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Day 310

Still needs a little cleaning / editing, but I've done most if it. ~ Miraclegrass

Why would you capitalise the first letter of every word? I had to go in and correct all that myself. - Random American Reader

Japanese -> Russian -> English

In the morning, leaving friends whom I had not planned to involve in the [Holy War] in the mansion, I took the rest with me and we left the Royal Capital Osvel.

Next, I picked up the team members from the Labyrinth City Purgatory that were participating. Just as I went to the nearby forest, they boarded the dragon Tatsushirou.

There were a lot of people, so I had to summon additional dragons via [Summon Supreme Dragon] so that all would fit. After that, we could afford to relax and enjoy the flight in the sky in comfort.

In the end, we came to a location in a mountainous area, at the periphery of the Kuuderun Great Forest. There was a cleared plateau used by Parabellum as an [Airport].

Here we met domesticated familiars such as Falaise Eagles and Dragons, which we use to deliver supplies and goods to remote branches.

Because the [Airport] handles both exports and imports, a large number of comrades are actively bustling about and examining the goods.

Of course, in the [Airport] is a [Skeleton Train]. Thanks to the fact that all have become accustomed to it, the number of passengers and users has increased significantly.

Now, from morning to night, silence is a rare occurrence.

Seeing Tatsushirou and several summoned dragons, the news of our return quickly spread throughout the [Airport]. Comrades have been running to line up in order to greet us, but I told them to concentrate on work.

Immersed in the [Skeleton Train], everyone went to their own business.

Fortunately, now that we have returned home, I decided to make a holiday for those who have no urgent work.

Do you want to meet your friends? Do you want to spend time with your family? You can sit in your own room or house and to train your knowledge or power. In general, everyone has their own business.

Together with Redhead, Kanami, and the children, I went to the mountains next to the [Residential Area]. It's such a big house that you would think that the royal family lives here, that is our home.

To go straight there seems boring, so we decided to drive around the base in order to marvel at the changes made here in our absence.

On the big [External Training Field] where you can easily carry out large-scale training, we could see comrades soaked with sweat.

[Farmlands], which we had cut down part of the forest to make, has overgrown so much that it is now simply packed with a lot of ripe vegetables. Also, familiars and monsters, which we breed for food.

[Workshop], you could see the Dwarves and Blacksmith-San working using their hammers.

[Factory], which was releasing heat from a furnace, there were a lot of black skeletons that produce different products.

Next to the [Clinic] were comrades from many different units, creating a hodgepodge of colors. At the Parabellum Hot Springs, where there is a set of elves, I met with Father Elf and Daughter Elf again.

Vowing to drink with him again, we finally arrived at the [Residential Area], which grew from the last time, next to the mountain.

Tired, entering my house, I habitually say "I'm home", the answer was, "Welcome back".

Smiling happily, I met Blacksmith-San, the Sisters holding Nicola, Female Knight, and Doriane-san.

I warned that today I will be back, probably because they were waiting for me specifically.

In addition, the Sisters had prepared a feast.

Unfortunately, among the children, only Oniwaka was missing. Minokichi will arrive tomorrow with Oniwaka.

Therefore, although a bit early, but we decided to arrange a holiday.

Filling the stomach, do not hesitate to talk, to laugh heartily, and then warm up the body in a hot spring, and dispel fatigue.

At night I also have plans, and tomorrow too, because a little earlier, I decided to relax. (Gigady x8)

Unfortunately, we have an army of opponents that are [Great Heroes / Heroes] and [Kings / Emperors].

I doubt that many will go through the [Holy War] unscathed.

Even after my training, there will still be victims among my comrades who are much stronger than conventional representatives of their species.

Therefore, let's have a festival.

Losing blood and consciousness, in order to gain power to survive the [Holy War].

[Hell Week Festival] is about to begin.

309 Day == Day 310 == Day 311

DAY 310's RAW

 "Three hundred and ten days"  in the mansion, leaving the team members not to participate in this holy war, leaving the king capital from early in the morning and put the only team members to join the skeleton centipede.

 Then picked up the team members to participate as well, depending on the labyrinth city «Purgatory», ever the same as going to a nearby forest and, where boarded the Tatsu Shiro.

 Since the number there were many Tatsu Shiro just not completely put, to add as the number animals using the [true dragon purification].

 Thereby can afford, I we enjoyed the air travel often relax.

 And it landed in «airfield» that has been leveling in flat on the summit of the base of a large forest.

 Is around to Tame «Tsukai magic» became the "four wings eagle file erase Aigle" and purification dragon who is Sewashinaku Ikikai, he found that airlift goods to local branches.

 Since there are also those that are imported if there is also a thing that is export, quite a number of Members who are moving Sewashinaku. Although not change the skeleton truck running on rails that has been laid in the case of transportation is a big success, we are increasing the number of skeleton truck than before because've been accustomed to handling.

 Also it swelled the amount to be handled by that amount, seldom be here until the night from the early morning quiet.

 Tatsu Shiro and order was obvious riding purification dragon of a few horses that I we came back, had impending alignment trying Demukaeyo in a hurry worked have been Members who are, I was giving priority to the work.

 Apart we do not need, such as pick-up. It is the very essential thing to finish things to do with Sassa.

 And I who got off from Tatsu Shiro and other purification dragon, decided to go back to each of the destination and rode to the skeleton truck that called.

 Since the time being today a long time of the feedback, the other team members who no significant work has been on holiday. Yoshi also reunited with their close friend, the Well even go to see family, or by Nari go back to their room or a house that did not almost go home, would each cultivate excellent talent.

 I Kanabi chan and red hair short and accompanied by children, conspicuously larger in «residential area» located on the slopes of the mountain, would think that or not than live a royal mansion, - that is ours I decided to go back to the house.

 Just because I thought also how to bounce, it makes sure the base there was a bit of a change compared to the previous move to dare detour and Guru' in skeleton truck in again of their own eyes.

 Now in large-scale combat training possible «external training field» also see the team members our appearance to strive in training, it has become large enough eye-popping pioneered the woods to «large farmland» Many of the vegetables are grown , such as «ranch» many edible monsters and surrounds than previously to «Tsukai magic» has been bred.

 Now from «workshop» the blacksmith's and the dwarves are hanging Asemizu daily also the sound of the hammer is sound, filled with «factory» In a unique hot air products are mass-produced by the black skeleton us, injury to person There is a strong turnout of troops colors from the troops building that was built for each unit, including the «clinic», «Torino Palavela hot spring village» in father elf and daughter even now are playing gathering a large number of elves that reach gather Elf and was resumed.

 In addition to the promise to try to drink liquor, it was finally headed to «residential» which the house has increased than before on the slopes of the mountain.

 It mansion you do not nearly live from the building, but get inside while saying "Tadaima", there was a reply to the "Welcome back."

 The good news, smith's and sister's holding a Nicola, I woman knight, then Dorianu's we were greeted to the alchemist's.

 Because I was informed that the return today, seems to have me waiting bother.

 Moreover, it is ready the first time that also dishes sister's we had made painstakingly are prepared.

 Only Oniwaka The only disappointing thing in the children, but I do not stay here, Oniwaka is to act together with the Mino Yoshi-kun who, back home come to is tomorrow scheduled.

 So there is an early preview, but was determined to be family services to smith's us open a little party.

 Stomachful eaten by, talking endlessly, laughing from the bottom of my heart, and take the tired that stuck to the body into the hot spring.

 Night is a variety in the night, but since there is also a thing of tomorrow, to be rest in a little early.

 Members who participate in the holy war would not be able to everyone to survive.

 Opponent is [emperor], and [] 救聖 our Allies [EiIsamu] full of heroic figure.

 Although the band members who as impossible as compared to the much training usually has become stronger, what a thing is not that no more dead.

 So, we hold the festival.

 Spitting Chihedo, even while unconscious and exhausted exhausted Seikon, for obtaining the power to survive in a holy war, even a little, the festival.

 Festival - also referred to as Hell Week Hell Week - now, was about to begin.

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