Day 307

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Day 307

Somehow, I managed to locate a safe location without monsters ambushing out of nowhere. I wanted to have some warm cooked foods using the harvested ingredients - but this is underwater (normally fire won't exist in water). I used some abilities so that the water around me can be eliminated temporarily. Therefore, it became possible to use fire proficiently for its function. Right after that I continued my plan of capturing this dungeon.

In this underwater cavern, not only the internal structure will become more complicated when you get in deeper, if it exceeds a certain depth,the regular water current will become a fluctuating mechanism.

When I happened to arrive at some point, I sometimes would get pushed back by the rapid water current coming from the front, however, I could also swim faster than usual by being pushed from behind. Sometimes, I got washed away to where it might lead anywhere and is also got pressurized from the left or the right.

Moreover, if I made contact with the nasty "mine jellyfish", it would for sure explode. The explosion's sound would resonate with the dungeon monsters that come occasionally by riding the water current. They are suicide bombers called [Explosions "Jiba" Blowfish].

[ED note: Ziba is from the novel katakana ジバフグ jibafugu. Fugu means blowfish, for Jiba... looks like the author twisted the words character from jibaku which mean "Suicide bombers" I left it as Jiba for its originality from the author

Forget the idea of countering these creatures one by one since basically, they are flowing in a herd of several dozen animal units. Although the vibrations from the explosion that exerted would drew them from all directions, the timing itself wasn't fatal. However, it was quite intense so continuing the capture became difficult.

Finally, with a stature for about ten meters, it began to appear. It also boasts the strength of the hierarchical boss-class. It is [Demonic Earthquake Shark: Megalodon]

The skin of the [Demonic Earthquake Shark] somewhat represents a fine blade that could scrap its enemy by simply ramming its body. The bites from its hard and sharp fangs were able to cut steel into thousands of pieces as if chewing a pudding.

It can improve its overall status with berserk ability which would get triggered by the smell of blood. Its skin tinged with red glow when it turned on berserk mode. Its berserk stat gives a reduction to its hidden ability for high-speed vibration.

Its swimming speed is also fast. Not only can it advance through the narrow interior of the cave without trouble, it can also erase it's signs of presence while being in vicinity without being noticed. It's quite nasty for a dungeon monster.

Nevertheless, I advanced by having it defeated which eventually is a certain thing as the conclusion.

The deepest part of the undersea cavern.

Almost all parts of the bottom is spreading spaces in spherical shape, except the ceiling part of entrance and the center of the space. It was a place that was filled with abundant amounts of marine plant.

The walls are covered with seaweed which make it not even possible to be seen. Although it quite common for seaweed to be found in the sea, it doesn't give a good feeling if they have density up to this point as one might be expected.

Unintentionally I got frowned from its presence. There was a humanoid type of Parsley (a biennial plant with white flowers and aromatic leaves) whose slowly coming up from among the seaweed.

The dungeon boss whose sit in the deepest part of [The Cavern of Seaweed Woman's Deep Blessings] is the [[『 The splendid Algae Empress who Grant Blessings of Tongue Grace Empress  』]]

The whole body of [The splendid Algae Empress who Grant Blessings ] was appeared to be covered in a many variety of seaweed.

I have no information about this except that it is a humanoid type.

Its figure was the appropriate representation of a true shaped of seaweed in human form.

「ED NOTE:The context below is quite hard to translate since the author kinda make a pun with using the name of algae "藻" [Mo] with adjective it will be read as "そう" [sō] or [sou]. Example, "褐藻" [kassō] "かっそう" [kassō] which both means "brown algae" So I try to got the author's idea on this context. maybe genuine Jap could fully understood」

Splendor, Its constructed figure is likely consist such as 「Brown algae/褐藻"」 that shall be deemed to be replaced/phrased as sort of [brown algae/かっそう] plant-class type, "Red algae/紅藻" as sort of [red algae/こうそう] plant-class type, "Green algae/緑藻" as sort of [green algae/りょくそう] plant-class. Although, I couldn't help but had thought that it didn't have a very good associated idea for the concepts.

I have no choice but had to say that It really lives up to its name.

Well, this place's name is also so much like to the personal impression of her.

To also end it quickly this time, I tried to attack. While on it....

Ara ara, It's the first time a visitor comes to such a place like this you know ♥ 』

『If you'd like my seaweed, won't you try to eat? ♥ 』

『It is very delicious, I'm proud of it you know ♥ 』

When the [The splendid Algae Empress who Grant Blessings ] uttered a voice at me.

ED note: Just imagine a voice of beautiful seductress from Host Club in Japan, XD

I listened to bestow such as voice, it is such a beautiful voice like that of an angel.

Spontaneously, I stopped my movement.

Dungeon monsters that have a degree of intelligence have ability to speak with its voice, so just like previous example as that scorching hot dragon empress are exists.

Although, it's not like that I only met 【God】grade dungeon boss so far, but here is 【God】-class.

In other words, it is kind of that, even just being able to speak, rather than being impossible. We are actually speaking in front of the eye.

When I thought about what the heck is actually going to happen, "Algae Empress" is pulling the body of seaweed and had it shredded, separating them with a knife that appeared from out of nowhere, and likewise she also started to toss it into the pot that was taken out of nowhere.

It is one way or another to have variously put the ingredients as well, though its way to make a dish remained unchanged in spite of underwater, the dish never came out to leak from the pot.

Enjoying cooking, "Algae Empress' tasted the contents of the boiler, while her face shows a satisfied smile (because of the fact that her body is covered with algae, about how it was true, I can only guess from her gestures), poured the contents into the simple plate and handed it to me. (* All under water *)

Elegance can even to be felt from that gesture,

『It might not fit the taste, here you go if you'd like to, please try a cup』

and she speaks with carefree beautiful voice.

While being underwater, brown liquid in the soup bowl is there without being flooded out.

You can also check the appearance of sliced and torn seaweed, but other than that I was also able to confirm a number of fish and shellfish.

At first glance, it was a miso soup.

And I try to write a smell in the bubble that was created inside the space with temporary repelled water, Nevertheless this is unmistakably the taste of those [miso] soup.

If you examine the ingredients in [Goods Appraisal Detect Analyze], together with seaweed that floats out of miso there's a stuff that appears to be like those "Misokonbu", "sea tofu seaweed" which becomes a texture and the color such as the tofu when I boil it and I can enjoy the texture such as the onion from "Heavenly water onion", Then the small clams which the firm body that is tightly good is such as a delicious small clams, "Stiff meated freshwater clam".

Many ingredients that were used are rare things among the dungeon ingredients.

I let myself tie up a fragrant of such a grand miso soup and thoroughly enjoy it.

Judging by the smell, there was no poison inside.

I watch [Algae Empress] before attaching it into my mouth, I am wondering if she probably will smile. Part of seaweed falls on the face, it seemed to be loose somehow.

Well, even if she has any purpose on it, it does not matter to me how deadly the poison that is mixed into the miso soup.

If anything is ingested into my mouth, even if it is deadly poison that can kill a dragon with one drop, it is harmless with my [bite intake ability absorption]. It is right where I want it since rather getting poisoned, it only becomes my food.

With that said, I'm really grateful since I got called for the miso soup.

At that moment, my tears are overflowing.

This was not because it has never become some kind of attack.

But simply because the miso soup was delicious.

All of the ingredients is drawn to each other's merits. It was an enigmatic kind of art of how gently palates got spoiled by the exquisite taste and rich in harmonization, yet it is clear and stimulating.

A large amount of pleasure substance along with the comfort such as those secreted in the brain, to the nostalgic taste which reminiscence the distant past.

It remind me the miso soup that my deceased mother made in my childhood, I wonder if I shed tears.

Anyway, I have finished eating the miso soup quickly to cup base.

The taste that reminiscent of the distant time is something that I also eventually get used to, but it felt like to eat simply delicious miso soup again to become more familiar.

I come to regret from getting embarrassed because the soup bowl has become clear rather than the sky,

Ara ara, Oh, come now, so I wonder if it was delicious? Then, would you do for another serve?』 is what "Algae Empress" said.

Of course, my answer has been decided.

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Day 307

Finding a relatively safe place, and prepare a warm meal of caught ingredients (not, of course, to kindle a fire under water is not easy, but using my ability to temporarily clear the area from the water), I continued subjugation.

After a certain level, it's not only the structure of the dungeon to become confusing, but also poyavlyayutsya strong undercurrents.

Besides, often found in the water flow [Mine Jellyfish] that explode if you touch them.

According to one another it did not go far, but they usually swim in groups of a few dozen.

Of course, these explosions shaking the water depth, are not fatal for me, but strong enough in order to hinder the conquest even to me.

In addition, monsters began to appear has the power, at the level of the floor boss [Shark Demonic Spirit (Megalodon)].

Skin of "Shark Demonic Spirit" is strewn with small teeth, so that even a simple kick of the body, quite hurt her opponent, and huge teeth, tearing steel armor like a pudding.

Sensing blood, all of her status increases sharply, and the skin is covered with a red glow, and quickly starts to vibrate.

However, she quickly sneaks through the narrow corridors, perfectly hides its presence, it is generally a very bad monster.

Still beating, moving on, nor what this is all over.

Last bottom level den.

Immediately after the safe zone, an extensive cave, the walls of which were covered with seaweed underwater.

No, it certainly is the most common algae, but because their is so many that they can not see even the walls of the caves, the sight goes is not the most pleasant.

Seeing humanoid figure resting in these algae, I suddenly raised his eyebrows. It was a dungeon "deep lair bestowing a blessing to women", "Great Empress Bestowing Blessings".

Her body was covered with a wide varieties of algae.

So you can not say anything about it other than to what she humanoid type.

It is necessary to tell, except that her name

I really had wanted to attack it, in order to quickly finish with the local affairs, "Arar, for the first time for us to come for a visit. Do you want to eat my algae? Very tasty, I'm proud of them," I murmured "Great Empress'.

Her voice was as if the nymphs.

I even unexpectedly stopped.

Because the monsters in the dungeon with the ability to talk, I met unless the "Empress of the Dragons", hitting me in the dungeon class "god", but in fact the same thing here.

Apparently talking monsters in dungeons is quite normal, and I have an example right before your eyes.

As I talked about this, "Great Empress" cut off the leaves enveloping her body, separating them with a knife that appeared from nowhere, put the result in the same pot appeared nowhere.

After that, using other objects, it is not looking at what's around the water for cooking began.

Enjoying cooking, "Great Empress' tasted the contents of the boiler, while her face appeared satisfied smile (because of the fact that her body is covered with algae, about how there really can only guess at her gestures), poured the contents into the simple plate and handed it to me. (* All under water *)

Her movements gave the impression of elegance, "You may surely not like it, but please, try" she said.

At the plate, under water, there was a light brown liquid in which floated chopped seaweed, as well as you could see the other ingredients.

It looks very much like miso soup.

Parting the water, creating a bubble around the plate, I sniffed the dish.

And true, the plate was miso soup

Using [Analyze Object], probably the dish is called [Miso Kombu] in which tofu is not used, but instead [Seaweed Tofu], with the same flavor as well as taste similar to green onions, the [Underwater Green Onion] besides there are small bivalve shells float [Strong Muscular Shiji].

Among the ingredients used are quite a few rare even among the most expensive. Because if the cost to translate the gold, then, perhaps, only one cup of this soup will cost more than a few tons of gold coins.

The smell of this dish I was completely satisfied.

Judging by the smell, there was no poison inside.

Before I put the first spoonful into my mouth, it seemed like a hint of a smile appeared on the "Great Empress" (seaweed slightly sagging).

Well, even if its purpose, are mixed in miso soup poison, I do not care.

Even in a deadly poison that can kill a dragon with one drop, in my capacity [Takeover] came to me in the mouth, it would still be harmless. Moreover, the poison will be my strength, so it's even better.

Therefore, I am happy to eat the miso soup.

At the same moment, my tears flowed a stream.

Not at all because of what some dirty tricks. Just as the soup was tasty.

All of the ingredients in the dish completely in harmony with each other, complementing and enhancing the taste of each other. This dish is more like a work of art, I was just shocked.

Matter bliss spread over my brain, causing me to remember the old days and loved the taste.

Remembering the miso soup that I prepared for my mother before rebirth, I shed tears.

Whatever it was, I ate the soup in an instant.

Even got used to the taste, excites my memory, I just wanted to enjoy a delicious miso soup.

Noticing my sorry eyes aimed at an empty plate, "Great Empress 'demand' Ara ra ra. Really it was so delicious? Maybe even seconds?".

Of course my answer was obvious.

"More, please"























 今回もサッサと終わらせる為、攻撃しようとしたのだが、『あらあら、こんなところにお客さんが来るなんて初めてだわ。良かったら私の海藻、食べてみない? とても美味しくて、自慢なのよ』と“恵み施す華麗な藻女帝”が声を発した。






























 未練がましく空になった汁椀を持て余していると、“恵み施す華麗な藻女帝”は『あらあら、まあまあ。そんなに美味しかったかしら? なら、お代わりはどうします?』と言った。



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