Day 40

Day 40

It rained today.

In order to determine everyone’s new rank, we decided to hold a round-robin tournament.

It’s best to fill the holes left by the previous Hobgoblin leader.

While not many will rise in rank, I thought everyone’s motivation would increase by doing this.

But victory and defeat is obvious among Hobgoblins and Goblins, and it doesn’t even need to be said for me who’s an Ogre. Goblins decided their ranks among Goblins, and Hobgoblins who have decided their rank among Hobgoblins didn’t change.

There were people who rose and fell in rank this time, it was a fluctuation between happiness and sadness.

Yeah, the overall level has also risen, perhaps it’d be good to embark to a city with Redhead soon. I’ll think about it later.

When going outside, it might also be interesting to form a mercenary group. In the area where we’re active in now, since there aren’t anymore monsters which can’t be killed by me, my level doesn’t rise very easily either.

Once you’ve killed the Lord of the Mountain, this is an inevitable outcome.

Yeah, it seems I should go outside sooner or later. While thinking deeply on many things, I fell soundly asleep…

Day 39 == Day 40 == Day 41

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