Day 39

Day 39

After concluding the morning training, I thought about what to do with the large amount of high quality items we’ve obtained, because I judged that to fully equip them would only lead to complacency, I decided to give magical items – weapon, armor and stuff like magical rings to be versatile – to only the ten hobgoblins and gave each one a max of two items.

The equipments the hobgoblins previously used were passed down to those of a lower rank. In the end, the worst equipped members were using shell-reinforced shield, leather armor and a short sword.

Since they have been practicing daily, the goblins reached Levels so high that it's normally impossible for such a large number of goblins to reach, additionally both the quality and quantity of their equipment had increased, even if they didn't perform a surprise attack with poisoned arrows and attacked enemies from head on, they would still have a high chance of defeating a mid-ranked adventurers' party according to Gobujii.

Well, it's normal that if the goblins who are as strong or slightly weaker than the adventurers attack en masse that the adventurers would lose.

According to this, this group is without doubt currently the strongest army corps here.

In the afternoon I went out with all the hobgoblins which numbered 10 in total along with Redhead since she desperately wanted join us, in order to hunt the previously mentioned Hind bears.

By the way, my current main weapon is from Velvet’s inheritance, a vermilion long-spear named [ Starving Impaler of A Thousand Thorns (Kazikli Bey) ].

T/N: It's the same spear he is holding on the Alphapolis Banner. The one that looks something used by a Ritual Monk. Kazikli Bey is Vlad the Impaler's Turkish nickname, the Vampire Dracula was based on him.

My armor is a long coat-type hard leather armor made from the Red bear’s hide and the shells of Demon spiders, I am also wearing a pair of flexible red leather pants. On my flesh and blood right arm I'm wearing a magic item that's usually in the form of a black metal bracelet, however, it can quickly transform into a sturdy hand protector that manifests the ability to increase my physical strength – among other things – according to my will, named [Fury of the Haughty King (Beowulf)].

The spear and the bracelet and the silver arm, all the three of them are [Legendary]-Ranked [ Artifacts ].

Yes, it might be late to talk about it now, but I’ll briefly explain about [Artifacts].

[Artifact] is a word that inevitably appears when discussing items gotten from the few dungeons around the world termed « Age of The Gods Dungeons » that are extremely dangerous yet unique places.

From what I can tell from when the item data of [Artifacts], there’s an obvious difference in performance when compared to normal magic items.

Even for disposable potions, their effects can be more than two to three times as potent.

An [Artifact]-Class health potion restores 60 hit points, while a normal health potion of the same Rank restore 25 hit points. It's Something along those lines.

Blacksmith-san told me that it’s a system that distinguishes superior quality items from the same Rank.

Next I’ll talk about [Legendary]-Ranked items.

Items are categorized accordingly into 7 ranks starting from the lowest it’s: [Inferior], [Normal], [Rare], [Unique], [Ancient], [Legendary] and [Phantasmal]

For example, the rustic long-swords I got from the Kobolds and the shell encased gigantic club that Gobukichi-kun used before are both of the lowest Ranked of items, [Inferior]-Ranked items, whilst the magic staff that the kobold Mage used, using this system would be ranked as a [Normal]-Ranked items.

The weapons that the adventurers we killed in Velvet’s dungeon used were mostly [Unique]-Ranked, with a few [Ancient]-Ranked items mixed in.

In short, even for a high-ranked adventurer party it's hard to get an [Ancient]-Ranked item, let alone [Legendary]-Ranked or [Phantasmal]-Ranked items.

If I say that a small country’s treasury probably doesn’t have items above [Unique]-Ranked, would it be easier to imagine how rare the higher class items are?

To begin with, magic items above [Unique]-Ranked are mostly all [Artifacts]. So to get one you have to dive into one of the « Age of The Gods Dungeons » around the world.

I digress, but apparently « Age of The Gods Dungeons » are often surrounded by the castle walls of the labyrinth towns which start flourishing near them. It sounds interesting, so I might try going to one of these sometime.

The fact that my red spear, bracelet and silver arm are all [Legendary]-Ranked items is proof of how powerful Velvet was when he was alive.

Because the act of finding even one [Legendary]-Ranked item is enough to shake countries, I cannot help but think that he was truly someone worth respecting.

As for trying to get a [Phantasmal]-Ranked item, it’s unimaginable so I let the matter drop. I have far too little information on that subject.

Getting back to the original topic, the Hind bear hunt ended without a hitch.

The Hind bears were certainly strong, however, now that we are equipped with magic items and became quite capable in group tactics, the Hind bears were certainly formidable enemies but not something that we can't defeat.

Because the abilities of my bracelet, red spear and silver arm were beyond cheating, and that without even having to use my abilities I can easily kill the Hind bears head-on, I participated only as a support today.

That’s why I equipped Gobukichi-kun, Gobumi-chan and the rest with high quality magical items, which allowed them to exercise strength that exceeded a Hobgoblin's.

This time the main purpose of the hunt is to raise the Levels of the participants.

Yeah, bear stew is incredibly delicious!

By the way, because of the recent problems, I want to drink more alcohol, so much that I can’t stand it. Alcohol…I want some alcohol…