Day 320

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Day 320

Festival Day 10

Paying attention to Rusty Iron Knight today.

Rusty Iron Knight's event is [Cavalry Battle].

The skeleton cavalry group that Scarface led was enchanted by magic that allows them to occasionally defeat all enemies in front of them, the reason being that the person left at the end will win the Cavalry Battle.

Because Familiars will be used to ride and fight in the [Cavalry Battle], today's event will focus on training to mount and ride Familiars since we haven't previously.

With the general improvement of combat technology, besides Goblin Riders and those who possess [Job - Knight], Black Wolves are cooperating in groups to assist individuals who have little experience riding [Familiars].

Therefore, to keep the experience gained from the training combat from being too low, the number of people riding [Familiars] will be kept at a minimum. This cavalry warfare will also be considered a training exercise for future plans.

For now, the skeleton cavalry team began to align their numbers under the order of the Black Skeleton Horse Soldier, Scarface, whom has an appearance similar to a skeleton version of a centaur.

Being reasonably strong and suitable for this purpose, he would be the perfect training partner.

Receiving strength from the title [Annihilate the Body] while commanding the skeleton cavalry team, Scarface will be much more difficult to defeat.

■ ◎ ■

[Phrase Half-Lord Dragotaurus's perspective]

One kilometer into the large forest there was an open field.

On the ground was spread a nutrient-rich black soil. Supported by this fertility was a battlefield wherein countless cavalry began preparing to converge.

With our numbers being around three hundred, the enemy ranks were estimated to be well over a thousand.

Leading the cavalry of black skeleton knights was the fearsome commander, Scarface.

Individually, the enemy's ability was not much higher than average. However, under the leadership of an exceptional commander, such as Scarface, the overall strength of the unit was exponentially boosted. Witnessing such strength sent shivers running across my body.

Furthermore, with the fact that more undead can be reproduced and can begin to outnumber you, one shouldn't hesitate if it becomes necessary to withdraw.

Therefore, determined not to be tricked by the hallucinations of the muddy stream of bones created by our formidable enemies, we strengthen our minds.

"Oh, what a wonderful battlefield."

Voicing the joy that begins to spring from the mind, some are seen dancing to cheer up before the fight.

On the plains battlefield stood a Half-Lord DragoTaurus.

Possessing the lower body, trunk, limbs and tail, of a dragon made it much faster than a horse. While the human upper body wields an armor that grinds all enemies in its path. It has a habit that has been carved from instinct, that's difficult to accompany this emotion in the making.

In the same calm fashion the Centaur, who is also a close relative of the species, stood there excitedly clenching its bow. Some races may label our species as being bizarre, but the truth is that this kind of occurrence is quite common for the species so they are not actually weird.(ED:half sagitarius centaur = horse so the correct translation would be a centaur)

It was not only instinct that inspires my species but, in fact, the presence of our king who oversees us.

"Loosening my spear, carefully looking it over." (Contenstant X)

{ED:Naming of some voice cannot be reached since there is no name withing 20 lines above and below hence it is regarded as one of the contestants in the event)

In the right hand that was raised toward heaven he held the spear [Flame Dragon Spear Forbard].

Made from fire dragon bones and tusks, along with an Aiyari flame bag that was built from the same material, is on his throat a shining Glen. ???

The pike harbors the dragon flames of a majestic dragon, intense enough to make the wielder feel as if he was burning alive. The magic spear that embodies the tremendous ability of a fire dragon was named Tsukisase.

"I'm using my shield, carefully looking it over." (Contestant X)

Swinging his left hand, that held the shield [Earth Dragon Shield Asgabard], down to the earth .

The repeated galloping of robust land dragons over and over again, standing at the bottom of a large Asugabarudo just about hid my stature, equipped with piles which can be used to attack as well as defend. Hiding my stature with a large quantity of robust land dragons piled together in that of a shield name Ryukara.

A sharp coccyx was affixed onto the Chiryu which when struck deep into the earth can create a number of steadfast earth walls that can block almost any attacks.

"My gallop, carefully look it over." (Contestant X)

Wrapping the upper and lower body of the human Lord was a scale mail that can produce fierce winds [Wind Dragon Scale Mail Wibrubard].

Using the hide skin of a Wind Dragon the Ryuuroko had a much lighter weight, but its defensive capabilities far exceed that of a steel armor.

The resulting wind is playing against the enemy's attack, willingly bringing mobility to Rekisatsu.

To insure certain victory we equipped ourselves with a multitude of magical items.

It wouldn't be unexpected if even the mighty are not able to retreat when facing such enemies. On the contrary, the only thing I wish to fulfill is a victory to present to my leader.

"I'll have at you, have at you, have at you!"

Blood Lord Takeru, before the fight, began to demonstrate his excitement with a dance.

Magic increased from the flowing dragon blood, but the fighting spirit of both Minagiri's force and Takeru was also a spectacle that will get you excited.

"Remain calm everyone. With the upcoming fight we will sometimes perform recklessly. Leave roughness to the other party, a reckless assault is Spoken Senuzo"

"Of course, we are well understood. Saredo this Tagiri is unexpected to cease."

Standing before me on the battlefield is Comrade Duke Raben, whose words of encouragement multiplied my excitement.

Comrade Duke Raben is a [Headless Knight Dullahan] who is dressed in a spartan like armor and holds a knightly spear in his right hand while the left hand is holding onto the reins of his horse [Headless Horse-Koshuta-Bower]. (TN:Even the horse is headless, damn how do they tell their sense of direction, ANS: Like a mantis with no head can live a while but with magic)

His kind are exceptionally skilled at swordsmanship, they attack together, the man and his favorite horse, Koshuta-Bower, were fairly swift. They bore down on the enemy like thunder, each cut slipping through the defenses of the enemy who was missing a knight sword on the waist.

He is a reliable comrade, and also a close friend to have a friendly competition with.

"I see my king, and I believe his vision of the mission!" (ED closest with reading between the lines and MT jp-eng, jp-chn-eng jp-rus-eng and jp-gr-eng "I, who saw my king, who he believes", "I see that my king, you will become mission- Do?", "I, who sees is my king, he who sees, "I, who sees my king is one who sees 「我が王が見ておられるのだ、見ておられるのだぞ)

"I also know, that feeling through their actions, even I can be well understood. But that's why, for those who are not calm suffer ungracefully, and to keep that reservoir of a raging storm in control until the time comes is best." (ED lots of guess work here too 「分かっているとも、私もその気持ちはよく分かるとも。しかしだからこそ、落ち着かれよ。無様を晒さぬために、時が来るまでその猛りを内心で溜めておくのだ」)

The calm and even seeming vocal Duke won us so.

Certainly the battle has come to the stage were it will soon begin, and before the battle starts the supervisor Rusty Iron Knight was seen practicing his swings.

Up to that time, we also suppose we wait with elaborate magic.

"......The Cattle is is nice and prepared, get ready to start." ??? The troops are ready for the meat grinder

After a while, the declaration to start off was sounded by the Rusty Iron Knight.

At the same we wanted to start the assault, however, it wasn't only us that felt that way, the skeleton cavalry group was also similar.

"Ooooo Ooooo Ooooo~Spits~, ~Flem~Spits~ !! Continue towards me."

"Do not disturb the ranks~Spits~, continue without reducing the speed!"

As we persistently advance forward while maintaining an arrowhead formation, the skeleton cavalry group, led by Scarface, was constructed into an assault formation called [Trident Formation].

It bore through the enemy with three points which protruded into a form like a 3 pointed spiked trident, the aggressive formation of the enemy entered between the three points and began grinding like a pincer with a double-edged sword that can easily crumble opponents if there is excellent cooperation.

But Skeleton Knights are not something that can be labeled a small disturbance because its characteristics; its destructive power will exceed the imagination.

"Ooooo Ooooo Whoa!"

The most important centerpiece of the spikes [Trident Formation] is naturally Scarface, at both sides of the pike were heavily armed commander-class Black Skeleton Knights that kept the cavalry firm.

If we are hit from the front, then Scarface will be able to crush the formation, which will inevitably lead to us being destroyed by a pike-like pincer attack from both sides. Because of that, it was inevitably determined that the front breakthrough is impossible.

"Front right to the centralized Scar~tsu!"

Scarface Black Skeleton Knight's cavalry effortlessly began to take aim.

Although being in the right and left, on the terrain there is a space left open by the person on the right side, so we immediately selected the right .

Galloping while slightly tilting the course, we were not able to aim well because the enemy also came towards us finely tuned. If the forces stick together, we could divide Scarface's group formation.

Therefore, those who use long-range [Magic] attacks, attempted to interfere with the Scarface who stood in the way of our course.

A wall of rocks raised up from the ground, along with a border of pale blazing flame, and walls of swirling water. Such as Kazuya of Gokyu (???) penetrating the shield, interference with a wide variety of methods.

They are superimposed over themselves over and over again, and cannot be easily broken.

"Moth Tatatatatatatatata~Spits~"

Disturbed, I am new to the reputation of Scarface's sharp teeth sounding abnormal by colliding teeth and barely moving the chin little by little.

The three heads of Scarface opened their mouths and with an image that looked like that of a cereberus. (ED:i think this is what the author meant)

From each of the mouths three different types of attack were emitted; a hell fire that will dissolve even metal in a short period of time, huge amounts of charging water that is capable of causing flash floods, and countless amount of stones that are about the size of a child's head, were shot out of each mouth one after another.

It fended of all that tried to interfere with it, readying its stance while somewhat attenuated and was ready to clash with [Earth Dragon Shield Asgabard].(ED:i hope i got this right)

The high-temperature fire made even breathing difficult, the high-pressure water discharged an electric shock when touched, and the sturdy bullets of stone constantly being pelted were blocked by Asgabard. (???Devin moths driven to the light)

"Get to Nuuu Uoooo Ooooo cover."

But the pressure was fierce, it was unsatisfying Oshimake likely I must Hineridasa a force with my whole body.

To begin with, Scarface was allowed, as a creation of my king, to have a variety of performance enhancements.

One of them is an attack that was similar to the [Dragon Breath] technique of the dragon species.

I already knew about it in advance, therefore a counter for this degree of attack was prepared already.

My role is to assault the forefront, also to be a subsequent help in defending from faster enemy attacks.

"Bura dono, superb~Spits~!"

Attacks also eventually began to wane.

Although the attack distance of chattering teeth was not stopped even a little, a disturbance occurred to Scarface and the left side formation, they were a distance from the right side, and targeted by a number of interferences.

Although not perfect, the objective was achieved, it was an opportunity to cut the enemy forces.

"Comrade Duke, We should first lock them into place ~Spits~"

Next to me was one who lost speed first, exerted by the headless Duke that raised the speed.

"Wow Aaaaa aak"

Along with the spirit of Reppaku, sharply thrust a knight spear like thunder, it exerted the same Extruded Black Death Night Knight spear like the trajectory of cavalry, deeply aimed to pierce into the sternum.

The blow to each others momentum took a fatal turn, the bone body was shattered unsatisfyingly.

Subsequent attacks also continued to go after the Duke, bored into by the enemy.

Here you have a momentum that is predominant, enemies have been shattered by Rekisatsu. Here is the advantage and if you want to do on an individual, I must go to the other party as a group member, that would probably be a natural outcome.

But without haste, Scarface allows it to easily catch up .

"Moth Tatatata~tsu moth Tatatata~tsu"

For subsequent enemies who were chasing us, Scarface was greatly expanding the left and right four pairs of arms in the upper body.

Holding Seven biological weapons - [Fish Bone Large Sword Fish Spikes Sword of Broken Blade], [Hatchet of Sacrifice Killing], and [Morning Star of Grinding], [Right Hand - Square Shield], [ Left hand - Light Tower Shield], [Long Spear of the Scorpion], [Synthetic Composite Longbow] and gripping the bone spear stretched out on the side arm that was folded on the side of the lower body.

Even if we concentrated on attacking from a long distance using numerous arrows and sword magic that we can shoot, all amounted to nothing compared with the wild dance of Scarface which attacked at a speed enough to leave a black afterimage.

Scarface, who was approaching the survivors of the attack, slightly passed each other because I was riding at speed that left a storm at my tail.

"Nanto~tsu, or win hunting that moment~Spits~"(ED note:Nanto=wow !)

However, by himself, he was able to cause at least nearly two dozen to drop out.

It is expected from Scarface's attack, that a person who has been hit would normally suffer more damage.

"Moth Tatatata~tsu moth Tatatata~tsu"

Scarface is excellent in maneuverability, excellent in attacks, and is also excellent in defense while being shaved of the skeleton cavalry group that is subordinate to us, the surviving hundred bodies, have been calmly observing us in the two skulls.

Drawing slowly in a big arc while letting out a sound as if it was mocking, the extent of damage has begun trimming the assault formation again.

It is also the same for us, just one step away from colliding again.

"Oh, oh. Again ~Tsu yoshi~tsu."(ED: Yoshi=Ok now,all right )

Seesawing, the gas will continue to rise in the blood alongside the meat dance battle.

The fiery consuming magic, we like Kakeru.

"Exactly, here ya go! This is the battlefield that thrills mel ~Spits~."

But while Takeri the enemy and destroyer plugs holes. We like the battlefield was applied.

■ ◎ ■

Occasionally, it was a good time spent strengthening up with Scarface , and we were also able to study the fashion of cavalry battles in its own way.

But it is also good that there were individuals of different strengths in the cavalry battle, it was quite useful because such members that are familiar with the basic way of cavalry battles may become a model for other team members.

Especially the Dragotaurus Toka Centaur, his performance was excellent.

Well, still but a translation direction of Scarface is strong.

What, generation trying to brag mainly.

Anyway, the festival's final day is tomorrow.

At the end, we all watched big-ass fireworks display, and committed to remove the fatigue and nourish all of the excellent talent.

To experience all of the events till the festival's last day, there were only a few members who did not drop out, it is willing Nante I'll do Tatakikon to everyone that hit rock bottom.

Stomachs full of delicious rice being eaten, and good dreams.

As I lie on the bed to sleep..

[World Psalm [Black Eclipse Demon Story] 18 Demon Warlords Oniwaka [Rank Up] (Evolution)] [Condition "1" With the [Presence Evolution Rank-up] clear, title [Rampaging King] is awarded]

The Announcement was heard in the verge of consciousness that was interrupted.

Slightly later than Auro and Argento, apparently Oniwaka also seems to have [Rank Up] (Evolution).

Because there was also other results to be expected of, I quickly fell asleep.

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