Day 337

Day 337

Second day of the Holy War.

Although there were twists and turns, yesterday's fight performance ended safely.

As for the eventual damage which was caused as a result, out of approximately 3,000 members, about 800 died and a lot more were left with slight to serious injuries.

Along with the 6 【Brave Heroes】 which are ≪Main Characters≫, I killed a lot of others which are their companions ≪Subcast≫, though it could be said that the damage is slight if judging from the size of their military gains, however... substantially it was an annihilation.

I was able to reduce the numbers of our own dead only since many of the seriously injured were treated in time because Seiji-kun was there. They were not annihilated but it could have come to that if he hadn't been there.

Though I did not make light of them, it is still too early for our members to face several existences of 【Brave Heroes】 simultaneously.

However, there is no meaning even if I say that now.

Participation in the [Holy War] was decided to be voluntarily to begin with.

They understand the risks of dying, yet they are still determined to participate.

In that case, I won't unnecessarily worry about the people who are not here anymore. We can do nothing but advance.

While praying "namu amida butsu" so the dead members' souls may rest in peace, we collected all of the members' corpses to hold a funeral later.

The corpses of the [Brave Heroes] are collected in parallel with them. I threw them into my item box to preserve them.

Since the [Holy War] has just started, I am going to eat them with the others after it ends.

Nonetheless, my stomach is empty. I used the 『Ox Hero』, who was leading the Demon ox/cow, as an ingredient for the 『Meal Hero』to make breakfast to eat.

The contents are simple steaks.

The scent of fragrant meat stimulates the appetite. I put the steak in my mouth while expressing my gratitude unintentionally.

And... the moment my teeth broke into the meat, I was at a loss for words.

The fine-quality Demon Ox's meat was moderately soft and the meat juice overflows in the mouth.

It's nothing less than that of high-quality steaks.

However, various techniques and inventions might be used in the dish created by the『Meal Hero』.

In taste, the skill was absolutely transferred.

My jaw goes up and down as I chew.

The tongue carries the steaks one after another into the stomach.

It was inferior when compared with [Sacred Treasure], but besides that, it is equal to the worthy gourmet food.

As I was eating, I comfortably soak in a lingering sound.

Apparently, while having breakfast in such bliss, the bases of the Allied Forces and Allied Armies seem to have started out in a new course of action.

In order for both camps to not collide in the spiral of fire mountain, I adjusted the spiral slope to be similar to the drawing of a double helix.

As a result, the adjustments prevented them from crossing each other till they climbed to the top. The Allied Forces and the Allied Armies finished reaching the summit almost at the same time.

A heavy dark cloud reigns over the sky at the top of the mountains. There was a lump of metal that floated in the crater of the spiral fire mountain which is used to cross over to the dueling grounds.

However, it is a little bit different now.

Though the black cloud in the sky hadn't changed, the need to cross over to the duel spot has disappeared, it was turned into a circular decisive battle ground that closed the cap of all craters.

The diameter of the decisive battle ground was about three kilometers.

That kind of shielding does not exist at all anymore so that there won't be an obstacle in the battle due of the large number of people.

At the center of the decisive battle ground, I am sitting in the luxurious chair which 『Velvet』 sat down on in his last moments.

All members of the【8 Demon Generals】 such as Minokichi-kun are also sitting around, rising to the fighting spirit eagerly.

Though they could have made a surprise attack on the enemies while they were climbing, but it is the long-awaited 【Holy War】.

I had decided that I was going to wait a little bit longer until the Allied Forces and the Allied Armies formed into their battle formations to some extent, however, while waiting, a shout from the Allied Forces was heard:

『 By the God's will.

Everyone risks their life. Judgement to the 【Insatiable Gluttony】~nodesu 』.

Probably, it was something like a declaration before the war starts.

Because I did not feel the need to go along with their lead, I'll listen carefully for the time being. I will wait until the preparations advance and then stand up from the chair.

―― If you asked when the "real" 【 Holy War 】 started, it would be at that moment.

Just fighting, the strong survives and the weak are eaten.

It is very simple, it is survival of the fittest.

Both camps confirm that they are ready to some extent, and I let out a roar informing the start of the war.

It was accompanied by destruction. It is an attack that could barely be called a roar.

[ Yatendouji 【Heretical Nemesis】 Invoked ]

[ As a result of Yatendouji acting in hostile behavior / began the invasion ≪Heretic / Those who awake the Psalms≫, in this way declaring the outbreak of 【Eschatology・Conquest war 】]

[ Until fighting is settled, 【300%】 of the overall capacity of Yatendouji rises ]

[By the joint struggle compensation 【3 God Rank】, All abilities of Keraunos( Lightning Flames Ox Emperor ) rise by 【210%】]

[By the joint struggle compensation 【2 God Rank】, All abilities of Hekaterina (Goddess of Awakened Lunar Eclipse ) rise by 【210%】]

[By the joint struggle compensation 【1 God Rank】, All abilities of Terra( Earth Mother Oni) rise by 【200%】]

[By the joint struggle compensation 【2 God Rank】, All abilities of Etoile (Tears Meteor Buff ) rise by 【205%】]

[By the joint struggle compensation 【2 God Rank】, All abilities of Erpensto (Battle Sword of Burning Blood ) rise by 【205%】]

[By the joint struggle compensation 【1 God Rank】, All abilities of Crewtio(Charity Lifesaving ) rise by 【100%】]

[By the joint struggle compensation 【1 God Rank】, All abilities of Corrosion(World of Rotten Soul & Spirit) rise by 【200%】]

[By the joint struggle compensation 【1 God Rank】, All abilities of Oiyu(Guiding Eye of Fate ) rise by 【100%】]

[Special Skill 【Heretical Nemesis】 will be released as soon as the battle is settled ]

Supesei-san's group 【 Mana 】 emerged for no special reason. I will postpone that matter for now.

Though the clear murderous intent and my roar with killing power hit the enemy side directly, it seems it was defended against.

―――――■ З ■――――― / [3rd POV]

It was the screeching voice of an Ogre that disrupted the air space which announced the beginning of the 【Holy War】 in its true meaning.

【"[Oooooooooo!]. "】 (SFX Roar)

There it is, higher than when it was the 【 Flames Fire Dragon Mountain 】, at the top of the spiral fire mountain there existed at center of the enlarged 【Sacred Fire Mountain of Ogre's Howl】.

A thick dark cloud with an oppressive feeling is enshrined overhead. At the deepest part of the labyrinth, where one shall be burnt to death by imprisoning flames within a few minutes if no measures were made.

At the center of the very large decisive battle ground, which was prepared while considering whether they will be mistaken to arrive at the place, where the dead's final moments are, Nine Ogres, who are chosen by Ovarou(ROU)――【World Enemy ・ The Gluttony】―― lie in wait to ambush those of the Allied Forces and Allied Armies.

He stood up from the chair in which he sat in wait while both camps finish with their preparations to some extent. He uttered a roar which was clearly filled with murderous intent.

Of course, there is no way the roar of Ovarou is simply a roar.

By nature, the aim of the roar released by Ovarou, whose 【 existence evolution 】 as 【Vajrayaksa Overlord・Living God Seeds】 was to deprive power from the mind and body of the person who hears it. However, there was a chance for the roar to trigger the dreadful effect of instant kill.

Though some people can do a similar thing if they are an existence above a certain level, this roar was far stronger in comparison to them.

Though even an ordinary roar might be capable of devastating the armed forces by merely being released at them. Using the ability 【 Desperado 】 which has a high probability of killing only by hearing it once, as though it is a roar from 【 A certain wisdom snake, serpent dragon or Dragon 】, it was released with the intention to overlap with the strong ability called 【 Emperor Dragon・Blaster Roar 】 which adds a strong, abnormal condition and creates a physical disruption with its enormous magical power to the person who hears it.

As a result, multitudinous are being astounded around Ovarou, with the destructive roar that is delivered at the speed of sound, and being visible as a dark red cloud using dense magic to spread out into the surroundings.

Minokichi-kun and the others close by Ovarou should have been swallowed instantly in the destruction roar. However, each individual is a powerful being, and also, covered in layers of the shield "shiki" 【Saint Energy Field】 set up before by Seiji-kun's hand. Therefore, there were no damage at all due to the overlapping barrier effect of the magical item.

However, all other "things" are threatened by destruction, without exception.

At first, with the starting point of Ovarou as the source, the dark red destruction roar spreads out, affecting the entire decisive battle ground.

The innumerable, big and small fissures caused in the decisive battle ground were like crushed glass. The fragments that are dispersed by the impact turn into sand that is blown subtly into the air.

A part of the labyrinth, destroyed as if the field is going to collapse, would keep extending if it weren't due to the decisive battle ground being full of hardiness, even to leave small wounds if barefoot. By no means would it be wasted. It attacks Allied Forces and Allied Armies that set foot on the decisive battle ground.

Seeing from both camp, a dark red wall suddenly spring forth towards the front of their faces. Might only look like it approached as it expanded at a terrific speed.

A-Fu(Control your heart desires)」(??? voice)

What happens if we touched the approaching dark red wall? The instinct of a living being made everyone understand that the answer is; 【(It dies. )】.

Though we understood it, the speed is too fast and moreover, with the too big-scale of Allied Forces and Allied Armies, just a very few limited existences were able to put anything into action on the spur of the moment.

Zerf(There be the light in the world)」 (??? voice)

There was only a little time in the delay of the destruction roar of Ovarou arriving at both camps, a time which does not even reach five seconds.

If we don't deal with something between those seconds, the bodies of soldiers of both camp will be destroyed instantaneously, becoming a spray of blood, with not even one piece of meat left for this world.

Even if all that remains may be the 【Brave Heroes】, who are sturdy, their whole body would be infringed on, being hardly able to do anything. Easy to imagine the corpse being exposed to an attack.

However, it was a matter that can't be helped. As for the means to prevent an attack with a sound as a catalyst, it is not certain to exist, it is difficult even to react.

However, there was 【The Deliverance Saint】 who went over to the 【 Brave Heroes 】 among about 5,000 people Allied Forces.

「―― Easlav Res Larg(St. God armor of Spirit Wrought Warrior Deliverance) (Annalize)

/ 「――“精錬武救の聖神鎧(イスラブ・レス・ラーグ)”」

A pure-white cane with the appearance of a mystical violently drawn saber, as if totally mowing down all kinds of evils ――【Sephirostea Zecurios(Spirit world Canes of Great God of Imperial Birth)】 which is the 【God's Sacred Treasure】 that Annalize prepared in advance, and it executed a certain 【Magic】 which only she could use, 【 Savior of the White Birth (White Royalty who become Savior) 】 with shortened 【Aria(incantation)】. The 【Magic】 reaches all existences that belongs to Allied Forces with the speed of light, temporarily giving such abilities as:

  • 【 Degradation Soldier of Divine Protection 】,
  • 【 Saint God Armor 】,
  • 【 Mind-resistant Enhancement 】,
  • 【 Battle Art Improvement 】,
  • 【 One-time Salvation 】,

and it shows the only power which was able to fight against the hopeless 【 Death 】 called by the destruction roar.

But still, it was not enough.

Before the roar of destruction that pulls up a destructive power which further breaks down the abrasives soil, such as the sands from around the decisive battle ground, the enhancement does nothing more than just barely raising the survival probability to some extent. Even if they can evade total annihilation, the damage is there, and the destroyed Allied Forces might be able to hold on.

「Iiiiiiyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!」 (???)

To avoid it happening, One of 【 Saint 】―― Uria of the 【Cleavage Saint】 who had been following Annalize, jumped out to the vanguard. Without approaching a run, she passes overhead of alliance soldiers of whom there was more than several hundred people with only one jump from the center of the Allied Forces, and lands on the decisive battle ground with lightning speed, thereupon the side-to-side line is giving a yell of fighting spirit together with the breaking wind.

[ Uria Dufouns Serge drew out Battle Art 【 Cleave Judgement sword ・ Transverse of Great Border 】]

With the two-handed long sword type 【Sacred Treasure】 which is beautiful enough to make someone be captivated with just a glance 【Cleavernt(Spirit Sword of Cleave Judgment God)】, the very large black Zangeki(Killer-Slashing Attack), which is a transcendence skill and the strongest of all her [Battle Art] was unleashed.

The flash of Uria, who flies while cutting the space on a trajectory, collided with the front of the approaching destruction roar.

Originally, the power of Uria's Zangeki(Killer-Slashing Attack) reached to the stage in which it was the only one able to fight on equal grounds with that 【Breath】 as if Dragons of 【Emperor】 rank are clashing with each other. She got more destructive power, worth several times her ordinary strength, because of Annalize's support, as currently all statuses were greatly raised by the effect of 【 Eschatology and War of Conquest 】, which was executed by the 【Deliverance Saint Psalms 】.

It surely would send the enemy to the graveyard if it hit, and it may be right to say that flash was bringing a sure death.

But still, it was not able to put out the destruction roar that could completely be mistaken for a natural disaster which can't be fought against. This is because Ovarou is also strengthened, like Uria who is strengthened by the effect of 【 Eschatology and War of Conquest 】. For that reason, Uria couldn't afford to reduce the power of the above-mentioned Art, being swallowed by the destruction roar due to her position at the very front of vanguard, being afterwards attacked by the impact that made her seemingly get blown away greatly backward.

「 Ishell, the rest is entrusted to you 」 (Uria)

However, Uria did not die, even after taking that destruction roar, due to the power being greatly reduced by Zangeki(Killer-Slashing Attack). The armor of light, 【St. God Armor】, that protects the whole body was remarkably worn down, and although it was occasionally penetrated, having its user suffer a bleeding wound, it would be a shallow one and gives nothing like a fatal injury off.

Though it might have borne a little more damage if it didn't have the ability given by Annalize, it was still able to give complete recovery to such an extent to Uria who is 【Saint 】 who transcends those 【 Brave Heroes 】 in a few seconds.

However, even 【 Brave Heroes 】 may suffer great damage, though its power was palliated, the might which was an impossible to withstand for soldiers who were simply the subordinates remained. Therefore Uria entrusts Ishell of the - - 【Border Saint】, who is her flesh-and-blood twin, to the defensive role though her whole body was beaten up in the destruction roar.

「Yes, leave it to me」 (Ishell)

Slightly late to stand in the front of Uria was Ishell whose 【Soul Shield of The Boundary God】, already prepared in advance, was a metal shield-shaped【Sacred Treasure】 where solemn decoration was given, she dropped to the waist to endure the destruction roar that approached near at hand. The large 【Soul Shield of The Boundary God】 with which it was possible to completely hide Uria, whose tall figure in spite of being a woman was supported by Ishell, that conceals a might as if a large tree has totally grown roots in the ground, and itself demonstrates her real value with the Battle Art.

[ Ishell Vorfush Serge drew out Battle Art 【Boundary Shield・Mirror Wall of White Border】]

A wall-like surface of white light was erected from 【Soul Shield of The Boundary God 】 starting at a point and spread top to bottom, right and left as if it totally divided the world there.

The dark red destruction roar collides immediately after the wall surface of the white light was erected, clashing while the refuge catches its lost energy between nowhere.

They were rivaled for a brief period of time, but it was decided due to losing force from Uria's slash.

The destruction roar gradually came undone and was scattered around the area except past the wall surface of the white light.

「―― Fuu, as expected from 【World Enemy】, to have done this ~ne.
it weakens our vigor, and yet to still have this much power……」

Is the fatigue because of physical pressure? Or is it from the mental pressure caused by facing the menace which is drawing near?

While oozing the sweat out of her forehead, Ishell peeks from around the visage of 【Soul Shield of The Boundary God】. Ahead of her line of sight, there is an image of the decisive battle ground that got absurdly ruined. To see the terrain features that became deeper at the central portion, Ishell was muttering to herself; 『Seems like a meteor had fall from the sky』,

An existence that can affect this much with only a roar.'

Ishell quietly trembled with excitement while viewing the figure of Ovarou, which was far away, visually drawn to the details.

『(Gaoooooooooooooo~! )』

And again, a "roar" is released on the decisive battle field. A very loud noise that makes them want to cover their ears reflexively, include a mass of magical powers with a vividly strong murderous intent. Under usual circumstances, no doubt that some would have been swallowed if they did not keep a strong mind. Hence, all people of the Allied Forces thoroughly took the on a guard-stance, but this roar was different from the destruction roar, it was frightening, but in a sense it was a normal roar.

Even so, it's natural to begin with, but it's the owner of the roar that's different.

From the eyes on Ishell's side, the master of the roar is positioned farther, beyond Ovarou's group. It's the Allied Armies which is comprised of around 1/5 the number of people on the Allied Forces.

It was Lionel ―― 【Beast King】 Lion of the Gold who conspicuously drew attention around his area.

From Lionel's whole body, the dense golden 【Touki(Fighting Spirit) 】 could be recognized surging out even from this far distance.

Especially the 【 Touki 】 that was thick around both arms. From there was left a hollow trace of destruction a claw's mark, the frontward facing the decisive battle place. It was an indication that it had reduced the power of the destruction roar a similar effort, like Uria's.

In addition, there was a huge creature from ≪ Hell ≫ created from 【Summoning】 which was done immediately in the rear, by the【Demon Emperor】 Hyulton.

No eyes placed their view towards the outside world, if there was not a scale then there was not a poison fang, it was a huge dragon of about 200 meters with a slippery, milky-white skin feature.

The Dragon's name is " Amsudomus( White King Dragon who calls forth Corruption)". It spends its life without moving from its nest with an ability called 【Energy Absorption】 which treats everything as nourishment, "Lordmus( Corrupted White Snake)" has a thousand year existence that lives till it dies after attaining a place to live.

" Amsudomus( White King Dragon who calls forth Corruption)", which was coiling around itself, is one of the top 5 existences that 【Demon Emperor】 Hyulton can call through 【Summoning】. It opened its large mouth wide, from where a glimpse of a black hole could be seen, as if it was totally connected to "the space".

The destruction roar that not even Lionel was able to reduce, it is easy to imagine that it got absorbed by 【Energy Absorption】.

「Gahahahahahahahahaha~! This much power and it's just a roar ~taa, no less than expected of the opponent ~jyanoo」 (Lionel)

「This sort of being is not such an opponent that I can take a laugh carelessly. Though Amsudomus( White King Dragon who calls forth Corruption) is bottomless, but that said 『My stomach fairly bulged, my first time being like this』~desu. If it hit us directly, even we might have died, ~ne 」 (Hyulton)

「Gahahahahahaha~! Indeed ~oi. It was slightly more than expected, but the subordinates seem to also keep in more than expected !」 (Lionel)

「Good grief ~desu. But I dare say ~desu, aren't almost all of the eight Oni at【 Emperor 】 rank ? They look like a close family ~desu. Ooofu.., really~ what the hell, speaking of a good show」 (Hyulton)'

Whether due to Lionel, who is laughing excitedly, being a the carnivorous Therianthrope, or belong to a fighting tribe, the 【Touki 】 that clad his body became more violent.

While being astonished at the sight, Hyulton, whose tone of voice indicated a true excitement to fight, still shrugged his shoulder similarly.

Both of them take their subordinates along, though they walk toward the center of the decisive battle spot, which was ruined while having non-serious friendly talk, but such a chance could not exist in their current condition, without exception.

In spite of being relaxed to the last, for both, their gazes were directed at Ovarou, who didn't miss a thing, from the 8 Oni to their surroundings.

If there was something to come about, they would be able to respond.

It is because Hyulton and Lionel who are veterans in the preeminent world, realized the magnitude of Ogarou's true strength.

And now with Annalize who is a 【Savior】 as the leader, the Allied Forces were also doing the same, staring at Ogarou.

「Well then, the day to stand aside as fated, afterward is entrusted to each one's judgment 」(Annalize)

「それじゃあ、約束通り一日は傍観するから、後は各自の判断に任せる」 (TN; Quite hurdle to TL this coz she talk as if it some kind of poetry, this girl is nuts)

Ovarou, whose destruction roar as the first attack was prevented, sat again on the chair without trouble and appeared to ignore the gaze pouring from a total of 6,000 people, about 5,000 units of Allied Forces led by 【 the Deliverance Saint】, and around 1000 units of Allied Forces led by 【Emperor】.

 He constructs a defensive barrier that uses 【Protection Field of the Divine Beast】 which is a space rule type defensive group ability for the surroundings. Then, he took a sake bottle and a glass out of the item box.

 Contrary to Ovarou, who relaxes completely, of those who precede to make preparations, Minokichi of 8 Oni stands up without hiding his fighting spirit, or rather it was that it couldn't be suppressed completely, then stares at the enemy who are self determined.

「Brrrr....... Me, set against that golden lion.」 (Minokichi) 

「Well then, we will play support for Ki~chan, for such things as 【Beast Fang General(Bifarog) 】 and 【Six Heavy General(Secktos Helvii)】, then the soldiers of the Allied Armies, me and others will do something about it.」 (Asue???)

Is this because he saw Lionel's claw attack who defended against the destruction roar? Or is this because he has superior physical abilities like Minokichi? The Minokichi's curiosity was concentrated on Lionel.

Minokichi, who spills thunder flames from his mouth, sets up his ax and shield again while fixing his eyes on Lionel, over swelling his muscle at the same time.

As a result, the already-huge Minokichi grew even bigger, it made the person who saw it feel the overwhelming power coming from it.

After looking at that, Lionel also fights back. 

Side chest, for appealing to the thickness of the pectoral muscles, poses such double biceps so that it appeals to the bicep's brachii and the whole body was doubled, as a certain kind of empathy gradually occurred between Lionel and Minokichi.

Naturally, it's just body language, the exchanges unfolded in a way that even sultriness was felt, even though they were separated by several meters.

In spite of this, Asue stops the sultry communication and lightly hits Minokichi's hip, that itself is the appeal for her strength, while she lightly carried the huge 【 Mother Earth God's Battering Ram 】 up on her shoulder with the opposite hand.

【Beast Fang General】, 【Six Heavy General】, and the elites of the demon empire are looking ahead beyond Lionel and Hyulton,

Asue expresses a smile and watches patiently.

The mood that wrapped everyone up, totally had a sense of security similar to the mother earth but slightly colder.

「Then, shall I go against 【Demon Emperor】? What kind of taste does the 【Demon Emperor】's flesh and blood have, I got kinda interested too 」 (Kanami)

It was Kanami who said so, as she licked her lips in an obscene manner.

Though even she can take in nourishment from a normal meal, for Kanami who is 【 Ice Lord・True Vampire( Ice Blood True Ancestor) Superior Seeds( Transcendence Seed)】 which is one of the most significant of the 【Vampire】 race, it's close to instinct for her to sip blood.

It's not a mistake that the most delicious blood for Kanami is a sip of Ovarou, though it seems to catch her interest as what kind of taste the blood from an existence called 【Demon Emperor】had.

With her sharp eyes like a predator that judges the prey in cool-headedness, she seems to imagine the taste. Hyulton shrugged his shoulder as if he was affected.

Ovarou, who sat down on his chair and reacted to it did so wanting to say something, but he seemed to decide on remaining silent after all.

Burasato who looked at it, was slightly making a wry smile, and turned her gaze on a part of the Allied Forces by expressing a ferocious smile. 

「If that is the case, from over there to that point there, could I get them ~na? The 【Eiyuu】 sure gathered, and they seems worthy to kill~na」 (Burasato)

It is the right wing of the Allied Forces that Burasato aimed at. It is the place where 【 Star Reading Eiyuu 】 Aludra, who sat down on a self-propelled and floated huge crystal, and the 【Writing Books Eiyuu】 Imruska who had several odd floating books in his surroundings.

Burasato, who became a【Blood Raid Empress(Blood Sword War Empress)・Variant】, who had wings of blood swords attached on her back, skillfully handles combat with multiple sets of them.

Moreover, Burasato gets excited in her mind at the time of battle, the brutality that doesn't usually come out may come to the surface, the 【Eiyuu】 whose many subordinates have come along with them seem to be splendid prey.

The wings of blood swords move slightly, like requesting its prey, and she grasped the hilt of 【Senketsu Koujo(Bloody.Princess)】 which is held in the right hand and 【Shizanketsuga(Corpse Decapitation Blood Hunter)】 is held in the left hand.

The "Oni swords-woman" starved for blood, as she thinks on how to handle the prey in her mind.

  While seeing that figure, Supesei, who stood by the side, paid more attention to the Allied Force's left wing, not the right wing that Burasato aimed at.

「 Assuming that way is entrusted to Sato-chan, if so then, shall I take on over there?」 (Supesei)

There are a lot of【Heroes】 possessing 【Sacred Treasures】 with special ways of fighting which including Mutage 【Hero of Numerical Expression】 or Ran Bell 【Hero of Hunting】.

Supesei, who uses various magic, is as skillful in battle as Burasato with her multiple sets of swords.

Like planets revolving around a star, there are also eight rainbow-colored ability orbs which wander around Supesei, so it won't be a problem even if there isn't any vanguard.

Even if she has a few elite 【Heroes】as opponents, the single Oni might be enough to fight them.

「Well then, shall we* keep company with the remaining enemy? Together with these 2 Oni, would you mind it?」 (Seiji)

So spoke Seiji. Kugime and Aifu nodded.

「Yes, it's for the best」 (Kugime???)

「It doesn't matter, but before that...」 (Aifu???)

Minokichi, Asue and Kanami were determined to aim at the Allied Armies.

Burasato and Supesei took aim at the Allied Forces.  

From the perspective of the person who knows each ones combat efficiency, it's considered alright even if there is an overwhelming number of enemies in comparison, there is no need to help them.

Though it's assuredly just like that in truth, but by all means just beyond are the large number of enemies and they're coming out.

It's Seiji, Kugime, and Aifu as the Oni trio who chose themselves to deal with that matter.

The trio Oni are inferior in combat efficiency among the 8 Oni because they were in charge of the support of other Oni mainly so far, so such a thing seemed to happen naturally.

Also, it is a story that's limited to those among the 8 Oni, even if it is said that their combat efficiency is inferior.

By no means does that mean those 3 Oni are weak. Even if they are taken in comparison with the army, they're still likely to annihilate them.

This was maybe because they understood their own capacity, since there seems to be no complaint to Seiji's instructions with having to deal with great numbers.

However, for only one thing, Aifu had a demand.

「Gufufufufu, Please let me talk with that one before. I can smell my fellow kind」 (Aifu)


The request was to talk with a certain person.

「That... I see, no problem」 (Seiji???)

As if being totally led by fate, Aifu quietly stared at a certain person. In her line of sight, there seems to be something like a significant matter of course, there stood the figure of Kifusu 【 Hero of Rotten Purity 】.

From Kifusu as well, she looked hard at Aifu, as if being guided.

Seiji, who was acquainted for a long time, there seemed to be an understanding that something was exchanged between the two.

Seiji had a bitter smile and decided to let Aifu do as she pleases for a while.

In any case, the Allied Forces and the Allied Armies had arrived, and the eight Oni set each target.

Obarou, who should be in the leading role, sat calmly at the center of the decisive battle ground and seems to look on for a brief while as to what happens in the situation of the war.

In the middle, when each is going to respectively begin their expected movement, at the center of Allied Forces Annalize, the 【White Royalty who become Savior】, is there, where she floats with an expression of bewitching intoxication-like trance and with both hands wrapped her face quietly.

「Oh, Oh, How joyous it is! The mission that I must achieve, what a hardship it will be!

It might destroy the world with just a roar, the terror of 【Insatiable Gluttony】.

No killed story of being killed, just to have faced an oppressive feeling, as if they are aware of their own stupidity.

To achieve something like that like an ordinary thing, it must be absolutely impossible」 (Annalize)


As Annalize is breathing wildly, she concentrated her attention with passionate eyes on Ovarou who drank liquor along with snacks while the fierce battle that began in his surroundings.

「For this reason, I have a meaning. The meaning that I was born into this world, who was fated to defeat the【Insatiable Gluttony】. Oh, oh, what a joyous event!, What a wonderful thing!」 (Annalize)

In order to spit out that overflowing desire, Annalize raises the pure-white cane 【Sephirostea Zecurios】 and grants the whole army 【 Magic 】. 

Soldiers were strengthened several fold, stirring up their courage to challenge those fearsome Onis.

「Let's fight to fulfill the mission. Let's fight, for the sake of relieving the world. Let's fight, because 【YOU( Insatiable Gluttony)】 and 【 I( White Royalty who become Savior) 】 are destined to」 (Annalize)

The True 【 Holy War 】 has just still began.


It was already dusk when I came to realize, the battle that began from morning had continued even while the night was coming.

Securing the view becomes important to the battle, but one could still see above a certain level at night because the lava became the source of light even here at night.

It doesn't become a big deal of help for us who see as if it's daytime even in the dark, but it seems to provide enough assistance to other people.

Hmmmm..., should I adjust the vicinity about a little? I drink liquor while spectating and think idly while thoroughly enjoying snacks.

[ 【 Hero of Zanito (Decapitating Thread)】 died in the possession of the labyrinth ]

[ A part of 【 Divine power 】 that flows out by the dying thing is absorbed into the labyrinth, It is reconverted as 【Sacred Treasure 】]

[ Yatendouji obtained 【 Spada Spindle / Spirit Spindle of Decapitating Thread】! ]

[ 【Easy Money Eiyuu 】 died in the possession of the labyrinth ]  

[ A part of 【 Divine power 】 that flows out by the dying thing is absorbed into the labyrinth, It is reconverted as 【Sacred Treasure 】]   

[ Yatendouji obtained 【 Akusoron / Spirit Abacus of Easy Money】! ]  

Burasato-san and Supesei-san have killed two 【Heroes】, thereafter I couldn't get the kill. Well, it will be a matter of time until the defeat.

[World Psalm [Tale of the Black Eclipse Oni] of KURIA Chapter VI hidden conditions «The Army Uproar Gun-fire» «War Expansion» in Section Ninth 【Hellburn Arc】 of [The Advancement of the God Disaster Gluttony] has been cleared ]

to be continued ~~ ...


  • At this point I confirm Rou is called as Ovarou from his 【Overlord】 variant species name, and
  • it was not [Living God "species"] but Living God Seeds(Vaishura Seeds). Though the kanji could be interpret as species but the Kana Ruby say Seeds.
  • The Kanji "Living God" Also could be means as a way to refer the Emperor (since Japan in old days recalled the Emperor as Living God). I believe the author want to refer that Rou [Rank Up] as Emperor rank species. It seems the author follow Rank as Low-Mid-High-Saint-King-Emperor-God
  • "Shiki" seems like a charm/talisman or specific magic item to make barrier (kekkai?). The TL said "ceremony" or something but I think the author might means "chant" like some "Shinto" Priest or Onmyouji.
  • Pochi said to me: "nodesu here is some kind of "accent"? it has no real meaning on the context itself ~nanodesuyo"
  • 」(TL; once again, the author make a wordplay to the speech (hum), 愚=>folly 腐=>Kusa/Fu=>Rot. Put the raw coz this one is confusing -_-;\ ) 「

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