Day 341

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Day 341

Holding a golden wineglass in one hand, I sat in a chair admiring the sunrise beyond the horizon.

Sometimes this kind of morning is not bad.

Thanks to my high physical recovery, the wound already closed but the mental fatigue still remainings.

It can also be said that I have less vigor than usual.

It feels like something heavy, and somehow my movement also become slow.

Thinking about nothing, I continue to gaze at the sunrise for a while.

It is a little dazzling, but because of [Ultra Light Resistance], I can see it normally.

After regaining some vigor, i tried to get up.

The desire to finish the [Holy War] and lazily rest is rising but the clean up is more important.

Before I can enjoy the hot springs, there are some various things to do from now on.

Frankly speaking, from now on the age of civil war is coming.

The lost of powerful [kyuusei] is big but the important thing is the majority of warforce called [Hero] is also lost. Thanks to that, the protection of the [Holy kingdom] also become impossible to do.

Vassal country can't refuse the request from the [holy kingdom] but with no good result and only losing the precious [Hero]...... [Rotten one] is still living but from now on dissatisfaction and anxious from the small country is accumulating.

Not only the [Emperor] and the one that followed him [Masaru], along with talented elites is lost, but until the next generation of emperor is decided, various confusion will continue and easily expected by the [Magic Country] and [Beast kingdom].

Also, the Empire and [cloud hero] has lost more than half of their [Hero]. The lost of their warforce is at the level that can't be ignored.

And other countries will sieze the opportunity of the reduction of warforce to change their international approach. Especially the countries that are far away from the holy kingdom that will plan to take the land.

The Holy Kingdom still have [Sages], therefore, it will not be easily defeated. However, until now, they have history of brutally attacking and trying to conquer other countries.

There are many local people that are holding grudges. Those in the conquered lands may try to rebel and make a new country. Originally, the source of flame is already there.

This [Holy War] triggered that flame.

A Holy War that incites greed and violence.

The sounds of those footsteps are heard, quietly but surely.

Those strayed ones works in favor of me, it may even give birth to a new [Hero].

That is what I thought of, but before taking any action, cleaning up after the party takes priority.

I stand from the chair and see the surrounding, there are many miserable dead drunk people lying down.

[Holy war] is decreasing but this time there are approximately 2000 people attending this party.

There are a few people that are weak to alcohol but the majority here is Demon species that are big eater and drink alcohol like water.

Also, there are giants that drank the different amount of alcohol, Dragon people like Ramuna and Uwabami so the cost for foods and drinks are quite costly.

Fortunately, the ingredient for cooking, "Dragon King" and "Dragon Emperor" can be obtained in mass amount from the mountain. If that is not enough, we can just use [kikoku gate] and collect [Shokuhora seafood from the demon of totoki] as much as we need to.

But the problem is alcohol.

To provide alcohol for 2000 people means a large amount of alcohol is necessary. Also, each one of them are not a half-assed drinker, as expected to make sure these people satisfied, it is harsh even for someone like me who have a large amount of alcohol storaged.

Up until now we collect alcohol by going into labyrinth and sometimes bought it but because of the [Holy War], we often do party the night before so the alcohol that are storaged become less and less.

I still have enough if only for these kind of party but i dont know whether this amount can make them satisfied or not.

Maybe i need to replenish it between the party.

But since i already completed the [Psalm], i got 3 kind of demon liquor as a reward. That may solve the problem.

although the taste is a little mild compared to the demon liquor that i obtained back then, the ability to replenish itself overtime is the same. And also, i already put it in the large barrel so i have a large amount of it.

In other words, i have endless supply of alcohol.

This is good, while lining up the demon liquor and binging.

There are a few drunk people brawling but regardless of race, people are laughing, exchanging drink, remembering about the fallen comrades, and laugh again.

Such party will eventually faded out in the morning but as a result, there are mountain of dead drunk people.

They experience [Holy war]. there are some demon species's ritual that are drinking to ease the grief of eternal farewell but i think they drank too much.

They feast until even the strong ones are down, various dirty things like vomit are scattered everywhere. it mixed with the smell of alcohol, and it is a little irritating.


Anyway, i will ask [Seiji] to recover them from this dead drunk state.

Seiji agreed and release a radiant warm light and soon the people are waking up one after another. They start to clean up the scattered dragon meat dishes.

I drink my alcohol from the golden wineglass while watching them.

The alcohol that i drank is the one that i got recently [Demon liquor-Demon god that sit in heaven] . It has color like the sky and a unique dry alcohol.

At first, it has refreshing taste, in the middle it has a strong stimulus taste.

And it works well along side the grilled Dragon meat with "shiden radish"   

Its juicy when chewed. The dragon meat alone will have a very strong taste but with spicy refreshing taste from the "shiden radish", and the dry taste of the alcohol, it has excellent compatibility.

Mmmnnh, with this rich flavour in my mouth, no matter how much i ate it, i can't get tired of it.

Unintentionally, my cheeks loose and my drink pace is increased.

I still want to eat but the clean up are almost finished so i endured and moved.

First, i must return them to their post.

Some of the 2000 remaining member before the [Holy war] are working in the local shop, and some of them are even dispatched from the "Great Forest"

Right now, the member who are not participate in the [Holy war] are doing their best to work but their work increase just because there aren't enough people.

This event already ended and we also took a rest, it's time to return them. The member who have been working deserve some rest. I will order them to finish the preparation quickly.

As a part of the preparation, we also bring gifts. A chunk of dragon meat is the main gifts but we also bring 3 kind of demon liquor in a bottles and barrels.

Even if we don't meet up, all member will surely enjoy it.

But the amount of food they receive is low compared to the one that participates, they must understand the difference because these guys risk their life for it.

Anyway, we will also return by diving to [Demon gate] and through the nearest labyrinth but this time is very noticeable time. We must split into a smaller group and sequentially move out.

After that, first i will send black dragon as a messenger to each country.

And then briefly talk about victory and defeat, i will tell them [What a great fight, lets put that into consideration and have a good sleep, when we wake up lets enjoy a good peace].

It's like the [Demon King] that conquer the world---- it truly exist in this world but doesn't seem to have the ambition to do that i think. For now, these kind of things is nice.

Rather than making plans left and right, the simple one is easy to understand and easy to deal with if the confusion is happening.

After also giving various instruction other than that, we dive with [Demon gate] to [Rock Hero]'s place.

With this degree of [Holy war], the surviving member from both Alliance forces and Coalition forces are few.

[Kyuusei] become white sand, [Emperor] alongside his subordinate died, majority of [Hero] were scattered.

The one remaining is [Cloud hero] who ran away with [Lightning hero], [aifu] who have common ground and the best [Rotten Hero] who overcome [Holy war], the [Rice Hero] that i already captured, and [Rock Hero] who are tied with secret agreement and now in [Demon gambling parlor] prior the event.

Among these 4 [Hero], Rock hero is the one i have very less information.

For now, annihilation issues are ordered but i don't tell the detail explanation because it is too troublesome.

But that leave some small problem, even though it is a facade, I have the obligation to explain when [Rock Hero] return.

Other countries wil highly pursue because of suspected relationship with me, there are many things he has to know.

And after explaining about it, when we dive into [Demon gate] to welcome him. we found [Rock Hero] in the place where the previous avenger participate in the gambling arena.

But, [Rock Hero]'s condition are quite different than the one before.

He hide his face with Gray ash made by iron rock mask and shamelessly show off his hefty body with boomerang pants figure. He doesn't seems to wear any wearable armorlike armor, he is fighting with seems like iron rock hammer with one hand.

The enemy is the dungeon monster, golem species called "Black Dra-goyle". Mix of dragon and gargoyle, its like rock statue that the surface is dyed with black.

The combat power itself is not that high but, whether it is because of my presence or not, it seems even though it is a rock statue, it is greater than magic metal.

With a half assed weapon, you can't make a scratch on it, and surprisingly it is difficult to defeat the 3 meter tall "Black Dra-goyle".

It is challenged and already defeat many.

Not only that, the multiplication rate is high, and it reward appropriately to the winner.

I wonder why that "Black Dra-goyle" and Rock hero is fighting.

There must be something, and that reason lies in the visitor seat. When we asked [Rock Hero]'s comrade that seems to have more jewelry than before, it seems Rock hero bet various things in the slot and lost continuously. It seems he bet his body to earn some funds.

For now, it seems he don't bet his armor nor he lost his power.

It seems he regained his self-control at the last minute but to see the serious [Rock hero] fallen figure reminded me of certain father elf.

But, father elf is better. He spent on hot spring and massage.

In contrast, [Rock Hero] has fallen into a swamp of gambling.

For now, i will advice him to not fall more than this.

After that, somehow i sent [Rock hero] to kingdom.

Even when i said sent, it is only diving to [Demon gate] to the [demon waterfall] in empire, it's not troublesome. They already prepared skeleton spider to move him. After several hours, he should have made it to empire.

At that time, i asked the tomboy princess to bring the gifts.

It would have been better if i bring it myself but if someone confirmed that i have been in kingdom, i can't escape when they questioned whether i am connected to the kingdom in the back by other country .

"Just coincidence" is too suspicious, i can't give that excuse to them.

So that's why, until other country are not pursuing kingdom i can't meet tomboy princess for a while. That's why i bring luxurious gifts to her.

After that and doing some chores, i slept.


Day 341

The sight of the sun rising from beyond the horizon, to watch sitting in a chair while holding the golden Shuhai in one hand.

Sometimes it is thus not bad also to slow in the morning.

Physical fatigue is already not there is also the height of resilience, remaining mental fatigue is still.

Have lost somewhat lively than usual, and I wonder should I say.

Somehow there is Kiokota is, I tend to be a slow even motion.

Defense, and often it looks even ascended the sun.

But a little dazzling, or because there is a [auroral tolerance], it was kept staring normally.

It rounded up in the place that could be filled to some extent energy.

I want to corrupt a while lazy finished the [holy war], but Bubbly desire, everything also clean up is the bottom line.

Before slowly be enchanted with immersed in base of hot spring, there is a need to move a lot from now on.

To say clearly, will now come is the era of war.

But it is also great to have lost a mighty [救聖], in what than [EiIsamu] nearly lost it for the majority of war force that, St. kingdom defense of the vast country has become virtually impossible.

Dispatched to not be able to turn down the request of the Holy kingdom from the relationship, such as a vassal state, but lost just valuable [EiIsamu] without any benefited - KusaIsamu is alive, but - in the thing, group small country is frustration and anxiety future that are visible to the eye is going to be accumulated.

[Emperor] and not only lost the [Masaru] and talented elite who were Tsukishitaga' to it, the magic that can be easily anticipated and various sizes confusion continues until a new [Emperor] our next generation to fully grasp the country Empire and the beast kingdom.

Also empire also be lost half of [EiIsamu], including KumoIsamu, wear of the force is not at a level that can be ignored.

It will change the international relations of such a force reduction of the country to this opportunity, to orchestrate trying Kiritoro the above all the Holy Kingdom of land that floated distant countries was visibly.

The St. kingdom will not yet [King Seong] we are able to easily collapse because there, but the harsh until now attacking the other countries, there is a history that has dominated.

It would be larger Shah who has a grudge against the country, land that has been merged might be a new country was divided. It had originally soil of the war finished.

One review [holy war] of this time, would be to stimulate it.

Holy War in which desire and violence is sprinkled.

Lapping and its footsteps are quietly, but heard reliably.

To those who have disturbed something good convenience for me, it is also expected to be born a new [EiIsamu] it to the starting point maybe.

I think, such as, but before that behind the scenes, first priority would be the clean up of the banquet.

Rising from the chair that had been sitting for a view of the sun, and look around, a lot of drunk people who had been lying in a miserable figure anything.

Although the decreased in the [holy war], about two thousand of whom had participated in this large banquet.

But it is also not a small amount of alcohol is also useless Orito not here, the majority is a big eater, and a demon species that drink like water.

In addition or have different reference amount of drink giant therefore at a time, because Uwabami such as dragon's Ramla's'm in its own way, and this time has been consumed liquor cuisine had become a substantial amount.

Fortunately, the material of the cooking was in the mass, led by the mountain, such as the "dragon king" and "Ryutei". Moving at [Kikoku Gate] to [Totoki seafood Shokuhora of demon] if there are not enough, we just need appropriately you collect.

But the problem is alcohol.

And also about two thousand people worth comes to prepare, it will require another large amounts of liquor. Moreover, the amount of drinking every person is a translation is not odd, but when it comes to scale so as to satisfy this truly number of people, a bit harsh, even I have large amount of storage of liquor.

In the past everyone but we have to release the liquor was collected in the reservoir collected by buying or or or dive in the labyrinth, and there also was the often banquet such as the eve of the preparation for the [holy war], the storage liquor it had become less.

This banquet much, but might have kept, what was the amount satisfactory just kept subtle place.

Perhaps there is a need to replenish between interval Maybe.

However, successfully completed the [Psalm], three kinds of demon liquor got as a reward gave us resolve the problem.

Three types of demon liquor, taste although slightly inferior than the demon liquor got ahead, ability to be replenished even decreased over time is the same, also has entered the large barrels that I fit comfortably there is an amount so.

That is, endlessly drink large amounts of nectar continue to be supplied, we can say that.

This is good, and binge side-by-side demon liquor.

There were also such brawl drunk, each other laugh, regardless of the race, signed drinking, and cry in memory of fellow who passed away, also was laughing with a drink.

Such banquet also come calm if in the morning, but the result is a mountain of this drunken person who.

[Holy war] experience, although it was close to some sort of ritual to overcome acceptance drinking sadness of eternal farewell, I think that whether honesty drink beyond the limit.

Gluttony of the extent that even strong in liquor guys down. Dirty various such as vomit has been found in a variety of locations. Mingled smell of liquor, are mixed smell that a little irritating.

Ha, and one a sigh.

Anyway, we asked so as to recover from drunk state to ask to Say 冶 kun.

Say 冶 kun approved radiantly, it emits a warm white light. Then seemed to recover from drunk state, team members who are sequentially beginning happened, began to clean up a number of such eating cluttered the dragon meat dishes.

While watching the situation, drink a pile, to have been poured into the golden Shuhai sake.

Poured in have liquor [demon-shu and inscription [demon is sit in heaven]] just got a, a shade is characteristic dry sake, such as the welkin.

The first is a refreshing and refreshing, from the middle there is exciting firm taste, enjoy taste was Kirili with a full-bodied.

It, it's special to eat along with the knob, which met the wholesale "Shiden radish" to quickly baked dragon king meat on both sides.

Juwari, and full of gravy when chewed. Chunky might be rich it is too heavy that's dragon king meat alone, but in that dress and Shiden radish that even exhilaration that was Piriri, it is excellent compatibility with dry sake.

The presence or absence, is delicious intertwined in the mouth Akigako not to eat many times.

Involuntarily cheek is loose, it had to raise the pace to carry the liquor.

I wanted Kui still, because it is likely to end soon also Members our cared, was to be a jerk move to endure.

First of all, we decided to kiss Members us to each of the post.

If the previous is in about two thousand people Members our who survived [holy war] I also those who are working in various parts of the store, also there who came out from the site of a large forest.

Now is he is turning the work hard the other team members who do not participate in the [holy war], amount of work by the amount of people has become less is increasing.

Here to go back quickly because he was caught also rest to finished, you should let someone rest Members who are working. Preparation is commanded to end quickly.

As part of the preparation, we decided to have a souvenir. Food is the main such as the mass of dragon meat, but three kinds of demon liquor is also prepared the things that was transferred to barrels and bottles.

This also is not necessary to set all the way, it will be team members everyone can enjoy.

However, the amount eaten is quite small as compared to the band members who participated, but there is only convince that it is the difference bet their lives.

Anyway, coming back also I decided to go through the nearest labyrinth dived the [Kikoku Gate], but now subdivided so very noticeable time zone and move at once, trimmed quickly sequentially sends out arrangements.

Then, to the time it is direct the black dragon as a messenger in the country.

And briefly talk about victory or defeat, "it was a wonderful battle, trying to be often fall asleep out of consideration to it. By the time the wake up, to declare a but good "thing to enjoy the most peace.

[Satan] to relocation of the capital dominate the world like - but I this is the world actually there, seem not ambitious until there truly - ish Do and while I think, would be in outline do is such a thing.

It simple and easy-to-understand than the Laws of the Arekore measures, it even if there is confusion in the corresponding's convenient it in a lot.

After also issued a variety of instructions to the other, was to be directed to the place of IwaIsamu dived the [Kikoku Gate].

In [holy war] of This degree, there are fewer of those who survived the Allied-allied forces both.

[Rescue St.] becomes a white sand, [emperor] who was killed under together, the majority of [EiIsamu] we went scattered.

Survive, KaminariIsamu line that was relieved by KumoIsamu, KusaIsamu line that survived the most successful [holy war] this time by, for example, hit it off with the Aikusa chan, MeshiIsamu line has already been taken up by me, and in advance It tied only IwaIsamu line that was playing in the [gambling parlor of Kikoku] by the secret agreement.

In this four people of [EiIsamu] us, IwaIsamu has less overwhelming amount of information.

It destroyed the thing is in communication once, but the detail is because do not tell because the description was troublesome.

But that's it, will be troubled little. It is a farce, but the IwaIsamu have an obligation to explain the particulars of things when you return home.

Suspected a relationship with me because of high likely to be pursued by each country, it is much to know.

Come to come for diving and a detailed description incidentally [Kikoku Gate] is why, even in the arena that have been made betting the combat system that participated previously avenger, found IwaIsamu.

But unlike the original that have been sent here, the figure of IwaIsamu had changed and rattle.

Hide the face by a mask made of gray rock iron, boomerang pants figure exposing unsparingly a hefty body. In the absence also seems armor armor in the other, are fighting one hand the Iwatetsu hammer, such as piercing the bar into chunks of rock.

Had in the other party is a dungeon monster Golem system called the "Black Dollar Goiru", in the Dragon and gargoyle like multiplied by the appearance, the surface was a stone statue that was dyed black.

Although combat capability itself is not as high as the apparent, or my influence, boasts a strength of more than bad magic metal while a stone statue.

At the limit that put a thin, et al. And the wound in the odd weapon, it is surprisingly difficult to defeat the black Dollar Goiru boasts a size of about three meters.

Challenged, defeated who are numerous.

Soredakeni to magnification is good, but I reward commensurate are prepared in the winner.

Why thing is of such black Dollar Goiru and IwaIsamu are fighting.

What has this happens there, have the reason to the auditorium of the arena, and personal belongings such as jewelry than previously ask the comrades of IwaIsamu that is a lush, apparently IwaIsamu slot alone It continues to lose to be a lot of betting, such as, but so earns in the body in order to obtain the funds.

Prima facie, to armor of the kind it is not betting, apparently not is also lost capacity.

Seems to work is self-control at the last minute, but the figure was a serious IwaIsamu is a little corrupt, it was reminiscent of somewhere father elf.

However, it would still sound better father elf. There is a spa and massage.

In contrast, IwaIsamu is a gaming swamp also sink to anywhere To fall into.

For now, that you do not Shimawa fitted IwaIsamu any more, it decided to keep advice.

Then, what if there kettle and a sent a IwaIsamu the kingdom.

To say that to dive the [Kikoku Gate], because only is moved to [basin of Kikoku water] in the kingdom, labor is not. Because it was already to prepare the move means that the skeleton spider over there, after a few hours would have arrived in the kingdom.

At that time, we asked also to bring a souvenir to the tomboy princess.

I wonder, but good if we can I if true have, once I have been confirmed in the kingdom, the kingdom also becomes impossible subterfuge to pursue in each country which is connected behind the scenes.

But just suspicious even, the cause of it is not regards giving an excuse.

To say that, for a while in order to pursue in each country so as not suited to the kingdom, it is not to meet directly to the tomboy princess. So souvenir had been in a little luxury.

Then doing the chores, was quickly asleep.

































































































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