Day 306

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Day 306

With strengthened will power and mental focus, I immediately proceeded nice and quickly below into the depths of the dungeon.

Having to move my ass and stopped picking seafood ingredients, I aimed straight to reach the deepest part while taking in what I can take as long as it's in my range.

The more deep the dive, the more it's losing signs of life, the internal structure becomes more complex like an ants nest, the frequency of dungeon monsters that attack me became increasingly persistent.

Between the border of the shallow area before the intricate corridors, apparently to ward off those who come in by mistake (Refer to Fishman and Mermaid from safe location), there are many fish type dungeon monsters such a heinous small fish with human face, that looks scary, called [Yakuza Faced Fish] in this current place.

[Yakuza Faced Fish] usually shouts loudly while attacking in ferocious groups with their fellows, but in reality it's just a small fry that with its direct attack bites is such low level that doesn't really count as damage.

Since it has some sharp teeth, it would be painful if it bit you normally, but it is still on the level that couldn't leave any scratch on my exoskeleton.

Advancing down the corridor, while ignoring the [Yakuza Faced Fish], I then came across a huge octopus that took the form of an armored warrior, [Octopus Heavy Warrior], as well as a group of turtles, [Cannon Turtle], with bombs that shot from their backs. The bombs that are being shot at me in a suicide attack became a human form which chase after and try to stick to me. This is also powerless in front of the exoskeleton.

I had been wondering, before recovering their carcasses from the instant killing and moving on, I couldn't tell whether the number of people, Mermen or Adventurers, who would come here is becoming less and less because of it getting too deep or because possibility of more attacking monsters, but I got an abundant answer from this encounter with the dungeon monsters.

There is also a place, which is extremely narrow and eventually it will increase, with the probability an assault by a pincer ambush would happen.

Although I had no problems, while still cramped, the quality of their attacks aren't that high, they're sure to be very annoying once they come in terms of physical quantity a large number of ingredients that need to collected is quite troublesome.

They did manage to make subtle scars here and there on the exoskeletons surface, which were probably coming from the repeated numbers of their attack.

It isn't a particular problem since I'm not that narrow-minded and would easily overlook their low level. Moreover, It became troublesome to distinguish and classify the enemy which is going to engage in a fight because of the intricate amount of internal structure at this deeper part.

In exchange for those troubles, rare seafood ingredients also increased as the depth level of this place goes. Since I'm at a location that's quite difficult to comprehend, the rate to engage with monster become lower than before.

The quality of ingredients at this place are really stimulating my appetite which seems quite tough to be ignored.

Even after suppressing the harvest of ingredients to the minimum, the more I had advance to a deeper part, the irregularity of how many rare ingredients could be found here is sure against me or some natural law. (ED note: it was hard to resist temptation not to harvest it).

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Day 306

Having regained the willpower, I immediately went into the depths of the dungeon.

Having stopped chasing goodies, I'm gonna just do what came to hand on the road.

The deeper the climb, the less popular the place is, the structure became more confusing, more resembling ant's nest, and the attack of monsters became more and more persistent.

On the border of the danger zone before the intricate corridors, apparently to scare away stray accident, lived an entire school of fish with terrible human-persons [Yakudzolitsy Carp]. Though they look scary, and shout loudly, but in reality it's just a small fry that of direct attacks can unless bite.

Of course it hurts when biting with their sharp teeth, but it all on the level, will not damage the outer cover.

Ignoring them, I proceeded further down the road I came across a huge octopus, who took the form of an armored warrior "Octopus Heavy Warrior", as well as a group of turtles with bombs on their backs, "Cannon turtle," looked at me in a suicide attack.

But all this is useless to the outside cover.

Instantly killing, I quickly gathered their carcasses, and move on.

The further climb inside, the smaller explorers came across the path, and the more attacking monsters.

Just began to appear very narrow place, where the attack took place in an ambush.

I had no problems, but still cramped, bad review, and a large number of ingredients that you need to collect quite troublesome.

In addition, the deeper, the more rare and valuable ingredients, only usually they are very well zamaskirovanny because the rate has dropped substantially conquest.

This place is very stimulating my appetite.

If at the beginning, I still like that could help it, but the deeper, more delicious ingredients becomes sparse, and the more they come across here.

















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