Day 329

Day 319

I add the early-morning training with the usual list, but also added some minor bosses to rush though for the only ones who have an interest in it.

Though it is a simple matter to continuously subdue dungeon monsters with their ability's they are a bit inferior to a Floor Boss, probably because it was a first time to members seen the species which they had not fought so far, few of them seem to have a hard time to get used to it.

They got powered up more than before I ruled over the place, even so, it really can't be helped right?

Well, they should be easily defeated if gotten used to, also they'll be making a great effort for a while until found the capture method.

With something like that to set aside, I go with several members to 【Flames of Fire Dragon Mountain】 using the gate of the Howl of Oni.

Though the flying division are coming to the cool location in 【Flames of Fire Dragon Mountain】, and yet it was plenty hot to pass by.

The thing that could be transferred together as many as we can from 【Aquarium】 is its cold and abundant water, but the drop of temperature might be too big. Since I took measures beforehand, there was only damage at the minimum, personal constitution among the member whom I brought, or, the persons who easily got exhausted that is typical to its race or tribes.

From the Therianthrope group whose the whole body got covered with the hair are typical to the tendency, and also there are a lot of undead groups etc. that like dark, cold place.

Members whom I brought this time were all scattered to test their ability for environmental adaptation of each tribes, but turned out about as expected to some extent.

As expected according to the prior planning, I might have to divide the battlefield.

Then just as it be, from 【Flames of Fire Dragon Mountain】 again through Gate of the Howl of Oni, in regards to the Labyrinth group - - 【Aquarium】 which was plundered by me and under my control, 【The Stone Statue Corridor Of The Oni's Howl】, 【The Black Rose Garden Of The Oni's Howl】, 【Gambling House Of The Oni's Howl】, 【Anbrassm Parabellum】, 【Holy Sea Foods Meal Cavity Of The Fierce God】.

I made sure of whether it was easy to fight for the tribes here, and the plan has been decided in general.

Nonetheless, the 8 Demon Generals that were led thru 【Flames of Fire Dragon Mountain】 by me seems should defeat each one such as 【Savior】 and 【Saint】, and then fight with High ranked 【Heroes】and 【Emperor】, and other members should also crush several 【Brave Heroes】 who divided into group are sounds good.

By the way, why'd they assemble to battle together?, To that point, there are some reasons.

First, they receive involvement together by make a war against us, out of reason so we would be anxious and cannot fight with best effort.

Next, when 【Demon Emperor】 with the strong influence for military forces and 【Eiyuu】 have assemble, it might cause their soldiers strengthening and restoration.

Thus, it would be disadvantageous if I make frontal clash against them due to greatly inferior to the numbers, would I do that?

Well, although I can supplement the war potential shortage with straight mature form creation, but I got complicated consideration since the experience value to members will decrease if I kill too much.

Anyway, I handled miscellaneous routine duties in various ways in order to straighten the battlefield.

TL note :

  • Therianthrope is a tribe that has humanoid form of a beast. Mostly, looks like human with some beast parts such as ears, eyes, fur, also tail and etc.
  • Eiyuu has meaning as Hero but also means more Great man on a country, a figure that have might have great influences in military field or extraordinary individual with great talent and accomplishment to a country.
  • Yuusha also means Hero, but has superior meaning as Brave man, mostly also superior in battle than normal as Individual. Usually refer for Aces that also superior growth on their strength whose abilities will in involved against crisis.
  • Demon (Ma) word that refer to Demon Emperor here is different from Oni. Demon here would refer to Devil or Mazoku.
  • Oni's Howl Gate is a warp gate that placed to each Demigod-God rank dungeon that Rou has owned so he can travel between them.

Day 328 == Day 329 == Day 330

Google Translation (needs editing)

Day 329

Early morning, in addition to the usual training schedule, I hope to add in a small boss rush for the people to experience.

The simple but content that continuous subdue the dungeon monsters of slightly inferior performance than the dungeon boss, or if there members us also that it was first seen tribes have never fought so far, it is a little having trouble it seems.

Since I have been enhanced than before by who ruled here, whether it will also not be helped.

Well, but it also must become easily defeated if it gets used, it has been found while struggling to capture method to it.

Well put, I will take several members, it has moved to the 【Funeral Volcano】 using the Funeral Gate.

Compartment flew but become cool place among the 【Funeral Volcano】, but still was hot in more than enough.

Water, coupled also be referred to move from 【Funeral Boiler Falls】 rich and frosty, drop in temperature might be too large. Although damage was only minimal, since has been performed prior to the measures, some of the team members that brought or personal constitution, or those who came out to become ethnic immediately Heba~tsu.

Trend specific to the beast-human race was that whole body was covered with hair. There are many such undead who prefer dark, cold places.

Members who have been brought this time it all the disparate in order to see the race each of the environment adaptive capacity, but it has become to some extent a result of the expected.

As planned, we should split up the battlefield.

With that said, through the Funeral Gate again from 【Funeral Volcano】, Labyrinth group is under the looting dominated - 【Funeral Boiler Falls】, 【Gallery of Funeral Statues】, 【Funeral Black Rose Garden】, 【Funeral Gambling House】, 【Ship Ambrasm Parabellum】, 【Demon's Den of Precious Seafood Meals】 - to go around the.

To ascertain again whether easy to fight racial, it was decided largely plan.

Again Hachioni is [Messiah] and [Saint] was me, led by 【Funeral Volcano】, then fight [Heroes] and [Emperor] our upper level, and the other team members each individual defeat a [Hero] who were divided. It looks good it is to.

By the way, why not fight it hardens, it's that, but the reason is there are several.

First, cry collateral if fight with ours, ours also because not fight with full force in the mood.

Then, when have solidified the [Hero] and [Mattei] there is a strong influence on the army, because the soldiers do not could be enhanced overlap.

Because we are greatly inferior in numbers, if I fight fairly, there would be a disadvantage.

Well, although the lack of strength is compensated by body regeneration, it is a difficult solution because the combat experience that team members can otherwise obtain through kills is reduced.

Anyway, I was doing various tasks in order to prepare for the [Holy War].






















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