Day 333

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"The 333rd day"

For the time being, all kinds of preparations were over.

Well, I roughly decided to do it and later but I might do this too since I'm gonna make some standard fine adjustments afterward.

Though the preparation of each country in surroundings are almost over, there are still another several days until the [Holy War].

It's now the point where it's called the calm before the storm ?

Anyway, I decided to play with the children today because I got some spare time.

Since children trained voluntarily till the [Holy War] began just like other members, I decided to be involved in it.

That's why despite my every directions are surrounded with the armed children, I try to self accustom training of the halberd with much effort.

The halberd which became much stronger than before, showed its special ability from the training.

Rapids water blade are brought forth from the [Axe Blade] part if I swing it, countless spear of thunder arise from the spearhead when I thrust it frontward, the pointed sharp pike hides its heat capacity as metal melts in an instant when got pricked.

Furthermore, I test it in many other ways, each ability is obviously strengthened more than before, the abilities that had been newly added are strong.

After all not only has the skill in Blacksmith-san improved more than before, but also because the used raw materials were excellent.

Moreover it was embedded with 【 Soul Gem of Jade Eagle King 】, as the weapon [Rank] goes up.

It might become 【Legendary】 grade if I possibly want to check it with 【 Ore ・Appraisal・Magic Item 】, but unfortunately it was displayed as 【 Ancient 】 grade from the expected 【Legendary】 grade.

It is the grade which is special for the magic items which are manufactured by a person's hands. Though something seems not be sufficient yet.

If I put 【 Divine power 】 in the case of 【 Legendary 】 grade item, it might have treated as 【Vessel of Fierce God Embodiment (Vaishurada)】, I can do nothing but reserve it for the time being now.

The reason is, 【Pole Spear of Starving Scarlet World(Vladisgur・Beluiga)】 which became 【 Vessel of Fierce God Embodiment 】 originally was a magic item of the 【 Legendary 】 grade.

And thus became 【Vessel of Fierce God Embodiment (Vaishurada)】, it turned out that it didn't become 【 Legendary 】 grade if the magical item [raw material] of the class or more does not exist.

There might be the other things, if I ignore it anyway and did the same thing, I do not know what would happen to the halberd.

If nothing happens, that will be fine.

Still I fully thought about that it would disintegrating without being able to endure 【 Divine power 】 and in the worst case, not only would I uselessly consumed valuable 【 Divine Power 】, but also that I cannot deny the possibility that halberd would explode and disperse.

For such reasons, I will leave the halberd at the state as it is for the time being until becoming 【 Legendary 】 grade.

Well, it is likely I'll be able to get decent fights even if it hits or clash with a 【 Heroes 】's 【 sacred treasure 】from my impression of using it.

It does have the feeling of self-restored for some reason, because of that I got sense of security which it is safe even if I treat it a little rough,

The weapon is an expendable supply, after all I want to use the favorite article for a long time.

While playing with children in spite of having some thought, munch-munch..I chewed 【 Mason Tool of Stone Statue God 】.

【 Mason Tool of Stone Statue God 】 is a little painful in extent spicily stimulated the tongue, it is stiffing, it is the toughest so far and it is quite delicious.

What is this? Is this a similar texture as eating an octopus or something like cartilage ?

Perhaps I should say, the more I chew then the more it oozes the taste ? So, should I assume it was the jewel?

Yes, I would seem wanna taste some liquor.

At the break time, let's decide to drink a little. A single big gulp of liquor of the supreme bliss.

TL note:

  • It seems he didn't finish eating the "high grade candy" 【 Mason Tool of Stone Statue God 】 from Day 332
  • Pole Spear of Starving Scarlet World(Vladisgur・Beluiga) 】 is probably his usual Red Spear which got evolved as he is.
  • The Liquor here actually typed as "Sake"

Day 332 == Day 333 == Day 334


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