Day 314

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“Day 314”

The fourth day of the festival.

Today I think I will pay attention to Asue-chan.

Asue-chan is supervising, it is a “Rock-climbing Cliff-Wall” that uses the huge pit made from Asue-chan's ability.

The depth of the vertical pit leads to about three hundred meters.

Though the projection of the rock wall made key points that can be used as hand hanging holds and stable areas are many, according to location depending on where the leaning wall overhangs, so there is a need for moderate skills.

Participating members who are climbing are also in an armed state, up until climbing over the cliff-side precipice training by surprise attacks was the idea, even if you think you have excellent physical ability, to ascend itself will be far harder than one would think.

But sometimes there will be a rock falling from above, <<Parabellum Hot-spring Village>> elves come to cooperate by firing suction cup arrows to attack, carelessness can not happen.

By the way, they are aware of the high risk of dropping from fallen rocks.

There are precautions in place to rescue them should they fall, your life will be saved if you don't die instantly.

■ 〒 ■

[A certain Boss Monkey Garudora Ebura point of view]

It is necessary to crawl up from the bottom of the huge black hole that becomes empty to the vast large forest.

It was said to start today.

The black holes are also called [Hell Abyss] by members who sank on the first day of the festival, the depth was approximately three hundred meters underground.

Normally it would be difficult height to climb, and it is definitely a challenge to climb it in armed state.

But from the species of monkey man Ororin that specializes on tree life, it is very easy thing to climb by using clues of slight irregularities and cracks in the rock-face.

Within the group there was a monkey man, it proceeds faster than others smoothly climbs lightly.

“Ukiki, from here at this point it is a little troublesome area.”

Such monkey man among superior variety classification to be heated on the tail of hair hardened shell “Tough Husk Miracle Monkey Buraiorurin” to present the [Rank Up] evolution, Obarou the leader of parabellum calls me Boss Monkey, Garudora Ebura of light armament which it gives priority to mobility, I stood closest to the exit than anyone else, I stood vertically from the rock wall while folding one's arms.

Hefty legs move freely grasping snags on rocks, and to stabilize the body by using a powerful three tails which allows me to move my limbs more precisely, and we have been in detail observe the situation and proceed ahead.

“from here, we can be knocked off from surprise attacks. Ukkiki, its somewhat difficult.”

To side of such a armament with the similar light dress preparation which is climbed “monkey ogre yahuru” of two angular white hair two tails - - called Yajuku, it stands in the rock wall by using its toes and two tails.

Yajuku became a monkey demon from a hobgoblin, there were many twist and it turns out to become one of my followers, that is what our relationship is like.

Every day he follows me, he is a comrade-in-arms who ran in both battlefields and labyrinths.

“Occasionally the certain parts of the ground collapses easily and is a little troublesome. Asue-chan sister had made “Artificial Rock Golems” which drops rocks making it a little tricky. But the most troublesome are, what the extra elves bring in.”

Gardula is driving Yajuku, he briefly talks about information on the waiting violators instead of finding out themselves.

It spreads to the following people, a help to capture it.

“Well, I could do Na guy alone safe want to leave the exclusion within now is tricky.”

In that way Garudora is standing on the rock wall, in a low voice chanting.

Magic converges rapidly to the right hand, red and green magic light scatters around.

“I will skewer it, Ukki! “Stabbing flame blossoms of proud roots spear thief Genovese 'Gu””

Mixed system third tier magic “Stabbing flame blossoms of proud roots spear thief Genovese 'Gu”

It was invented by mixing of intense heat system and plant system, the spear of forming made from the root of a red flower of two meters in length and five centimeters in the diameter.

The ear tip of a pointed root is greatly sharper than that of normal metallic spear, Garudora threw out the spear that shook the surface like the flame in heaven high just from twisting his waist and physical strength.

It is unleashed from a strong arm and the spear flies through the heavens and the aim is not mistaken, to pierce into the chest of the artificial rock golem to cause interference of the falling rocks to stay in place.

Though the artificial rock golems should be called a human type composed of rock was not fragile structure to be stopped with just this action, however within the spear the flaming roots rapidly grow, a huge flame blossoms with explosive spirit.

“Kikiki, Looks like dirty fireworks huh!?.”

The rock body of the artificial golems that being bombed to pieces from the inside by the spear that grows bombs is not enough and disappointed, the broken pieces was pulled by gravity and fell.

In so doing, it passes to the other members while climbing.

The largest piece is the size of an adult human male, if it hits directly it will do considerable damage. Most likely, both could not endure and will fall together.

Fortunately no one was hit. But, if it was even a little different a number of people would have been involved.

“This is too dangerous!”

“Damn-so, please be careful!”

For that reason, one or two complaints are indeed going out.

“Ukiki, it calculated properly so it wouldn't hit, don't worry ukiki.”

The blocking threat in the future will be eleminated first, therefore please be a little patient, while thinking that, Gardula is going further each second, the third root spear is thrown.

The root spear hits perfectly, fire flower blooming well and the disturbance were crushed.

For a while the root spear continues burns by magic is in full bloom, the dark [Hell] is colored gorgeously even if it's only just a little.

“Ukiki, such massage ukki probably. Ukiki can do nothing but climb now.”

“Kiki. Kiki. Both of the artificial golems have been decreased in size of palm seeds, which make it much easier.”

However even if you can ruin the generation body in which substitution is even very much to our regret effectively, the elves that waiting for Garudora is holding a bow and an arrow so when he climbed up to a specified range it's prepared to use.

Elves who are our neighbors, participates in this event as entertainment.

Although it is done but not with carelessness, and to ensure good behavior is to show visible action, the worst punishment from Obarou is to be killed while eaten alive, I believe doing this much is enough.

As one would expect the absolute power and terror that come with the drive should not do such folly, Violators who were mopping up seems decided stop by here once.

“Ukikiki. Well its time to climb.”

I think the safety for Garudora has been secured, I begin to climb using hands feet and the three tails, some evil voice was heard.

“Oh no, this group is also doing well. Want to climb be care of palm, that's a no isn't it a trick. But it is a rule palm, well, that's all right. Everyone good luck and, from here I will assist you.”

It is high above, the thing near the exit was the supervisor Asue.

What kind of development is this, Garudora driven by a frustration that can be expressed that it begins to spring in the mind easily and was instinctive sense of crisis, I looked up and tried to investigate the cause.

But there was no need to investigate, it was obvious.

“Ukiki …....... I'm beaten Ukki.”

Garudora were going to advance from now on to [Abyss Hell] rock river wall, it begins to flow as if the inside of the body of a living organism.

But the flow settled in an instant, the rock wall shape seems to be more difficult to climb than before, the rock golem that had been expelled is revived.

Moreover than revived, there were even more of them than before.

“Kiki, kiki........ They replenish it if it's being destroyed by ranged attacks, incidentally the geographical features are changed and it rises the difficulty, what is this thing. Really unpleasant, Explain it to me for just a moment.”

“Ukkiki what have I done...... Everyone, Ukki I'm sorry.”

Damn it, While thinking the expression it hangs in the wind, Garudora scratches his cheek.

Yajuku shrugs as much to say no help for it, other members who had been following were also floating with a wry smile.

Certainly this time was a blunder of Garudora, if the disturvabce are being destroyed the geographical features change as well as being immediately replenished, you could not know in advance.

Immediately excluding the threat to begin with is not a wrong idea, this kind of blunder could occur for anyone.

Just this time by chance was Garudora, because everyone understands it, gently out things to think in a positive manner to attack was changed.

“However, Ukki ahead seems longer than I thought”

Disturbances of the violators were, never a thing to ignore, members probably will be defeated in blame without forgiveness.

Therefore trying to eliminate in order to make it easier to climb, it is immediately restored, and increases in number.

Either way difficulty increases when you remove an obstruction, so its best not to do so, but what still awaits the countless difficulties of [Abyss Hell] trials has been.

Garudora sheds cold sweat, and imagines what exactly lies ahead.

And having fallen rocks big as three meter taking careful aim after that.

In climbing, the rock golem starts its obstruction.

■ 〒 ■

Asue-chan's [Rank Up] the generative capacity and the geographical features operation ability to do and obtain are taken full advantage, if constructors made from rock are broken, they get replenished and increase in number, easy work only of changing geographical features for a moment and not climbing easy took time to make.

Once the work is easy to elf roles such as instruction to basically, you come to me.

When even the exit comes to about twenty meters in the back, though an easy obstruction such as making the projection in the rock wall at random is done, a little after that, the person who relaxes his guard seems to be unexpectedly caught.

Caught members must not drop power of attention to the last minute, lessons learned and got things going.

Of its own way to the things that hurt people come out, it must have been still safe when compared with the area of Minokichi-kun.

Ability to respond in an unstable environment, would much be improved.

Dozens of members were shot down, it will work hard also tomorrow due to no deaths 

Day 313 == Day 314 == Day 315












 ■ 〒 ■





















「串刺しにしてやるぞ、ウッキー! “刺し誇る炎華の根槍(シーフリグ・ベーゼ)”」
















































 ■ 〒 ■








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