Day 328

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Day 328

The day of departure came.

After I finished parting with the group that stayed behind, such as Blacksmith-san, Sisters-san, Alchemist-san and Doriane-san, I concentrated on the ≪ Outside Training Area ≫ for a moment, and I finished things, such as confirmation of several plans and a headcount.

Since the preparations had already been done, we rode several large skeleton centipedes separately one by one.

There is no air route with dragons this time, even if choosing the land route by large skeleton centipede might be a little bit strange.

However, there is a reason for this.

Obviously, the air route using dragons is faster. It is possible to travel in no time. I might not hesitate either and use the air route if it was only a few people.

However, a lot of dragons are needed if moving approximately 3,000 people at a time.

As expected, if dragons of such a number moved in one the direction at the same time, the neighboring monsters which sensed their presence might be frenzied. Or perhaps I should say, I am almost sure of it.

Though it is safe in several cases, a fairly huge dragon is necessary when carrying several numbers. Thus, a huge dragon is such a high-level existence of high-ranking kinds that, excluding very few exceptions, it is a threat equal to a natural disaster.

Realizing it is similar to a large-scale typhoon that passes in the vicinity or a large earthquake occuring, it flies by practicing magic principally from the wing, even at times which it cannot check the comparison visually or at most fly, it is very difficult to conceal all the enormous magical powers that a high-level dragon kind scatters at the time of flight, increasing the chances that they will be sensed.

To begin with, since a high-ranking dragon kind of that level has such a greater sense of a powerful existence compared to a group of lower class dragon, meaning that if there are few numbers of them could cause the same effect. ~

So that being the case, the reason goes with moving with the land route.

They're easy to be concealed in this case because it doesn't casually scatter magical power, there are fewer of them if I compare their influences.

However, it was planned that the main battlefield of the [Holy War] would be on 【 The Sacred Fire Mountain of the Oni's Howl 】 which I owned before hand after using 【 Dungeon Plunder - The Underworld Oni's Howl 】, since it takes too much time if I go by the normal land route.

Thus, it is convenient to head to the place that is geographically nearby to shorten the time it takes to reach Labyrinth CityAquarium≫, where 【 The Waterfall basin of the Water Oni's Howl 】 exists.

Just in case, to decrease the possibility of being discovered, as much as possible, by someone nearby or far away, before reaching Labyrinth CityAquarium≫ , I went through the places where the public eye won't notice large skeleton centipedes, which is a condition to let me execute 【 Hiding 】 in forests.

Though the route took a detour, the large skeleton centipede's terrain traversing power was all there.

They ran through without care even if it is the forest, a valley, or if there is a monster's den on its path, and I was able to arrive at the Labyrinth CityAquarium≫ at midnight.

After I did some sightseeing, I entered quickly by showing 【King recognition promissory note】 from the princess tomboy which was accepted by the soldiers who are guarding the entrance.

As expected, there were less crowds of people around since it was already late.

However, since I can hear the cheerful laughter from the tavern, the eye-witnesses that come alongside the entrance of 【 The Waterfall Basin of the Water Oni's Howl 】 increased, so I let members on break get into 【 The Waterfall Basin of the Water Oni's Howl 】 quickly.

Afterwards, I moved to a deserted place in the surroundings, then we transferred to an isolated space in the 49th floor that I developed beforehand and at once prepared a warp gate that, with one step through reached the other side in an instant.

Knowing the possibilities to come, the space that I prepared beforehand is widely comfortable, and even if there were these many numbers, I was able to afford some more.

Since I am going to take a rest here today, I fixed myself a bedroom where I tried cooking a dish or something to pass the time.

Since I had done the drill training, it's easy and there is no trouble to instruct everyone.

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Day 328

Departure day came.

Blacksmith-san and Sisters-san, finished the greeting of the Alchemist-san and Dorian's our residual set and farewell, once rallied to «External Training Grounds», to dispense briefly and confirmation of the number of people confirmed and appointments.

Because it is possible to already prepared if done, it went successively rode on a few of the Large Skeleton Centipede.

Well, this is not a flying dragon by us, that chose the land route by Large Skeleton Centipede might think a little strange.

But, this is a reason.

Fast is better flying by dragon our course. Quickly we can move. You can easily find a small number of people would have to flying without hesitation I also.

But, however, when it comes to moving about three thousand people at once truly dragon who a few hundred animals from dozens becomes necessary.

If the move is expected, in the same direction at once dragon is of such a number, monsters who perceive the periphery of the sign is not could to frenzy. Or rather, I will almost certainly.

It's okay if a few animals, but we need quite a huge dragon If you carry a few horses. And giant dragon is a high-level presence of significant species, except for very few exceptions, it is a threat equal to the natural disaster.

As major earthquake can be seen if the occurrence or passing a large typhoon in the vicinity, on the relationship to fly using mainly the magic than wing, even flying a high-altitude you can not even visible, high-level dragon species were seeded at the time of flight it is very difficult to hide all the vast magical power that dissipate, we would have been perceive a high probability.

To begin with high level higher dragon species because there is a strong presence than the lower dragon species flock, meaning even fewer So thin.

With that said, it is a translation that moves by land.

and to also easy to conceal, since it is this if not casually SPILL magic, less if compared to the impact.

But main battlefield of jihad because it is expected to be [Kikoku God volcano] was first obtained by the [Labyrinth looting Dungeon plunder-Kikoku alien world], it takes too much time to be celebrating normally by land.

Therefore, the aim this time geographically is good near usability, is a labyrinth city «Akuriamu» that [basin of Kikoku water] exists.

Once, in order to reduce the possibility of until near the labyrinth city «Akuriamu» is found in someone as much as possible, skull large centipede our state of being activated and [hidden body hiding] the stick not place a glance, such as in the forest The run through the ride to.

Although there is a somewhat circuitous route, there Toha force of skeleton large centipede.

It would be forest, but it would be the valley, but it would be den of monsters and ran through to the just and there is no relationship, we were able to arrive in the middle of the night in the labyrinth city «Akuriamu».

Beyond the little nature tourism, the soldiers who have hardened the entrance to show the [king 認手 type] that I got from the tomboy princess entering swish swish.

For indeed time slow, pedestrian traffic around less.

But because they hear also hilarious laughter from such tavern, to alongside the entrance of the [basin of Kikoku water], [waterfall of Kikoku water] the Members who were riding Sassa and within the witness does not increase It was a rush.

It was then moved to there is no popular place around, go once transition in a moment until the quarantine space to expand the warp gate is building to forty-nine floor of the lowermost one step forward.

Whether it would be such a thing, the space that had been prepared in advance widely and comfortable, even if large number of here there was some margin.

Because it is expected to rest here today, we have to act your own you can arrange their own minced fish, and or building a cuisine.

To only have been a march training, it's very easy without instructing labor.