Day 325

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Day 325

After morning training today, I saw Kanami-chan and Redhead going to the pond who were among the great forest with Alchemist-san and children.

I saw the fish that were swimming by the clear water, a nice place where a soft wind blows through.

Since I had become too tense for a moment in the counter-plan for the holy war, it also serves as a little breather and family duty.

Though Blacksmith-san is busy and unfortunately absent. Still, spending time together this way is just nice and becomes a recreation.

I may be somewhat carefree with thought, but someone will die in the holy war.

They might be members and they might be children. Even Kanami-chan and me are likely still possible to die.

As for the deaths, there are plenty of ways if I do not want to die and don't want to let any members die.

Break military forces of the formation state from the distance endlessly, spread the epidemic in the enemy country, and assassinate them for sure one by one.

That will be nice only if it wins. Even for me as a single ogre, it would succeed so long as there is enough time.

To begin with, if I don't find the enemy base in its current state, they could begin setting things one-sidedly without trouble either.

But then it will be useless.

The obtained experience value would be concentrated on me too much, I would execute the trial that members should get over as a proxy.

Though there are many reasons that it might still not big enough to benefit members, it is not a good thing for the future to miss the opportunity to grow up greatly either.

In the first place, I cannot do it bluntly due to the desire from the members: "I want to fight".

We might be attracted simply because it is a battlefield where ones have risked their lives, but the desire certainly exists in how much we want to demonstrate the power which cultivated by training in the actual combat.

Typical to the tribe, there are many people expecting and hoping for war, not peace. They desire the battlefield where the instinct quarrels with one's own flesh and blood.

However, average members might not be needed, and there is also my personal thought that discarding things might also become the choice if the difference becomes any greater.

The part where my rational ideas are thinking might pick such a choice though the possibility might be extremely low. However, our current state already has generative capacity ability of many tribes.

The generative capacity is excellent. It is convenient such that it may be said that to be overly superior.

The common soldiers who can use it till the end without hesitation will keep generating it as long as they has magical power, and this application works for many aspects as long as it meets the conditions.

It could be said that they are a colony while being a simple unit.

However, the member who is there from the beginning is me and and the blood relative family.

The members who joined later are an existence like the apprentice who trains, and also the fellow with companion-like 【 nakama 】 feeling.

There is a little possibility that I might discard them, but this is unnecessary due to the generative capacity they have, what I say to myself but as just as expected, I don't think it is a good idea.

Therefore, though I am recommending members to participate, the holy war was made voluntary participation not compulsion. The plan is worked over because they don't lose spirit as much as possible and pay attention to the details like geographical features.

I am likely able to win in 9 cases out of 10, and the present conditions will considerably lessen the damages.

However, those never exists in the battle.

It is surely not a mistake that the match has ended before it starts, but there are certainly some existences that able to overturn it.

The likes of 【 Savior 】and 【 Heroes 】 or something like 【 Emperor 】are the first on the list.

It would be possible that they might to get enough chances of victory from the slight possibility.

Therefore, a time like this is necessary.

There would be a few regrets if it were to happen in that kind of situation, Aaa..if it possible to die while thinking that moment* and doing something like that* being (at war) would be nice.

Or, is it the same? Since we live from desires such as the ability to struggle and wanting to thoroughly enjoy a good time.

As for other members, they will able to spend their time as they please.

TL note: moment* refer to "recreation"; that* refer battlefield moment

Day 324 == Day 325 == Day 326

Google Translate Day 325, NEEDS EDITING

After a morning of training, it was seen to go to the pond that is in the large forest brought such Kanami-chan, Redhead, Alchemist-san and children today.

Look good fish swimming in clear water, soft wind is a good place to blows.

Since recently had been a little nervous in the measures towards the holy war, it also serves as a little breather and family services.

Only absence is busy Blacksmith-san unfortunately, but still just right to become to the mood conversion spend thus in everyone.

You might think what the carefree, and, but will someone die in the holy war.

It's not might members us, it might be children. Even Kanami and I might die, maybe.

Well, if you just do not want simply to die, if do not want anyone to die the Members us, there is a way in how much if now.

The hit endlessly an army of producers from a distance, to spread the plague in the enemy, we will surely assassination one person.

It is okay with you if you just win. Even in my single demon, it's somehow become likely if they have time.

To begin with enemy if status quo that not even find a base here, unilaterally to launch thing is that there is no difficulty, such as.

But, so it's useless.

The resulting experience is too much concentrated on me, team members have I resulting in on behalf of the ordeal to be overcome.

The reason is other there are many also, would still large is that not for Members us. To lose the opportunity to grow significantly, no regards also for the future.

The first place can not be a free under the Members of our desire to "want to fight".

Because it was risking the life battlefield there is that it would have been fascinated by what, desire to exert in combat cultivated force in day-to-day training will certainly exist.

Also ethnic, who often want a war than peace. It's to craving the battlefield instinct wash blood with blood.

If more of the difference is Hirogare, eliminates the need for general members who is maybe, it would truncate it also might become an option, there is also a personal feeling that.

Possibility would be extremely low, but the current situation, which already has a generation capacity of multi-race, is part of my rational thought might be resulting in such a selection.

Generation capacity is excellent. Is good usability to about good to say it is too excellent.

And to be continue to produce if the without hesitation to use collapsible small fry even magic, be applied is work in various fields and is satisfied even conditions.

Yet alone I would also say is a group member.

But members who are from the beginning's family blood and I are through.

Joined the team members from even after, there is a presence is camaraderie, such as the disciple to train.

Yet it is not required if there is a generation capacity, and the possibility that that could would be that there be a slightly truncated, What's also say so myself, but it is thought that if indeed.

So the members who are to participate I have recommended, crusade was in voluntary participation rather than forced. The Neri measures in order not to die as much as possible on it, such as the even terrain you are watchful.

The will to win is important 9 times out of 10, damage and if status quo would also be considerably reduced.

But, it is not absolutely exist in the battle.

Game is over before it begins, because although certainly not a mistake, presence that makes it possible to overturn it is certainly there.

[EiIsamu] Toka [emperor], and [the Messiah], etc. but the largest.

It would enough Arieru to grab the chance of victory from the slight possibility.

That's why, this kind of one o'clock is I need.

If at that time if Oh, Omoinokoshi that is small, ah Iker so while I think that it was good to have a do that.

Alternatively the same or even more good time, such as live to become Agakeru so from think of you want to enjoy.

Other Members who also, would be to have spent their own way over time.





































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