Day 315

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Day 315

The fifth day of the festival.

I think I'll pay attention to Burasato-san today.

The event Burasato supervises is called "Sword Dance Masquerade".

Members keep fighting against the blood army corps that is condensed from blood into a human form for a duration of time.

The blood army corps is made from the fresh blood of Burasato's sword wings, functioning as its core, but I also created [Blood Giants], which is comprised from blood of Giants configured specially for it.

In a sense, since it is a part of Burasato's body, they could be a closer existence to my clones.

Therefore, the performance of the "Blood Sword Army Demon Soldiers Blondiido" unit that composes the blood army corps is created with the【High-Ranking Body Generation】, which is equal to High-Summoning abilities. I wonder if maybe it's somewhat higher.

For that very reason, the performance was good, and even without issued commands they can act independently.

That will be a very important thing in the coming Holy War, which is many vs. many.

To raise the probability of survival, no matter what, this is an event we can never avoid.

■ nail ■

Female Knight Therese's Point of View ]

It was like a sea of blood on the plains.

With Burasato's sword wings acting as its core, the highly toxic "Blue Poison Giant (Blue Talos)" human type configuration to the "Blood Sword Army Demon Soldiers Blondiido" attacked us in perfect synchronization.

While having high level integrated technology (Bio-Equipment), they number one thousand, easily.

We were completely surrounded in a defense formation called [Saintly Shield of Emasu], which is a superior defensive formation. From the inside, magic was used to attack in waves.

Somehow, we were able to endure the predicament.

"Soldiers, raise yourselves! Our future will be an end, if we do not act now!"

Normally this would've been a desperate situation.

Their ability was high even for a single unit. In addition, partly due to the fact that it's commanded perfectly by one will, the chances are not great, as I feared.

But even so, I raised my voice.

As a person who leads, weakness must not be shown.

“Rear guard, the higher rank superior officers stand by in ten person length areas for Magic casting and wait for further instructions. With exception of those who favor trouble, move closer. Vanguard, press on, PUSH~tsu.”


While hearing the response, me as well as my favorite magic sword, which has been with me for many years [Wind Raid Moon Sword], show our magic with the body of the magic sword [Water Star Beer Lute].      (ED: I think this is the swords “Lunar Gate” ability that drinks in and absorbs moon light to increase its combat capability)

The magic sword shakes in response, magic light of different colors shining.

The newly acquired magic sword [Stellar Water]: a gift from a few days ago when master Ovarou came back.

Recently, he has been too busy and we only talked by using the ear-cuffs and only a little over time. That had somehow left a feeling as though my existence had been forgotten.. it seems I was worrying over nothing.

Quite the opposite, now I'm feeling relieved and reassured. I feel good and not bothered at all.

Well.. for the sake of the present, I will forgive him just this time.

“Commander~tsu, an attack is beginning to concentrate on the east-side ~tsu!”

Once, before the fight, I met the master. Although once a slave, through many twists and turns, Behn, my former adjutant [Prelate Bishop], became my subordinate again and reported loudly.

In response to it I, as one of the 18 Demon Warlords, who got the title [Brilliant Mercy Righteous Knight] and obtained one new ability, the mind and body touching [Light of Mercy] will have enemy energies drained when exercised.

It is an aura that covers the whole body shining gold and glittery where the support of nobility is felt.

At first it was confusing to use it. However, nowadays I can move it freely which makes it easier to discharge [Light of Mercy].

I create an image of it becoming like a complete storm of falling cherry blossoms in my mind.

Then it changes in accordance to my image and out shines [Light of Mercy]. With it, I swallow up the [Blood Sword Army Demon Soldiers] which rushed to level our defense. Their activities became remarkably stagnated.

The offensive and defensive force was reduced by half while movement that was as fast as the wind became slowed.

Not missing the opportunity, the vanguard, who strengthened the defense on the east side, attacked from the spaces of the escutcheon with spears and swords, and the Blood Army was kicked out.

In the end, because Burasato's sword wings were its core, the "Blood Sword Army Demon Soldiers" could be revived after some time. Still, it certainly had the effect of decreasing the intensity of the attack.

“Hold out until the last minute ~tsu”

“Hold fast and wait for the time when elder sister Burasato comes out. Until then, it's time to cut off the mass.”

“Such help is unwelcomed. ~tsu”

“Usually I am a reliable elder sister, I was really fighting for respect from myself!”

“GAHAHAHAHAA  hehehehee”

Members laugh at the ridicule. The enemy before my eyes is desperately broken to pieces though the sweat falls.

To say nothing of the attack that the vanguard, who is the wall, draws out, changing the guard after a downpour of rain and hail of the countless colorful [magic] is destruction and crushing noises.

However, the enemy, of whom a number we already knocked down, is added to one after another and doesn't seem to decrease easily. The mind and body gradually becoming exhausted.

Stamina is being squeezing out, and there are people on the verge of magic depletion too. If concentration becomes interrupted, there'll be people who will suffer from injuries and make mistakes.

Even so, every one still fights desperately, with the condition of a clear victory or clear defeat under a predetermined time. The battle formation tears down and it becomes a free-for-all fight. The weaker members were ultimately defeated in numbers of violence. After that, it became very scary.

Today's event is “Sword Dance Masquerade”, and is to be repeated again and again until the sun goes down.

It has already repeated itself several times. As a punishment for the defeat during the previous one, after a rest, it shall continue for some time. The difference: Burasato, who was supposed to be the supervisor, enters the war for just one minute.

At that time, it was just pandemonium. She came attacking in a state drunk with blood. [Blood Raid Empress - Variant] was wearing a vortex of blood swords in an enigmatic typhoon while laughing.

By the end of the minute, only a small amount of us were left but there were no deaths (but only just barely). I bore serious near fatal injuries, and the members who dropped out neared one hundred. Given that the total number of our group was more than three hundred people, we understand the tremendous damage.

Though treatment was immediately given to members, the damage is too large and some have not yet returned to consciousness. At present, I am a nonparticipant.

Therefore, managing to endure by the number that decreases compared with the beginning, somehow we hold.

You can also participate in the event again, until the end.

Thereafter, I may not be able to endure a second time, so that Burasato continues to raise much more punishment if that happens. Funny or not, everyone is either wounded or dropped out.

That's why this is the crucial moment. We are on the brink of whether it is possible to survive safely today.

“Enemy in the rear, a large number confirmed. ~tsu”


Before us, who firmly strengthen the defense , large-scale Blood Sword Army Demon Soldiers, fusions of tens of Blood Sword Army Demon Soldiers, appeared.

All of which have dramatically improved abilities, probably now comparable to large demon Trolls. That itself is a wonder.

That danger must be removed immediately, otherwise it is certain that our defenses will be broken.

“The first through third lines standby. [Magic] launch preparation ----- fire! ~tsu”

It is allowed to cast in advance. One of those spells, which were immediately at hand, had been made to wait so as to fire simultaneously.

It's now, the time has come.

“Most of the flame crazy snake spotted Irvine row Ben. ~tsu”

“A branch of a sigh water bloomed to join Lulu's bedding.”

“-- Pollution of the water flood the hell and agra.”

Hell-fire Serpents, a huge branch, and an impure muddy stream attack the large-scale Blood Sword Army Demon Soldiers. Respectively, they evaporate in the conflagration, bloody bodies absorbed by the branches, and are lost in the muddy stream.

While rolling innumerable Blood Sword Army Demon Soldiers by the after effect, although it spread destruction, it has not ended yet.

“All hands, do not relax until the end! ~tsu”

[Wind of the Moon] is clad in silver dust swirling in a spiral wind with golden holy water drank from [Stellar Water] and [Light of Mercy] together, I utter a cry while scattering across a wide-range.

It will be a painfully long battle, but we will survive.

 ■ ■ ■

Although Burasato-san is itching to participate, because she is made to enter the war only as a punishment if members are defeated by a certain degree, the blood army corps is beginning to make a more vigorous attack.

One, just one minute to participate in the war. It seems it was not enough.

No, I wonder that rather her desire has not accumulated even more.

Well, at any rate, the proportion of injured people is quite high, because the members of our medical unit <<Prière>> in charge of here are pretty lively.

Afterwards, I thought about bringing provisions later, while I tried to help the members who have yet to return to consciousness with [Blood Elixir]. But let us give a helping hand to Seiji-kun.

In this case, as long as it is not serious, you will be able to move tomorrow. 

Because I don't intend to end it here yet, there is still more, even if you were wandering between life and death, or not wanting to drop out.

Day 314 == Day 315 == Day 316













 ■ 爪 ■






「戦士達よ、奮起せよッ! 今ここでやらねば、私達に未来はないッ!」
























































 ■ 爪 ■








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