Day 321

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Day 321

Oniwaka's [ Rank Up(Existence Evolution)] seems to be [Gokusotsu Abare Oni] 獄卒暴鬼 ( " Hell's Tormenting (Prison Guard) Rampage Oni").

Oniwaka has always had a huge body as he is a great ogre, but now he is twice as big. In addition, the musculature on his whole body has developed and is as thick as armor.

The color of his skin is dark red as if dyed in blood. His dark purple hair is lustrous and as sharp as a knife.

Two horns point upwards on the top of his head like thick stakes. They are extremely sharp and look like they could drill holes into an object when headbutted.

A pair of crimson eyes glitter with the look of a hungry animal. His sharp fangs have now fully grown. Metal armor wouldn't stand a chance.

His protective armor, the loincloth, is worn as if it were clothing, and has tiger-like patterns. He also seems to utilize what looks like a ball-and-chain in battle.

The ball-and-chain seems to be a useful tool in capturing prisoners.

Although the weapon looks small in the hands of Oniwaka, the size of the iron ball easily exceeds 30 centimeters in diameter and is quite heavy.

I had thought that there was an ability that was restraining the high level power from Oniwaka's mind and body, but now I discarded such a thought because it didn't exist.

On observation of his weapon, it was clear that the chain could be quickly expanded and contracted. The length of the chain could change from 1 meter to 10 meters.

It could even act as chain mail if wrapped around the body in extended form. However, actually swinging the weapon would become difficult in that state. Nonetheless, it was really useful having both a means of offense and defense in a single item.

He could possibly hurt himself while using it if he wasn't too careful. That shouldn't be a problem with constant practice though.

[ED note: what happens when a noob using nunchaku recklessly fast?]

I did not have a lot of knowledge on that type of weapon, but I could tell how useful it was as I had used my thread to attack in a similar way before.

Then, the living body weapon was a spiked-club with a brutal appearance. It's huge to hold in a hand and looks like a thick column of iron which have spikes that line up regularly.

A strong wind is unleashed if an object with that kind of weight moves. Even if it is just waved lightly, it could damage the surrounding area.

If he is serious, most people won't be able endure the heavy slam and will be destroyed if directly taking a hit from the swing. Even with defense, they won't be left unhurt with more than just a scratch.

Physically, it's very powerful, but its obvious that it doesn't have the ability which could make it classifiable into [Magic] apparently.

It's possible to inflict status on mental state from abnormal attacks such as [fear] by roar or the power of observation. But still, it is not [magic] in the first place. However, on Oniwaka's case, there is only one ability which could be considered as related to [Magic].

I should think of [Gokusotsu Abare Oni] ( " Hell's Tormenting (Prison Guard) Rampage Oni"). as a subspecies that purely specializes in physical stats.

He'll be mistaken for a muscle brain.

He's got a slight vulnerability to magic or sorcery because he is specialized in physical stats. However, I am astounded that he doesn't seem to have almost any problem with vitality and defense towards it.

His skin will regenerate back which was carbonized even when it got roasted, came loose and fell from the Hell's flames before the skin, and they also can take the cannonballs of a spear and the ice of the rock with his thick muscle armor.

Uneasiness remains for the mind attacks and the like, but he won't have any problem if I supplement him with magic items for it.

Still, he often follows Minokichi and Asue whose evolved race is superior in physical aspect, but somehow I feel a sense of loneliness when looking at the subordinate of the two big Oni.

I wonder if it was better to have more physical contact, but I am on the verge being troubled as a father.

Well, even I personally haven't lived for one year yet. I shouldn't be too troubled.

Put the personal sentiment aside, today is the eleventh day for the holding of the "festival".

Since today is the last day, I climb the platform which I build by raising the ground after having myself filled with vitality from the grand breakfast using dragon meat and dungeon's ingredients. Just like the first day when I declared the opening of the holding, then I look around the members along with the orderliness and spoke words of the appreciation in [outside training ground].

Like the first day, the number of members standing in line surpasses 3,000 people.

However, the planned members who participated in today's event had decreased to under 1,000, which was less than a one-third of the total.

Treatment was provided and done by the medical care corps Prière which were lead by Seiji-kun with a large amount of magical medicine used in the middle of the event. However, the best treatment system is by soaking oneself inside the hot spring which had many of the hot spring's benefit including the promotion of natural resilience. From the slight wounds such as a scratch or the blow to the serious wounds such as comminuted fracture (Breaks in multiple locations of same bone) or internal organs exploding, it is cured in the degree that does not have aftereffects. By luck, there is no dead people appearing from any unexpected accident that didn't happen at the event .

However, you cannot be sure whether all of the injuries are completely recoverable.

There are limits to regeneration due to differences in the degree of physical ability when weak members are compared with top-classes such as Kanami-chan and me. They also were consumed in the harsh schedule which is beyond their body's limit.

It is hard to wipe the fatigue that is clinging onto the depths of the body with just having a rest, since there are those who require more rest for a while for trauma caused by extreme fear and stress. The numbers aside, I would say it was less than 1,000 people.

Though the members less than 1,000 were not in a perfect state, mostly it consisted of members who got hurt and tired.

It could only be said that they were simply not at their the limit yet.

As I did the event, there were times when I was doing one thing or another, however I could notice the improved quality and the quantity of magical power that can be felt from the body of the approximately 3,000 members who lined up. Then, somehow it just decreased though I only naturally stood there.

Even if it's not perfect, there is no doubt that almost everyone has improved one stage or two-stages or has more strength than before the festival.

Many members achieved [Rank Up(Existence Evolution)] which will lead us to greater success in the Holy war.

I wonder if the growth of the members, especially the Goblins and Hobgoblins, that are particularly in the childhood period of growth are remarkable or not .

The bodies containing useless fat had decreased by hard work and had gotten muscular instead, and they looked like a full-fledged soldier that had somewhere become lax on their guard.

[Rank Up (Evolution)] did it, or let's expect it when it only happened to the ones who seem to have the Oni talent carrying our futures core.

Anyway, I go to the seat which is next to the [Outside Training Ground] and explain the things for the last event after having finished saying words of appreciation to anyone who is none other than the approximately 1,000 members who were able to make it until this point.

Finally, ten people who were inspectors for those events ―― In other words, they're me and Kanami, Minokichi-kun with Asue-chan, Burasato-san with Supesei-san, Kugime-chan with Aifu-chan, and Avenger with the Rusty Iron knight ―― will have a battle against the approximately 1,000 people.

If one were to speak of..., the face of top are lining up in front of many eyes, Rusty Iron knight is warped in complicated feelings having to mix himself lining up beside the platform of the top members class, and also Avenger is somehow shows a discouraged expression.

Rusty Iron knight was saying that the members [Event's Inspectors] who stood in front of them are good. Why you had such a reaction Rusty Iron knight ? I thought, but then realized and puzzled if perhaps Rusty Iron knight might want to fight against us.

He is sure is so greedy to become strong every passing day.

And, for Avenger it must be the same too.

Rather, it is more blatant.

In the first place, I wanted man power and Avenger fell to me to achieve his revenge for oneself.

I want a strong man to acquire power all the more because he is settled by string-pulling when the revenge object came out from this [Holy War].

If that's the case then I must grant the wish. Since it's the case, I had the eight Oni [Top members] who added Rusty Iron Knight and Avenger to a counterpart vs. the composition of approximately 1,000.

A courageous shout and screaming showing some slight desperation echo in the vast forest. It's good If their spirits are that high.

With that said, I decided to start it on the [Outside Training Ground] at once.

Of course, we also won't be serious.

Since if I become serious, I might bring a person to death in an unexpected accident. Even without mentioning to limit of the each person's [Top Members] ability and having their specialized weapon made from wood by construction arms for the training.

Still, there are differences that come from my existence and potential isolation some of the tribe. However, this mock battle rather won't be any use if the differences like this couldn't be overturned by fighting spirit as if it is as the actual battle.

Since having used specialized weapons made from wood in it, it's better if members do their best as much as they can to set their aim at these weapon's destruction?

I made them from dark brown sturdy flexible wood called [Astor Ard] which in fact I could gather only in a small portion of the large forest in various ways because their condition at least won't be disintegrated even if we used it as complex wooden construction. Anyway, its got a superb reputation for its sturdiness.

They won't die instantly even if I hit them directly given safety measures, but we cannot try using them too hard even if it's unpleasant to top members because the bones of several of people among the mass could be easily broken.

For the time being, I continuously made hits and drove them away by having four tree spears by my four arms.

There are a few strong people such as those 100 times more tenacious than before who I can usually only dispel them by just to swing the spears around, but I might carelessly go too far since it just happens to be a counterattack.

In that case, it should become their nourishment to grow because I placed my hits carefully while pointing out the weak point.

Since this time the children - Auro and Argento, Oniwaka and Opushii came aggressively at me, my motivation is raised.

So to them they think again the fact that their father is great, I kindly, carefully and thoroughly play with them.

It may be violent physical contact, but such a physical contact may seem to be quite good as lineage of the Oni.

Anyway, Minokichi-kun and Asue-chan of the heavyweight division that strengthened my right and left, acted violently with wooden axes and wooden hammers to wait for in a hand.

I plunge into the place where a great number of people gather, and the defense are weak smashing the battle formation without care.

The state that two large ogres question on is a scene such as a natural disaster that even resistance is not permitted at all.

Still, from the experience of the event, the decrease of members was a bit more slow than before.

Burasato-san is running about in length and breadth inexhaustibly fighting against Avenger who projected sword techniques which he cultivated in the actual fighting.

Her physical movement is refined more than before, and there is little consumption such as physical strength or the concentration by reducing waste, the single blow adds to sharpness and weight more, and the model of one offense and defense confines even a counterattack.

Burasato-san has the power, but Avenger endures as well. Since going easy was useless when having anything to do with Avenger, Burasato-san let a wooden sword wrapped by blood and strengthened it, and the surroundings got shredded only by its aftermath while giving off an intense spark.

Just as expected, it became big vacant space around them since it was not at the level that could be meddled by other members.

And since they could die too soon if caught in it, it would have been inevitable.

Kanami-chan and Burasato-san waited at the rear, while Kugime-chan put up a barrage without ceasing.

As for Kanami-chan, there is the shock with the devil gun [water pressure shrinkage gun]·[water egg], but using a non fatal water hammer bullet, fired through the member who was careless from a long distance.

Members could not come too close at all if she continued supplementing a magical power because in a sense there was almost no intervals long enough between the continued shooting and Kanami-chan aiming and squeezing a trigger together endlessly.

Having the only non-lethal aim be too accurate and its weak power was what saved them from it, also water hammer bullets are cut off by minimum movement or because the members who can prevent it increased from before, the numbers do not seem to decrease greater than they thought either.

Supesei-san brings low rank magic like rain as if it was a festival event.

It is calculated so that plural magic raises each others effects this time ―― For example, I place magic to produce explosive flame in magic to produce a whirlpool of the wind in the same orbit. ―― It was sublimated to simple mixed system magic.

While a degree of difficulty goes up with it, if I can establish this in the technique that I tested in the last event than, as a result such as the mixed system magic with high power it comes to be relatively easy to have.

But, it seems to be farther from practical use since it still at research stage.

Because the magic of the same person uses the same fuel called the magical power, anything relatively easily mixes, but when it is the magic that others use, I resist it and seem to dampen it.

Well, I put the detailed technical stuff aside, and the movement of members is quick if it becomes the second even if innumerable magic falls. It may be said that experience is reflected by a result.

It may be said that Kugime-chan is the most quiet one but she checks members approaching by [eyes of the paralysis] and [eyes of the chaos] to spread in a constant range. Still when she was close to a shield by her comrade, she performed a reading of an action to see physical movement, it pointed out an exact chance and rolled it to the ground.

There are many members who got defeated against Kugime-chan which is not a battle type although it is hard to attract attention as much as she was while not more flashy than the surroundings.

There is composure for movement of Kugime-chan which forecast near future to see all of the companion's moves, there was elegance to the feel even if the impression that she was totally dancing.

I continued hitting the first move to forestall and wanted members to get a method to overcome the partner who controlled the flow of the battle freely, but, as for it, it seemed to be still a bit more difficult.

I strode along a battlefield with feeling like in the case of Aifu-chan which was search-and-destroy mode personnel.

I feel depressed from handy members, she operates without knowing what she is doing.

Some members were also trying to fight back but long-range attack were not effective due to majority of corrosion, but she also could not be easily attacked because the mind is contaminated if they come to close.

Even if they somehow come close through mental pollution, they got intercepted because her ability for simple battle is unexpectedly high and she had repeated that things all over.

Actions to be taken are incomprehensible only at a glance, and it seems to be difficult to deal in members.

I continued it for such a feeling from morning to the early afternoon, but approximately 1,000 people have been tired out, too.

A small number of it might be unavoidable and because of such fact that the more of the burden is increased.

So they rescheduled it, and remaining approximately 2,000 people who took a rest in half day added it.

If it be said that I reach the limit and take a rest in the half day, I recover to some extent.

It will be said that I endure it for remainder around several hours, and outrunning you has you do your best.

The last event which there was also a little gap so in the plan invited an ending of corpse troubles.

I do not die, but am really a state such as the dying one step before.

After Seiji-kun took minimum treatment generally quickly, I held the ceremony of end.

For words of the considerably short appreciation, I spend it for maintenance of rest and the armament for six days from tomorrow, I convey a plan such as departing for the planned site for [Holy War] seven days later, I distribute arms from the dungeon for the persons that results are excellent as the reward that they tried hard.

The items dropped which I got when I killed a dungeon monster in a labyrinth accounts for most of it, but the things which came out of the treasure chest of the hierarchy boss are few but I still release it.

By the way, there is a magic item of the grade that I got in spite of being a minimal number from a treasure chest of the dungeon boss grade [Legendary], but it is scheduled to be provided for top brass members again at later date.

Team members that are full of bruises are maintained to standup dignified much as they can, as soon as I finished the closing ceremony while doing so, they fell dramatically to the ground almost like a doll that was cut the control strings.

A wry smile leaks out to the figure through guts unintentionally till the last.

However, it is not bad too. It may be a rather good tendency.

I entered into a banquet of the launching while being satisfied and slept late at night.

The liquor is delicious after all.

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 眼前の団員達は良いとして、何故鈍鉄騎士までそんな反応をするのだろうか? と疑問に思ってみたが、もしかしたら鈍鉄騎士は俺達と戦いたかったのかもしれない、と思い至った。

































































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