Day 308

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Day 308

From the time when I got asked if I would like another serving, it become vacation without building and I had continued to enjoy a wide variety of delicious cuisine from the 【Splendid Seaweed Empress who Grant Blessings】.

Apart from delicious dishes, I just want to continue to eat until I got satisfied, Since that was what I plan, isn't it.

 Since basically the dish from the 【Splendid Seaweed Empress who Grant Blessings】are be made by the seaweed that make up from her the body as the material, its volume is gradually reduced as she create more of dishes.

In other words eventually it's being a reason that there is a limit for it so possible to maintain its shape, It is something that will lead to its weakening.

 The issue was not that simple.

 After all, As much as she used her partial body, it can be replenished from what filled in the boss room. It is because abundant amounts of seaweed that cover the walls were being absorbed in order to undo the volume that was reduced.

 Even for me, it's difficult to eat it up with just by a single demon when it has quantity that would be worth for several giants.

 However, since I had 【 Ingestion of Giant Whale】 Fortunately, it is why I dare to take on this kind of tactics. 

Ability learned: Seaweed Absorption

Ability learned: High-end Seaweed Cooking

Ability learned: Made from Seaweed

Ability learned: Subspace Storage of Marine Products

In the process of eating seaweed, I also got a few worthy skills. The first I met [[[Splendid Seaweed Empress who Grant Blessings]]], her height was a about 180 centimeters and now it has become even less than 40 centimeters.

Since the seaweed is already not in the surroundings, It might be good since I believe she wouldn't be able to restored anymore from this situation.

If I eat up the rest, therefore [[[Splendid Seaweed Empress who Grant Blessings]]] will disappear, then I became able to subdue for the capture.

While it is becoming smaller and smaller, while still looking [[[Splendid Seaweed Empress who Grant Blessings]]] is smiling and joyful, and I tried to question.

Why this, you perform something that is equal to suicide.

For the person who came over to capture a dungeon, there is no need to serve a dish until cutting itself.

 Only harm piles up, can I assert that there is no one do suicide except it has its own interest to do so.

However, why do you perform it?

 ――『I want to do it, just because I thought so.』

was the reply from [[[Splendid Seaweed Empress who Grant Blessings]]].

 I wonder that's not the reason. Is it a thing by the instinct? Or is it the ending that [God of Seaweed] established?.

 I do not understand it, the last dishes, Small empress jumps into the pot by itself, It was cooked automatically by the pot and was completed in a short time, the food with the brown alga boiled in soy sauce of the empress was piled on the white rice which got cooked from warming.

It's which there is for one pot, and I'm gonna chewing it to taste as each chew by one chew.

 The number of finest material of charm has been cooking as complements for full cuisine. It gave me temporary supreme bliss that it was hard to express by words.

At the same time feeling that the dishes that would have more and more, yet over, mingling with this feeling has led me in a difficult state.

   I did not leave even one scrap, I carried the white rice topped with spreads of salty-sweet brown seaweed into my mouth.

Even temporary the supreme bliss, eventually end up.

  I put the pan which became empty, Put palms together, I close my eyes for a while.

 - "Thank you very much for the food" / 『Gochisōsamadeshita.』 It's not unlikely and since I was exhausted from eating but, I had a feeling that it was said "You are welcome" / 『osomatsusamadeshita』.  

『Succeeded to subdue the dungeon boss 【Splendid Seaweed Empress who Grant Blessings】』

『History of God, clearing conditions of Psalms 【Cave of Deep Blessing of Seaweed Woman】【Solo Kill】【DIsh Meal Completion】【Avoided Battle】has been achieved 』

 Special Ability special skill is granted to achiever "Yatendōji" 【 Full Mastership of Seaweed Dish 】

『 The 【 Blessing of Seaweed 】 treasure box as an initial punitive bonus is awarded to achiever Yatendōji 』

『 As a privilege for conquering, the ban on the use of the Warp Gate is lifted』

『 Please note that only those who conquered the dungeon can use the Warp Gate』

『 Awakening Character of Psalm /According to Psalm of Lost God, a part of the divine power of [God of seaweed] will be granted 』

『 As the collector is a more powerful blessing of a Greater God, the quality of the granted Divine Power will be inferior』

『 Portions of the rejected Divine Power by this rule will be turned into an object 』

『 Yatendōji got the Mysterious 【 Cooking Pot of Seaweed God ( Tongue.Glare.Potter) 】 ! ! 』

『 The effects of the Special Skill 【Dungeon Plunder】 allows complete mastery and ownership of the conquered dungeon. 』

『 Since the conditions have been met, it is possible to seize the  【 Cave of Deep Blessing of Seaweed Woman 】 . Do you want to plunder? 』

『 «YES» «NO» 』

Of course I selected «YES».

I got it renamed from 【 Cave of Deep Blessing of Seaweed Woman 】 to 【 Holy Sea Foods Meal Cavity Of The Fierce God 】, amended and meddled with the internal structure a little, creating various things such as a secret passages.

 Since I established a new company, cover-up of the source of supply goods from here will be much easier. As I was satisfied with that, I returned to the hotel.

TL note:

  • 【特大鯨呑】 [Tokudaigeidon]-> 特大鯨 literally means as Giant whale and 呑 is used for expression for putting something (food) whole to digest. I use Ingestion for an analog.
  • 【 Fierce God 】 was translated from [Kishin]-> 【 鬼神 】 but the first kanji alone is [Oni]-> 【 鬼 】, [Kami] -> 【 神 】 which means [God]. In other words, the author seems want to convey that if there is a "Demon God" then Rou is 【 Oni God 】
  • Kikoku->【 鬼哭 】 which translated as [The voices of wailing ghosts] also contain [Oni]-> 【 鬼 】
  • Seaweed translations here also could means as Algae but since it used as food, naturally it should be seaweed.

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  ≪YES≫ ≪NO≫]




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