Day 339

Day 339

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Next thing I knew, a day had passed.

Currently most of the Allies' [Heroes] have been eliminated, I let some get away as seeds to build a friendly relationship, but only a few remained. Since the remaining genuine 【Heroes】's conditions are covered all over with wounds, it has reached the stage where they will soon be annihilated.

Also, since I might be able to build a friendly relationship with only a very few [Heroes], I think now it might have been possible to build a friendly relationship with the Allied army's 【Emperor】.

Well, it's just a thought, and it would be an impossible discussion.

In any case, the 【Emperor】's battle has also reached its climax. Lionel is using 【Beast God Vigorous Soul Body | Vils Folgha】which is a 【God of Beast's Sacred Treasure】 , and Hyulton invokes 【Magical God Nuclear Shell | Qliophostorra End】 which is a 【God of Underworld's Sacred Treasure】. They made desperate efforts and fought against Minokichi-kun and Kanami-chan. The 【Emperor】's forces are superior only because of the abilities of the 【Sacred Treasures】. But the two Oni had grown rapidly in the battle, they competed without being killed, and gradually began to get even better than before.

I wonder if the battle caused the blood of the 【Emperor】 to seethe or shook his spirit instead. All the participants had a refreshingly nice smile on their faces despite being covered in wounds . Extra emotions have been removed and they fight purely to grab victory.

By the way, It seems that the 【Emperor】's side wanted to fight with me, but unfortunately there was no choice but to give up since there was no chance of beating them. I will do my best, so I want you to be convinced and eaten by us because your life seems like it would be finished in the battle.

Anyway, there are only a few left behind. Kill the Cleavage Saint, kill the Border Saint, and If I kill the White Lady, as well as the weakened 【Heroes】, then the 【Holy war】 is over.

That's how it's supposed to be, but before my sight, hundreds of 【Heroes】 and further existences stood in the way.

 ――Φ θ Φ――

[Sen hero] wrapped in clothing of light with his obese figure due to an unhealthy life style, equipped in his hands is a whip made up of "Gold/Money" jingling from its jewelry, silvery and gold.


Insanity dwells in his eyes, and the whip is swung while letting saliva splash because of his excited feelings.


Ignoring the Gold(Money) whip's trajectory, I step into close distance while evading at the same time. Hearing the collision noise from the whip that struck the battlefield behind me, I mow down with my halberd aimed at [Sen hero] who approaches before my sight. Although resisted slightly by the clothing made of light covering his body, the halberd cut the body of [Sen hero] in two. But as soon as the upper body of [Sen hero] was blown off into the battlefield, the whip of Gold(Money) also swooped down from four sides as well. This is not the [Sen hero] who was killed a little while ago, but the recent attack of [Sen hero].


In response to the four closely approaching whips, I mow them down by rapidly rotating the weapons possessed in my four hands at the same time, invoking 【Giant Roll Slash】 on the spot. On this occasion, I intertwined Sen hero by spreading golden threads from my fingertip into the surrounding. The whip crumbles and scatters with sparks, and as the result the golden thread entwined around his whole body was rolled up by my rotation, four people from the Sen hero party were forcibly pulled towards me while exposing a big gap in their defense. I do not miss the chance, and quickly cut their necks with the cursed spear. Four freshly-severed heads flew and blood gushed out like a fountain.

While my whole body is being dyed with spurts of blood, I pull together the corpses of 【Heroes】's party with a knit net of golden thread and swing it like a hammer. It is a mass of four fattened people. Due to their excess flab there is a reasonable weight, this means that its power is great.

『 Explode it!  Explode it! 』(Bomb Hero)

Then, with a hammer made from four of [Sen hero]'s side characters, I bashed it on the side of the eight from [Bomb Hero] who were about to approach without wasting a second.

As a result of swinging at such a high speed, to the extent it got blurry, the dull sounds of meat colliding with other meat in succession could be heard. In addition, they probably touched the explosive fist of [Bomb Hero] since an explosion roared everywhere.

Then, the "hammer" made from [Sen hero] which was greatly damaged, as compensation for modifying him into pulled meat to beat the eight from [Bomb Hero], I throw it all at the seven side characters from [Dance hero] who were approaching as if they're dancing. Also, by unwrapping the net of golden thread, the meat or bones which were broken became minced in the net, scattered by the momentum.

『 ULA LA LA LA LA 』(???Dance hero)

In order to deal with it, [Dance hero]'s group started a fire dance and changed themselves into the incarnation of flames. The meat and the bones which approached were carbonized by the fires. And thus the smell of thick blood - evaporated by flame along with the fragrant smell of burnt meat - spread out. Moreover it stimulates my appetite, but right now, I will kill [Dance hero] and others with [Death Look Evil Eyes] rather than focus on my appetite, giving priority to intercepting three of [Cloud Hero]'s group who are thrusting swords of light at high speed from behind.

『 ―― SHA! 』(???Cloud Hero)

[Cloud Hero] unleashed  a slashing attack together with a loud yell filled with fighting spirit.

I repel the various attacks of [Cloud Hero] with my rear arms holding the living spear and Halberd, then I leap to further evade Cloud Hero's attack which was approaching from the center spot. And thus while still in mid-air, I skewer the heart of the [Cloud Hero] who resisted the attack from my living body spear and halberd, hold the [Cloud Hero]'s head which exactly came to the middle of my right and left feet,  then twisted and snap his cervical spine with an instant rotation.

And though whether the necks of Buchuri(ブチュリ) and [Cloud Hero] snapped due to excessive momentum or accidentally reaped, it is the inevitable law of force. (TN: I totally forgot who is this Buchuri)

While still floating in the air, I kicked the freshly-severed head of [Cloud Hero]  toward the nearby [Leg Hero] , but as soon as I makes a turn and land, I was suddenly facing the thrust of a pointed spear unleashed by a phantom-like knight,  so I counter it with a kick that carries out the might of 【Vajra Destruction of Black Supreme Oni Emperor】. The phantom's spear crumbles and scatters at the moment it collides with my front kick, and at the same time its main body which was behind was dispersed before directly getting hit. 

The phantom appears as a fake in the form of 【Yūsha】 who existed in the past [Heroes Psalm] that was framed in 【The Original Book of Spirit of Book God | Roots Bryos】  owned by [Book Hero]. While fake, the skill in that technique is genuine, and the spear's thrust would have had enough power to pierce me if hit directly.

He is an enemy but I kinda understand and felt some kind of sympathy when the way to make a favorable offense is by making disposable 【Heroes】 as a covering screen.

「 It ran through a million enemies alone mounted on its ride, killing a lot of 【Heroes】, to defeat even Mutaros 【Yūsha of the Holy Spear】 who saved his homeland, which was a small country compare with the major powers...... with a single blow……」(??? Book hero)

I heard [Book hero]'s muttering somewhere, but ignored it and wave my silver arms behind.  As the [Number hero] was swinging up a club【Avorga Muffel / Soul Modifying Club of Formula God】which could manipulate the probability of any object it touched and return its existence to nothing, he was able to soundlessly come close. Even I do not know what would happen to me if I received a single blow, so I use 【Ignatir / Armor of Lightning Storm】 to scatter scorching lightning and storms behind me.

「 Nuuooooo! 」(???Number Hero)

The figure of [Number Hero] disappeared from my sight in an instant, but it seems I cannot finish him somehow, although I can tell that I inflicted a serious wound on him. It is a pity that I can not finish him, but there was an interval between the enemy's attack and it's probably because a lot of [Heroes] who were in the surroundings died due to getting mixed up in the fight.

I did not miss that gap and decided to eat the two-part-skewered [Cloud Hero] as I widely expanded my mouth. The mouth spread as if it were a snake, swallowing the upper body altogether, accordingly I tore it off and chewed. Since the lower body remains, I swallow and eat it as well.  

After having finished eating the whole parts of his body in two mouthfuls, I realized that energy from [Cloud Hero] spread throughout my body.

Even though it is not genuine, the body of this [Cloud Hero] is as delicious as the real one. It might be worth eating so as to be more than enough.

「 It is delicious as expected, but I'm getting a little tired of it 」(Ovarou)

However, even if the bodies of [Heroes] are delicious, if hundreds of dead bodies of [Heroes] are rolling around, it could be said that the flavor is also vanishing. They are consumed by the labyrinth and disappear after a certain period of time has passed, but they only become obstacles in the fight if there are so many. Even now, I have stepped  on who-knows-how-many corpses of [Voice Hero] and [Cloud Hero] from the previous battle. The feeling of meat and bone is peculiar, guts get stuck to the foot's sole and can be slippery, depending on the spot.

「 Ufufufufufufufufu. Much more...there is another "serving"  still to come, you know?  Well please eat a lo~t. Because it will be your last supper 」(Annalize) .

(TN:She use phrase that usually gave to command "Dog" to stay still in order to feed the dog. In her case, the dog is Rou)

The White Lady was laughing with the stacked 【Heroes】's corpses in the background. Whenever the number of crazy【Heroes】who came towards me decreases, the White Lady, who is the culprit of the current situation invokes a certain 【Magic】. The 【Heroes】 who decreased in every case are replenished, life and death were repeated in this place.

「Good grief, I never expected the 【Savior】 to have such an ability, this has gone too far from the expectation」(Ovarou)

My real thought leaked instinctively. And I look back a little into the past.

 ―― We had killed a lot of genuine 【Heroes】, and that was a while ago. We reduced the number of enemies steadily, and got closer to victory by that much. When there were a few left, the White Lady showed a different movement than before.

The [Savior of the White Birth] White Lady 's 【Divine Protection God】 is one of the 【Great God】's pillar which is 【Great God who rules birth and wisdom】. It seems that there is a deep relationship with my 【Divine Protection God】 【Great God who rules the Origin and End】, but lets put it aside now.  

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When the total number of allied troops reached a few, The White lady took out a bundle of hair from a bracelet which appears to be a storage-type magic item. Even just looking at it, the hair is gold, silver, red and blue, and of different lengths. That hair bundle gave the impression that somebody had gathered the stripped hairs of several people without sorting.

Urisdo(The fragment to the Origin), Zastut(Imitate the life) 』 (Annalize)

The compressed aria is spun from the White Lady's mouth. It is different from no-chant which instead is able to be invoked instantly. It is also different from a shortened chant that selects only a necessary part and activates in a short time. It is a difficult technique that gives more meaning to short words and further enhances the power than when normally casting it, while also speeding up the activation time.

Yakstr(God is Saving), E zen(Only those who challenge) 』 (Annalize)

One compact 【Magic】 was completed with a spun, compressed, aria in a loud voice.

『 ――“Varide Lizreid(The living are born by wisdom) ”』 (Annalize)

White Lady scattered several hairs that were pulled out of the bundle into the surroundings, and the 【Magic】 which was invoked used the hair as a "core" and created a new life. The whole-body skeleton is constructed in a second, internal organs and muscles are provided to the skeleton in the following second, and the skin along with the body hair are added at the last one second to be completed. Human beings equal to the number of hairs were created. Moreover, those beings are the [Voice Hero], [Love Hero], and other 【Heroes】 who are supposed to have died in the other day of 【Holy War】.
『 Ufufufu. Just now here,  a new 【Magic】 had given 【Birth】. This is, the power to [love(KILL)] 'you dear'.  ――“Itchreave ahrodd(Honored Armament God of Light)" 』 (Annalize)

(TN: She use word of Kill [ia] which she spelled as Love [Ai]; also "anata" which mean "dear" to husband)

Weapons prepared by White Lady's 【Magic】 are attached to the 【Heroes】 who expose their newly created nude bodies. There were few people preparing weapons with their own abilities, but many 【Heroes】 were armed with armor of light, swords of light, and so on.

It is a ridiculous situation where there are more than ten people who look like each other, but naturally 'that person' will not wait. With weapons in hand, they attack to kill.

Then, from the result of a few fights, apparently the intelligence of 【Heroes】has degraded, and from various factors such as weapons, it turned out that their overall fighting ability was weakened more than the genuine ones. However, as the number of hair or meat pieces increased, the decline of the performance as a unit has not been so significant. More or less the likes of such things are meaningless before of the number or quantity.

『 Well, there are still more to go 』 (Annalize)

The 【Magic】 which the White Lady invoked was something different from the common sense of this world that I learned from examining it so far. As the White Lord says, It may be said that a 【Magic】 which had never existed that had given【Birth】in this place.

If I compare this 【Magic】 to something, it would be "cloning". This 【Magic】 is very similar to the "cloning" that allows clones with the same genetic structure to be created from hair or skin parts.

Since regenerative treatment and so on existed in my previous life, I'm more or less reasonably convinced for the time being, but still... not only is it possible to create humans after only a few seconds, but also for the reproduced to be provided with abilities or a battle skill. Therefore, though it can be explained by saying that it is 【Magic】, I guess it can't helped that I was amazed by it.

I can't even say anything about the others, but the white lady sure is exceptional, even though we have only faced each other up until now.

However, I was curious that there were no clones of living people. 

――――――(TN: Below need checking for grammar) ―――――(ED: I've caught up)

If they increased the number of Cleavage Saints and Border Saints, that alone would have cornered us further, but I can't see that happening in the same manner. Perhaps, this【Magic】might not be able to use anything as material unless the person was already dead. I wonder if there are hints to this behind 'this' large army of【Heroes】that are hidden somewhere.

―― A slight recollection is concealed behind [Face Hero] which transformed into three dragons and began to rush in, it's interrupted by Cleavage Saint's attack which unleashed a slash that cut off the space between us.

「 Seiyya! 」 (Uria)

After cutting off the dragon body of [Face Hero] which was used as a 'blindfold' for me, like an air draft, a strike that aimed for my neck was approaching. It was clad in dark phosphorescence due to a battle art, and it certainly had enough power to slash my neck if hit directly.

「 Hmm 」 (Ovarou)

「 ―― ! What a fool」 (Ovarou)

I meet the enemy with a 【Head butt】 which I put 【Vajra destruction of Black Supreme Oni Emperor】 into and so on repeatedly. 

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If we increase the sanctification and the doctrine, we are going to be driven more than that, but we can not even look at it. Perhaps, this [magic] may be used only as a material already dead. Will not there be hints hiding this large army of [Heroes] there hidden there?

- A slight recollection is hidden behind [Face Hero] who transforms into three dragons and starts a rush, and is interrupted by a deconstructive attack that feeds a slash that cuts even space.


Circling the dragon body of [Face Hero] who had become a blindfold and ripping it like air, a stroke of a neck hunting approaching. That wearing black phosphorescence by war skill had the power that would certainly slash my neck if hit directly.


"――ッ! stupid"

It attacks it with [head thrust] which activated [Kuroka demon King Geumgang corrupted] etc and so on repeatedly. [Head butt] of a trajectory that scoops out with perfect timing, knocks hard hard horn that grows in the head on the side. The slashing of [the division god knife sword] which was bounced up from the bottom up and pushed the space overhead, I do not give any damage to me.

And [Double Dragon Dancing] etc are launched in a redundant manner, and [head butt] is again drawn towards disconciliation. [Head thrust] which is swung down towards the ground from the state raised towards the heavens has the effect of [the lightning striking angle], and collides with the stabbing left shoulder with a heavy stroke. It collides violently with the armor of the wrapped light, but it is a momentary thing, at the next moment it disappeared into the straight straight line to the left arm and the left leg of the convoy. For a moment St. Jeon became a facial expression with Kyoto as if he can not understand the present condition, and in the next moment he seized with a scream by clenching his teeth. I try to keep distance with only the remaining right leg, but there is no mobility that can escape. I sniffed the smell that burned the highest blood of [saints] even exceeding [Heroes], refractively pursued and tried to thrust my teeth on that soft neck.


It was disturbed by the Bodhisattva who settled through the space and space [{{Ruby | Border Kamiyuki Soul Shield | Boldand}}] and got the full power rush from the side. This place retreats without going deep, but at that time kick in the state with [Physical Damage Penetration] and 【{{Ruby | Quartz Oscillation Frequency | Crystal Quartz}}} activated. For the robust defense of the world, it is already understood that if the attack is over a certain degree it will be shocked. The surface of [Boundary Kinno Soul Shield] is slightly rippled, and certain responses that slightly damaged the sacred places that are in the back of it. Damage is at least profitable if the arms are numb with even a little by the vibration transmitted together with the damage.

I took a distance with the kicking momentum, but because of the large number of enemies, the surroundings are already besieged.

At the same time as landing, the six [Circle Hero] who were on the left side throw the {{Ruby | Fighting | Chakram}} of the light that it holds all at once. Because I had two people, the total of Chakram is twelve. Chakram is shaking as if it is alive, it comes closing to slash the atmosphere.

"Garnet Dialoso Insertiozo"

Pick it up at 【{{Ruby | Saints cross slash? Reform | Grand Cross - Smash}}}】. Cross slash flying delivered by Chen Zip and spear crush all the chakrams and slit the [Circle Hero] as they were.

Immediately afterwards, [Fish hero] rushes over the huge flying fish from the sky right and diagonally backwards. A harpoon of light was set up in the hand of [Fish hero] approaching near the shell and it seemed that he was trying to make a rush as soon as he rushed.

"Fish Oo Oooo"

If you avoid it poorly, you judge that it will be attacked by other [Heroes], and swing down Halberd without looking back. Giant blade was generated from the axle blade, and its power increased due to the addition of wind blade based on [Storm Wind? Each Fish he was riding [Fish hero] became two in two. Still the momentum would not have disappeared, the corpse that diverted from the orbit that goes straight to me rolls somewhere with the surrounding [Heroes] together.

"Poisonous Mushrooms Ha Delicious In Daio Ooho"

[Fish hero] Among the blood smoke that accompanies the fall, nine mushrooms that swing the huge poisonous mushrooms from the right oblique front come closer while being frenzied. Poisonous spores were scattered around the surroundings, and if they were an ordinary person, they became a danger zone to be killed by a single breath. However, because I have no meaning at [state invalidation disabled], I repeated a slash with Halberd and living spears. Whether the power of a blow is rising due to 【heavy ax helmet splitting】 or 【{{Ruby | slashing blade weighed weighting | auraslash? Heavy}}} or whether it is structurally vertically slashable, in any case, instead of a shield The flesh of Mushiyaku rolled apart with poisonous mushrooms made into pieces. One lived while losing one arm and one leg, so let out the deadly poison of [{{Ruby | snake venereal administration | Venom}}] that was pooled in the mouth and bathe in the face. Purple deadly poison burned facial expression of mushroom while emitting juwari, strange smell and noise, and took away his life quickly.

"La la la la la la la la"

As dead bodies are piled up in the surroundings, a dozen of [Voice Hero] densely on the right side began to choral at once. In a sense sense, the sound shots bathed from a group that should be said to be a single choir grow up by the synergistic effect, and the power of [Co Hero] who is there is also there, localized atomic decomposition occurs.

Dead bodies of 【Heroes】 within the range of effect are also disassembled and emit a roar of interception while seeing the scene being wiped out, but slightly push forward.

Although it resists, it is getting pushed further into [Voice Hero] and [Co Hero] which are going to be added one by one as the gully and destruction approaches. If it is alone, you can easily win, but the scale is different from the scale. In close combat it can be killed more easily than genuine, but in long range attacks the power increases by the number of people by simple calculation, which is very troublesome.

"ア ア ッ! Shit"

Just as it is judged to be dilapidated as it is, it will be a big moment for us to momentarily shake. As soon as I pushed back a little, I put my magical powers and pierced the Zhu spear on the ground and released one of my abilities.

[{{Ruby | Demonic Spear | Vai Schrada}}} [{{Ruby | Pearl of Hungering Vermillion | Vladisgul? Belliga}}}】 Unique ability 【{{Ruby | Army of Demonic Spear | Tsenpesh - Valdora}}】 has been activated]

At the next moment Chen Ji woods are formed throughout the field of vision. A myriad of [Heroes] penetrated from the bottom exposed the corpse, and innumerable carcasses were pushed up to let down the rain of the meat pieces and the organs.

"... Was it too little?"

The burning smell of flesh diffused widely with furious momentum tickles the nostrils. Until now, the carcass of meat that had just been burned in the battlefield where the fever was stopped and the fever was stopped was agitated by the vermillion spirit, and it seems that the smell which was confined as a result has rolled out as a result.

Although it is in the midst of battle, it seems that there is no use for consciousness towards there too.

"I got it"

With such a spirit of my spirit, avoiding the attack of Zhu lance with a beast-damped movement while injuring the attack of Zhu lance, the hunger who was pressing closer to the back is [{{Ruby | Hunting God Yumiaki | Harmanto? }】 From the god bow that emits a golden arrow wearing black phosphorescence.

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"Hey it as Ihhihhihhihhi. [Hoshiyomi], and Reyo keep dying here, you san!"

As if had he knew all in advance, wears a black phosphorescence from a huge crystal that star Ying [star 読神 Koretamashi crystal clione Le THIS arc] you have to avoid all of the attack I just had with jitter and does not move in the shade of corpse It began to shoot countless rays.

Attack both with [sacred treasures], was a blow of our best.

It is not possible with halberd and biological spear and could be destroyed in that it Noroiyari prevent. If Shuyari and Ginude might have be able to prevent, but neither was the speed of light blow.

The moment it is emitted, it is already finished.

"~Tsu - Ing up ......"

Arrow KariIsamu is Inuki rounded peripheral heart, rays wrested left the head and abdomen, then the left leg.

To hold on to as not to fall in the right leg only, but from the mouth come welled up is Gupuri and blood. It is a mortal wound that was received for the first time in a long time.

This much damage it can recover immediately if usually, but [sacred treasures] Is it the attacks is also the effect of inhibiting the recovery, the damaged portion is wriggling, but does not play as I think.


"Stubborn Ne~tsu!"

The wonder was found to be not dead yet.

KariIsamu is approaching to skip the sword my neck in the blade provided in KamiYumi, pitted stingray was also approached or order to shoot the thick of the light beam at close range.

Depression of KariIsamu sharp, and skip to wielded the blade as thunder cut the neck.

light pitted stingray shoots are thick, it was burned down in an instant the lower body.

For some there was a certain death.

[[[Rou|Obarou]] died. [Inochitamashi Macon five] will trigger]

And, we are standing in front of the eyes of the two people in the state in the next moment you play completely.

"- I am?"

Indeed of KariIsamu also, though not also fell to the ground is still bouncing skip neck, it seems to have astonished to see I was playing as if blew like time.

Avant-garde is left to the disposable [EiIsamu] us, If you are approaching from behind so far and KariIsamu you were to just cut and Chimachima, it would have been not bad choices, even the try dead dare once.

"Worth dead, it's ne"

[Overlapping presence] and combined technique and according to the presence restored], I've been [ultra fast regeneration] that it was similar to if you use might did not need to die separately.

However, towards the [Inochitamashi five] that can be resurrected in perfect condition immediately if die still is in this time of surprise it is was the best.

If Okurere restore even slightly, because KariIsamu is it must have reacted.

[[[Rou|Obarou]] was feeding the [Neck Hunting Vorpal Strike] combat maneuver]

Before KariIsamu is something action, I'm not in Shuyari.

Blow of [neck hunting] is cut to the neck without allowing also likely resistance resistance, I skip cut unsatisfying.

The Namakubi of KariIsamu, feelings that you can not understand it has been engraved vividly.

Because once can not be denied the possibility to play in the same way as me, it was divided into three parts in the remaining flesh also Shuyari and Noroiyari. Dochari, and almost at the same time it rolls to the decisive battle field and neck piece of meat was flying.

"I run tea - Gupo ...... Gigigugegagaga ...... is, indeed, this is the [Hoshiyomi] is ... hey did not."

And slightly aways was star British abdomen, and [throwing] the halberd sticks.

It ran through the lightning the body, while being burned in burning from the inside, just leave the words that still speak, the strength of the British star is suggesting.

That's why, it is not afford to to escape here. It is a rare opportunity.

"You, now go ......"

Silver arms and grab the star British neck, cut Biting thousand intact head.

Words were enigmatic testament disappeared in the mouth, stalwarts who supported the many years St. kingdom died so.

It's it until Speaking of disappointing last, but would such a thing and often death.

Will is not a rare person who greet grand last moment.

"~Tsupu~uー. Delicious Na, more than expected."

Damn was star from Britain of the other [EiIsamu] our aging was not to have been the delicious is, because I felt things that, remaining even with the [oversized whale 呑 and Kedah Igeidon] A tongue and Kan-shoku.

Complex flavor that contains the seasoned to trotting the whole body, emotional thoughts come springs, such as when you have eaten the best of aging meat craftsmen like crafted painstakingly.

The "killing not die also is, is really amazing. But, it seems there is a limit to it. Ladies and gentlemen, let's be careful."

Killed ally, before me the to enjoy the carefully and its flesh and blood, but I heard the voice of everyday and any changes not white main.

Immediately after that I thought, or the black [Dragon King Dragon King] of four hundred meters class refrain from behind the white primary, the [breath breath] at the same time has been emitted from the white [Ryutei Emperor Dragon] of two hundred and fifty meters class.

Torrent of black and white light is Cleave all on the rays, coming straight towards me.

Pitted stingray but was all eaten, remains as I want to corpse also means recovery of KariIsamu the feet, it was not possible to avoid. If avoidance, genuine KariIsamu because it would have been lost forever from this earth.

"Entirely, it would hand too many Ni"

Involuntarily leaks bitches.

So, was cloned by white Lord was not only [EiIsamu] us.

Had existed in the past is confirmed, it what even exist carved a name in history and he has been causative revived in this place.

The only salvation is given to the cloning of the mighty presence as [emperor] such our biceps There are quite a burden, also I wonder that the number for material also rare few.

Most, but it even might be the range of error.

Anyway, here also you will need to give a little more serious.

"Onitama orb - release"

Demon pearl in the whole body melted and Dorori.

Production is still a future.

--Φ Θ Φ--

[Settlement was Month

[Special ability [pagan damnation] will be canceled]

[Because Yatendouji won the [eschatology-war of conquest] of the army led by «pagan / Psalm awakening's» evening, you will be given the reward]

[!! Yatendouji you got the [Labyrinth Seed] ]

[[[Rou|Yatendouji]] !! you got the [black spear Gediheruda lead to demise]]

[[[Rou|Yatendouji]] !! you got the [black spear Kasutiheruda leading to root]]

Late at night, [holy war] of 此度 came to an end.

and standing who is not other than ours, and are filled with decisive battle [救聖] and [Emperor] The field, and numerous of [EiIsamu] and powerful monsters of corpses.

The number was [born] forced to be by white Lord, final or would have thousands of lightly stay in.

How dare this alone, and while I think, I put as many corpses as possible into the item box.

To look back on the [holy war] while the cleanup is not rest, but kill all the real [EiIsamu], it was the production from the defeat two people [saints] also of.

Still white main [magic] of it does not seem to work unless dead subjects, and [saint] die earlier to observe the white primary, because [saint] which has been cloned from the hair of the deceased is applied to the front is there.

[] Sacred treasures such as weapons without the other and but also intelligence had been weakened degradation, but still it's there that greatly exceeds the [EiIsamu] us in the state of iodine.

It is dozens, and he come show but therefore can be performed such cooperation is almost the same person. As a side to the other party, would not so much nasty things.

Once, because it was fighting in even remote locations such as Burasato's but it was not all to me is concentrated, this body has become to be slashed again and again.

However, even while there is such a thing, I greatly distressed were Shiro-nushi the is exhausted been pierced its heart in Shuyari.

The face of a person who has died is a happy, it was gentle enough even to feel some sort of mystery.

just before that life disappears, "No matter Hateyo even if I here, second, third I would aim your" and has left such a sinister testament, but is perhaps anxiety me, and my heart It is must for the purpose of engrave the existence of.

White Lord surely kill is me, it is because of no doubt.

As authenticity of words aside, corpse of Shiro-nushi Unfortunately could not be recovered.

Corpse of [saint] and [Messiah] to be precise is, and it is.

What reason or, after a few seconds in white Lord died, I've turned into a white sand. [Saint] our dead bodies so as to follow after it all would have turned into a white sand, it is of got distracted by suddenly blowing wind.

The flesh and blood I wanted all means eating, but no help for it to become this way.

And other [EiIsamu] who were in that you satisfied by recovered various [king] such us.

After completion clean up is, it is one that for a while you want to relax in a large forest.

[Savior Embodying White Arrival of Nascent Wisdom At held in the labyrinth were killed]

[The part of the [divine power] flowing out by that died flows into the [sacred treasures], it will strengthen and fixed]

[[[Rou|Yatendouji]] got the [誕叡 Okami Koretamashi boundaries cane Sephiroth Thi Zekuriosu]! ]

[Saint of Boundary At held in the labyrinth were killed]

[The part of the [divine power] flowing out by that died flows into the [sacred treasures], it will strengthen and fixed]

[[[Rou|Yatendouji]] got the [Tamashitate Borudanto Noriyuki boundary God]! ]

[Saint of Splitting in holdings in the labyrinth were killed]

[The part of the [divine power] flowing out by that died flows into the [sacred treasures], it will strengthen and fixed]

[[[Rou|Yatendouji]] got the [soul sword Kuriberunto Noriyuki fracture God]! ]

[Hero of Hunting in holdings in the labyrinth were killed]

[The part of the [divine power] flowing out by that died flows into the [sacred treasures], it will strengthen and fixed]

[[[Rou|Yatendouji]] got the [multicolorfin rainbowfish Harumanto-Anru~uo Noriyuki hunting God]! ]

[Hero of Numerical Expression in holdings in the labyrinth were killed]

[The part of the [divine power] flowing out by that died flows into the [sacred treasures], it will strengthen and fixed]

[[[Rou|Yatendouji]] got the [Tamashiaratame 竄棍 Aboga-Muferu Noriyuki formula God]! ]

[Star Reading Champion in holdings in the labyrinth were killed]

[The part of the [divine power] flowing out by that died flows into the [sacred treasures], it will strengthen and fixed]

[[[Rou|Yatendouji]] got the [star 読神 Koretamashi crystal clione Le THIS arc]! ]

[Codex Champion in holdings in the labyrinth were killed]

[The part of the [divine power] flowing out by that died flows into the [sacred treasures], it will strengthen and fixed]

[[[Rou|Yatendouji]] got the [soul original book Roots Buraiosu Noriyuki Shosatsu God]! ]

[Demon Emperor At held in the labyrinth were killed]

[The part of the [divine power] flowing out by that died flows into the [sacred treasures], it will strengthen and fixed]

[[[Rou|Yatendouji]] got the [Tamashikakukara chestnut Foz Torah Ende Noriyuki Makai God]! ]

[Beast King At held in the labyrinth were killed]

[The part of the [divine power] flowing out by that died flows into the [sacred treasures], it will strengthen and fixed]

[[[Rou|Yatendouji]] got the [Shishi-shinnotamashi Tsuyoshimukuro Birusuforuga]! ]

[World Psalm [black 蝕鬼 story] hidden conditions of the tenth paragraph [poetry Seibal-current 救聖] of Chapter VI [advice of Kamiwazawai gluttony] «wish of relief »« holy prayer» has been cleared ]


“三百三十九日目” 気が付けば日が変わっていた。

現在は連合軍の【英勇】は粗方排除し、一部逃がしたり友好な関係を築いたりしたが、残す所後僅か。 残っている本物の【英勇】達も満身創痍の状態なので、あと少しで全滅させられるだろう段階に達している。



ともあれ、【帝王】戦も佳境を迎えていた。 ライオネルは【獣の神】の【神器】である【 】を、ヒュルトンは【魔界の神】の【神器】である【 】を発動させ、死力を尽くしてミノ吉くんやカナ美ちゃんと戦っていた。 【神器】の力の分だけ、【帝王】達の方が優位ではある。 しかし二鬼は戦いの中で急速に成長していったのか、殺される事無く拮抗し、そして徐々に上回り始めていた。

その戦いは【帝王】達の血を滾らせ、魂を震わせたのだろうか。 全員フラフラになる程の満身創痍ながら、誰もが清々しいいい笑みを浮かべていた。 余分な感情は取り除かれ、ただ純粋に勝利を掴む為に戦っている。

ところで、【帝王】達は俺とも戦いたがっていたようだが、非常に残念ながら縁が無かったと諦めてもらうしかないだろう。 全力を出し尽くし、戦いの中で生を終えられそうなのだから、納得して俺達に喰われて欲しいモノである。

ともあれ、残すところはあと少し。 断聖を殺し、界聖を殺し、白主を殺せば、弱っている【英勇】達を殺して【聖戦】は終結する。


――Φ θ Φ――

でっぷりとした不摂生による肥満体型を光の衣で包み込み、その手にジャラジャラと金銀銅に輝く で構成された鞭を持つ銭英が眼前で吼えた。

『 ハァァァァ、 デアアアアアル! 故ニィィィ、富豪デアル我ニ平伏セエエエエイッ! コノ貧乏人ガアアアアアアア! 』



貨幣の鞭の軌道を見切り、回避と同時に深く踏み込む。 後方で鞭が決戦場に打ち付けられた衝突音を聞きながら、眼前に迫る銭英に向けてハルバードを一薙ぎ。 身体を覆う光の衣に僅かながら抵抗されるものの、ハルバードは銭英の肉体を両断した。 しかし斬り飛ばされた銭英の上半身が決戦場に落ちるよりも早く、四方から同じく貨幣の鞭が襲いかかる。 これは先程殺した銭英ではなく、新しい銭英の攻撃だった。

『 ヲ持ツ我ハ偉イノダゾオオオオオオオ! 』

迫る四本の鞭に対し、その場で【大回転斬り】を発動させて急速回転すると同時に四本腕に持つ得物で薙ぎ払う。 その際、指先から黄金糸を周囲に撒き散らす事で銭英達を絡め取る。 鞭は火花と共に砕け散り、全身に絡む黄金糸が俺の回転によって巻き上げられた結果、強引に引き寄せられた四人の銭英は大きな隙を晒した。 それを逃さず、さっさと呪槍で首を斬り飛ばす。 四個の生首が刎ね飛び、噴水のように血が噴き出した。

全身を返り血で染めながら、銭英達の死体を黄金糸で編んだ網で一纏めにし、ハンマーのように振り回す。 肥えた四人分の塊だ。 贅肉が多いためかそこそこの重量があり、その分だけ威力は大きい。


そして四人の銭英で出来たハンマーを、間髪入れずに接近しようとしていた八人の爆勇の側面に叩きこむ。 霞む程の高速で振るった結果、肉と肉が衝突する鈍い音が連続して響く。 また爆勇の爆発する拳に触れたのだろう、爆発音がところどころで轟いた。

そして八人の爆勇を引き肉に変えた代償に大きく破損した銭英製ハンマーを、踊るようにして接近していた七人の舞英達に対して放り投げる。 その際黄金糸の網を解いた事で、網の中で破損し細かくなっていた肉や骨が散弾染みた勢いで撒き散らされる。


舞英達はそれに対処する為、炎舞を行って自身を炎の化身へと変化させた。 迫る肉や骨は炎によって炭化した。 そして炎によって蒸発した濃厚な血の臭いと、焼けた肉の香ばしい匂いがブワリと広がった。 それに食欲を刺激されるが、今は食欲よりも【見殺す魔眼】で舞英達を絶命させ、光の剣を持って背後から高速で突っ込んで来る三人の雲勇を迎撃する事を優先した。

『――シャッ! 』

雲勇達が裂帛の気合と共に繰り出す斬撃。 左右の雲勇が繰り出す攻撃は背面の腕が持つ生体槍とハルバードで弾き、中央から迫る雲勇の攻撃はその場で跳躍して回避する。 そして空中に居る状態から生体槍とハルバードで攻撃を弾いた左右の雲勇の心臓を串刺しにし、丁度足元に来た中央の雲勇の頭を足で左右から挟み、即座に回転する事で頸椎を捩じり折った。


空中に居る状態で雲勇の生首を近くに居た脚勇に蹴り飛ばし、一回転して着地すると同時に正面から騎士のような幻影が繰り出した槍の鋭い一突きに対し、【黒覇鬼王の金剛撃滅】を乗せた前蹴りで迎え撃つ。 幻影の槍は前蹴りと衝突した瞬間に呆気なく砕け散り、その先に居た本体も胴体に直撃すると同時に霧散した。 幻影は書英の持つ【 】に綴られた[英勇詩篇]に登場する、過去に実在した【勇者】の偽物のようだ。 偽物ながらその技の冴えは本物で、槍の一突きは直撃すれば俺を貫くだけの威力はあっただろう。



何処かにいる書英の呟きが聞こえたが、それは無視して背後に銀腕を振るう。 そこには音もなく接近していた数勇が、触れた物の存在する確率を操作し、存在そのものを無へ帰す棍棒【 】を振り上げていた。 流石にその一撃を受けると俺もどうなるか分からないので、【 】を使って背後一帯に灼熱の雷光と暴雨を撒き散らす。


一瞬で数勇の姿は見えなくなってしまったが、重傷を負わせた手応えがあるものの、どうやら殺せてはいないようだ。 仕留めきれないのは残念だが、周囲に居た【英勇】達も巻き添えで多数死んだ為か、敵の攻撃に間が出来た。

その隙を逃さず、口を大きく広げて串刺しにしたままの二体の雲勇を喰う事にした。 まるで蛇のように大きく広がった口は上半身を丸呑みにし、そこで噛み千切る。 下半身が残るので、また丸呑みにして喰う。 一体につき二口で全身を食べ終え、雲勇から得たエネルギーが全身に広がるのを自覚する。

本物で無くとも、限りなく本物に近いこの雲勇達の肉体は美味である。 十分過ぎる程、喰う価値はあるだろう。


だがいくら【英勇】達の肉体が美味いとしても、偽物とはいえ【英勇】の死体が数百体近く周囲に転がっていると、その有難味も薄れるというものだ。 一定時間が過ぎると迷宮に喰われて消えていくが、こうも多いと戦いの邪魔にしかなっていなかった。 現に今も、先程の戦闘で声勇や共勇の死体を何体か踏み砕いてしまっていた。 足裏には肉や骨、臓腑特有の感触がこびり付き、場所によっては滑ってしまいそうだ。

「うふふふふふふふふ。まだまだまだまだ御代りはありますからね? たーんと、食べて下さい。最後の晩餐になるのですから」

白主は、積み上げられた【英勇】達の死体を背景にして笑っていた。 今の現状を生み出す元凶である白主は、俺に向かって来る狂った【英勇】達の数が減る毎に、とある【魔法】を行使する。 その度に減った【英勇】達は補充され、繰り返される死と生がこの場にあった。


思わず漏らした本音。 そして少しだけ、過去を振り返る。

――それは本物の【英勇】達の多くを殺して、暫く経っての事だった。 順調に敵の数を減らし、俺達はその分だけ勝利に近づいていた。 そしてあと数名になった段階で、白主が今までとは違った動きを見せたのだ。

【 】である白主の【加護神】は、【大神】の一柱である【誕生と叡智を司る大神】だ。 俺の【加護神】である【終焉と根源を司る大神】とは近くて遠い、深い関係にあるらしいが、それはさて置き。

連合軍の総数が少なくなったところで、白主は収納系マジックアイテムなのだろう腕輪から、束ねられた髪の毛を取り出した。 ザッと見ただけでも髪の毛は金色や銀色、赤色や青色など多種多様で、長さもバラバラだ。 他人の斬られた髪の毛を数人分選別せずに纏めた、といった感じである毛束。

『 、 』

白主の口から圧縮詠唱が紡がれる。 即座に発動できる代わりに威力が落ちる無詠唱や、必要な部分だけを選別して短時間で発動させる短縮詠唱などとも異なる、短いワードに複数の意味を持たせ、発動時間を早めつつ正式に詠唱した時よりも更に威力も高める高等技術である。

『 、 』


『――“ ”』

白主は毛束から引き抜いた数本の髪を周囲に撒き、発動した【魔法】は髪の毛を核にして新しい生命を誕生させた。 一秒で全身の骨格が構築され、次の一秒で臓腑や筋肉が骨格に備わり、最後の一秒で皮膚や体毛が加わる事で完成する。 生み出されたのは、髪の毛の数と等しい数のヒトだった。 しかもヒトは声勇であり、愛勇であり、それ以外のこの【聖戦】で死んだ筈の【英勇】達である。

『うふふふ。 今ここに、新しい【魔法】が【誕生】したのです。 これは、アナタを す為の力ですよ。 ……おっと、裸のままだと駄目ですよね。 ――“ ”』

新たに生み出された裸体を晒す【英勇】達の身体に、白主の【魔法】によって用意された武具が装着されていく。 自分の能力で武器を用意する者も少数ながら居たが、多くの【英勇】達は光の鎧や光の剣などで武装した。

そうして同一人物が十数名以上居るという馬鹿げた状況になった訳だが、当然アチラは待ってくれない。 武器を手に、俺達を殺そうと襲いかかって来る。

そうして少し戦闘した結果、どうやら生み出された【英勇】達の知性は劣化し、武具など様々な要因から総合的な戦闘能力は本物よりも弱体化している事が分かった。 しかし髪の毛、あるいは肉片の数だけ増えている為、個としての性能の衰えはあまり意味がない。 多少の事など、数の前では無意味である。


白主が発動させた【魔法】は、これまで調べて知ったこの世界の常識とはまた違っている何かだった。 白主が言うように、今まで無かった【魔法】がこの場で【誕生】したのかもしれない。

この【魔法】を何かに例えるのならば、それはクローニングだ。 髪の毛や皮膚の一部があればそこから同一の遺伝子構造を持つクローンを作成できるクローニングと、この【魔法】はよく似ている。



ただ、今生きている者のクローンが居ない事は気になった。 断聖や界聖を増やせばそれだけで俺達はもっと追い込まれる事になるのだが、それをする素振りすら見られない。 もしかすれば、この【魔法】は既に死んでいる者しか素材として使えないのかもしれない。 そこにこの【英勇】達の大軍勢を攻略するヒントが隠されているのではないだろうか。



目隠しとなっていた面勇の竜体をまるて空気のように斬り裂き、迫る首狩りの一撃。 戦技によって黒い燐光を纏うそれは、直撃すれば確かに俺の首を斬り落とすだろう威力があった。


「――ッ! 馬鹿なッ」

それを【黒覇鬼王の金剛撃滅】などを重複発動させた【頭突き】で迎え撃つ。 完璧なタイミングで繰り出したすくい上げるような軌道の【頭突き】は、頭部に生える硬い鬼角を側面に叩き込む。 下から上に跳ね上げられて逸れた【割断神之魂剣】の斬撃は頭上の空間を薙ぎ払い、俺には何のダメージも及ぼさない。

そして【双角乱舞】などを重複発動させた状態で、断聖に向けて再度【頭突き】を繰り出す。 天に向かって振り上げられた状態から地に向かって振り下ろされる【頭突き】は【雷滅の斬角】の効果も有り、激しい雷撃と共に断聖の左肩に衝突。 纏う光の鎧と激しくぶつかり合うが、それは一瞬の事で、次の瞬間には断聖の左腕と左脚まで縦一直線に消し飛んだ。 一瞬断聖は現状が理解できないのかキョトンとした表情となり、次の瞬間には歯を食いしばって悲鳴が出るのを何とか堪えた。 残る右脚だけで距離をとろうとするが、しかし逃げられるような機動性は既に無かった。 俺は【英勇】達すら超える【聖人】の極上の血肉が焼ける匂いを嗅ぎ、反射的に追い詰めてその柔らかい首に歯を突きたてようとして。


空間と空間を隔てて遮断する【 】を構え、全力突進を側面から仕掛けてきた界聖によって邪魔された。 この場は深追いせずに飛び退るが、その際【物理ダメージ貫通】と【 】を発動させた状態で蹴りを入れる。 界聖の堅牢な防御も、ある程度以上の攻撃ならば衝撃が通る事は把握済みだ。 界聖が持つ【境界神之魂盾】の表面が僅かに波打ち、その奥に居る界聖に僅かながらダメージを通った確かな手応え。 ダメージは少なくとも、ダメージと一緒に伝わった振動で少しでも腕が痺れたりしてくれれば儲けものだ。


着地すると同時に、左側面に居た六人の円勇が、その手に持つ光の を一斉に投擲。 一人二つ持っていた為、チャクラムの合計は十二だ。 チャクラムはまるで生きているかのように揺れ動き、大気を斬り裂くように迫って来る。


それを【 】で迎え撃つ。 朱槍と呪槍によって繰り出された飛翔する十字の斬撃は全てのチャクラムを粉砕し、そのまま円勇達を斬り裂いた。

その直後、右斜め後方上空から魚英が巨大な空飛ぶ魚に乗って突っ込んで来る。 砲弾めいて迫る魚英の手には光の銛が構えられ、突進すると同時に突きたてようと目論んでいるようだった。


下手に回避すれば他の【英勇】達から攻撃されると判断し、振り返りもせずにハルバードを振り下ろす。 斧刃からは巨水刃が発生し、それに【嵐風・改】による風刃が加わった事で威力が増加。 騎乗していた魚ごと魚英が真っ二つになった。 それでも勢いは消えなかったのだろう、俺に直進してくる軌道から逸れた死体は周囲の【英勇】達を巻き添えにして何処かに転がって行く。


魚英落下に伴って巻き起こった血煙りの中、右斜め前から巨大な毒茸を振り回す九人の茸勇が狂乱しながら迫って来る。 毒々しい胞子は周囲一帯に振り撒かれ、常人ならば一呼吸で絶命する危険地帯となっていた。 だが、【状態異常無効化】で俺には全く意味が無いので、ハルバードと生体槍による斬撃を繰り返した。 【重斧兜割り】や【 】によって一撃の威力が上昇していたからか、あるいは構造的に縦に斬りやすいのか、それはともかく、盾代わりにされた毒茸ごと茸勇の肉体はバラバラになって転がった。 一人は片腕と片足を失いながらも生きていたので、口内に溜めた【 】の猛毒を吐き出し、その顔に浴びせる。 紫色の猛毒はジュワリと異臭と異音を発しながら茸勇の顔面を焼け爛れさせ、その命をあっという間に奪っていった。


周囲に死体が積み重なっていく最中、右側面に密集していた十数名の声勇が一斉に合唱し始める。 ある意味一人合唱団とでも言うべき集団から浴びせられる音撃は相乗効果によって高まり合い、その周囲に居る共勇達の力もあって、局地的な原子分解が発生する。


抵抗するがジリジリと破壊が迫り、次々と追加されていく声勇と共勇達に更に押し込まれていった。 単独なら容易に勝てるのだが、流石に規模が違う。 接近戦では本物よりも容易に殺せるが、遠距離攻撃では単純計算で人数分だけ威力が増加していく為、非常に厄介である。

「アアアッ! シッ」

このままではジリ貧だと判断し、一瞬だけ普段以上に大きく吼える。 それで僅かながら押し戻した瞬間、魔力を込めて朱槍を地面に突き刺し、能力の一つを解放した。

[ 【 】の固有能力【 】が発動しました]

次の瞬間には、視界全域に朱槍の森が形成される。 下から貫かれた無数の【英勇】達は屍を晒し、無数の死体が突き上げられて肉片と臓物の雨を降らした。


猛烈な勢いで広範囲に拡散した肉の焼ける匂いが鼻孔をくすぐる。 今までは生命活動を停止して高熱を宿す決戦場にただ焼かれていた死体の肉が、朱槍によって撹拌され、結果として閉じ込められていた匂いがブワリと巻き起こってしまったようだ。



そんな俺の精神の隙をついて、朱槍の攻撃を傷を負いながらも獣染みた動きで回避し、背後にまで迫っていた狩勇が【 】という神弓から黒い燐光を纏う黄金の矢を放ち。


まるで予め全てを知っていたかのように、死体の陰で動かずジッとしていただけなのに全ての攻撃を回避した星英が【 】という巨大な水晶から黒い燐光を纏う無数の光線を撃ち出した。

攻撃はどちらも【神器】を使った、全力の一撃だった。 防ぐ事はハルバードや生体槍では不可能であり、呪槍だとて壊されかねない。 朱槍と銀腕ならば防ぐ事は出来たかもしれないが、どちらも光速の一撃だった。 放たれた瞬間には、既に終わっている。


狩勇の矢が心臓周辺を丸く射抜き、光線が左頭部と腹部、それから左脚をもぎ取った。 右脚だけで倒れないように踏ん張るが、口からはグプリと血が込み上げてくる。 久しぶりに受けた致命傷だ。 このくらいの損傷は普段なら即座に回復できるのだが、【神器】による攻撃には回復を阻害する効果でもあるのか、損傷部は蠢くが、思うように再生しない。



まだ死んでいないと分かったのだろう。 狩勇は神弓に備わる刃で俺の首を斬り飛ばしに迫り、星英もまた近距離で極太の光線を放つ為か近づいてきた。 狩勇の踏み込みは鋭く、雷鳴のように振るわれた刃が首を斬り飛ばし。 星英が放つ光線は太く、下半身を一瞬で焼失させた。


[オバ朗が死亡しました。 【五つの 】が発動します]



流石の狩勇も、まだ跳ね飛ばした首が地面にも落ちていないのに、まるで時間を吹き飛ばしたかのように再生した俺を見て驚愕したようだ。 前衛は使い捨ての【英勇】達に任せ、後方からチマチマと削るばかりしていた狩勇とここまで接近するのならば、あえて一度死んでみるのも悪くない選択肢だっただろう。


【重複存在】と【存在復元】による合わせ技や、【超速再生】を使えば似た事はできたので、別に死ぬ必要性はなかったかもしれない。 しかし、やはり死ねば即座に完全な状態で復活できる【五つの命魂】の方が今回の奇襲には最適だったのである。 僅かにでも復元が遅れれば、狩勇は反応したに違いないのだから。

[オバ朗は戦技【 】を繰り出した]

狩勇が何か行動する前に、俺は朱槍で薙いだ。 【首狩り】の一撃は抵抗らしい抵抗も許さずその首に切り込み、呆気なく切り飛ばす。 狩勇の生首には、理解できないという感情がありありと刻まれていた。

一応俺と同じように再生する可能性は否定できないので、残る肉体も朱槍と呪槍で三分割した。 ドチャリ、と肉片が飛んでいた首とほぼ同時に決戦場に転がる。


そして若干遠かった星英の腹部に、【投擲】したハルバードが突き刺さる。 身体を雷撃が駆け抜け、内部から灼熱で燃やされながら、まだ語る言葉を残すだけ、星英の強さが窺える。 だからこそ、ここで逃がす訳にはいかない。 千載一遇のチャンスである。


銀腕で星英の首を掴み、そのまま頭部を噛み千切る。 遺言めいた言葉は口内に消え、長年聖王国を支えた重鎮はそうして死んだ。 呆気ない最後と言えばそれまでだが、大抵死とはそんなものだろう。 盛大な最期を迎える方が稀ではないだろうか。


喰った星英からは他の【英勇】達には無かった熟成された美味さ、というモノを感じたので、残りも【 】を使ってペロリと完食。 全身を駆け巡る年季の入った複雑な味わいは、まるで職人が丹精込めて作り上げた極上の熟成肉を喰っている時のような感慨深い思いが湧き出てくる。



かと思った直後、白主の背後に控える四百メートル級の黒い【 】と、二百五十メートル級の白い【 】から同時に【 】が放たれた。 黒と白の光の奔流は射線上の全てを薙ぎ払い、俺に向かって直進してくる。 星英は全て喰ったが、足元に残る狩勇の死体も是非回収したい俺としては、回避する事は出来なかった。 回避すれば、本物の狩勇はこの地上から永遠に失われてしまうのだから。


思わず愚痴が漏れる。 そう、白主によってクローニングされたのは【英勇】達だけではなかった。 過去に存在が確認された、それこそ歴史に名を刻む存在すらこの場に復活させて使役しているのだ。


尤も、それすら誤差の範囲かもしれないが。 ともあれ、こちらももう少し本気を出す必要があるだろう。

「 ――解放」

全身にある鬼珠がドロリと溶けた。 本番は、まだまだこれからである。

――Φ θ Φ――

[決着がつきました] [特殊能力【異教天罰】は解除されます] [夜天童子は≪異教徒/詩篇覚醒者≫率いる軍勢との【終末論・征服戦争】に勝利した為、報酬が与えられます] [夜天童子は【迷宮の種子】を手に入れた!!] [夜天童子は【 】を手に入れた!!] [夜天童子は【 】を手に入れた!!]

夜遅く、此度の【聖戦】は終了を迎えた。 立っている者は俺達以外には無く、決戦場には【救聖】や【帝王】、そして夥しい数の【英勇】や強力なモンスター達の屍で埋め尽くされている。

白主によって【誕生】させられた数は、最終的には軽く数千は居ただろうか。 よくもまあこれだけ、と思いつつ、できる限り死体をアイテムボックスに収納していく。

休まず後始末をしながら【聖戦】を振り返るが、本物の【英勇】を全員殺し、二人の【聖人】も倒してからが本番だった。 やはり白主の【魔法】は対象者が死んでいなければ使えないようで、白主を守って先に【聖人】が死ぬと、その遺髪からクローニングされた【聖人】が戦線に加わったのである。 【神器】などの武器は無く、他と同じく知性は劣化し弱体化していたが、それでも素の状態で【英勇】達を大きく上回る存在だ。 それが数十人、ほぼ同一人物であるが故に行えるような連携を見せて来るのだ。 相手にする側としては、これほど厄介な事はないだろう。


しかしそんな事がありつつも、俺を大いに苦しめた白主は、その心臓を朱槍で貫かれて果てている。 その死に顔は満足そうで、ある種の神秘さすら感じられるほど穏やかだった。

命が消える間際、『例え私がここで果てようとも、第二、第三の私がアナタを狙うでしょう』などと不吉な遺言を残しているが、多分俺を不安にさせ、心に自分という存在を刻む事が目的に違いない。 白主は確実に俺が殺した、それは間違いないのだから。

言葉の真偽はともかくとして、残念な事に白主の死体は回収できなかった。 正確に言えば【救世主】と【聖人】の死体は、となる。

どういう理屈か、白主が死んで数秒後、白い砂と化してしまった。 それの後を追うように【聖人】達の死体は全て白い砂と化してしまい、突如吹き抜ける風によって散ってしまったのである。 その血肉はぜひ喰いたかったのだが、こうなっては仕方ない。

他の【英勇】達と、様々な【帝王】類達を回収した事で満足しておく事にした。 後始末が終われば、大森林でしばらくのんびりしたいものである。

[保有迷宮内にて【白き誕叡なる救世主】が死亡しました] [死亡した事により流出する【神力】の一部は【神器】に流入し、強化・固定されます] [夜天童子は【 】を手に入れた! ]

[保有迷宮内にて【境界の聖人】が死亡しました] [死亡した事により流出する【神力】の一部は【神器】に流入し、強化・固定されます] [夜天童子は【 】を手に入れた! ]

[保有迷宮内にて【割断の聖人】が死亡しました] [死亡した事により流出する【神力】の一部は【神器】に流入し、強化・固定されます] [夜天童子は【 】を手に入れた! ]

[保有迷宮内にて【狩猟の勇者】が死亡しました] [死亡した事により流出する【神力】の一部は【神器】に流入し、強化・固定されます] [夜天童子は【 】を手に入れた! ]

[保有迷宮内にて【数式の勇者】が死亡しました] [死亡した事により流出する【神力】の一部は【神器】に流入し、強化・固定されます] [夜天童子は【 】を手に入れた! ]

[保有迷宮内にて【星読英雄】が死亡しました] [死亡した事により流出する【神力】の一部は【神器】に流入し、強化・固定されます] [夜天童子は【 】を手に入れた! ]

[保有迷宮内にて【書冊英雄】が死亡しました] [死亡した事により流出する【神力】の一部は【神器】に流入し、強化・固定されます] [夜天童子は【 】を手に入れた! ]

[保有迷宮内にて【魔帝】が死亡しました] [死亡した事により流出する【神力】の一部は【神器】に流入し、強化・固定されます] [夜天童子は【 】を手に入れた! ]

[保有迷宮内にて【獣王】が死亡しました] [死亡した事により流出する【神力】の一部は【神器】に流入し、強化・固定されます] [夜天童子は【 】を手に入れた! ]

[世界詩篇[黒蝕鬼物語]第六章【神災暴食のススメ】の第十一節【 】の隠し条件≪救済の願い≫≪聖なる祈り≫がクリアされました]

Day 338 == Day 339 == Day 340

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