Day 332

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"The 332nd day"

Again and again today, I am tampering with the scene again.

Besides, there is not much that could be talked about.

Though the movement of each country is also active, but that's it.

No substantial change has happened.

If daring to say, it would be that I was able to eat 【Blau Roper Scissor(Pruning shears of Rose God)】 which I keep munching until finish around yesterday noon .

【 Learning completion of 【 Pruning Shears of Rose God 】 ability 】

【 Learning completion of 【 Rose Pruner 】 ability 】

【 Learning completion of 【 Blade of Carves Life 】 ability 】

【 Learning completion of 【 Plant Suicide Attack 】 ability 】

【 Learning completion of 【 Sharpness Perpetuity 】 ability 】

【 Learning completion of 【 Weakness Insight 】 ability 】

The number that I was able to learned and being useful has decreased from before, it might be because there are some of them that are duplicated or overlap with others.

Even so, yep, as expected that a 【 Sacred treasure 】 was the best.

As well as the time when I ate 【 Treasure Core Ring of Spring Water God ( Anklet.Riam)】, 【Pruning shears of Rose God】 which I digested and absorbed without spilling it even if a broken piece was enough up to contained 【 Divine Power(IDEA) 】, it become my flesh and blood.

Not only am I learning with many new abilities, but also 【 Divine Power 】 certainly strengthening me within.

Powers are swelling from the depth of my body. It's like the boiled lava which totally overflows from the volcano, it was similar to an omnipotent sensation that was felt when 【 Existence Evolution 】 happened.

However, it is different from the sense that only happen with short time, an almighty feeling that originates from 【 Divine Power 】 which is a part of the power of 【 Gods 】 undoubtedly is a real thing.

If I, who is a 【 Fierce God(OVERLORD) 】 uses 【 Divine power 】, I might able to display 【 Power 】 that's equal to 【Gods】.

It's not easy to use 【 Divine power 】 since there is some limitation, but it is a joyous thing that the number of my best cards have increased.

Anyway, one trouble was settled.

Though it is settled because of a good luck this time, while working without taking a rest after having finished eating it, I put the handle of 【 Mason Tool of Stone Statue God ( Nomead.Caster)】 which is one of 【 Sacred Treasures 】 on my hand.

I keep chewing heartily, it works.

It was that sort of day.

TL note:
  • Some of early TL use 【 Rank Up 】 instead 【 Existence Evolution 】
  • Treasure Core Ring of Spring Water God ( Anklet.Riam) 】 was one of 【 Sacred Treasure 】 that Rou successfully ate
  • Yep, this day he also ate 【 Mason Tool of Stone Statue God ( Nomead.Caster) 】 like some of high grade candy

Day 331 == Day 332 == Day 333


Day 332

Today we are making preparations.

Other than that, there is not much to speak about.

Although national movement has also become active, that's just it.

Major change is not happening.

Suffice to say, I wonder that was portion the complete【Demigod Rose Pruners】, which I have continued to chew from yesterday has finally become digested around noon.

[Learning completion of pruning shears] Noriyuki capability names ability [rose God]

[Learning completion capability names [pruning's rose]]

[Learning the completion of the blade] carved the ability name [life]

[Ability name [learning the completion of the plant suicide]]

[Ability name [learning completion of sharpness persistent]]

[Ability name [learning completion of weakness fathom]]

Although the number was reduced, which can be learning than before, this is what wonder things also had because that has been mapped twice.

Even so, alas, still [sacred treasure] was the best.

[Shimizu Kaminotakara Kakuwa] same as when was eaten, the ounce【Demigod Rose Pruners】 that digestion and absorption was without spilling even enough up to the [divine power Idea], which has been contained is, my flesh and blood It has become.

Not only was i able to learn the number of abilities, [divine power], which has been contained is willing to surely strengthen me.

Force to pervade from the depths of the body. Boil in like a lava overflowing from the volcano it was similar to the universal feeling that is felt when you were [there] evolution.

But unlike the feeling at that time was not only a trifle, universal feeling derived from the [divine power is a part of the power of that Naki [gods] Magau is real.

If you use me is [divine power is a demon [overload], it will be the Furueru the [power] which is comparable to [the gods].

[Divine power] can not be used easily because there are still only, but it's gratifying thing for one of the trump card increases.

Anyway, one of the trouble was tidy.

Since it tidy was but is a good chance this time, while also working tirelessly after you have finished eating, and dip into is one [stone tool no Mead Custer Le Noriyuki God stone statue] of the hand of the sacred treasures].

It continues to chewing and Gorigori, to work.

It was such a day.



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