Day 326

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Day 326

During the morning training, I was called by Blacksmith-san

Apparently, it seems that she has completed the halberd.

Aa.., when I excitedly went there to look for it.., the 【 Workshop 】 was noisy as usual.

However, the work has also settled down a little bit in these past several days since there has been a lot less pressure. Seeing as the departure is the day after tomorrow, we should be able to afford more mess than we have now.

"There..there..", despite being deep in thought, Blacksmith-san came to me with a self-satisfied look when I arrived at her workshop.

In a similar way, the triumphant blacksmith dwarf chief does a daunting pose by folding his arms.

The solidly built physique of blacksmith dwarf chief, and the daunting pose made by folding arms came off as a dignified presence, but the innocent glare and the sparkling from his both eyes are as pure as child's.

Aside from that, even if the bearded face old man has such eyes, he isn't cute.

While saying "This is our best masterpiece!", Blacksmith-san took out the halberd. I understood that the status was different at first sight.

The magic metal which I had extracted from my silver arm, its long shaft comprised of the new magic alloys in question, the huge hue axe-head that compressed ice of frozen soil, the long spearhead with the sharpness that made a form of thunder that gushes out to the air, a thick pick with a hue like that of a super-high temperature, and the black butt end like condensed land were all new.

Not only has it greatly improved the abilities that were kept on each part of it, but she also embedded the【 Soul Gem of Jade Eagle King 】 exactly in the central part of the long shaft.

As a result, I seem to become able to develop a new ability, which also needs to be confirmed later.

It was very different than before, as the halberd had more overall growth and became familiar to handle, even more so than before.

The weight also went up adequately and it seems to weigh several more kilos. Normally, the weight would make it harder to use, and yet the current me could use it freely even without any abilities.

Rather, this much heavier version seemed much easier to handle and more natural.

I went out at once and tried to pull off the usual forms.

I get warmed up to get into a more integrated sense, and have the red spear, curse spear, black body spear in each arm and stand opposite to an imaginary enemy.

I pretend the enemy is Minokichi-kun.

It is image training in the end, but the performance of the halberd is pretty good.

There is no distorted thing even if I swing it around at a speed that far exceeds the speed of sound and there is also no need to modify the grip either. I seem to be able to use this much strength at ease, and do something somewhat unreasonable would also be possible.

After I had it confirmed, I hugged Blacksmith-san and showed her my gratitude.

I also hugged Alchemist-san who came over to where I was working on the confirmation and handled miscellaneous routine duties afterwards.

I got the business done quickly today and went to bed.

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Day 326

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During the morning of training, I was called by Blacksmith-san.

Apparently it seems that halberd was completed.

Oh, and when I went in great glee, the «Workshop» was noisy, as usual.

But either because the work has also settled down a little in the last few days, I feel that the desperation had faded. Since the departure date was the day after tomorrow, it is better that there is a margin or than has been messy even now.

Well good, and when I arrived at the workshop of Blacksmith-san while I think, was there Blacksmith-san's face.

It is right next to same doss face of blacksmith length Dwarf you are Niodachi in a state in which his arms folded.

Although firmly with the physique of a blacksmith length dwarf is the figure which was Niodachi there is dignity, pair of eyes that shine with Lang Lang is a like innocence as children.

Although father of bearded is not cute even if such a eye, it aside.

"This is our masterpiece!" said Blacksmith-san who had taken out a halberd while saying was found at a glance with the previous and the case is different.

Silver Arm Nagara is constituted by a new magic alloy of magic metal and examples extracted from a huge ax-head of the shade, such as compressing the ice of frozen soil, long pike and as the lightning spurting the sky to form sharp, ultra-thick pick of shade as if harboring high fever, black ferrule, such as condensed the earth.

Not only greatly improves the ability is imparted to the respective portions than before, and it is embedded with [Lord Spirit Stone of Four Wings Jade Eagle ] in the central portion.

As it by but seems so capable of expressing the new capabilities, it is also to confirm later.

Earlier and unchanged, dokoroka halberd that fits in the hand than previously, have overall increased only slightly.

Weight also rise correspondingly, it is likely to be several tens of kilometers away. It is a weight that struggling to otherwise be treated, but can be handled freely without the ability, if the current me.

Rather, this much heavier seemed much easier to handle.

Once you go out and try to shed one way type.

You can also use it as glue Xing to the integration to go sense to use, Shuyari, Noroiyari, has black biological spear in each arm, opposite the enemy on the imagination.

It's Mino Gil-kun's assumed.

Essentially it's image training, but the performance of the halberd is pretty good.

Without be distorted even swing at a speed exceeding the speed of sound, nor be modified in grip strength. If this level of intensity, to likely be able to use it with confidence, and could also somewhat reckless.

After confirming I showed my appreciation by hugging Blacksmith-san.

It came during the confirmation work Alchemist-san also hugged, then I went to go do the chores.

When I have finished the errands today, I quickly fell asleep.