Day 31

Day 31

The heavy rain from yesterday continued, so we spent the day inside the cave.

The day went as usual. After the morning practice was over, I equipped the Black Wolf Armor that I made yesterday and the halberd, which I still haven’t tried using in a real battle, before facing a fully equipped Gobukichi-kun in a somewhat serious practice battle.

My new armor consisted of flexible black leather pants and a long black leather coat. On my left hand I was equipped with a solid wrought-iron gauntlet, and on my right hand I used the carapace reinforced, and in lots of different ways improved, round shield. I didn’t have anything covering my head, and on my feet I had a pair of sturdy looking boots that the older Goblins brought back from the adventurers.

Since my skin was also black, this equipment made me almost invisible during the night.

Gobukichi-kun's equipment was replaced with various items we got during the Orc raid.

His main weapon was a [Crescent Axe] that burned from having a [Flame Blade] made by embedding a battle-axe that I discovered, with Fire Spirit Stones. His buckler was a black iron tower shield made from a carapace-reinforced round shield, which had high defensive strength because of how heavy it was, that was strengthened through magic.

His armor was based on what the Orc Leader was using. Using my thread to bind it together, it was now reinforced by pieces of carapace and black wolf leather, which raised the defensive power and mobility.

Looking almost like a moving fortress, his armor coupled with his body that was amplified by his vanguard specialization, resulted in combat ability that was not something to joke about.

Truly, Gobukichi-kun had become strong.

I can sense it during his normal training as well, but facing him fully armed truly makes me understand how much he has improved.

Basically, I, who had strengthened myself by having a variety of abilities, confusing my opponents through the use of various techniques, and winning using methods of striking my opponents from behind, was bad in a situation like this where I had to fight head-to-head without an ability against a genuinely strong opponent like Gobukichi-kun.

He’s still an opponent I can win against with my abilities, but having my halberd with the force of my whole body behind it being almost perfectly blocked by his tower shield is, as expected, still kind of shocking. Each and every one of his blows is also extremely heavy, but above all his dexterous handling of his axe is worthy of admiration.

It seems like he knew from experience how to swing an axe sharper, faster, and heavier.

Well, the weapons he has used from the first hunt till now have always been similar, from cudgel → axe → axe which was probably the reason.

In our Goblin village the one who handles axes the best is without question Gobukichi-kun.

Also, his burning [Crescent Axe] was more trouble than I thought it would be. I’ve got the ability [Fire Resistance], so I didn’t get injured by his [Crescent Axe]’s [Flame Blades]. However, resistance is resistance and hot things are hot. Because of the blazing flame my vision was impaired and when the handle of my halberd got searingly hot from the long exposure to his flame, I excused myself.

Continuing like this, we spent quite a long time staging mock battles.

I spent some time manufacturing clothes, picked up the mined “Spirit Stones”, ate the food the Sisters prepared then went to sleep.

And then when everyone had gone to sleep, that event happened.

Eight bodies were moving towards the place where the five human women were sleeping, and my 【Sense Presence】 ability caught that movement.

When I looked at what woke me up, I saw the retreating figures of Goblins who were exchanging words in whispers between one another, speaking enthusiastically about assaulting the women.

The moment I saw that, I gripped the halberd that I kept near my bedside in one-hand and chased after them. I made sure to do this stealthily in order to get firm proof that they intended to assault the women's sleeping place. Conclusive proof that they couldn’t refute was extremely important.

After they've done it they can’t excuse themselves by saying that I made a mistake.

Once I was sure, I swung my halberd at the closest Goblin and moved down toward his neck.

His head flew, charmed by gravity it fell to the ground and begun to tumble, which I then trampled over and crushed flat in one breath. After squashing the head, my boots became soiled, but at that moment, I didn’t care.

I made sure to cauterize the Goblin’s severed throat as I decapitated him; it helped save myself from the annoyance of cleaning up afterwards.

The smell of burning flesh sparked my battle instincts.

I dare say I was laughing while I was doing this.

The sudden cold-blooded murder instantly caused the atmosphere to turn serious.

Everyone’s gaze that was locked on to me were had a dumbfounded and confused state, ignoring their situation, I began to apprehend the rest of the Goblins using my thread. Looking at the captured Goblins, I realized they were all subordinates of the former Hobgoblin Leader.

Then, I determined first of all that the former Hobgoblin leader who attacked Redhead rolling in front of my eyes with a bulging crotch was first to bring it up.

I tried hearing his story before deciding whether I’d allow him his life, it seems like he was unable to suppress his sexual desires. When I asked why he didn’t just let it out on a female of his own kind, it seems having known a human woman’s body once, a female Goblin’s body can no longer satisfy him. The pleasure was different by an order of magnitude.

“Don’t you understand that!?”, was his argument. I hit him once then stopped the discussion halfway because the girls who were assaulted had part of their clothes torn. I’ve heard enough of what I wanted to hear.

I handed over some fine cardigans crafted from the threads I made yesterday to the shivering girls who were hugging their own bodies.

Because leaving them with torn clothes could make them a temptation for the other Goblins.

As I finished handing out the clothes, while rubbing her back I called out to and attempted to calm Redhead who was clinging to me and crying. I kept patiently calling out to her, who seems to be slowly calming down, although she was still bawling. Once Gobukichi-kun, Gobumi-chan, and Gobue-chan hurried over, I gave them the order to put the Goblins I bound with thread in the practice hall near the entrance. Also to wake everyone who is still asleep.

I left the corpse and splattered head on the floor.

After making the order, Redhead seemed to have calmed down once I gave her some time; although, she still wouldn’t let go of my clothes. Somehow, she would not open her hands regardless of my intention, which was confusing. She was still faintly trembling, so it was unreasonable to try to get an answer. Although I actually thought that I had better not be burdened with having to look after her mental health from now on; but for now it can’t be helped so I took her with me. The other four girls, although trembling, either because they hated to be separated from me, who rescued them as promised, or because they thought they wanted to see things with their own eyes, or possibly some other reason, followed along at a distance.

Having made sure no one was asleep and that they had gathered in the hall next to the entrance, I pointed at the arrested goblins with the tip of my halberd. I explained that “What the likes of these guys did was this and that~~, what I said was etc. etc.~~”, made them understand, then I began the torture.

For starters, I cut off a bit of the tips of their fingers with a Bowie knife. Cauterizing the wound with a flame so they didn’t bleed to death and using a healing spell to restore both their vitality and body strength. I proceeded bit by bit, taking the utmost care that they wouldn’t die.

Their screams were noisy so I stuffed a gag of thread in their mouths. That was also to prevent them from biting their tongues. Well, you wouldn’t die quickly even if you bit your tongue to begin with so doing it was probably pointless.

Yep, I was putting everyone off.

Physically and mentally, they were drawing away.

Nevertheless, doing this to prove to the girls that the promise I made was not empty should be easily understandable. In the first place, there was clearly no need to say that there were a number of followers who do not abide by my, the current leader’s, words but instead followed the orders of the previous one.

Leaving behind things like this would certainly cause problems later on, so for the sake of the future I do this to nip potential trouble in the bud.

If in the end it’s “because I did not do this I was stabbed in the back and died”, that would be silly.

The 6 Goblins were dealt with using various unique, colorful methods, and in the end, only one was left.

The last Goblin — the former Hobgoblin Leader begged for his life with his eyes, but even though I was so lovingly turning him into a sandbag this fool could not understand a thing, I could not see any value in his existence.

Within the group he held a position that was commensurate with his strength, but as I thought, it can’t be helped that fools will always be fools.

I don’t get those guys that could not even abide by the bare minimum number of rules that I established, so simple that even idiots could understand.

The fact that things ended up this way was because of this guy’s intentions, you reap what you sow.

Still, even I wouldn’t kill his followers just because I didn’t like them. Not unless I have a pretext for killing my opponent, like this guy. From the start, cases where it is fine if there were two powers within an organization are exceedingly rare.

Because of that, without hesitation, again and again I burned his arm, tormented him with water, trapped him under a heavy stone while whipping him, keeping him barely alive as I continuously tortured him.

Day 30 == Day 31 == Day 32

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