Day 309

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Day 309

I think if I look back at yesterday, it is troubling to accept how it's possible to eat the dungeon boss without ever fighting it. I wish I had rolled the dice in order to greatly raise the probability of learning new abilities.

However, while in the face of 【Splendid Algae Empress who Grants Blessings】 cutting itself up to make the food, it felt sad but it can't be helped since such a thought didn't occur at that time.

Although it can be said that to finish eating the banquet of meals was the only issue, which had become some sort of a "battle" on its own.

In a sense, isn't it natural that if I had rolled the dice to propose another idea for not having been tied to that kind of "operation"?

Anyway, since I considered that there was the ability [Abnormality Nullification] that I could invoke to prevent the effects of such a delicious dish whether it actually had [Enchanted] negative effects...

Ah, I Never. will do something like that. -Ynack

Simply, it was delicious.

Anyways, since it happened, it just can't be helped.


To check on how comfortable it is to use the Mysterious 【 Cooking Pot of Seaweed God ( Tongue Glare Potter)】, which is a metal pot-shaped [Sacred Treasure], 【Full Master-ship of Seaweed Dish 】 and 【 Art of Best Quality Sea Foods Cooking 】 abilities were used to let me practice using it and to serve everybody the seafood which I cooked as breakfast.

The way the cooking works is without adjustment with an effective ability, semi-automatically, as for the dishes that are made with only dungeon ingredients, it was spectacular. The results are such that one wouldn't think that it was prepared by just a single person.

Everybody ate it with great appetite, reconfirming that it's good to eat with great relishing satisfaction.

Since we safely obtained two Age of the Gods dungeons and have finished about all of what we could do here. Anyway, Kanami-chan told me of a company for ensuring camouflage, in the large store such as the pretty good noble mansion with [Senior Dealer Oni - Merchant Lord] as the employee. In addition, acting as the hands and feet are the "middle demon Hobgoblin Mage" and "half-demon half lord race". I also want to place a [Gilman Lord] or an [Ocean bishop - Arc Sea Bishop] in charge of supplying products from the 【Holy Sea Foods Meal Cavity Of The Fearful God】(ED:The Blue Hole underwater Dungeon )

It is for using in case of an emergency situation, but now because it is difficult to call members here since the Holy War is coming up, I made multiple [Quotient Arch demon]. Whatever they do, it won't be a serious thing.

By the way, the management of the store as a dungeon company which is named ≪Dolphin's Tail - Deneb Dolphins≫(Bright Dolphins?) is entrusted to the straight mature forms of the newly born.

I used the 【Oni's Howl Gate】 from 【 Anbrasm Parabellum Edition 】, to warp to 【Waterfall Basin of the Water Oni's Howl 】 that was closest to the Royal Capital.

Once again I was pleased by how much more it's convenient, far in excess of instantaneous teleportation, we jumped into the Skeleton Centipede and left the city. After a while, we came to a quiet place, where we are again reunited with Tatsushirou.

Right after that, we enjoyed ourselves for a while by strolling the sky up to the Royal Capital nearby by riding Tatsushirou, and getting off in a nearby forest to avoid making too much noise. In addition, we took the skeleton centipede, and returned to the Royal Capital.

Before returning to the mansion we took a little detour, because the places were lively since the day hasn't reached its peak, and to do a variety of errands while watching how the stores are thriving.

Because tomorrow the plan is to return home early to the base of the Great Forest. I'm already getting ready to fall asleep.

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Day 309

Yesterday all and ended without a battle dungeon. Now I thought that I had to roll the dice in order to increase the chance of getting abilities.

Here are just looking at tearing ourselves for cooking "Great Empress', a thought I did not have, so there's nothing to be done.

Though, I just ate, but in a sense it was a fight, so I guess it is quite natural that I have not had such thoughts.

And it did not enchanted, its tasty food. That's for sure, for sure.

It was simply delicious ...

Well, be that as it may, what's done is done.

In order to test the abilities I have received [Sacred Treasure]

[Cooking bowler divine spirit Seaweed], activating

[High-end cooking techniques seaweed] and

[Cooking skills from Seaweed], I have prepared a meal of seafood and distributed to all members of the group.

Thanks to his ability, I was moving semi, using high-quality ingredients from the cave, the dish turned out so good that I doubted that it was I who prepared it.

The resulting dish was eaten quickly enough teammates.

After securing two dungeons, we have finished almost all our affairs here. Because in order to safely leave the city, as workers in the false branch, in a mansion bought yesterday, I called [shopping demons], which would work as sellers.

[[[Hobgoblin]] magicians (hobugoburin.meiji)], [Half of Lords (h? Fu r? Do)] as an assistant, as well as for the production of goods from "Precious den seafood fierce god" [giruman Lords] and [Bishops evil seas ( ? bishoppu)].

In light of the upcoming holy war to bring friends here will not be difficult, besides, there is a shopping demons, so if you do not happen that an unforeseen, I think, no matter how it will understand.

Thus, thanks to the newly created beings, was born a new subsidiary "The tail of a dolphin (denebu.darufimu)".

We are passing through the gate on "Aburassem parabelum" returned to the closest to the capital of the Kingdom of the maze.

Once again I was pleased by how much also convenient, far in excess of instantaneous teleportation, we plunged into the wagon hundreds of bones and left the city. After a while, came to a quiet place, we are again reunited with Tatsushirou.

Enjoying the flight some time, landing in the overcoming of the capital, so as not to cause a fuss, we again boarded the wagon hundreds of bones, moved to the capital.

It was still light, because we drove a long way back to the mansion, where ensuring the prosperity of the business, I plunged into a chore.

Tomorrow I'm planning to return to the base in the great forest, because quite early to bed.