiveness would be unimaginable disaster will befall.

Because it is a sacred treasures, destroyed except for the exception, absolutely impossible.

Furthermore Are you sure you want to view the information?

«YES» «NO»

It has become.

Unlike the [Sacred Treasures] that got to overthrow the Avenger and Hero of Water is ## EiIsamu], the ability of column would be the evidence that there is much merit what is all open.

Anyway, as a result of the earlier of the phenomenon that occurred in the rocks [Transient phantom number of Mugen La Wels-Runessu] or [equation Irma Vel Usu God loved] around manipulating the probability to derive some sort of formula, rock There probably was lost or Sunaka, leading to the idea.

But to say many times, I do not know honestly. Would surely there is cod Yeah difficult Koba. As details will be omitted because it is cumbersome, but the area just to the mouth in order to eat.

As usual [Sacred Treasures] is hard, but must be repeated chewing again and again, Gorigorigori, the texture and crunchy to enjoy a long period of time become a habit no matter what someone says. And finally slightly scraped, through the throat to absorb from the pieces that were sent to the stomach [divine power] is comfort to attend to the whole body. The cells of the body one by one, such as if reborn, strange feeling, such as new me is going to be built. And whether from modeling that reminds a tree, basically it has to taste, such as the "tree of cake Baumkuchen". Part of the jewel in the both ends apple Ppoku, part of the formula is as somewhere chocolate, and overall classy finest sweetness, such as has been furnished in maple syrup, is characterized as a sweetening different for each site tired of not arrived even have eaten there. Honest, speaking in a sweet taste that was eaten in this world, [Tamashiaratame Noriyuki formula God] had by far. In the brain and the "Oh Oh Oh ~ ~ ~ ~ ~" is likely to cause to the explosion in the sweetness and sense of well-being, is this temporary to spend the time that fulfilling the body and mind in the words there are things that it is difficult to express. When Tashinamu the Onishu at odd moments, not this also likely to be stopped by to bring out the goodness of both. Really Do not I great, [Tamashiaratame Noriyuki Formula God] is because I'm full of flowing out and taste from the beginning to the end. ...... Well, but if there is a disadvantage, or would be its length. Indeed to eat the 棍 of about three meters, I think the picture surface to very surreal.





































































 ≪YES≫ ≪NO≫

















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