Day 335

Day 335

Today is the day before Holy War.

The preparations are perfect, and everybody has already straightened their minds before the [Holy War].

Should I express it as the calmness before the storm?

A moderate tension, the euphoria, and the sympathetic atmosphere becoming tense.

And yet, I was worried about what I should do with the 【Dragon Jewel of Resurrection God(Ignatos・Forna)】 and 【Steering Wheel of Ship God(Paradise・Haldora)】 which were the 【Sacred Treasure】 "food" candidates that stayed at my hand since morning.

The three 【Sacred Treasure】 that are eaten so far ―― 【 Treasure Core Ring of Spring Water God ( Anklet Riam)】, 【Pruning shears of Rose God 】, 【 Mason Tool of Stone Statue God ( Nomead・Caster) 】―― they are 【 Demigod 】grade items that I acquired from 【Age of Gods dungeon】 rank, which so to speak are 【 Demigod's sacred treasure 】.

Having being powerful, in a sense it doesn't get mistaken as the super-usual goods kicking out a result of being able to be called absurdness.

However, when you subdivide 【 Sacred Treasure 】, 【 Demigod's Sacred Treasure 】 is the lowest of the three grade. In other words, it is inferior to most 【 sacred treasure 】.

Judging the power relationship of 【 Gods 】 that makes 【 Great God 】 the top, this is a proper result if I said it is natural.

Assuming 【 Great God 】 as special case, 【 God 】 and 【 Demigod 】are inferior to be compared with.

Thus unlike three such 【 Demigod's sacred treasure 】, 【Steering Wheel of Ship God(Paradise・Haldora)】 and 【Dragon Jewel of Resurrection God(Ignatos・Forna)】 are 【 God's Sacred Treasure 】which were obtained from 【 Age of Gods dungeon 】 of the 【 God 】 rank.

If I check it with 【 High Rank Appraisal Tool 】 for its number of abilities or basic performance, they were recognized which have entirely remarkable differences than 【 Demigod's Sacred Treasure 】.

Therefore 【 Divine Power 】 obtained from the both 【 Sacred Treasures 】 is much stronger than the lower grade, the aggregate amount of the energy that become my flesh and blood should be uneven.

So even if something which I do not expected does happen, the victory of the [Holy War] will be to a unshakable thing if I eat it.

But the problem is, am I able to finish eating it before the [Holy War] starts?... So that is to say.

Probably, there won't be enough time.

Though the fact is that I was able to eat some from past experience so far, but by all means time is necessary.

Besides, after I get over the [Holy War], I setup a plan to fill my appetite with 【 Heroes 】 and 【 Emperor 】, and then 【 Savior Saint 】.

Rather than eat 【 Dragon Jewel of Resurrection God 】 or 【 Steering Wheel of Ship God 】 here, a little enduring may thoroughly enjoy the good taste more.

It is a right choice to strongly endure now.

Like that, judging by the reason, probably because I have eaten 【 Sacred Treasure 】 in succession somehow or other, the desire toward putting out my hand with both 【 Sacred Treasure 】 seems to increase,

My instinct aches.

DANGEROUS, My mouth expanded just to have it in my hand.

I stop it reflexively with the opposite hand, but the power is rivaled.

I distant myself from it when it draws near, it tries to get close when pushed away.

At the time that I got conflicted and finally decided, it was already about the early afternoon

Judging that there is no time to leisurely eat, I decided to endure it this time.

And then I store 【 Steering Wheel of Ship God 】 in the item box again, and decided to leave 【 Dragon Jewel of Resurrection God 】 with Seiji-kun for the time being.

When I go to a different continent for an expedition after this, 【 Steering Wheel of Ship God 】 will be useful.

Raids from enormous marine mammal and fish people, or at the time of voyage with much danger including the stormy weather, but the state of things from what it's in and what's not in must be different. (theory and experience might differ)

And then because 【 Dragon Jewel of Resurrection God 】 is a 【 Sacred Treasure 】 of 【 God of Resurrection 】, the affinity is good with Seiji-kun who is a recovery personnel. Besides, due to its plan that changed side to the member's support, death rate will be lowered even a little if we use 【Dragon Jewel of Resurrection God 】.

Though the answer is sure to go out so if I think calmly, really..., is the docile part of my appetite is the point that it should be improved?

Anyway, today is the night before the [Holy War].

Today's supper will become the last dinner of someone, and it is likely to become a final farewell with someone.

Therefore I scold and encourage them in order to survive tomorrow, while taking the laughter moderately, I do a toast and drink liquor with everybody all at once.

The liquor to drink is the treasured elf liquor which father elves gave and the finest gem in labyrinth liquor to be enjoyed to the extent that none of it will remain even tomorrow.

The labyrinth liquor which even has the mysteriousness that is not allowed but only limited people may drink is accompanied by.

The refreshing elf liquor of that great blessings of nature are felt by oneself.

There is little difference between both and they quite often happen go together with dragon meat dishes.

Indeed, it is delicious after all.

No matter what it is to describe, the desire to absolutely survive seemed to spring up.

TL note:

  • Nice comedy Rou, as if his mouth and hand was possessed by "something"
  • Another "food" come out; 【 Dragon Jewel of Resurrection God / Ignatos Forna 】

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