Day 36

Day 36

Among my subordinate goblins, out of my 5 goblins servants, 3 Ranked Up to hobgoblins.

I gave them a congratulatory gift.

Yesterday, I thought that soon some of them may Rank Up to hobgoblins, but to think that the next day 3 of them Ranked Up, I wanted to retort "Your timing is too good". Since they've Ranked Up to hobgoblins just recently, I told them to get used to their bodies in today's training.

Starting from today, I stopped pairing up with the goblins in the morning training.

Well, it's just too dangerous. Even if I held back my strength to the utmost minimum, a light punch would send a goblin to their death. More like, they would die unless treated immediately.

Even Gobukichi-kun, armed to the teeth, was pretty much trashed. His armor couldn’t stop the force as it creaked. Even his tower shield made of black iron got a fist-shaped dent from when I punched at it.

Therefore, I stopped my sparring sessions.

And I decided to arrange one-on-one spars among the goblins instead of fighting me I added a rule that the loser will get a light penalty.

In the afternoon, I continued crafting the armor that I started yesterday.

Gobukichi-kun went out hunting with a complicated expression on his face. I thought that it would be dangerous for him to go out alone and ordered my 3 servants who Ranked Up into hobgoblins today to go with him.

Gobumi-chan and Hobusato-san got along with each other recently because both were both females and had some similarity in their close quarters fighting styles, so they led 4 goblins and went out to hunt.

Hobusei-san was sitting beside me while I was crafting my armor. I told her to return the book after she finishes reading it but was ignored. Gobue-chan is mining [Spirit Stones] again today. It seems she found a spot with a lot of [Spirit Stones] and got very motivated, her mining speed went up.

Redhead was training using wooden swords together with the goblins who didn't go hunting. Maybe it was because she didn't want her strength to fall behind the goblins who had a fast growth rate, her expression was very serious, although she still have some hostility towards the older goblins who attacked their caravan, however, she was gradually getting familiar with the goblins from my generation. Really, she is such a tough girl.

Taking a break from crafting my armor, I decided to visit the girls. I first went to Blacksmith-san to check on the knives she forged using the [Spirit Stones] alloy, I was content with the interesting abilities they had. I also taught the Sisters some simple recipes. Then I brainstormed together with Alchemist-san for new ideas for potions.

It’s been so long since I’ve taken it easy.