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Day 324

Translations - CLEANED & EDITED ~INA.XP32.


Day 324

Today is a similar day as yesterday, there is nothing in particular to talk about.

I trained myself and only did a filing or something or other.

So, I will summarize the situation in each country, even a little back situation today.

First, the Sternbild Kingdom.

The kingdom has the contract exchanged with between the Tomboy Princess and me, we also know the circumstances of the [Holy War] properly.

Their decision to dispatch the Rock hero party is because they have a relationship with each country, but the three other Heroes are not going to be dispatched due to concerning to the protection of the country.

On the other hand, Tomboy Princess will send some supplies, she said this to me; 『 This amount is cheaper than losing 【 Hero 】. If I think it as an offering of people who will be consumed in it, then it's a modest thing to be afraid whether it will be good or not.』

They are the fellows that we called as the necessary expenses.

Next, the Kirika Empire.

Kirika Empire has 12 people that hold the job [Hero]. Of those, 3 of the Eight Great Knights are sent, and another 4 Heroes captured the Psalms by the city to combat victory [Fate Plunder]. It seems they are sending 7 Heroes against me.

4 regular [Heroes] and 3 of the Eight Great Knights. To dispatch more than half of their maximum war potential, it is only because of the heavy presence of 【World's Arch-enemy 】.

I normally think so and the actual conditions is just like that.

But, I will reveal one circumstance behind the scenes here.

Will Kirika Empire and Sternbild Kingdom remember what they attacked in the vast forest before?

To obtain effective medicine curing the intractable disease that undermined an older sister of the Princess tomboy who married into the Kirika Empire from the Sternbild Kingdom, and various expectations are those fights that intersected.

It was possible to end it and made the army retired by handing over the medicine to the husband of the older sister of tomboy princess who was the next emperor by taking the rear without being noticed by the surrounding guard.

I did not take any life, but would seems like threaten that situation with 【(Dead if he did not pull back)】.

The trouble including the responsibility problem occurs after withdrawal, and there was call to bla-bla-something politics game, but it puts ruin aside the noble avarice that demanded negligence and the profit of the military authorities which underestimated an enemy force.

The older sister of the intractable disease was cured by medicine made of my blood.

And when I give the older sister medicine, the next emperor holds the medicine in mouth once, and is giving it to the elder sister by mouth-to-mouth feeding.

This is because I told a lie, 【(The recuperative power goes up once if the other hold it in mouth before give it. This is a kind of magic medicine that its effect will rise more if done by the person who loves the patient)】.

As a result, my partial body [Parasite] is in the next emperor's body. He did not notice, and even the person derives a thought nothing strange happen afterwards.

well, in other words, there are a lot of this numbers because I induced it so.

This time about Atarakua Demon Empire.

In the Atarakua Demon Empire, Demon Emperor Mildion Caesar himself, 3 of the Six Chief Generals, and about 2000 elite troops will come.

Once, saying that 【Heavy White General】 who is the son of 【 Demon Emperor 】 making it to the first seat of 【 6 Heavy general 】 assumed to be next 【Demon Emperor 】, 【Heavy Indigo General】 who is supporting demon empire back, and then the youngest 【Heavy Purple General】 are like the caretaker or house-watching.

【 Demon Emperor 】doesn't lead all heavy generals in order to possess preparation for the case when there is anything in emergencies or where he have something by any chance. The current 【 Demon Emperor 】 who is appear to be old aged, entrusts the son with the demon empire for the next generation who is personally seems to be happy with faces by enthusiasm that you may die a noble death by risking the life at a holy war.

The reason is simple. This is because it is the honor to challenge a powerful enemy if judging from [Midian] which is fundamentally a combat tribe.

The Beast Kingdom also virtually resembles the Demon Empire.

Not only the person in question 【 Beast King 】to come out from the Beast Kingdom, Six of 【 Beast Fang General | Bifarogu 】 is also likely to come.

As a beloved daughter of [Beast King], she is assumed to bethe next [Beast King] and in the same way is the first seat or the first place of one [Beast Fang General]. It shows from one fang by ten fangs ―― 【Earth Tiger Beast Fang General | [Teigusu] [Bifarogu] 】 and so forth seems to be the caretaker or house sitting.

The details are different, but all other affairs feeling is also the almost same as Atarakua Demon Empire.

Having seen 【 Beast King 】 by 【Ancient Time dungeon 】 and 【 Amla Tears Prairie 】 of 【 God class 】 before, he seems previously to have been trying to train the body that had become a little dull.

He seems to sip dungeon boss's lifeblood after that, and the state seems to be perfect.

Even though he is the top position of his country, Won't neither footwork be too light? Yet he is not without the desire either.

By the way, unlike the Atarakua Demon Empire, though there seems to be a taking care of personal needs minimum accompaniment member but the elite force and the like that participate in the holy war do not seem to take them along.

Well, 【 Demon Emperor 】 is strong as someone with many number of subordinates as that of 【 Eiyū 】/(Great man), and the elite of 【 Beast king 】 is as stronger on the contrary as that of 【 Yūsha 】/(The Brave/Hero).

[ED note: Both 【 Eiyū 】and 【 Yūsha 】 are term for Famous man as hero but 【Yūsha】 described more in "military term" which in this case stronger than 【Eiyū】. So I decide Yuusha more fit to translate as Hero. ]

It is likely to have gone out as the result of the direction different suitability on their ability side to made the differences.

Finally, about the Lumen Holy Kingdom.

From the order of magnitude of Heroes, Lumen Holy Kingdom is greater compared to the other countries with 24 Heroes, 【 War Elephant Eiyū 】, 【 Iron Ring Eiyū 】, 【 Rock Soldier Eiyū 】 and 【 Hero of Magical barrier 】 was excellent in defense for the defense of the country for this holy war, then making it to 【Hero of Rule】 with 19 people except 【Holy King】 who is the current master of the house, Probably it was settled from the start that 【 Saint 】 of two people and 【 Saviour 】 whom 【God】 would prepare as a natural enemy for 【 World's Arch-enemy 】.

With such a large number of [Heroes], we have expected the number of soldiers will be in the tens of thousands or more.

Even if a march becomes slow when there are too many numbers and squeezes it to the elite force because it is hardly significant in the holy war if they are ill-natured, but the seriousness of the Lumen Holy Kingdom that boasts of a strong war potential may not be underestimated even if the numbers overfull.

Well, the common soldiers are going to have keep company by [members]. It won't be such a difficult thing if I use traps and advantages of the topography.

Aside from [Heroes], I couldn't accurately grasp the movement of 【 Saviour 】 and 【 Saint 】.

I seem able to make a collection of it in various ways but dont understand the usage properly.

They not only subjugates a strong monster in the vicinity one after another but also collect huge power in the body hair and the piece of skin or something of the risked original monster before.

Aside from the living monster subjugation, of which I am worried about, "what" gather the organizations of the strong monster so as to remain for the past history now.

I might possibly use peculiar 【 Magic 】 that makes it something like a catalyst.

Though information is few and I don't understand it properly but I might have to examine even what only origins articles collected for the time being are.

And..., what is this?... This 【 Saviour 】 is considerably sick.

The more I observes it, the more it was showed only that one's sick mental and inevitable expression.

Nevertheless, it may be said that the ability is extremely troublesome because of its very high existence.

Please pardon me, really... while I thought that, are the internal conditions of each country to be roughly as these kind of things ?

The details would be that there is an opportunity again later.

TL Note :

  • I change [Nemesis: Enemy of the World - Gluttony] to 【Nemesis: Enemy of the World - Gluttony】 since I can't find where "Gluttony" context came from.
  • 【 Saint 】 and 【 Saviour 】, the story haven't reveal their gender
  • term of 【 Eiyū 】and 【 Yūsha 】 will be used more at later DAY

Day 323 == Day 324 == Day 325

Done some cleaning, especially with the names, characters, and linking, but still need tons of work. ~Miraclegrass

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Day 324

Today even in one day, such as similar to yesterday, it is not to speak in particular.

Is carried out training, it just was what what with yara filing.

So, I will summarize the situation in each country, even a little back situation today.

First, the Sternbild Kingdom.

The kingdom is also agreement that was signed between the Tomboy Princess and me, I know well the back circumstances of the [Holy War].

It's a decision to dispatch a IwaIsamu party because there is a relationship with other countries, but the other 3 Heroes' policy of not dispatched by that country's patron.

But will send its place to some extent of the goods, Tomboy Princess says "This degree Ja those cheap when compared with losing the [Hero]. If you think that the wonder who our hand for is eaten in it, it's so bookshelf "Ja is whether the modest much anxious good in this.

It is a guy that necessary expenses.

Next, the Kirika Empire.

Kirika Empire has 12 people that hold the job [Hero]. Of those, 3 of the Eight Great Knights are sent, and another 4 Heroes captured the Psalms by the city to combat victory [Fate Plunder]. It seems they are sending 7 Heroes against me.

4 regular [Heroes] and 3 of the Eight Great Knights. To dispatch more than half of their maximum war potential, it is only because of the heavy presence of [Nemesis: Enemy of the World - Gluttony].

To think otherwise be so, in fact it is in the street.

But, let me be the one exposing the behind the scenes situation.

Previously, the Kirika Empire and Sternbild Kingdom will remember being attacked in the Kuuderun Great Forest.

To obtain the elixir to cure the incurable disease that undermining the sister of Tomboy Princess married from Sternbild Kingdom to Kirika Empire, it's that one leg of a variety of speculation has been crossed.

To the husband of the sister of that time is the next emperor, Tomboy Princess, passes the medicine to take behind unnoticed around the escort, it was terminated and let fall the army.

Life what it is not taken, it would something as threatened and "There is no life to be pulled" if that situation.

Withdrawal after occurs mess such as liability issues, but he greed of aristocracy obtained the negligence and profits of the military who underestimate the enemy forces there was a chewing once the political game Tara yeah called a ruin, it now is placed.

Sister of the incurable disease was cured. By medicine made from my blood.

When you give medicine to her sister, the next emperor once contains medicine to the mouth, it was given to his sister by mouth-to-mouth.

This is that resilience is increased by including to me is "Once others of mouth. About those who love the subject, its effect will go increasingly more, this is because he lied to as such it is magic drug".

As a result, my tiny body, [Parasite], is in the next emperor's body. Then to avoid unnatural, and can not induce thought enough not even notice himself.

Well, it is clogging, the number of this time is large, because I was destined so.

Now for the Atarakua Demon Empire.

In the Atarakua Demon Empire, Emperor Hyulton himself, 3 of the Six Chief Generals, and about 2000 elite troops will come.

Once, in the 1st seat of the Six Chief Generals, which is the next [Mattei] The son is ## Jushiro Masaru vias-Herubyi] of [Mattei], you are supporting the magic empire from the back [{ {Ruby | Juai Masaru | Herubyi Indigo], then like most young [heavy MurasakiSusumu Vu~ioruta-Herubyi] seems to be the answering machine.

Not come led the whole Jusho it is that of in case there was something to chance [Mattei] us, the current [Mattei] is a senior in its own way is entrusted to his son the Atarakua Demon Empire of the next generation, their own This is so as to face in the enthusiasm that I also scattered in a fun holy war to the highest by risking a life.

The reason is simple, if from Majin [Midian] is basically a race fond of battle, that challenge the formidable enemy precisely because it is honor.

Beast Kingdom's power is similar to the Atarakua Demon Empire.

Beast Kingdom also [Shishi-o Beast King] not only a person comes out, six people out of [Shishikibasho Bifarogu] is likely to come.

[Shishikibasho] According to the daughter of [Shishi-o] the same way there is a next [Shishi-o] is Ichikiba - and first seats Toka one, is represented by Jukiba from Ichikiba - such as [Chitorakiba Masaru Tigusu-Bifarogu] seems to be answering.

Other circumstances also details different, but it is the same as the roughly Atarakua Demon Empire.

Previous [Kami-kyu] of [Jindai dungeon] and was apparently the [Shishi-o] in is ## am Ratiasu prairie], it seemed also serves as that again train the body was a little dull.

That after sip the lifeblood of the dungeon boss, the state seems to be thorough.

Even though the top of the country, nor not think either, and would not be the light too both footwork.

By the way, unlike the Atarakua Demon Empire, seems to have a minimum of associated members to take care of personal belongings, it does not seem to come with someone in tow, such as elite troops to join the jihad.

Well, [Mattei] is to it is a strong number of subordinate often as [Hero], [Shishi-o] to reverse the direction of a few elite is strong as [Hero].

Orientation unsuitable results of such capacity surface is probably out made the difference.

Finally, about the Lumen Holy Kingdom.

From the order of magnitude of Heroes, Lumen Holy Kingdom is greater compared to the other countries with 24 Heroes, [Gunzo Hero] was excellent in defense for this time of the crusade country of defense, [Kannawa Hero], [Rock Soldiers Hero], [Hero of Kekkaishi], and then [19 people other than contemporary [King Seong] in the brave] of domination, perhaps [Nemesis: Natural Enemy of the World - Gluttony]. The wonder of one person had prepared It has determined that the [Messiah] to come out a [Saint] of 2 people.

With such a large number of [Heroes], we have expected the number of soldiers will be in the tens of thousands or more.

To be a few too many march is slow, the quality is, but would focus on little sense since there is no elite troops in the [Holy War] at worst. We have to be serious, it is not good to underestimate the Lumen Holy Kingdom, which boasts a powerful force.

Well, ordinary soldiers are plans to have them partner with our members. By using the advantage of the trap and the terrain, it will not be that so difficult.

[Heroes] of anyway person, trends of [Saint] and [Messiah] is not grasp exactly.

It seems to be variously collection something, but its use is not known well.

It has attracted up to such as just not, hair and skin pieces of the monster that is to have wielded the once huge force to subdue the neighboring powerful monsters from thorough search.

Now living monster punitive aside, it takes care to collect organization of monster was strong enough to remain in the past history.

After perhaps you might use a unique [Magic], which was the catalyst it like.

Information we do not know well less, but will should be examined alone many items that are collected for the time being what the origin of the.

After, what wonder. This [Messiah], ailing fairly.

The more we observe, and could not bear of mental representation only and is doing.

As a habit, capacity is probably a very troublesome Kiwamarinai exist because high of it.

C'mon really, and while I think, countries of the know wonder such a thing as cursory.

For more information also at a later date, by the fact that if there is an opportunity.

























































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