Day 331

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Day 331

From morning on, I focused on tampering with 【 Sacred Fire Mountain of Oni's Howl 】 in many ways so it could become the main battlefield.

At any rate, there's only a few days left until the appointed day.

I barely completed my preparations at the last moment, by finishing them quickly, it would mean that I would be able to challenge my performance ("Lewd night activity of course") with both my body and mind in peak condition.

Its become a deadline at the time limit, I enter into "the activity" without taking a rest though I stayed up all night in a hurry and worked overtime and completed it, If possible I don't want to do this in a similar situation.

Not only is my body tough due to 【 Fierce God ( OVERLORD)】, I do not have any problems by using 【 without rest and eat】 on the physical strength side, but I cannot ignore mental fatigue.

This time "partner" just need a partner, it should wait in a perfect state.

Putting aside some personal matters, currently, the anti-【 World Enemy 】 Allied Forces was formed by centering on the Holy kingdom which settled their war participation to this [Holy War] ―― In addition to the three countries of a Holy kingdom, a kingdom and the empire. Then - - comprised of [Heroes] from some small countries which there are few in numbers, but it can said that they are the vassal state of the Holy kingdom. The emperor Allied Armies which were formed by 【 Emperor 】 and subjects of the Demon empire and the beast kingdom, gathering and concentrating near 【 Border Place 】 which separates the outside world from 【 Sacred Fire Mountain of Oni's Howl 】 one after another.

But even if I say that they're gathering their regiments, their relations are not as simple as relations like their lands geographically, from the Holy Kingdom which advocates human being supremacy over others that have been fighting against each other for many years from difference places.

Though it's not an intended, two camp builds a temporary base facing across each other at the spot that just sandwiches 【 Sacred Fire Mountain of Oni's Howl】 in between.

We would be inevitably attacked by the enemy from both sides if the [Holy War] began from this condition, so I decide to be careful and not to be stabbed in the back carelessly.

Since both camps seriously work on advancing the preparations with steady steps on this [Holy War], even a country with large force could fall if they feel like it.

But not us, when I'm assuming that with the Allied Forces and the Allied Armies collided head-on, serious damage will correspond to such a scale occurs, that the balance of surrounding countries will greatly collapse.

To both of them at the same time, it's a condition that may be almost called an all-out war.

Then, let's make go a thorough of explanation and more easily look at the war potential of the both camps.

Allied Armies' soldiers number approximately 2,000, but it is composed only of people with a superior amount of magic and physical strength when compared to a typical person belonging to the species such as 【 Demon race 】(Mazoku) and 【Therianthrope 】(Beast demi-human).

Furthermore, they undergo severe training every day due to participation in the war this time, they're elites who made it through a great amount of death.

For that reason, I should think that their war potentials is several times what the actual number would indicate.

The elite force commanded by one intention obstinately chases the prey, they attack without minding to throw their own life at stake, a herd of hounds which chew, and tear off the throat at the weakening moment.

It is not an exaggeration even if I express it so.

In contrast with, Allied Forces are inferior in soldier's quality compared with Allied Armies.

However, there were somehow a lot of numbers with several times or more compared to Allied Armies.

With simply rough numbers, it exceeded ten thousand.

In a sense, it is natural that there are many in number since 【 Eiyuu (Heros) 】 who display their best ability when they're leading several subordinates of the been settled number of Allied Forces.

Though some of 【 Eiyuu (Heros) 】 also possess a similar 【 Formation 】 ability who even could demonstrate their special ability all alone, it made them to carry several numbers here.

It is nothing but only a troublesome thing from small fish without any fun, there are numerous prey here. So, should I be delighted ?

Well, there are more noncombatants taking care in the camp for now and it's because they are in standby condition until the [Holy War] has begun.

Practically in battle, they might be fewer.

Anyway, There is a bustle like a town in the spot where Allied Forces are positioned when there are so many of them in the number.

If there is the a big shout of people to training, I also hear the voices of them distracting themselves from fear by laughing.

With cackling and flirtatious voices leaking out from some tents where the prostitutes come flowing in, it's implications are of "the eros", as a pure living thing that tries to leave it seed according to exciting violent male breath sound and movement sounds of the excited male.

Eight or nine cases out of ten there is unique vigor in the corner where there are different kinds of demon birds and the demon beasts which will be prepared as a force were collected, low-class soldiers fed them a large quantity of meals like the breeding staff of a zoo.

The armor, carried by a great number of wagons bumped together with a noise clattering lightly, and are taken to the appointed place and delivered to soldier's a hand.

I simply investigate it a bit with fission (small body clone), and I understood it well so it would be better if the preparations for the [Holy War] should be advanced steadily.

As good as it is, in order to be proportional, movement of scouts in each country released in 【 Sacred Fire Mountain of Oni's Howl 】 are also more active.

I collected information before going to war. It will be quite expected useful of course.

It may be difficult when something occurs without forewarning, it's a case of understanding beforehand in case of a time like this.

Therefore anyone should gather proper intelligence about the topography or the appearing dungeon monsters, unless they are an outstanding half-wit.

Since a lack of intelligence related to the war can be fatal, they understand that it become a brinkmate (A shogi move with no escape - Checkmate).

However, I am not such a good-natured person so as to give information easily.

Though I might not be called as person (human) but an [Oni] instead, but lets put it aside now.

In addition with trick devices and a flock of dungeon monsters that I have been scattering since before as scout counter-plan, so as not to let them from advance a certain constant distance as they mahev beofe, with giant soaring wall made of massive lava which are towering to sky high, I built the canal such as the deep cliff newly on this side.

Naturally, this kind of thing does not have a bridge to pass, and magma drifts to the bottom of the canal like a river in reference to the place where there is a trap, the structure not to put it in the deep part even if there is an overland route.

As for a certain ability scout that can only subdue a dungeon monster, the effect is great since they would give up if its indeed impossible, isn't it?

Provided that it is impossible to pass on foot in this composition, but there is a flaw that one might leap over from the sky.

As I would expect, it is too troublesome to make a ceiling in the labyrinth of a 【Natural Encirclement type】, and there are not many means to do so either.

For a case when penetration from the sky is attempted, I let a spirit fire dragon make a nest with 【True Dragon Spirit-making】 on the lava wall, and I placed a lot of invisible gravity traps while I'm at it.

Not only will you get attacked by those spirit-made dragons if you try to leap or fly over here, but also crashing with the sudden force of gravity exerted by surprise which is the perfection of the hunting ground.

Until the commencement of the [Holy War], I may shut out the information from here on the deep area that is scheduled to become the main battlefield.

Thinking of such a thing while occasionally tampering with the labyrinth with sounds of knocking and clattering (kachikachi~katakata), I mumblingly chew 【Blau Roper Scissor(Pruning shears of Rose God)】 / 【ブラウロープルーシザ(薔薇神之剪定鋏)】.

【 Sacred Treasure 】 is hard after all, I don't seem to be able to crunch it easily.

However, as a person who had experienced the taste of a 【 sacred treasures 】 once, nothing less than the spice to enjoy rather than taste such unpalatable small amount.

The joy of getting to the end of the struggle. Only the person who has experienced it will understand that.

When I bite it whole-heartedly, it chipped more quickly than before.

Immediately, the mystery that is contained from the chipped part―【 Mysterious Power ( Idea ) 】 pours out, a thunderbolt of paradise surges to a whole body starting from the mouth.

My reasoning power would be blown off if I'm unskilled. I'm almost controlled by the delight whose might become the slave of food.

However, I was able to thoroughly enjoy a limit of the good flavor the details without being thrown in the torrent of the overwhelming gratitude unlike the past simply because I experienced it once.

I surely felt the sweet fragrance of the rose which was about to appeal to the sense of smell that there was not simply because I was able to keep my composure when I ate the【 Treasure Core Ring of Spring Water God ( Anklet.Riam) 】.

My brain would be stimulated by the fragrance, overcome many trials of getting on by the time its blooming petals open. spread out open I see the vision of the short-lived rose beautifully in full bloom letting me feel it.

Various types of roses in full bloom all over the view, seem to totally bless the world.

After all I who have limited vocabulary cannot express all by words in me, it is helplessly delicious, So I say to leave it at that.

Because the person who has not tasted it may not even be imagine it even if I repeat ten thousand words.

Anyway, it seemed to become fairly easy to eat after having its part chipped or once missing.

Crunch crunch ~ munch munch as I eat it smoothly.

Why is that I can so easily eat it? as I suddenly thought the question.

Well, Probably with there having been (eat as live) live off the experience once, it is because I use 【Gambling Dice】 that is one of the 【 Sacred Treasure 】 similarly before the eating start.

It is Pinzoro [ピンゾロ] in the protruding eyes (number of pips visible after a throw of the dice) which I shaken as the condition to trigger 【 Roulette Destiny(Constant Whimsical Change of Fate) 】 that is one of the ability of 【 Dice of Gambling God 】 being lucky.

It has an extraordinary effect which triggered when normally executing about ten times, it is a state given to my whole body which is wrapped in a soft golden light.

I invoke something like 【 Probability Change 】 and 【 Luck 】 as merely my insistence to make it work better.

Thereupon, the 【 Probability 】 that can be masticated goes up, it might be easy to eat than before.

Or is this because some levels got risen apart from 【 Fierce God ( OVERLORD)】?

Though I don't understand the correct answer, for the time being until the day of the [Holy War], I will collect information about the surrounding area.

And like that I work many things further until dusk, Lying down on a large-scale bed where several set up moreover long-awaited in a luxurious master's cabin of 【 Anburassem Parabellum 】 then I can sleep calmly at night with Kanami-chan and Redhead ――

[ All of the commencement conditions of World Psalms [Tale of Black Eclipse Oni] Chapter 6 has been met.

Paragraph 1 【 Oni of Thunder ( Oluva.Lord)】,

Paragraph 2 【 Embody of Salvation(Seva・Foru)】,

Paragraph 3 【 Remark of the Arriving Dragon(Bligh・Douran)

Paragraph 4 【 Bringing Earth( Sukuri・Vor ) 】,

Paragraph 5 【 Revision of the communication device( Keysa ・Var Rye ) 】,

Paragraph 6 【 Path of the Domination Shrine( Rudan・Kasui ) 】,

Paragraph 7 【 Prison of Wrought Warrior( Gurk・Vanhi) 】,

Paragraph 8 【 Blade of the fool( Urneed・Zarda) 】,

Paragraph 9 【 Wave of the military flame( Hellburn・Arc) 】,

Paragraph 10 【 Axe of the Demon Beast( Guyzar・Axe) 】,

Paragraph 11 【 Poetry of Deliverance Saint( Savior・Current) 】,

Final Paragraph 【 Banquet of the Fierce God( Vaiz・Guneed) 】 according to liberating condition [KURIA] are up to proceed.

Due to the book of Psalms has already progressed from paragraph 1 【 Oni of Thunder 】 to paragraph 7 【 Prison of Wrought Warrior 】, it cannot obtain all of completion bonus.

However, It is possible to obtain everything by doing condition hidden to each paragraph of the remaining in Kuria.

World Psalms [Tale of Black Eclipse Oni] Chapter 6 【 Advancement of the God Evil Gluttony 】 was started from Paragraph 8 【 Blade of the Fool 】.

Wish for good fight ]

―― Similarly like before, The announcement without choices of ≪YES≫≪NO≫ echoed in mind.

Well, as the remains, let what will be are going to be afterward.

TL note:

  • Allied Force -> formed under Holy Kingdom upon Human supremacy
  • Allied Armies -> majority of Demi-human under Demon Empire and non alliance to Holy Kingdom
  • Therianthrope, If you know the typical cat girl or wolf girl on certain anime.
  • Eiyuu -> Heroes whose ability more about military term, differ from Yuusha which is more superior than Eiyuu (Heros) on individual ability.
  • Eros ? something like sexual love
  • Kuria seems refer to "book's" name
  • (kachikachi~katakata) -> sounds effect
  • Pinzoro [ピンゾロ] -> I don't remember about this or doesn't really pay attention on Holy Land of Gambling Arc
  • You might seen the Paragraph name in the rubi are strange but I try my best to interpret it from kana.

Day 330 == Day 331 == Day 332


Day 331

We will focus on various ways adjusting the 【 Sacred Fire Mountain of the Howl of Oni 】  to be the main battlefield in the morning today.

After all, a few days left until the date of announcement.

Due than to be completed in the last minute, it is something that Nozomeru? in production in prudent state in both mind and body who have to finish quickly.

Become a deadline last minute, and panic is to stay up all night to work overtime to rush and I was completed in production can not rest as it is, like a the do not want as much as possible.

[Demon overload] is not only tough flesh as, [day and night] there is no problem in physical strength surface by such as, mental fatigue can not be ignored.

Only in this time of opponent, you should listen on prudent state.

Private affairs well put that like, now, this pair [nemesis world enemy of the world] was formed around the holy kingdom is a race determined to crusade allied forces - in addition to the Holy Kingdom and the Kingdom and the Empire three countries, the number little has been configured with [EiIsamu] us of some of the small country, which said that the vassal state of the Holy Kingdom - and the emperor allied forces that have been formed by its vassal us [king] of the magic empire and the beast kingdom, [ it is in the middle you are close to one after another rally of the border zone border Place] that separates the outside world and 【 Sacred Fire Mountain of the Howl of Oni 】.

However, to say that and have been rallying, it is not in the same place from the situation, such as a simple geography or has been hostile for many years and Holy Kingdom principle was that the humans are supreme.

It is not an intended mono, the two camps are building a temporary base at the point where facing each other across between the【 Sacred Fire Mountain of the Howl of Oni 】.

Since the [Holy War] that it is this state will be inevitably a pincer once it starts, in the things to keep in mind so that it is not inadvertently stabbed in the back.

Both sides to advance steadily preparation because it is working in earnest to this [Holy War], has become a large force of only both can fall even if the country accustomed to its care.

If ours is not folded, when the coalition forces and the allied forces are assumed to have a head-on collision, enormous damage of scale commensurate occurs, the balance of the neighboring countries would collapse greatly.

Both, it's is a good state to say that nearly all-out war.

Since then with a, let that be a little more brief description of the forces of both sides.

Although about two thousand people and the soldiers the number of what little the direction of allied forces, all of which is [Monster] and [Beastman] racial in magic amount and the physical ability, such as it is composed only of those who are better.

Moreover, it was carried out the day-to-day rigorous training among them to compete this time, it's elite that has been missing diving to many of Gods dungeons.

Therefore, it would be considered to be the actual number times the strength of a few.

Elite troops, which is governed by one of the intention is relentlessly chasing prey, not willing also be fling at their own life and Osoikakari?, it weakened Throat chewing torn Ru herd of hounds moment.

It is no exaggeration to do so expressed.

In contrast, those of allied forces is inferior in the soldiers of quality compared with the allied forces.

However, the number was anyway often several times more allies.

Alone were counted as cursory, ten thousand has been exceeded.

Because the [hero] that really shines there are multiple precisely when you have led a subordinate number of which were collectively the Allies, it's mean of course there's the number is large.

[Generation] or [hero] of some that have the ability that is similar to it, but it can his real ability in alone, it is because only a small part, is the number of so far.

Although small fish just is not only without any cumbersome things interesting, here there are many prey, and I wonder should rejoice.

Well, yet because it is the state that are waiting until the [Holy War] is started, now there many towards the camp of non-combatants to take care of personal belongings.

And actually fight, it would be even less.

Anyway, this and Allied position number is present only there is almost bustle like the city.

Some big shout of training to those who, voice laugh in order to drown the fear also heard coming.

And Force leaked from the part of the tent wonder there are prostitute, suggests that sexual love as pure organisms that try to leave the seeds from such rough breathing sound and operation sound of excited male.

To wonder Matricaria and corner Louis has been collected of the magical beast are available in all likelihood as a force there is lively Dokutoku, junior soldiers were doing a lot of bait as keeper of the zoo.

Weapons carried by many of the wagon clash lightly with Japan Mini?, we will be delivered to the hands of soldiers is to go with the specified location.

Even just I checked in a little minute body, it was found better to prepare for [Holy War] is steadily underway.

It's the good, but to be proportional to it,【 Sacred Fire Mountain of the Howl of Oni 】national scout our movement that has been released into the interior have also become more active.

It will collect the information before the fight. It would be of only natural.

It may be difficult if it is not generated forerunner, but in this case it is cases where it is known in advance.

So terrain and appearance gathering of information about such dungeon monster that is going do Everyone is as long as it is not imaginary only person to a great extent.

Because of lack of information related to the fight come related to life directly, even it is seen to become desperate.

However, I'm not your man good enough give information easily.

Currently there are also things that demon rather than the people, but it now is placed.

In addition to the herd and the gimmick of dungeon monsters that have been made from the previous as a scout measures, chunky and lava made of 巨壁 stand towering heaven from a certain distance so as not to proceed to the first, and moat, such as a deep cliff in the front me was newly constructed.

to the bridge Nante kind things for over course not, because the magma by reference to the phrase place to the bottom of the moat is flowing like a river, it's structure is not put in the deep even if met by land.

Scout who some ability enough to subdue the dungeon monsters, or the effect would not be enormous because they give up that it is impossible indeed.

However it is impossible to come across to walk that it is this composition, but there is a drawback that there may not Tobikose from the sky.

And to make the ceiling in the labyrinth of truly [natural siege type] is too cumbersome, too much sense not to do so.

Therefore, in case it is entering from the sky, purifying fire dragon who was purified by [true dragon purification] on top of the lava wall not made a nest and in passing place many also invisible gravitational trap.

Not only is attacked by a purification dragon us if fly with this, it's the completion of the hunting grounds no choice but to fall by gravity according to the unexpected.

To [Holy War] start, information of the deep area of the plan to be the main battlefield will be shut out in this.

While I think such a thing while ticking rattling and occasionally grope the labyrinth, and gnaw the Garden Of The Black Rose Of The Howl Of Oni and munch.

Again [sacred treasure] is hard, it is not the middle people Kamikudake? likely.

But once as those who know the taste of the [sacred treasures] is only a spice for you to enjoy the taste rather difficulty eating of this degree.

Supreme pleasure to get to the end of the struggle. Only to those who have experienced once, we will not know.

If you are biting into single-mindedness, it was missing early part than before.

Mystery has been included from the missing place as soon - [divine power Idea] is overflowing, whole body to thunder of paradise is spurting starting from the mouth.

If poor reason is blown off, it becomes likely to be dominated by the pleasure that could become the food of slaves.

But precisely because had once experience, previous and without being washed away by the difference the overwhelming gratitude of the torrent was able to enjoy the ultimate in delicious down to the details.

Precisely because there is a margin, it was not when you have eaten the [Shimizu Kaminotakara Kakuwa Anne Kuritori am], and felt sure the sweet smell of roses to come appeal to sense of smell.

Will the brain is stimulated to smell, and overcame many of the ordeal by the time open a flower, but blooming ephemeral rose illusion look beautiful without feeling it.

Various kinds of roses in full glory in one side visibility, seems to like blessing the world.

Again in my poor vocabulary can not be expressed in words all that, how delicious without trying, and just let us affirm.

to never tasted who, because would not imagine even superimposed the words of man.

Anyway, it seems to have become reasonably easy to eat and from missing once.

It goes steadily eaten and crunchy munch.

I wonder why it's Kueru in so easy, and I think suddenly wonder.

Well, probably the one time that 喰 there was a solid experience, because with a one [dice gambling dice Noriyuki gambling God] of the same [sacred treasures] Before you begin downy 喰.

Pinzolo to that outcome is good luck that was shaken in a state of being trigger the [fate roulette Destiny that per pass on a whim] is one of the ability of the dice Noriyuki gambling God].

has the extraordinary potency of about ten times when normally it was triggered, my whole body's state of being wrapped in a pale golden light.

Dissed and only to the probability change] and [good luck], etc. also be triggered.

Then chewable [probability] increases, would not has become easy to eat than before.

Or [demon overload] or because the level went up a little as.

I do not know the correct answer, I think for the time being until the day of the [Holy War], and let's also collected so sides of the information.

Then the working Other than various ways until the evening, and Cana on top of the large bed at night that several people are sleeping comfortably installed in the luxurious captain chamber of [Anburasse-time para base ram No. Because the long-awaited a next to it is made along with the beauty and her red hair short us -

[World Psalm [black 蝕鬼 story] all the conditions for starting the [advice of Kamiwazawai gluttony] sixth chapter has been met.

[Demon Oru~uba Lloyd of thunder] first Section by the release conditions clear, Section second [current Seva folder of Salvation], [saying Bligh-Duran of coming dragon] third Section, earth subscription of the fourth Section [Shorai · Vaulx-en], modified Kisa-Barai of the fifth Section [Den device], road Rudan, ptosis of Section 6 [Hamiya], prison Guruku-Banhi of Section 7 [Takenate], Section eighth [Fool's blade Urunido-Zaruda], Section ninth [wave Herubun arc military flame], Section tenth [ax Gaizaru Axe Monster], poetry Seibal-current] of the tenth paragraph [救聖, the final clause [demon Feast Vaise-Gunido] go to.

Since Psalms had already progressed from [demon of thunder] Section first to [prison of Takenate] Section 7, you can not get all the success fees.

However, it is possible to obtain all by clearing the conditions hidden in each of the remaining sections.

World Psalm [black 蝕鬼 story] [advice of Kamiwazawai gluttony] sixth chapter was started from Section eighth [blade of fools].

I wish you good luck]

- As before, «YES» «NO» choices there is no announcement was echoed in the brain.

Well, so it will be after.



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