Day 338

TN Notes: Before you got confused, For Yuusha (勇) I made as "Hero" (H), Eiyuu (英) with "hero" (h).

Day 338

Though I was just a spectator yesterday, the 【Holy War】 has continued without interruption.

Various 【Magic】 exploded everywhere, sparks scattered, abnormal noises and the impact of weapons and skills colliding were heard, flesh and blood fell as if they were dancing and lives perished.

The struggle of the urge to kill and the will to fight, screams and angry roars kept echoing without cease.

If it wasn't for the auto-repair of the decisive battle ground as time progressed, it would've collapsed long ago by the storm of destruction.

The 【Holy War】 that has passed a day, after starting on the decisive battle ground, is advancing almost as originally planned.

There won't be too many casualties among our ranks even if we kept the Allied Forces and the Allied Armies company at the same time. The more time passes, the more both of the enemy armies' war potential gets cut down.

However, there is a little bit of a miscalculation. It seems that the decline of the Allied forces' military power is less than expected.

If the current Allied Armies have lost 40% of their war potential to Asue-chan's group, it was expected that 60%-70% would be cut down from the Allied Forces to Burasato-san and Supesei-san's group. In reality, they suppressed it down to only 40%.

Still, we've had satisfactory military gains. After all, the cause to that expectation is excluded since the "Holy Lady" existence seems to play a big role.

Even if the Allied Forces' soldiers have been greatly strengthened as if they're some 【Hero】, they won't be able to stand against the wide-range combo hit annihilation attacks from Burasato-san and Supesei-san.

Due to the various 【Savior】's peculiar 【Magic】 which included " Easlav Res Larg(St. God armor of Spirit Wrought Warrior Deliverance)", most of the damage was negated. This allowed the Allied Forces' soldiers to display toughness as if they were the undead.

Does the Alliance soldiers feel neither fatigue nor pain? Even when their arm and foot are chopped off or their lungs get crushed, they're not stopping.

Even when they lose their limbs, it is instantly regenerated when they retreat away. It seems that their blazing fighting spirit has caused them to bear the mental damage. They continue to be revived even though the physical damage exceeds their bodies limits.

For such a reason, it's certain that it would be more fun to be dealing with the Allied Forces because of the White Lady's existence, who waits on the rear and continues restoring her allies without end.

Well, she is an existence with 【Divine Protection】 of a 【Great God】 similar to me after all. Doing that much is understandable and is a matter of course.

At any rate, it is different from yesterday when everybody fought joyously, while I watched and  used the ability 【Protection Domain of the Divine Beast】 to prevent any stray bullets. Because the request 『 Don't enter the fight first, we wish to fight on our own 』 came from everyone, I endured it, but the time limit I gave them has finally ended.

After I fully motivated myself by eating the delicious breakfast made by the 『Meal Hero』, I held special weapons on each of my four silver arm. Since everybody has fought enough, I too must enjoy it today.

 d――■ З ■――b / 3rd POV mode

Ogarou cancelled the ability 【Protection Field of the Divine Beast】 which was set up all around him, then he stood up from the chair which was from Velvet's inheritance.

Because he was worried and troubled that the chair might get destroyed, he stored it into his item box. Then he began to do some warm-up exercises, he turned his neck to the sides and eased the stiffness from his shoulders. Probably because of his hardened body, it made "gokigoki" sounds every time it moved.

Velvet's chair is nice and sitting feels comfortable, in addition, even by just sitting  could recover mind and body by its  effect as magic item, although as expected one would stiffen up considerably if he just kept sitting down all day long.

「 Well then, hmp」

When Ogarou was turning his head to loosen his neck stiffness, suddenly a sharp arrow flying like lightning was aimed at his head, he stopped it by biting it, then just munch it mumblingly as it is.

Is the magic metal used for the arrowhead high quality one?, maybe the wood used for the arrow's shaft is high quality? or, is the feather used for fletchings (arrow's feathers) high quality?, if not maybe something like magical power put on it is the high quality one.

While closely perceiving the secret of the thick flavor of the arrow, Ogarou eagerly looked around the surrounding battle ground and pulled his mind together. He need to grasped the gist of the war situation, because something might fall apart if there are some kind of slip-ups . There might be a situation he should help.

To concentrate on his own fight, he need to confirm it before it begin .

「Hmmm... for Minokichi-kun, there should be no problem 」

After all, Minokichi-kun is happily fighting against the 【Beast King】 Lionel, drawing the attention of the Allied armies.

Minokichi's part

Freely manipulating his huge ax as his own limb, while emitting thunder and flame from his whole body, Minokichi-kun defend with his shield against the intense combo attack unleashed by Lionel.

In addition, he moves at the unusual speed that didn't match his gigantic figure, presently all abilities rise by 【210%】 due to the effects of 【 Eschatology of War Conquest 】, making his swings reached to the domain where it had easily exceed beyond the scope of thunder sound speed. (TL note: Some failure in description I think, mean speed of sound traveling through air I guess, lightning may carry different decibels (dB), but sound speed is more affected by the medium such as gas, solid, or liquid, which is why sound can't travel at space where it is vacuum)

By the result of bustling about freely at the speed that eyes can't follow the large build either, Minokichi-kun brings nobody close to his battle surroundings.

Not only due to the shock wave that shake the space continues being scattered without cease, but there are numerous thunderous flames that are roaring and burning the area, but it's also formed to make ones understand that they gonna destroyed by fire in a short time if they approach unskillfully.

Even the 【Beast Fang General】 and the others that came over to fight together with Lionel cannot interrupt Minokichi-kun's fight today.

『 Buummoooooooooooo! 』 (Minokichi-kun)

『 Gahahahahahaha! Gahahahahahaha! seethe , seethe~ together! 』 (Lionel)
(TN:Lionel refer to both fighting spirit is mutually overflowing)

However, against Minokichi-kun who moved at the speed which more than usual, Lionel 【Beast King】 is struggling to rival him.

In order to fight against Minokichi-kun who is clad in thunderous flames, Lionel brightens his whole body in golden [Touki], and similarly strengthen physical abilities by effect of 【 Eschatology of Conquest War 】.

Minokichi seems to exceed Lionel a little if it is accurately valued in numbers, but Lionel is a strong man who has reigned as 【Beast King】 for many years. His accumulated days of struggle are by no means light, and the experience gain over the life-or-death crisis easily cover a lot of differences in physical abilities.

And thus contrary to his manly violent appearance, he doesn't merely fight only by power. Like a keen-edged blade, Lionel surely had mastered the skill to defeat the opponent from his experiences.

Lionel, who makes good use of the special move that could even made Me look with fascination, averted the trajectory of swing downward from Minokichi-kun's axe with just only a little prob toward its flank. (ED; This should be 3rd POV, maybe the author forgot or slip for this one line) In the case that equipment came into contact with the back of his gauntlet, neither spark or sound was caused. Flawless parry, is the result of using precise minimum necessary power to deflect an attack. And then thunder flames attack immediately follow after that, though his body fur is slightly burned an instantaneous gush of 【 Touki 】 quickly scatter it, and this lead to a slight chance to unleashed a kick. It would seem Lionel's kick use greaves equipment that are magical items. Though a direct hit could be a crushing blow to Minokichi-kun, sadly it was prevented due to a massive shield set up as if it is a huge mountain.

『 Buumooooooooooooo!』

『 Gahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!』 (Lionel)

Both exchange dozens of offensive and defensive abilities which took only one second, how many people who could recognize all of that here? The clash of the two is just like floods of lightning. Even for those who can distinguish the continuously dazzling spark, to be able to comprehend the details of their fight someone have to be in the same class. (TL note: In case it's not clear Lionel is in golden touki while Minokichi is clad in lightning, they would be indistinguishable from one and another if people seeing it are not high level)

In order to incite each other, with each passing time Minokichi-kun and other continue to raise the heat, clashing relentlessly.

――Φ θ Φ――
(TL note: back to Ovarou POV)

The fact is I want to kill and eaten Lionel, but as expected I hesitate to hinder Minokichi-kun who is having an enjoyable manly fight, glancing to the side of Minokichi-kun and I see Kanami-chan next to the allied forces.

At the time, because of a flock of enormous moving toadstool (poisonous mushroom) is obstructing the view, I swung the crimson spear to mow them down.  Though they are severed without any resistance, unfortunately the dense poisonous spore was scattered from the amass poisonous mushroom that was mowed down.  Still there should be no effect on me even if a large amount is inhaled because of 【Status Abnormality Nullification】, that being the case as the view is getting worse, I decided to breath a blow.   Thereupon hostile 【Holy Knights】 who are unluckily nearby choked by the inhaled spore.  Soon after suffering began, at once they collapse to the battleground, bubble begin to form from their mouth similar to a crab.  Though they are not dead yet, they will soon stop breathing if they aren't detoxified.

Since the timing is right, I produce a golden thread from my fingertip and start to restrict the 【Holy Knights】 who wear full body armor.  After having restrained them as many of them as possible which turned to ball-shape,   I swung them around to scatter the spores and lightly clear the area.  Using the 【Holy Knights】 as substitute for heavy weight, I swing them at high speed until making a [bokiboki] like sound, afterward further intense smashing sound reverberate from the heavy impact with other enemy units.  Looking at the rupture from the flesh of 【Holy Knight】 bodies, an innumerable number of bones are protruding.  If any of them are still alive one will be in great agonies, however there seem to be none.  Obviously they are dead.

Well..., either way it seem they won't escape harm from the poison.  Incidentally for the cause of death was changed from being poisoned, I guess there isn't a great difference either.

After swinging several more time, having judged that I have done enough effort in reducing their numbers to some extent, I cut the thread separating it from my hand.  Then the 【Holy Knights】 flew away similar to a cannonball then directly hit the [Mushroom Yuusha] nearby, in the same time he was blown away.  Even if the [Mushroom Yuusha] is not dead, he is likely necessary to be treated for a while.
 [Kanami-chan also...... there's no problem]

Thus with the nuisance gone, at last Kanami-chan can be seen clearly.

Kanami's part
d――■ З ■――b
(TL note:back to 3rd POV )

『 Ufufufufu. For the sake of enjoying matured "Wine"(Blood), as expected careful preparation is essential right? 』 (Kanami) [(TN:she said ~desu yo ne~? at the end of her sentences)]

『O-fu, I agreed, it is considerably dangerous de-su』 (Hyulton)
(TL note: Could Hyulton be an Empress instead? for sure it was mentioned that Hyulton was a man on day 336, though)

The battle between Kanami-chan and【Demon Emperor】 Hyulton, differ from the showy and flashy kind that fitted Minokichi-kun and others.
 The place where Kanami fought was a plot covered with demonic ice of the bluish purple.
Despite being within the supremacy from the flaming cage of 【Sacred Fire Mountain】, Kanami-chan ice would send a chilling cold wave and thereby transfiguring the scenery filled with marvelous glacier, Kanami-chan then use 【 Summon Azaroth(Summon Ice Blood Familiar)】 to 【Summon】 “Azaroth Hydra( Ice Blood Poisonous Multi-headed Dragon)” and “Azaroth Sirius( Ice Blood Heavenly Wolf )”, Hyulton would also 【Summon】 dwellers of ≪Qliphoth( Makai )≫ as opponent for the battle.
(TL note: for Makai description try seeing "Disgaia" for references, can mean underworld/hell)

The 【Summon】from 【Ice Blood Familiar Summons】 are a very powerful existence.

 However, the gas-based monster who was comprised of a black miasma " Zasborg・de・Soussu(Lord who controls air space of Ruination) ", then a giant that grew innumerable horrifying demonic and cursed swords from its whole body " Dis・Hau・Dobra(Starving Giant with War Blade)" which are the 【Summon】 under the control of Hyulton are also not inferior.

Due to both summoning, more than 20 monsters are filled and spreading mayhem with murderous intent in order to obliterate the enemy side existences.  The roar that intimidate the enemy does not die out, and the raging ice storm is so devastating as if it will not permit the survival of the living being. In addition to the  screeching scream which made the resisted mind gone insane are roaring, the wave of the miasma that erode everything is like a curse.

To describe the familiars fight, it is exactly similar to Kaijuu great battle, which should do for an explanation.
(TN:Kaijuu refer to big monster like Godzilla or that of Ultraman's series)

And thus in the sky above the chaotic rampages of the familiars, the battle of Kanami against Hyulton were proceeding at breaking high speed.  If Kanami-chan swing the 【Drop of Moonlight】, Hyulton uses the condense black miasma as a sword.  If kanami-chan use magic, Hyulton also uses magic.  With alternating offense and defense, it seem both lack the decisive blow to break the continuum.   

(TL note:back to 1stPOV, seems the author have this habit of changing POV without notes)

Originally, I wonder if Kanami and Hyulton manner of fighting to be similar.

Unlike both Minokichi-kun and Lionel whose battle-type are risk taking vanguard, to strike from the rear, they are the contriving-type by creating subordinates and summoning familiars to be employed for settling matters.  Having practicability to use numerous variation of broad tactics alone, they can single-handedly perform a military campaign.

For this reason, it was inevitable the current situation became a war of attrition due to their collision.  Even if one have slightly more pieces one on their hand, how one use their piece effectively can determine the victor.

It's indispensable to have understanding of formulating strategies, the intense exchange taking place are worth seeing.

As of now Hyulton might be in display by hoping no damage occur to the Allied forces,  also that the aftermath of the offense and defense are suppressed by feeding it to Amsudomus, just simply that being the case seems made Kanami-chan  to gain the upperhand.

It seem victor or defeat can be decided if I join there, but because Kanami-chan being Kanami-chan having an enjoyable time, so getting involved would be rude.

Asue' s part

「Asue-chan too, seems doing well, heh」 (Ovarou)

Again, equally I put out of my hand to get involved to Asue-chan that fight near Minokichi-kun and Kanami-chan.

『 I can~not feel ~the strain, they died fluttering just like that ~tsu !』(Asue)

The alliance battle troops whom Asue-chan has to play against with are 1000 elites soldier, 3 of the 【Six Heavy general 】 which is Black, Green, and Red General. Then 3 from 【Beast Fang General 】  Leopard, Speckled, and Monkey General.

『 Post Magic Aria, strafing.  Smoke bomb throwing, listening closely to the designation report. Blind spot detection, abnormal strike start 』(???Green general ) (TN:probably since she is a flying bird-type unit )
『It's gathering the thermal power together ~noja. seems need to do so, THAT's defense doesn't  seems has any hole.』(Speckled general???)

『 Oooooooo! This ONE's Flame WiLL ScOrcheD iT dOwn ALL !』(Scarlet general???)

Though Black general acts as the supreme commander,the three generals lead about 300 soldiers of allied forces respectively first,then fight against Asue-chan by their own individual decision. in spite of doing so, their numbers is not so significant in front of Asue-chan because she could manipulate the topograhy of battle ground where she temporarily causes big and small, various ups and downs.

She divides it into parts by making ups and downs if it is overcrowded, each one by one is defeated from the people who got isolated.

Therefore, Asue-chan must not let the anticipating of the tactics to elapse even a little. In addition, the awareness can not be concentrated only at one place. The three Generals seems to choose to fight by leading the soldiers of allied forces respectively.

In this case, the connection that can only predict each others movement will be essential. Without it, it could be called as stupid plan where they will obstruct each other then ended to self destruct.

Yet, the three Generals from [Heavy general ] acted themselves with well great tact while covering each other. If Asue-chan turned her awareness to the corps somewhere, the remainder will attack  from her blind spot and  it makes the best use of the favorite plan as two corps became the decoy, well matched.

Besides outrivaling in the individual match,  the unassisted Asue-chan are also aimed from the attack by  the existence of three general【Tusk Fang General】,  it is a fairly good fight.

And so forth, during the thought, an irradiated pink Battle Arts "Love Beam (Slave of Lust)" from the front was struck at the chest.

It seems to be some kind of abnormal status attack where absolute love given to the user, but there is no meaning since there is 【 Status Abnormality Nullification 】 as well as the time of a spore a little while ago, and in the first place I gives my love to Kanami-chan.

Even if I got struck by it barefaced, I guess a "bang" will never happen. (TN:a "Bang" here refer to gun shot's sound as if it hit his heart, in this context Love, lol)

『 Hahha-!  it also keep advancing by slipping through the ally's attack 』(Leopard???)
『 Uhohohouhohoho. If that's the case then I'll leave it to strength competition! 』(Hipopo General??)
(TN: Baka=>Idiot, stupid, etc. Tsukkomu ? some typical comedic conversation.. maybe. google if interested)

When I concentrate on the movement of the Alliance troops who were disciplined, the offense of the Alliance troops hit Asue-chan directly at several places which was played at by the bizarre actions of 【 Tusk Fang General 】 who moves freely.

『 Ineffective, IT'S INEFFECTIVE! You think that would give damage to us?, CO~ME ATTACK MORE~, STRONGER! 』(Asue??? probably from the speech.. She's an M? and yes she said "us")

However, there are few number other than [Six General] with offensive ability to carry through the defence of Asue-chan and even fewer who could withstand her counterattack. Also it doesn't do anything much even if she is attacked by an excellent recuperative power, so it seems buying time as possible is the limit that the Allied armies could do. Also even if all 【 Divine Protection 】 that in the possession  of all Alliance force troops was strengthened more than usual by 【 Eschatology and War of Conquest 】 ,  there are not much meanings to it in the presence of Asue-chan who got strengthened in the same way which somewhat invites sorrow either way.

Due to too much differences between their base character status in the first place, it became an inevitable reality. The Alliance force troops cannot defeat Asue-chan. Merely just spend playing for time,  there is only an end to be killed.

Nevertheless, a dark cloud horse that charge straight is vanished against a giant water blade generated from shaking my Halberd, I pierce the phantom of the translucent knight with the cursed spear, then skewered the [assassin] who approaching near without a sound nor a sign from my back with the living body spear. While cutting off the approaching attack sound from the front with Red spear, I gave them praise in my mind since they endlessly tackle the fight that has no chance of success.

I won't go easy on them, but I should have the respect for their way of fight.
「 Assuming that the Allied armies side won't have to put out their hand, speaking of the Allied forces side……」(Ovarou)

Turning to the Allied Forces side who are numerous, Burasato-san and Supesei-san fought to a lot of 【Heroes】 as their opponent.

Burasato's part

Although they were fighting individually at the beginning, but 【Heroes】 begun having to cooperate after triggered by victims that appeared on the first day , Burasato-san goes back to the usual tactics that acts as the vanguard and Supesei-san acts as the rear-guard.

Innumerable wings of blood sword are burning to dance, great number of black magic like meteorites are pouring down from the sky. When a comprehensive defense formation is assembled to prevent attacks,  Burasato-san who laughed loudly cut them deep without paying attention in a flash.

『 AA~ MOU~! THIS IS REALLY FUN! 』(Burasato)

Burasato-san attacked the enemy who stood earnestly before her eyes while she raise a cheer. Both those with swords, those with spears, those who use magic, crazy products like synthetic demon beast (Chimera) that using peoples, golem made of inorganic materials, and etc. No matter what, she attacked all noticeable enemies.

If it were about her opponent so far,  a mountain of corpse had already been built in front of Burasato-san. Even if she was opposed to thousands of troops, in a matter of minutes it would have been possible for Burasato-san to kill them.

However, there was a lot of personage against the tyranny of Burasato-san in this place.

『 EXPLOOOOOOODE! 』(Bomb Hero???)
『 Urasshaa-! 』(Leg Hero???)

Along with the courageous cry, Bomb Hero and Leg Hero performed a pincer attack on Burasato-san. It is a launched fist that explodes when got touched and a kick that even could easily crushes a magical alloy. By using Arts(Battle Art), Burasato-san accurately intercepted with 【Senketsu Koujo(Bloody.Princess)】 and 【Shizanketsuga(Corpse Decapitation Blood Hunter)】 against the delivered attack at perfect timing.

The fist and the kick are easily parried by the swings of two cursed swords drawing a circle.  The blade of cursed sword swop down on to both 【Heroes】 whose posture collapsed from the flow. Its trajectory was caught onto the torso of Bomb Hero, and one of its track also aimed to cut the neck of Leg Hero. They managed to react and defend against it, but it was too fast then Bomb Hero and Leg Hero brutally blown away and rolled over the battlefield. Each of their comrade set an attack in no time after, but Burasato-san avoided it as if she was dancing and was slashing them at the same time.

Blood was scattered, and pieces of meat flew. The voice of the pain leaks, and anger burns. Though it seems that there's no death, they seem to suffer some serious injury as they won't be able to move if they don't treat it immediately. Burasato-san attempts a pursuit to stop against the enemy who trying to withdraw for treatment, but the surrounding enemies are blocking her way so she could not finish killing them.

If it is usual Burasato-san,  she should have broke through and even slaughtered them, but as long as you see that delightful expression, guess I daringly turn a blind eye for it. Perhaps due to her battle maniac nature, she may be praying that this battle will be prolonged even a little. Well, it can't be helped because it's Burasato-san, so I decided to think that way as I shrug my shoulders.

Whether they perceive it as a chance, the soldiers from <<Forbidden human remodeled army>> who made remodeling for the siblings of [Mad Hero] and [Explorer hero] by transplanting a part of monsters based on humans were plunge them self to charge. Is that a mix of rhinoceros or a wild boar ? Or, is it something else? Anyway, the rushing speed of those soldiers is fast and their charge is making the best use of their big frame covered with hardness that seems to transformed from outer skin. However, because it was only fast, I split them with halberd and living body spears as if they were passing each other and divided them into 17 parts.

and Supesei' s part

『 Fufu......fufufufu. As expected, using magic without limit, is pleasant ~ne 』(Supesei)

Behind Burasato-san who got entranced with the fight, there was a figure of Supesei-san who also fought happily in the similar way. Perhaps it could be considered that Burasato-san may not play a role as the vanguard to become the shield for the rear guard when an attack might runs upon Supesei-san, but I deliberately ignore it for the sake of Supesei-san's request and her desire to fight this time.

Normally the magic we cause is too strong and we have to going easy on them at certain degree, but surely not for this time. Some opponent are necessary for Supesei-san to vent her piled up stress.

『 Well now, I'll go steady 』(Supesei)

Either it was the charging of "flying fish army" that swims in the sky which accompanied 【Fish hero】,  or the abyssal type magic that 【Mad Hero】 has unleashed, or as well as the saturated attacks that bombarded by the rest of Allied troops, Supesei-san cope it easily with magic spell. Due to the ability of the 8 rainbow-colored spheres which circling around Supesei-san, the invoked magic spell will  automatically multiplied by eight. With the stretch of the spheres layer from the single Oni, Supesei-san who pulverize them before they able to get closer is appear to be very pleasant after releasing her usually suppressed desire.

Since both of them leave enough composure while fighting fiercely, there seems to be no need for me to enter the fight as well as another.

「 As for the rest...... well, is there any problem?」(Ovarou)

Kugime + Sejii' s and Aifu's part

Seiji-kun and Kugime-chan defense  are strengthened the by the the extremely solid Seiji-kun's layered shiki 【Shell Field (Saint Energy Field)】, and they fought with beams of light like laser that released from the kugime-chan's eyes from a small opening that intentionally made similar to a loop hole which provided on the rampart.

『 At Six o'clock, Seven o'clock, One o'clock, Five o'clock, it come 』(Kugime)
『 Right, understood 』(Seiji)

Though 【 Saint Energy Field 】 to boast of a high defense power from the start, still, there is a limit. It is impossible for the two Oni which inevitably have inferior annihilation power to deny the possibility of being surrounded. So if they are surrounded and constantly got attacked, there was a fear that it could break through 【Saint Energy Field】. With the aim to cancel it, it was necessary for Seiji-kun to match the rythm of the attack that poured from all direction, then hardened the defense for the necessary location by adjusting the density of the attacked spot one by one when it was needed. By doing so, even if the tree-type monsters led by 【Hou Ei (Abundant hero)】uses a thick branch to pull out a barrage of strike, even if they exposed to thousands of attacks from demonic steel golems trained by 【Steel hero】, there won't be any opening.

Though it's a collaboration technique since Kugime-chan reads all attacks ahead, it is became a type of absolute defense technique.

Because, even if they break it, it will recover on its own, so it would be enough to leave it alone.

By the way, before one knows, Aifu-chan who is acting separately from the 2 other Oni has disappeared together with Rotten Hero and her colleagues.

Perhaps, guess they are having a talk to her because they are the same "kind".

『Gufufufufufu. Leave the persuasion to me ......well, here I go~♪  』(Aifu)

Since she said so before disappears, it should be all right. Undoubtedly. For sure.

Rou's fight arc part 1

Anyway, if that is the case then my target was already decided from the start. Though it could be said that was the only choice which was exists from the beginning.

「 Yosh, Well then, shall we? 」(Ovarou)

To reconfirm the situation of everyone and concentrate on my own battle, I look over the enemies that gathered underneath me to approach. As a matter of course, White Lady is the leader, and others with possession of 【Sacred Treasure】 are assembled in full force. 【Savior】 has three people, eight 【Heroes】, then there are many others and some grand members.

Since the other surviving 【Heroes】are struggling to stop Burasato-san, they may not be able to come to me until they are killed. While it making me feel vexed, Mushroom Hero and others who try to make a pass to me for a while ago are left to the members who gathered, and I go toward to Burasato-san's spot.

「 Although you said so, you already fought, weren't you? The fight until a while ago might be too petty as I do not recognize it to be a fight either..... Seems that arrogance attitude might be the proper image as 【World's nemesis・insatiable Gluttony】. Right!, right, that's why ... it's worth killing you ~nodesu 」(Annalize)

While reserved behind the Border Saint and Cleavage Saint whose shield and lance, the White Lady who accompanied by a sense of pressure that dominates the field responded to my remarks with a smile expression.

「 Well now, let me kill. You( Insatiable Gluttony)who are dear, by my hand 」(Annalize)
(TN: she is using the phrase where a wife confessing her love to a husband. In this case, it got twisted from "loving" to "killing")

Though this was the first time that I exchanged words face-to-face in this way, I should have been able to sense the White Lady's insanity even if there was no prior information. The blank pupils was dilated, there was an illusion that she was spinning madly going around in circles. If my life is could harvested, White Lady surely will continue to aim for my life no matter what condition it is.

「 Bring it on. I'll eat you to death 」(Ovarou)

So, there are few words, the hostility is clear. At least just little matter to mingled with the speculation of the 【Gods】, We are immersed in the battle to risk our lives with each of our own purpose.

The White Lady 's 【Magic】 is invoked, the [Border Saint]'s slashing cuts approach, the arrow of [Hunting Hero] come flying in, the [Number Hero]'s blade of Numerical Formula is swung. The cry of [Voice Hero] is rumbling, [Love Hero]'s love beam is irradiated, future foresight attack of [Star hero] is placed in the surroundings and the escape place is thwarted. The dweller of the tales from the books of [Book hero] jumped out as phantom and the ability of [Hail hero] was added to the black thunderclouds brought forth by [Cloud Hero] and [Lightning Hero].

Each passed time as the battle proceed, I realized that my body is dancing and blood is boiling from the excitement.


After one thing and another, I and Burasato-san succeeded in killing most 【Heroes】.

There was also a bit of drama such as the desperate efforts of Cloud Hero mustering his power just before he dies and Lightning Hero and his comrades who suffered a serious injury from my attack were escaping after wrapped in a black cloud like the Kintoun cloud. Well, that's how it was.

I thought that the flow of this 【 Holy War 】 has already decided since I joined Burasato-san's group who defeated other 【Heroes】. However, to knew the true fear of the White lady is only at the time when their number decreased. Err, really, though this is what I say, I wonder if that would be be like this.

[【Hero of Madness】died in the possession labyrinth ] [A part of 【Divine power】 that flows out by the dying thing is absorbed to the labyrinth, It is reconverted as 【Sacred Treasure】]   [ Yatendouji obtained 【Spirit Cane of Madness (Kulty Olnen) !!】

[【Hero of Poisonous Mushroom】died in the possession labyrinth ]   [A part of 【Divine power】 that flows out by the dying thing is absorbed to the labyrinth, It is reconverted as 【Sacred Treasure】]   [ Yatendouji obtained 【Spirit Seedling Club of Poisonous Mushroom (Vermash Scrub) !!】  

[【Hero of Resonance】died in the possession labyrinth ]   [A part of 【Divine power】 that flows out by the dying thing is absorbed to the labyrinth, It is reconverted as 【Sacred Treasure】]   [ Yatendouji obtained 【Spirit Mirror Club of Resonance (Yuzown Misla) !!】

[【Hero of Strong Leg】died in the possession labyrinth ]    [A part of 【Divine power】 that flows out by the dying thing is absorbed to the labyrinth, It is reconverted as 【Sacred Treasure】]     [ Yatendouji obtained 【Spirit Boots of Strong Legs (Borghasty) !!】

[【Hero of Explosion 】died in the possession labyrinth ]    [A part of 【Divine power】 that flows out by the dying thing is absorbed to the labyrinth, It is reconverted as 【Sacred Treasure】]      [ Yatendouji obtained 【Spirit Gauntlet of Explosion (Blast Duster) !!】  

[【Quest hero】died in the possession labyrinth ] [A part of 【Divine power】 that flows out by the dying thing is absorbed to the labyrinth, It is reconverted as 【Sacred Treasure】]       [ Yatendouji obtained 【Spirit Navigator of Quest (Querist· Perth) !!】  

[【Flame Dance Eiyuu (hero)】died in the possession labyrinth ] [A part of 【Divine power】 that flows out by the dying thing is absorbed to the labyrinth, It is reconverted as 【Sacred Treasure】]       [ Yatendouji obtained 【Spirit Prayer Robe of Quest (Femless Asdith) !!】   

[【Steel Shell Eiyuu (hero)】died in the possession labyrinth ]   [A part of 【Divine power】 that flows out by the dying thing is absorbed to the labyrinth, It is reconverted as 【Sacred Treasure】]        [ Yatendouji obtained 【Spirit Construction Cane of Steel shell (Golstremus Diosnas) !!】]

[【Abundant Harvest Eiyuu (hero)】died in the possession labyrinth ]    [A part of 【Divine power】 that flows out by the dying thing is absorbed to the labyrinth, It is reconverted as 【Sacred Treasure】]         [ Yatendouji obtained 【Spirit Watering Pot of Good Harvest (Splista Jouriro) !!】    

[【Flying Fish Eiyuu (hero)】died in the possession labyrinth ]    [A part of 【Divine power】 that flows out by the dying thing is absorbed to the labyrinth, It is reconverted as 【Sacred Treasure】]          [ Yatendouji obtained 【Spirit Omentum Pot of Flying Fish (Fifla Nest) !!】     

[【Hero of Heavenly Voice】died in the possession labyrinth ]     [A part of 【Divine power】 that flows out by the dying thing is absorbed to the labyrinth, It is reconverted as 【Sacred Treasure】]       [ Yatendouji obtained 【Soul Voice of Heavenly Voice God (Heavenly Mic) !!】   

[【Hero of Love】died in the possession labyrinth ]      [A part of 【Divine power】 that flows out by the dying thing is absorbed to the 【Sacred Treasure】,  it will be enhanced ・fixed.] [ Yatendouji obtained 【Soul Irradiation Device of Love God (Love Undrow) !】   

[【Hero of dark Cloud】died in the possession labyrinth ]       [A part of 【Divine power】 that flows out by the dying thing is absorbed to the 【Sacred Treasure】,  it will be enhanced ・fixed.] [ Yatendouji obtained 【Soul Summoning Sword of  Dark Cloud God (Brasscreed) !】  

[【Hail Rain Eiyuu (hero)】died in the possession labyrinth ]        [A part of 【Divine power】 that flows out by the dying thing is absorbed to the 【Sacred Treasure】,  it will be enhanced ・fixed.]   [ Yatendouji obtained 【Spirit Summoning Cane of  Hail Rain God (Hiuslit Belluisla) !】

[World Psalm [Tale of the Black Eclipse Oni] Chapter VI hidden conditions «Golden Beast Kingship» «Demon Imperial Order» in Section Tenth 【Demon Beast's ax (Guyzar·Axe)】 of [The Advancement of the God Disaster Gluttony] has been cleared]




“三百三十八日目” 昨日から始まった俺達の――俺は観客枠だったが――【聖戦】は途切れる事無く続いていた。

至る所で多彩な【魔法】が炸裂し、得物が衝突して火花と異音と衝撃を撒き散らし、血肉が舞い散り命が消えていく。 殺意と闘志がせめぎ合い、怒号や絶叫が絶える事無く響き渡る。



連合軍と同盟軍を一度に相手しても俺達に死者は出ていない。 対して時間が経過すればするほど、両軍勢の戦力は削れていた。


現在のように同盟軍がアス江ちゃん達によって四割の戦力を失っている場合、連合軍は六割から七割をブラ里さんやスペ星さん達によって削られていると予想していた。 だが、実際には四割程度に抑えられている。


連合軍の兵士達は例え【英雄】達によって大幅に強化されていたとしても、ブラ里さんやスペ星さんによる広範囲殲滅攻撃の連撃には耐えられない、筈だった。 しかし被害は出ているものの“精錬武救の聖神鎧イスラブ・レス・ラーグ”を始めとする様々な【救世主】固有の【魔法】により、連合軍の兵士達はまるでアンデッドのようなタフネスを発揮していた。

連合軍兵は疲れも傷みも感じていないのか、腕や足を切り落とされようが、肺を潰され呼吸ができない状態にされようが止まる事が無い。 四肢を失っても一旦後方に下がれば、再生されてまた戻って来るのである。 ならばと精神的にダメージを負わせても、燃え上がるような戦意がモノともしないし、それを突破しても肉体のダメージと同じく後方に下がれば復活して舞い戻って来る。


まあ、俺と同じく【大神】の【加護】を持つ存在だ。 それくらいしてくるのはある意味当然だと納得できる。

ともあれ、流れ弾を【神獣の守護領域】で防ぎ、皆が嬉々として戦っている様を観戦するだけだった昨日とは違う。 皆から『一日は参戦せず、私達に戦わせて欲しい』と要望があったので我慢していたが、それももう終わりである。

飯勇に作らせておいた美味い朝食を喰ってやる気を漲らせ、四つの銀腕にそれぞれ得物を持つ。 皆も十分戦ったのだから、今日は俺も楽しませて貰わないとな。

d――■ З ■――b

周囲に張り巡らされていた【神獣の守護領域】を解除して、ベルベットの遺産である椅子から立ち上がる。 椅子は破壊されると困るのでアイテムボックスに収納し、準備運動がてら、肩の凝りをほぐすように首を回した。 固まっていたせいか、動かす度にゴキゴキと音が鳴る。



凝りを解す為に首を回していると、雷のように鋭い矢が頭部目掛けて飛んでくるが、噛んで止めて、そのままボリボリと喰う。 鏃に使われていた魔法金属が良質なのか、あるいは箆のに使われている木材が良質なのか、または矢羽やばねに使われている羽が良質なのか、もしくはそれ等と込められた魔力が良質なのか。

矢の濃厚な味の秘密を吟味しつつ、気を取り直してグルリと決戦場を見回した。 戦況は概ね把握しているが、何かの手違いがあればそこから崩される可能性はある。 手助けをした方がいい場面もあるかもしれない。 自分の戦いに集中する為にも、始める前に確認はしておきたかった。


同盟軍の方では、やはりミノ吉くんが楽しそうに【獣王】ライオネルと戦っているのが目立つ。 巨大な斧を手足のように自在に操り、ライオネルが繰り出す強烈な連撃の悉くを盾などで防ぐミノ吉くんは全身から雷炎を立ち昇らせている。 また、普段でもその巨体に見合わぬ速度で動くものの、現在は【終末論・征服戦争】の効果によって全能力が【二一〇%】上昇している為、その動きは雷速を超えた領域に達していた。

見上げる程の巨体が眼にも止まらぬ速度で縦横無尽に駆け回っているせいで、ミノ吉くんが戦っている周囲には誰も近づけないでいる。 絶え間なく空間を震わせる衝撃波が撒き散らされ続けているだけでなく、膨大な雷炎が轟々と燃え拡がっている為、下手に近づけば理解する間もなく焼失してしまう空間が形成されているからだ。 例えライオネルと共に闘う為にやって来た【獣牙将ビファログ】と言えど、今のミノ吉くん達の戦いに割り込む事は出来ていない。

『ブゥモオオオオオオオオオオオッ! 』

『ガハハハハハハッ! ガハハハハハハッ! 滾る、滾るのぉ、互いに! 』



正確に数値化すればミノ吉くんの方がやや上回っているようだが、ライオネルは長年【獣王】として君臨してきた強者である。 積み重ねられた闘争の日々は決して軽いものではなく、数多の死線を乗り越えてきた経験は身体能力の差を容易に埋めていた。

そして雄々しく荒々しいその見た目に反し、ただ単純に力だけで戦う訳ではない。 研ぎ澄まされた刃のように、確実に敵を屠る技術をライオネルは体得していた。

俺から見ても惚れ惚れする絶技を駆使するライオネルは、ミノ吉くんの斧の振り下ろしに対して側面に少し手を添えただけで軌道を逸らした。 その際装備している手甲と触れている筈だが、火花や音も生じていない。 完璧な見切りで、必要最小限の力を加えたからこその結果だ。 そしてその直後に追撃として襲いかかって来る雷炎を、僅かに体毛を焙られながらも【闘気】の瞬間的な噴出で呆気なく蹴散らして、僅かに出来た隙を突いて蹴りを繰り出した。 マジックアイテムだろう脛当てを装備したライオネルの蹴りだ。 直撃すれば流石のミノ吉くんとて痛打になる事は間違いないが、まるで泰山の如くドッシリと構えられた盾によって呆気なく防がれた。

『ブゥモオオオオオオオオオオオオ! 』

『ガハハハハハハハハハハハハハハ! 』

両者が一秒の間に交わす数十の攻防、その全てを認識できる者がここにどれだけ居るだろうか。 両者の激突はまるで雷光の氾濫だ。 眩く輝き続けている事は理解できるが、その詳細を理解できる者は限られている。



その際、視界を遮る程巨大な動く毒茸の群れが邪魔だったので朱槍の一振りで薙ぎ払う。 抵抗なく切断できたが、薙ぎ払ったため毒茸からは濃厚で毒々しい胞子が撒き散らされてしまった。 【状態異常無効化】があるので大量に吸い込んでも俺に効果は無いが、このままでは視界が更に悪くなってしまうので、思い切り息を吹きかけて吹き飛ばす。 すると運悪く近くに居た敵の【聖騎士】が胞子を吸い込んで噎せた。 かと思えば苦しみ始め、すぐにバタリと地面に倒れ、口からは蟹のように泡を吹き始めた。 まだ死んでいないが、早く解毒しなければ息絶えるだろう。

丁度いいので、指先から黄金糸を出して全身鎧を装備する【聖騎士】を拘束する。 出来るだけ丸くなるように拘束した後、それを振り回して胞子を散らすと共に周囲を軽く牽制した。 高速で振るわれたからか重し代わりの【聖騎士】からボキボキと音が鳴り、勢いそのままに敵兵数名と衝突した事でより一層激しい粉砕音が響く。 見れば【聖騎士】の身体からは皮膚を突き破り、無数の骨が飛び出していた。 生きていれば苦悶の一つでも零すだろう大怪我だが、それもない。 既に絶命しているのは一目瞭然である。

まあ、どちらにしろ毒で助からなかったのだ。 死因が毒死から変わったところで、大差は無いだろう。

その後も数度振り回し、ある程度数を減らした後は役割を終えたと判断して、糸を斬ってから手を離す。 するとまるで砲弾のように飛んでいく【聖騎士】は近くに居た茸勇に直撃し、一緒に吹き飛んで行った。 茸勇は死んでいないだろうが、しばらくは治療が必要だろう。



『うふふふふ。 熟成された血液ワインを楽しむ為には、やはりジックリ仕込む事が肝心ですよね? 』



カナ美ちゃん達が戦っている場所は紫紺色の魔氷で覆われた一画だった。 獄炎が支配する【鬼哭神火山】の中でありながら、カナ美ちゃんによって凍る程の冷気が満ちる異形の地へ変貌したそこでは、カナ美ちゃんの【氷血眷属召喚サモン・アスラッド】によって【召喚】された“氷血多頭毒龍アスラッド・ヒュドラ”や“氷血天狼アスラッド・シリウス”、またその他の眷属達が、ヒュルトンによって【召喚】された≪魔界クリフォト≫の住人達を相手に戦っていた。



両者によって召喚され、合計で二十を超える怪物達は敵陣営の存在を抹殺すべく殺意を漲らせ、暴力を振り撒く。 敵を威圧する咆哮は絶えず、吹き荒れる氷嵐は生物の生存を許さないほど破滅的だ。 それに抵抗する精神を狂わす絶叫は轟き、万物を侵食する瘴気の波は冒涜的である。


そして眷属達が暴れ狂う決戦場の上空では、当然のように高速飛行するカナ美ちゃんとヒュルトンが戦っていた。 カナ美ちゃんが【月光の雫】を振るえば、ヒュルトンは黒い瘴気を凝縮させた剣を振るい。 カナ美ちゃんが魔術を使えば、ヒュルトンもまた魔術を使う。 攻防は一進一退、両者ともに決定打に欠けているようだ。


どちらもミノ吉くんやライオネルのように前衛として戦うタイプではなく、後方から攻撃したり、創造した配下や召喚した眷属達を使役する事が得意なタイプだ。 手札の多さから幅広い戦術を使う事が可能で、対軍戦でも単独でこなす事が可能である。

だからこそ、そんな両者が衝突すれば現在のような消耗戦になるのは必然だったのだろう。 少しでも手札が多い方が、効果的に使う方が勝つ。






『気ぃー張らんと、あっと言う間に逝ってまうでッ! 』


『魔法詠唱、終了後掃射。 煙幕弾投擲、指示音傾聴。 死角隠密、異常攻撃開始』 『火力を集中させるのじゃッ。 そうせねば、アヤツの防御は抜けぬぞッ』 『オオオオオオオオッ! 我ガ炎デ焼キ尽クシテクレルッ! 』

総指揮官は黒将が務めるが、三将はそれぞれ最初は約三百名居た同盟軍兵を率い、各自の判断でアス江ちゃんと戦っている。 そうするのも、決戦場の地形を操作し、一時的に大小様々な起伏を生じさせるアス江ちゃんの前では数はあまり意味が無いからだ。



この場合、互いの動きを予想できるだけの繋がりが必要になるだろう。 それがなければ、互いの邪魔をして結局は自爆してしまうだけの愚策と言えた。

だが、三将は互いをカバーしながら上手く立ち回っていた。 何処かの隊にアス江ちゃんが意識を向ければ残りが死角から攻撃したり、二つの隊が囮となって本命の策を生かすなど、上手く合致していた。





『ハッハー! 味方の攻撃を掻い潜って進むというのも、乙なもんだねー』 『ウホホホウホホホッ。 力勝負なら任せろウホホッ! 』 『馬鹿ッ、今突っ込むヒトが居ますかッ! 少し下がって……あああああああ、もうッ! チチルタだけでなく、ゴリまで突っ込むなッ』


『効かへん、効かへんでッ! ウチにダメージ与えよう思たら、もっと強いの撃ってきぃーなッ』

しかしながら、反撃されてもアス江ちゃんの防御力を貫く攻撃力を持つ者は六名の将以外には少なく、また優れた回復力で攻撃されてもモノともしない為、同盟軍は時間稼ぎが精一杯のようだ。 それに【終末論・征服戦争】によって同盟軍兵に居る【加護】持ち全員が普段よりも強化されていたとしても、同じように強化されているアス江ちゃんの前ではあまり意味がないのも何だか哀愁を誘う。

元々の格が違い過ぎる事による、どうしようもない現実である。 同盟軍兵は、アス江ちゃんを倒す事ができない。 ただ時間を稼ぎ、殺されるだけの結末しか用意されていないのである。

し かしながら、直進してくる黒雲馬をハルバードを振って生じさせた巨水刃で霧散させ、半透明な騎士の幻影を呪槍で穿ち、生体槍で背後から音も気配も無く近づ いてきた【暗殺者】を串刺しにし、正面から迫る音撃を朱槍で切り裂きながら、限りなく勝算の無い戦いに挑むそのように内心で賞賛を贈った。



数が多い連合軍の方を向けば、多数の【英勇】相手にブラ里さんとスペ星さんが戦っていた。 最初は個別に戦っていたが、初日に犠牲者が出てからは【英勇】達も連携し始めたのを切っ掛けに、ブラ里さんが前衛でスペ星さんが後衛を務める普段通りの戦法に戻している。

無数の燃える血剣翼が舞い踊り、天空から数多の魔術が隕石めいて降り注ぐ。 攻撃を防ぐ為に密集防御陣形を組めば、間髪入れずに哄笑するブラ里さんが斬り込んで行った。

『ああ~もうッ! 本当に楽しいッ! ! 』

歓声を上げるブラ里さんは、ただひたすらに眼前に立つ敵を攻撃していた。 剣を持つ者も、槍を持つ者も、魔術を使う者も、ヒトを使った合成魔獣キメラのような狂気の産物も、無機物で造られたゴーレムなども関係なく、ただ目に付いた全ての敵を攻撃していた。

これまでの相手ならば、ブラ里さんの前には屍の山が既に構築されていただろう。 例え数千の軍勢を相手にした所で、数分もあればブラ里さんは殺し尽くす事が出来た筈だ。


『爆ぜろおおおおおおおッ』 『ウラッシャー! 』

雄叫びと共に、爆勇と脚勇がブラ里さんを挟撃した。 触れれば爆発する拳撃と、魔法金属すら容易く砕く蹴撃だ。 を使用し、完璧なタイミングで繰り出された攻撃に対し、ブラ里さんは【鮮血皇女】と【屍斬血狩】で的確に迎撃した。 円を描く二振りの魔剣によって拳と蹴りは呆気ない程簡単に流され、その流れのまま体勢の崩れた両【勇者】に対し、爆勇には胴を薙ぐ軌道で、脚勇には首を刈る軌道で、魔剣の刃が襲いかかる。 それに何とか反応し、防御したが、爆勇と脚勇は呆気なく吹き飛ばされて決戦場を転がった。 間髪入れずにそれぞれの仲間達が攻撃を仕掛けていくが、ブラ里さんはまるで踊るように回避すると同時に斬撃を叩きこんでいた。

血が散り、肉片が飛んだ。 苦痛の声が漏れ、怒りが燃える。 死者は出ていないようだが、即座に治療せねば動けなくなる程の重傷を負っているようだ。 治療の為に後方に下がろうとする敵に対してブラ里さんは止めの追撃を仕掛けようとするが、周囲の敵が行く手を阻んだ事で仕留めきれていない。

普段のブラ里さんならそれすら突破して斬り殺している筈だが、その嬉しそうな表情を見る限り、あえて見逃しているのだろう。 戦闘大好きな性格だからか、少しでもこの戦いが長引く事を祈っているのかもしれない。 まあ、ブラ里さんだから仕方がない、と思う事にして肩をすくめる。

それを隙と捉えたのか、狂勇と探英の兄弟が人間をベースにモンスターの一部を移植する改造を施した≪禁忌改人軍≫の兵士達が突っ込んでくる。 配合されているのは犀か猪か、あるいはそれ以外の何かか、ともかく硬質化した頑丈そうな外皮に覆われた巨躯を生かして突っ込んでくる兵士達の突進速度は速い。 しかしただ速いだけなので、すれ違い様にハルバードと生体槍で十七分割して仕留めた。

『ふふ……ふふふふ。 やはり魔術を制限無しで使えるというのは、心地よいものですね』

戦いに酔いしれるブラ里さんの後方では、同じように楽しそうに戦っているスペ星さんの姿があった。 スペ星さんに攻撃が通っている時点でブラ里さんが後衛の盾になるという前衛の役割を果たせていない事になると思うかもしれないが、今回は戦いを欲するスペ星さんの為にあえて見逃しているようだ。

普段は扱う魔術が強過ぎてある程度手加減をしなければならないのに、今回はそれがない。 溜まったストレスを発散する為、スペ星さんにはある程度の相手が必要だったのである。


魚英が従える空を泳ぐ≪飛翔魚群≫の突進も、狂勇が繰り出す深淵系統魔術も、その他の連合軍兵が撃ち込む飽和攻撃も、スペ星さんは軽々と魔術で対応していた。 スペ星さんの周囲を回る虹色の八個の球体の能力によって、発動した魔術は自動的に八倍になる。 単鬼で弾膜を張り、接近させる前に粉砕してしまうスペ星さんは、普段抑圧されている欲求を解放して非常に心地よさそうにしていた。




『六時、七時、一時、五時、来ます』 『ええ、分かりました』

元々高い防御力を誇る【聖力領域】だが、それでも限度がある。 どうしても殲滅力の劣る二鬼では周囲を囲まれる可能性は否定できず、包囲されて絶えず攻撃を浴びせられれば【聖力領域】を突破される恐れがあった。 それを解消する為、セイ冶くんは全方位から浴びせられる攻撃に合わせ、攻撃される場所の密度を逐一調整する事によって必要な時に必要な場所の守りを必要なだけ固めていた。 そうする事により、豊英が率いる樹木系モンスター達が太い枝を使って繰り出す連打も、鋼英が練成した魔鋼製のゴーレム達の攻撃を数千と浴びても綻び一つ出ていない。



ちなみに二鬼とは別行動をしているアイ腐ちゃんは、腐勇とその仲間達と共にいつの間にか消えていた。 多分、同類だからこそ通じる話をしているのだろう。

『愚腐腐腐腐腐。 説得は任せて……さあ、いこっか』

そう消える前に言っていたので、大丈夫だろう。 きっと。 ともあれ、そうなると俺の標的は大体決まっているようなものだった。 最初からその選択肢しか存在しない、とも言えるのだが。


皆の様子を再確認して自分の戦いに集中する為、俺の下に集まって来た敵を見る。 当然のように白主を筆頭に、界聖と断聖、その他【神器】持ちが勢揃いしていた。 【救聖】が三名、【英勇】が八名、その他多数と豪勢なメンバーである。

他の生存している【英勇】達はブラ里さん達を足止めすべく奮闘中なので、殺されるまで俺の所には来れないだろう。 先ほど俺にちょっかいをかけてきた茸勇なども、悔しそうにしながらも集うメンバーに後は任せ、ブラ里さん達の所に向かっている。

「そう言う割には、既に戦っていましたよね? まあ、先程までの戦いは戦いとも認識していないほどの些事なのかも知れませんが……その不遜な態度こそ、【世界の宿敵・飽く無き暴食】として正しい姿なのでしょうね。ああ、ああ、だからこそ……殺す価値があるのです」


「【 さあ、殺してあげましょう。愛しい【飽く無き暴食アナタ】を、私の手で」

実際にこうして面と向かって言葉を交わすのは初めてだが、白主の狂気は事前情報が無くても感じる事が出来たに違いない。 虚ろな瞳孔は開き、グルグルと狂ったように回っているような錯覚がした。 確実にその命が摘みとらねば、白主はどんな状態になっても俺の命を狙い続けるだろう。


だから言葉は少なく、敵意は明確に。 【神々】の思惑が少しは混じっていようとも、俺達は各自の意思で命を賭けて戦いに没頭した。

白主の【魔法】が発動し、断界の斬撃が迫り、狩勇の矢が飛来し、数勇の数式の刃が振るわれる。 声勇の一声が轟き、愛勇の愛光線が照射され、星英の未来予知攻撃が周囲に配置されて逃げ場が潰され。 書英の持つ書物から物語りの住人が幻影となって飛び出し、雲勇と雷勇の生み出す黒雷雲に雹英の力が加えられた。





他の【英勇】を倒したブラ里さん達も合流して【聖戦】の流れは決まったと思ったのだが、しかし、数が減った時こそ白主の真の恐ろしさを知る事になった。 いや本当に、俺が言うのもなんだが、こんなのってありなのだろうか。

[保有迷宮内にて【狂気の勇者】が死亡しました] [死亡した事により流出する【神力】の一部が迷宮に吸収され、【神器】として再変換されます] [夜天童子は【狂気之魂杖クルティ・オルネン】を手に入れた! ]

[保有迷宮内にて【毒茸の勇者】が死亡しました] [死亡した事により流出する【神力】の一部が迷宮に吸収され、【神器】として再変換されます] [夜天童子は【毒茸之魂苗棍ヴェマシュ・クスラブ】を手に入れた! ]

[保有迷宮内にて【共振の勇者】が死亡しました] [死亡した事により流出する【神力】の一部が迷宮に吸収され、【神器】として再変換されます] [夜天童子は【共振之魂鏡ユゾーンミスラ】を手に入れた! ]

[保有迷宮内にて【剛脚の勇者】が死亡しました] [死亡した事により流出する【神力】の一部が迷宮に吸収され、【神器】として再変換されます] [夜天童子は【剛脚之魂脛靴ボルギャスティ】を手に入れた! ]

[保有迷宮内にて【爆発の勇者】が死亡しました] [死亡した事により流出する【神力】の一部が迷宮に吸収され、【神器】として再変換されます] [夜天童子は【爆発之魂拳鍔ブラストダスター】を手に入れた! ]

[保有迷宮内にて【探求英雄】が死亡しました] [死亡した事により流出する【神力】の一部が迷宮に吸収され、【神器】として再変換されます] [夜天童子は【探求之魂示針クエリスト・パース】を手に入れた! ]

[保有迷宮内にて【炎舞英雄】が死亡しました] [死亡した事により流出する【神力】の一部が迷宮に吸収され、【神器】として再変換されます] [夜天童子は【炎舞之魂祈衣フェムレス・アスディス】を手に入れた! ]

[保有迷宮内にて【鋼殻英雄】が死亡しました] [死亡した事により流出する【神力】の一部が迷宮に吸収され、【神器】として再変換されます] [夜天童子は【鋼殻之魂造杖ゴルストレムス・ディオスナス】を手に入れた! ]

[保有迷宮内にて【豊穣英雄】が死亡しました] [死亡した事により流出する【神力】の一部が迷宮に吸収され、【神器】として再変換されます] [夜天童子は【豊穣之魂如雨露スプリスタ・ジョウリロ】を手に入れた! ]

[保有迷宮内にて【飛魚英雄】が死亡しました] [死亡した事により流出する【神力】の一部が迷宮に吸収され、【神器】として再変換されます] [夜天童子は【飛魚之魂大網フィフラー・ネスト】を手に入れた! ]

[保有迷宮内にて【天声の勇者】が死亡しました] [死亡した事により流出する【神力】の一部は【神器】に流入し、強化・固定されます] [夜天童子は【天声神之魂声機ヘブンディエス・マイク】を手に入れた! ]

[保有迷宮内にて【愛の勇者】が死亡しました] [死亡した事により流出する【神力】の一部は【神器】に流入し、強化・固定されます] [夜天童子は【愛神之魂照射機ラブ・アンドゥロー】を手に入れた! ]

[保有迷宮内にて【黒雲の勇者】が死亡しました] [死亡した事により流出する【神力】の一部は【神器】に流入し、強化・固定されます] [夜天童子は【黒雲神之魂招来剣ブラスクリード】を手に入れた! ]

[保有迷宮内にて【雹雨英雄】が死亡しました] [死亡した事により流出する【神力】の一部は【神器】に流入し、強化・固定されます] [夜天童子は【雹雨神之魂招杖ヒュスリトー・ベルイスラ】を手に入れた! ]


Day 337 == Day 338 == Day 339

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