Day 319

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Day 319


The ninth day of the festival.

Today I think I will pay attention to Avenger.

The event that Avenger supervises is “Giant Slaying”.

You would probably think that the contents are just as it is simply stated.

[Summon: Lesser Undead] and [Summon: Lesser Giant] can be used together to create "The Black Giant Skeleton Soldier" and "The Black Giant Skeleton Gardner", whereas by using [Summon: Lesser Giant] and [Summon: Superior Demon] together, I can create "Black Cyclops Butcher" and "Black Troll Jaime" and so on. The lowest summoning spell created maybe eight, together amounting to one hundred giants. A severe content of continuous subjugation.

Because they are relentless, it makes it necessary to take additional cautions with the giants, even if there are about 300 people. So that one party will be on standby until fifty bodies are knocked down.

But after that, It is specified to keep company with two to five random bodies at the same time till the ninety-ninth body is knocked down.

However, the giant fights according to the strength of each group, and is constantly adjusting to an extent where it can stay in combat tentatively up to the last minute. It will be up to them to reach their limit, win, and advance to the next round until the last man.

But especially for the last one hundredth body, by using four abilites [Summon: True Dragon], [Summon: Devil Archfiend], [Summon: Superior Demon], and [Summon: Lesser Giant] together permits summoning as a result, one “Devil Dragon Demon Chaos Giant Trichimera Geryones”.

A dragon and a demon's bodies united with a huge devil near the part of the abdomen, an existence like the chimera of a giant formed with three heads and six arms.

It is likely to become a strong classification particularly in the range of creatures that can be summoned now. Though it is possible to strengthen to another stage, it was prevented from being done. There is also a black version of it too.

By the way, the reinforced body of the “Black Devil Dragon Demon Chaos Giant the Black Trichimera Geryones” is at a level where it is able to be Minokichi-kun's fair match.

It is inferior, but it isn't assumed that even a body like that can be easily knocked down.

So it is decided that in order to clear it, you need to deal constant accumulative damage.


 ■ △ ■


[A certain Kid General Lutz's Point of View]


Despair was there.

It is a despair of the maximum level, never yet felt while living until now. It is surely located on a higher rank.


“This, this, this, impossible.”


The body trembles with fear.

It has been understood that it is applied to the fighting spirit from the beginning and peeled away, the whole body being atrophied.

The name of this despair is “Devil Dragon Demon Chaos Giant Trichimera Geryones”, it's what I'd say.

The shape the thing takes is that of a chimera of the giant type that has the skin of a demon like red iron, and a devil with a goats head with three eyes mixed with a dragon that had scales of blue silver in the body.

Three heads of an ogre's, a devil's and one equal to a dragon's, strong arms, and a total of six hard legs, plus a long dragon tail with a characteristic length.

There are weapons on each of his six arms, the dragon arms holds a long spear of the molding such like a dragon tail, as for the demon's arms it has an enormous metal kanabo, while the devil arms were holding a red Scythe, which draws an arc of distortion.

The material that's mixed for the chimera is not normal. It could be said that, compared to that gigantic and overwhelming figure, we could be thought to be an insect or small animal.

At least 20 meters is sure to be exceeded. No, 25. It is an almost unpleasant 30. If you compare its height in the vicinity, it's comparable to the royal castle.


"An attack in close proximity and one will die... maybe us."


Muttering my soliloquy in blank surprise to release the escapism feeling, Lieutenant General "Iira" trembled similarly next to me and answered:


"Maybe you're ready to give up on it. There is no choice but to agree."


"Ggoooooooooot!" Roared the Dragon's Head.

"Ooooooooo OOT!" Roared the Demon's head.

"Burgoooooooot!" Roared the Devil's head.


A threefold roar that rised, resonating with each other, Iira was blown off as well as myself, as it was not possible to take a stance.


“Wow !”


“Eek !”


It seems Iira and I weren't the only ones to be blown off, like having bathed in the blast at close range. Covered all over with wounds, and although managing to defeat the 99 last giants, our companions seem to have met the same fate.

The fighting spirit was barely hanging on after almost being blown off only by just one roar. The people who parted with consideration are also coming out one after another.

Even if it is not so, the people who are hanging on have been afflicted with two or more abnormal state buds status is the majority.

If you're not in a state to move immediately, extermination is inevitable. Though I think that it won't aim to kill, you can die by making a considerable enough mistake.

Judging from Trichimera Geryones, the incarnation of despair itself, we must face such an existence that could kill us as easily as a bug, but even if we are easy we will make it pay.

However, still, to be defeated without doing anything, I hate it.


“Gu tsu ......ooooooooooooooootsu”


The handle is about to be transformed, and power is put in as I grasp it strongly. The beloved sword which is the proud magic item which I gained by defeating a dungeon boss of the derivation dungeon and obtained by myself [Strong Decapitation Sword of Reckless Courage] poised with both hands, to raise a cry from the bottom of my belly to spit out the fear.

[Strong Decapitation Sword of Reckless Courage], with a length of the blade which is about two meters and some width, that'll be a small shield when turning it sideways, clearly it's still wider than me.

There is an appropriate weight corresponding to the size, by all rights I shouldn't have the physical strength to handle this thing, but it was an expectation.

It was so because the owner of the [Strong Decapitation Sword of Reckless Courage] can brandish it like swinging twigs because of [Herculean strength] and temporarily can make you forget fear with [Reckless Courage], both inherent abilities it can give.

Therefore I pant and lose fear, massive [Strong Decapitation Sword of Reckless Courage] was possible to move in that strengthened state.


“Oooooooooooooootsu - - raatsu!”


[Lutz Mixed Martial Arts [Reckless Dash] was drawn out]


Equipment and martial arts abilities that can be used are immediately increased.

[Strong Bracelet] and [Bracelet of Agility], magic items such as the ear cuffs are showing it's effects. Various body abilities rise, respectful improvements compared to the usual.

In addition, techniques to reduce defense by half and both attack power and speed triple with [Reckless Dash]. The body which retained the phosphorescence that glowed red was instant, and it ran through the earth.

I was faster than the attack of the Incarnation of Despair "Trichimera Geryones", who reached out with the sickle with one of the Devil arms trying to intercept me. Aiming [Strong Decapitation Sword of Reckless Courage] at the right foot after reaching the devil, I thought only about one thing: to swing completely with one's full power.

I don't even think about defense, exactly because [Reckless Courage] is an unreasonable attack, should I say.


[Lutz Martial Art [Burning Slash] was drawn out]


The addition of the Martial Art [Burning Slash] was carried to the [Strong Decapitation Sword of Reckless Courage], making the blade glow red.

Like a spark in the red phosphorescence, it was boosted by the technique to accelerate the slash.

The slashing sword was swung at a speed that I might not readily draw out out by myself, with a response like swinging a huge bar of pig metal, successfully tore up the devil's right leg only slightly.

(ED: not sure about the statement above)


“I'm good~tsu”


And the wound of the right foot of the devil caught fire, with a roaring sound caused by the Martial Art [Burning Slash].

The body hair scorches, it smells like roasted meat. Slightly. The slight injury is of an extent where it should self-regenerate soon, too, but I succeeded in driving in a blow, certainly.


"This - Gofu~u~tsu"


However, that was all.

I was attacking from a blind spot, my jaw dropped hard, being blown away.

I thought that I might not die immediately by the time I lost consciousness because of acute pain which seemed to explode before of the crash to the ground. The whole body and the prophylactic power reduced by half if did not previously get in a blow, at least momentarily.

After then, I don't know anything.

However, only one thing I was able to say: I was not dead yet.


■ △ ■


If you truly gained this level, the upper group aside, it seems harsh to the lower group.

A free roar causes a near fatal impact. However, it is useful to discover the person who can act at the last moment, because there exists only but a few people how can confront it like that.

It might be precisely this kind of existence that has the makings of [Kings] and [Emperors].

I think I will prepare a special present to the person who did the best first of all.

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