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Day 316

just a quick copy and paste from google

"Edited and cleaned by Orthanos, not true translation but it reads well and flows nicely.  May need some work, edit as you feel the need." Did some edits here and there, made it flow better ~ Dimber

“Day 316”

The sixth day of the festival.

Today I think I will pay attention to Supesei.

The event that Supesei supervises is "Devil Star Receptacle".

Long story short, Supesei is sitting on top of a cylinder towering in the middle compartment that was depressed in a circular shape to exercise magic for a certain period of time, like pouring down rain. (A tower in the center of a circular ampitheater? ~Jamiahx)

Because the amount of magic recovery exceeds magic consumption in regards to low grade magic, raining various magics down without interruption is equal to despair for the members whom are running about trying to escape. (Let's play dodge the rain, except the rain is low tier magic ~ dimber)

Do you run about trying to escape desperately during the fixed time? Or do you try to confront it by cooperating with others? Those are your choices.

To be well informed of the action method of a varied magic, it is likely to become the best opportunity.

 ■ × ■

【A certain Nameless Spell Lord point of view】

「Hmm yes, very lovely……」

The hellfire ball which burns brilliantly, the torrent spear which swirls at high speed, the thunder tiger from which lightning sounds the heavens accompanied gushes forth, countless small stones which shines black, the sword forest which ramified small, the black smoke which infringes upon the soul, frozen ice serpents and the water blades that with a slash and even rocks tears asunder, and others more, they were developed in the sky so that it didn't deploy, the magic of various systems of the first and second grade.

As I look up I think, it looks like bright stars in the night sky.

Though maybe a little escapism is mixed too, however the various magic systems simultaneously castings at the same time, the technique used was not able to be understood.

Even a little [magic] if those who walk its path, everything constructed before one's eyes is seen, it is impossible not to be inspired.

There is the [magic] of polar opposite.

[Magic] is a kind of [sorcery] and [mystery] than [secret art], the user is exposed to far more magics and skills than [Secret art].

( a lot of fields that are by far compared with.) ~original that starts with is^ ~ dimber.)

[Magic] has a wide range of arts, from the new comer magics to harder magics for experts. Yet these magics are what seem to still be called basic. (basically magic has alot of starting places, that different people can learn magic through different ways. Yet one person's beginner magic can be better than another person's magic)~ dimber

( It is good wide range from the new comer to the expert of convenience, you might want to say both are in a sense basic.) -original ~ dimber

However, it is not so easily used.

If you will exercise according to your own ideal, natural talent with effort from birth are piled up as it is, a precise, delicate technique is necessary.

However, even if you spend all that effort and talent, magics that are various and many as is present, it is usually impossible for this many magics to be exercised at the same time like this.

The character is written by the right hand, it cooks by the left hand, money is counted by the right leg, the picture is drawn by the left leg, the page of the book is turned over by the mouth, the thing is gripped sideways, and taking the child on the head for a ride.

It is not easy to understand and as an example though might be inadequacy is after the agreement, in a word one to always do unreasonableness is the result.

Though it should be so, it is preformed in front of my eyes.

Therefore, I watched in fascination.

Can such a thing be possible, it transcends demon intellect, it may of already be a kind of art.

“Fool~tsu, want to die like a bug~tsu!”

Me who was looking up at the starts in blank surprise and the magic that keeps being spun, it was a colleague that forcibly pulled me was Minobu-kun a large demon minotaur whom I am friends with.

As for my height, it is less than half of Minobu-kun, moreover I am poorer in bone and muscle sinews than him too.

As though lifting a child lightly, I was lifted and carried onto his shoulders having no time to resist.

By its own weight, Minobu's thick shoulder dent in my abdomen, it moves up and down because he runs hurriedly, though the pressure seems to join in every case to vomit the contents of the stomach instinctively, I unintentionally cry out.

“If I am destroyed by that transcendence art, rather I desire it.~tsu”

There was no pretense, this was the scream of the soul.

If I am going to die anyway, let it be by the magic I have sworn my life to.

“We were born less than a year ago!  We got to live!  Don't give up too early!”

“......It is also like that”

He was persuaded by Minobu, and certainly I think you're right.

It is risky and dangerous, the thought flew from an instinctively normal idea.

We are certainly still young, long live demons in the future, it would be regrettable though if I give up at this point.

Having come out of delirium, I begin spell casting quickly, to the starts of magic that began to pour down towards us right under it, Aitsue refereed as [ The Wind called Barad] was made of magic alloy. “Evil Whirlwind of Pulling Continual Change” The wall of wind visualization came from the fifth grade dust system "Evil Whirlwind of Pulling Continual Change" born in the overhead due to the falling of the many magical orbit is forced to bend only cancel each other at the collision, the shock wave caused when counterbalancing it is dispersed in the surroundings. There must be a boundary not to be able to enter on the tip there, roaring sound that continues constantly within a fixed range. The magic that pours down is only in the first and second grade, the effect of “Evil Whirlwind of Pulling Continual Change” is that of the fifth grade and is overwhelmingly stronger.

Though there is no case broken early if it was usual, however everything has a limit. “For the time being though it was possible to surpass......  There were too many.” Countless magics intermittently collide, even the whirlwind loses momentum, because the individual quality is as high as the capability of the caster is displayed, the power is nearly one grade higher. In this case of appearance, it doesn't seem to have much longer time. Because are at the bottom in the geographical features that sinks like the shell turtles that we are, there isn't any refuge or escape anywhere.  If whirlwind disappears, the magic will surely blow us off, because surroundings are enclosed by the wall, it is thought that the impact of attacks it from all directions have no direct hit, which might be good.

“I must rebuild the system, in order to survive.~tsu”

“ “ “ O U ! ! “ “ “

The present conditions are not hopeless.

For this reason, cooperate with other colleagues, if not you won't survive.

Therefore, we grouped up and composed a solid defense formation, all kinds of skills that can help each other were spent, It endures though, it manages to endure, it endures, those who drop out are produced occasionally and  ――

“They really do their best, more than expected.  It is about time to experiment with a new magic, only for a moment though.”


We were made into Supesei's test subjects of an experiment that kept exercising the magics, and we were blown away left being unsatisfied.

Oh, how wonderful that magic is!

My consciousness, was lost there.

■ × ■

According to the plan, members might have learned the action method to various magics with the body. However, the result of testing the magic newly stocked with Supesei-san blast with magic book grimoire, I think whether very blowing off is a good idea. They worked hard and endured, even though it was almost to the end, I think I felt sorry for them in the end. But, well, there is no difference in that such is also experienced. Supesei-san do be careful in various ways. The festival is half over, everywhere physical injuries increase. The mind and body's recuperative power promotion by effect of hot spring, a variety of magic medicines are abundantly used, there is devoted treatment with Seiji-kun to complete those who drop out though assuming and depending are a little, the tiredness that cannot be wiped even so is deep in the bottom of the body, area is remarkably understood. Drops of the concentration occur if I leave you unattended, and the accidents will increase, too. Because the time limit approaches, too, It is as more convenient to maintain the state that can move to the very limit. Therefore I decided to serve the dish which I used the dungeon ingredients which vitality adopted in meat of reliable Dragon Empress being filled and various dungeons if I ate it for in large quantities. Because such an ingredient dared up to now to be limited, energies that had decreased in this will be able to be regained with one gulp at the dish is what I think. And, yes, after all, I thought cooked Empress dragon's meat is delicious dish when cooked by the sisters.

Cheap meat is reborn to the best depending on the cooking method, what happens if I add a superior cooking technology in the finest quality, it is easy to imagine. The outside crispy, the inside soft. The flavor of the meat is rich and delicate moment in the mouth to bite, it is rich in water filling the nasal

cavity with out stop. It's just too unbearable, It's a performance from the later when I have swallowed and have passed voice. Though it melts and dissolves, dragon empress's meat supplies huge energy to the body by acid in the stomach, the euphoria like regenerating the cell of the whole body in that case is accompanied.  A sense rebirth from within, is what I would say. As the relations with [God of the Rebirth] are close, it may be the result.

There is no getting tired of it no matter how much you eat, dragon empress's meat, It was still special. 

Alcohol makes it taste better Dragon empress meat is divine.

Day 315 == Day 316 == Day 317










 ■ × ■


























「俺達はマだ産まレテ一年も経っテいなインだぞッ! 諦めるにハ早すギルッ!」
























 ■ × ■























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