Day 334

Day 334

At breakfast, I was able to finish eating 【Masonry Tool of God of Stone Statues】 without any problems.

Ability learned: 【Masonry Tool of God of Stone Statues】

Ability learned: 【Space Sculptor】

Ability learned: 【Cutting Technique of Ten Thousand】

Ability learned: 【Artistic Sense】

Ability learned: 【Stone Appraisal】

Though I made everything as my blood and flesh this time, unfortunately the numbers possible to be learned has decreased.

It is the only thing which I cannot expect to rely so much on the battle side of it.

But other than that, it was the ability's seemed to be fairly usable.

As for 【Space Sculptor】 and 【Cutting Technique of Ten Thousand】 have resulted to substantial correction when I produce something, as for 【Artistic Sense】 seemed to make it easier for me to know the quality of things.

When I draw Flames of Fire Dragon Mountain on the canvas which let me attempt to repeat the act with a painting brush, a masterpiece which a famous artist drew was completed.

Ferocious yet sublime, and the reputation is excellent if I show everybody the picture which got more viewed as a representation of Hell that will get more life like from now on.

If there was a person who was entranced by it, then the person had a sense of fear too.

Because I thought that the art is a thing which for some reason works on the person who considered it to be an art, in spite of being an amateur, it is a quite work of art the creator has confidence in.

Though I can use only this for a hobby, it is not only an art aspect apparently, when I make various goods, I seem able to apply it to ――e.g.―― something like a magic potion for instance.

The stuff which was manufactured by a prominent technique, couldn't in as sense it called a [Work of Art].

Well, lets put that one set aside.

I pick up the rock in the handy place and cut it with a finger.

【Stone Appraisal】 is limited to stone only and the use is extremely narrow but there is lot of information by just that much.

Since something like the fragile part are displayed in view, it is possible to cut down only to aim at part where to be interesting.

Due to playing around I got absorbed from since when I started in the morning, it's already night time before I notice it.

I thought whether it was slightly a waste, but I will assume it is good because I was unexpectedly able to relax.

By the way, with my abilities I used all day long today I made dozens of stone statues.

The statues consist of principal members such as Me and Kanami-chan including Redhead, Minokichi-kun, Asue-chan, Burasato-san, Supesei-san, Seiji-kun, Aifu-chan and Kugime-chan. Our statues are overflowing with a throbbing feeling and vitality as if we'd been done in by [Petrifaction].

Although it is not too well done, I did only make them for the first time? So I only to think of it to be perfection, everybody was pleased when I showed the statue which Kanami-chan became a model .

As for occasionally doing different things in this way for sometimes, seems not bad I guess.

TL note:

  • It seems Rou is able to "carve" stone as if it was soap or something softer.

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