Day 340


Day 340

by Ririan~desu

The Holy War, though a bit long, ended yesterday

The injuries of the participating members through out the last few days were already greatly recovered and, except for some private life issues, they seems like they'll continue living without problem. **

Although the 9 Demons who are the leaders were still scheduled to have their injuries treated for the time being, I decided to gather the people who participated this time in the big banquet hall located in the 【Ship Ambrasm Parabellum】, and start the party at noon.

Many members died in the Holy War, but overcoming the fierce battle many also let many others 【Rank Up】 and gain new strength. There are also those who achieved their hidden desires or erased their regret from the past. In order to mourn those who lost their lives and congratulate the survivors, we decided to toast their memory.

The lined up cuisine was prepared by 【Meal Hero】 along with some of our senior members.**

I was able to get the whole fresh body of 【 】 and 【 】, and also a large amount of 【Hero】 meat.

Because there are people such as Avenger and Redhead mixed in our party, I stopped using 【Hero】 meat as an ingredient and replaced it with 【Dragon King】 & 【Dragon Emperor】 meat, moreover we also used a huge quantity of labyrinth food as ingredient collected from 【 Holy Sea Foods Meal Cavity Of The Fierce God

Because 【Meal Hero】has already drunk my partial body 【Parasite】, I thought he wouldn't mix poison with the food. Just for my peace of mind, I watched him for a while, but it seems like a groundless fear. The first class ingredients made his blood pressure rise, so he was happy just cooking.

It looks like a scene from a cooking manga and it really pleased me to watch, the finished dish was really exquisite. My hands moved unconsciously, with no sign of stopping. I just discovered that, when I ate it, my appetite became more intrigued.

Although thinking about letting other members who weren't here eat later, we decided to devour the meal by ourselves right now. That way we should be able gain much more from this. **

Moreover, I didn't take ease off my appetite this time. If I'm even a little careless, all the food could've been eaten by others.

Anyway, the sorrow of parting with the fallen members slowly faded with the help of liquor and food. We got drunk from the resonance of our victory, and made several toasts.

We stayed up late into the night until the sun was about to rise――――――

[World Psalm [Black Eclipse Demon History] The sixth chapter [Advancement of the Evil God of Gluttony] The hidden condition of the last clause 【】 «The cup of mourning» «The Large Banquet» has been cleared]

[Success reward 【High Grade Treasure Box [Holy War Limited Edition]】 will be awarded]

[Success reward 【Black key to Reach Origin of Demise】 will be awarded]

[Success reward 【Demons Sake ・ Inscription [Fierce God Sitting in Heaven] ・ Large Barrel】will be awarded] **

[Success reward 【Demons Sake ・ Inscription [Mysterious Demon Head Pleasure ・ Heaven Warrior] ・Large Barrel】 will be awarded] **

[Success reward 【Demons Sake ・ Inscription [Mysterious Demon Head Pleasure ・ Earth Ritual] ・Large Barrel】 will be awarded] **

[Success reward 【Rights to Voyage to Dark Continent】 will be awarded]

―― That announcement echoed in my brain. Simultaneously with it, a wonderful treasure box appeared before my eyes.

Apparently, the hidden condition for the Completion Bonus from Chapter 4 【Encouragement of a Kingdom's Revolution】that I hadn't achieved before was cleared this time.

Moreover, it's said that I obtained three kinds of sake in large barrels. It was probably the sake that hadn't been awarded in the previous 【■■■■】 (in day 179). If so, then I could only imagine how remarkable it is.

No, but, there's also the relations with the Tomboy Princess, it's inevitable isn't? Better to just leave the troublesome things in the past. For now I just want to treat everyone to a drink.

The night isn't over yet, it's just getting started.

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Day 340

The Holy War took a little longer than expected, ending yesterday.

Participating Members our injured big recovery in the last few days, private life with the exception of the part seems to could live without problems.

Plans to Kuki still care for me, led but, for now, is allowed to set the every one who participated this time in the Grand Ballroom at the [Anburasse-time para base ram issue], it was decided to hold a banquet from noon.

In the Holy War, many of the team members dead.

However, over the fierce battle, there were many [Rank-ups] and team members got new powers.

Or you can achieve a long-cherished wish that had been hidden in the mind, there are those who were liquidated in the past karma.

So the funeral became who we no longer stay, in order to bless the surviving person who, ours is he decided to drink the night away under the banner of the Shuhai.

Members food that was led by MeshiIsamu lined with me prepared.

We were able to put into new hands the whole body of just [Dragon King Dragon King] and [Ryutei Emperor Dragon], there is a large number of [EiIsamu] our flesh.

Well, so are mixed also avenger or red hair short, such as the human team members, stop to the material a truly [EiIsamu] us, the main meat of the dragon king and Ryutei, [precious and seafood Shokuhora of demon] mass-to-use the seafood ingredients such as labyrinth ingredients that have been taken from you.

While I think that it is the will not mix, such as already so minute body is [parasitic] poison to MeshiIsamuItaru, and he had been only tentatively vigilance, but it seems to have been still unfounded.

Whether the fuss is blood as a cook before the best of the material, we were going to gleefully cooking.

Fun to watch like the flashy cooking as cooking manga, the finished dish is delicious.

Hand moves involuntarily, it did not have at all stop signs. The query has a new discovery about eat it, but more the appetite is whetted.

While I think I'll Members us also not eaten at a later date that you do not stay here, now was dominated by only us.

This much of the benefits would deserve there. And today is unrestricted binge.

If you're careless, it was not could would have been exhausted hard to other team members who.

Anyway, goodbye sorrow also exhausted to eat with wine and food, and drunk in the afterglow of victory, ours was exchanged several time of the toast.

The day was about to change at midnight -

[World Psalm [Black Story] hidden conditions of the feast Vaise-Gunido of demon] The final clause of the [advice of World Enemy - The Gluttony] Chapter VI «funeral of Shuhai »« largess» has been cleared]

Success reward [Great Treasure Chest [highest]] will be awarded]

[[Black key source leading to the demise] success fee will be awarded]

Success reward [demon spirits Mae [demon is sitting in heaven] · cask] will be awarded]

Success reward [demon spirits Mae [Onikobe bizarre free-tenmu] · cask] will be awarded]

Success reward [demon spirits Mae [Onikobe bizarre free-Chi-sai] · cask] will be awarded]

[[Voyage rights to the Dark Continent] success fee will be awarded]

- Announcement that echoes in the brain. At the same time, such as a fine treasure chest will appear in front.

Apparently, it seems It was in not achieved [recommend kingdom revolution] fourth chapter was able to clear all this time.

Moreover, the alcohol enters into three types also hand in a large barrel.

By chance also alleged earlier and was not receiving [■■■■], would not be was the wine, and thought it crosses.

If so, what a wasteful thing.

No, however, to there was also the relationship between it's a tomboy princess, do not be helped. And the like, that distressed try, but it was too.

But today, it was decided to act in everyone also liquor was placed in new hands.

Still night, it's now.


“三百四十日目” 少々長かった【聖戦】も、昨日で終わっている。



此度の【聖戦】で、多くの団員が死んだ。 しかし激戦を乗り越え、【存在進化】した者や新たな力を得た団員は多い。 あるいは内心に秘めていた悲願を達成したり、過去の因縁を清算した者も居る。


並ぶ料理は飯勇を筆頭としたメンバーが用意してくれた。 丁度【 】や【 】の全身を新しく手に入れる事が出来たし、大量の【英勇】達の肉がある。 まあ、復讐者や赤髪ショートなど人間の団員も混じっているので、流石に【英勇】達を材料にするのは止め、龍王と竜帝の肉をメインに、【鬼神の尊き海鮮食洞】から採取してきた海鮮食材など迷宮食材を大量に使用する。

飯勇達には既に分体が【寄生】しているので毒物などは混ぜないだろうとは思いつつ、一応警戒だけはしていたのだが、やはり杞憂だったらしい。 極上の素材を前に料理人としての血が騒ぐのか、嬉々として調理を行っていた。

まるで料理漫画のように派手な調理は見ていて楽しく、出来上がった料理は絶品である。 思わず手が動き、それが一向に止まる気配が無かった。 喰えば喰う程新しい発見があり、より食欲がそそられるのだ。 ここには居ない団員達にも後日喰わせてやろうと思いつつ、今は俺達だけで独占した。 これくらいの特典はあってしかるべきだろう。 それに今日は無礼講。 油断していると、他の団員達に喰い尽くされてしまいかねなかった。

ともあれ、別れの悲しみも酒や料理と一緒に食べ尽くし、勝利の余韻に酔いしれて、俺達は幾度目かの乾杯を交わした。 そして日が変わろうとした深夜――

[世界詩篇[黒蝕鬼物語]第六章【神災暴食のススメ】の最終節【 】の隠し条件≪弔いの酒杯≫≪大盤振る舞い≫がクリアされました] [成功報酬【ハイエンド宝箱[聖戦リミテッドエディション]】が贈られます] [成功報酬【終焉へ至る根源の黒鍵】が贈られます] [成功報酬【鬼酒・銘[鬼神は天に座す]・大樽】が贈られます] [成功報酬【鬼酒・銘[鬼首怪快・天武]・大樽】が贈られます] [成功報酬【鬼酒・銘[鬼首怪快・地祭]・大樽】が贈られます] [成功報酬【暗黒大陸への航海権】が贈られます]

――脳内で響くアナウンス。 それと共に、眼前に立派な宝箱などが出現する。

どうやら、第四章【王国革命のススメ】では未達成だったが今回は全てクリアできたようだ。 しかも、酒が大樽で三種類も手に入るとは。 もしや以前の受取れなかった【■■■■】とやらも、酒だったのではないだろうか、と考えが過る。 もしそうならば、なんと勿体ない事か。 いや、しかし、それだとお転婆姫との関係も有ったし、仕方ないのか。 などと、悩んでみるが過ぎた事。 今日はただ、新しく手に入れた酒も皆に振る舞う事にした。


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