Day 345

Day 345

While moderately cloning the cloned 【Heroes】, I wield the black spear silently as a single demon in 【Divine Volcano of Wailing Ghosts】.

(ED note. I could not for the life of me figure out what the above sentence was trying to say, so I checked a few translators and found one that had a more reasonable output. "While in moderately high spirits, I silently wield the black spear alone in the [Divine Volcano of Oni's Howl]"

The two black spears I obtained after clearing the Psalms are my personal 【Sacred Treasures】, at first glance I thought that's what they were but they seem to be a little different.

Is it true that this black spear is still growing? Or is it a magic item in the stage just before becoming a 【Sacred Treasures】?

The black spears seem to still be in the middle of its growth period, or is it a magic item at the stage right before evolving into a [Sacred Treasure]?

As if it was ripening, becoming a formal 【Sacred Treasures】 by satisfying some condition and becoming able to demonstrate its true value, such as a substitute for it.

The fact that using it satisfies certain conditions, causing it to mature and formally evolve to a [Sacred Treasure] where it can finally show its true value is certain.

Anyway, first repeat the mold with two black spears.

Anyhow, I will first use these two black spears repeatedly.

The black spears have become as familiar with my hands as if they were there from the beginning.

' Handling the black spears have now become very familiar to me, like they were with me from the start.'

It can be handled with a feeling like that of an extended part of my hand. The weight and the balance of the center of gravity are good, and undoubtedly it will become a companion to be relied upon from now on.'

Handling the spears gave me the feeling like that of an extension of my own hands. There weight and balance for center of gravity are exceptional, They will undoubtedly be reliable companions in the future.

Just by practicing it for a bit, I was able to be sure of that.

With just a few practice swings, I was convinced by that.

For the time being, I trained silently for about three hours.

After that, although Minokichi-kun was usually good as a sparring partner, today I felt it was kind of dangerous, so for now I practiced in a real warfare training against the Dragon Empress, which had become black from me owning the dungeon.

After the warm-up I would usually spar with Minokichi-kun but since training with the black spears I felt it to be too dangerous. So instead I am training in my actual fighting form against the Black Dragon Empress that has been enhanced from me being in ownership of the labyrinth/dungeon.

As a result, seeing the Black Dragon Empress' fate, who breathed out her last, I am convinced that it is too dangerous to use the black spears in normal training.

By piercing the target with the 【Black Spear Leading to Demise(Gedie.Hella)】, the area about five meters around it is transformed to something like black sand.

By piercing the target with the 【Black Spear Leading to Origin(Casty.Heda)】, the area about five meters around it is transformed to a red liquid like that of blood.

The Black Dragon Empress who was pierced systematically in various parts of her body by the black spears, has turned into a condition like that of dark red mud other than her head. It is the result of mixing black sand with red liquid. By scooping it up and trying it, the taste is the same, but the texture is smooth and felt improved on the tongue .

I scoop up the substance which is the result of the black sand and red liquid mixing and try consuming it. The result is that the flavor of the Black Dragon Empress has been left intact with improved texture and smoothness when it slides on the tongue.

Indeed, various new recipes and dishes shall be created with this new substance.

I thought that I should refrain from training using them with Minokichi-kun.

While in deep thought I decide to never use the Black Spears when training with Minokichi-kun and the others.

This black spear is deadly if it hits.

Any injury caused by the black spears will be fatal.

Even the Black Dragon Empress did not show much resistance to it, so even at Minokichi-kun's level, it would be just too dangerous.

Even the Black Dragon Empress did not have any resistance to the black spears special effects, so it would be fatal to Minokichi-kun even at his level or even the others.

Sandification or liquefaction occurs at the point of injury, so you cannot reduce its effect even if you want to.

Besides that, there seems to be various other abilities yet to be uncovered, so for the time being I will walk around the 【Divine Volcano of Wailing Ghosts】 today and hunt the dungeon monsters in various places to unlock and thoroughly understand them.

After transforming many dungeon monsters into the reddish black substance, I return to the bottom of the spiral volcano, I transform one of my silver arms into a blade and sever my right leg at the base of the hips.

The cut surface is as smooth as if molecular bonds were cut off, and it is likely that the muscles and nerves would again stick together just by placing the right leg back on.

The surface of the cut area is extremely smooth as if the cells were separated in a molecular level, its likely that the leg can be reattached perfectly just by placing it back to the severed area.

Actually, if I were to try, it would do so, but for the time being, 【Inexhaustibly Strong Dragon Emperor's Life-force】 will consume magical power and let the right leg regenerate.

Actually, if I were to do so it would definitely work. Instead I use 【Dragon Emperor's Inexhaustible Life Force】 and consume some of my magical power to regenerate the right leg.''

Then, after separating the blood overflowing from the cross section of the right leg that has been cut off, I observed the body structure of the person who had become a "Demon" for a while.

Then, after isolating the overflowing blood from the severed right leg I begin observe and study the structure of my own body that has evolved to an [Oni] through my severed leg.

At the same time I also cut the skin, checking the muscle ties and other things, finally piercing it with the black spears and turning it into reddish mud.

I dissect the leg by cutting of the skin to reveal the muscle fibers, nerves and blood vessels then the bone. Finally I pierce it with the black spears turning the leg into that reddish black substance.

And when I tried it, I found out it was delicious, honestly.

After having a taste of it, I can honestly say that it was delicious.

Speaking clearly, it is deliciously good as 【Sacred Treasures】.

To put it simply, the flavor of the reddish black substance is on the same class as that of the flavor of [Sacred Treasures] or maybe even higher.

I have eaten myself several times before, but maybe it is more delicious than before.

I have devoured parts of myself several times in the past, but none of them have been as tasty as I am now.

I would like to enjoy drinking and eating it together with Redhead, something that happened shortly afterwards.

I plan on having a meal with alcohol and sharing it together with Redhead-chan later.

For for that purpose, I have secured an amount of about three sets of legs.

And so I made sure to obtain 3 sets of both of my legs. (ED note. I hope I didn't make it too confusing. Please feel free to make any necessary corrections and/or fixes.)



















 などと思いつつ、 訓練相手をミノ吉くん達にしなくてよかったと心底思う。















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