Day 305

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DAY 305

Today, I decided that I'm going to capture 【God of Algae】 【Deep Lair: Blessing of the Algae Women】 which is located at the bottom of a large number of intersection canals at the city center. This seafloor cavern's entrance turned out to be an enigmatic "Blue Hole".

I decided to conquer this one alone, so I told the rest that they could have some free time.

I gave them the okay to do special training in 【Ship Ambrasm Parabellum】, or go shopping and sightseeing.

With only Kanami-chan as a representative of «Parabellum Mercenary», I asked her to ensure the establishment of our new branch by selecting a suitable building for hidden use such as the building in the Atarakua Demon Empire, the same as the [Snake's Heart Core - Hydra].

With Kanami-chan's charm she attracts both men and women, so getting a contract would be easy and lead to favorable conditions. Also, it wouldn't be good if by some chance my body clone was discovered by the trading company leader of the city. With that, we probably could finish the service quickly and take the children shopping somewhere.

After setting things up, I left early in the morning by riding a "Rowing Board" until I arrived near the intersection where the 【Deep Lair: Blessing of the Algae Women】 is located.

There are large numbers of boats that traveled around here. It could be seen that whenever they pass each other they are almost close enough to collide. However, they never managed to actually hit since the boatmen are already accustomed to the area.

This place is the only location where it's quite busy from early in the morning, full of energy and enthusiasm.

After entering an alley with some shade, I saw the destination near the area I landed at.

I then used [Conceal] so I would be difficult to be noticed, and also activated [Thundershark Dragonlord's Scales] which is one of the [Exoskeleton] types that are currently registered on the [Exoskeleton Suit].

The exoskeleton has some differences from before. It now has a unique luster of blue tones, and on the back there's some kind of a dark lightning decoration made of countless fins that fade in. It also sharpened the forearms with sharp fins, which had increased to four with my additional arms.

There's webbing between the fingers, and from the long tail extending from my hips there was a large fin on the end.

The change from before is only slight, but since the capability has been improved I can't complain.

After checking to make sure no one saw me switch into my gear, I quietly dove into the water.

[Thundershark Dragonlord's Scales] was gained from [ Shark Head ・ Bolt Wyrm ] which is considerably faster than a swimming mermaid and merman, so my [Exoskeleton] made me similarly as fast when equipped.

Moreover, its abilities are significantly increased while underwater. I could comfortably move with [Fast Swimming] and [Aquatic]. The swimming speed also became even faster since I had overlapped effects from invocation abilities such as [Underwater Predator] and [Terrain Efficacy: Water]. I effortlessly passed by a mermaid and merman, and rushed to the seafloor cavern and the enigmatic blue hole that lead to the entrance of the 【Deep Lair: Blessing of the Algae Women】.

I immediately went down about ten meters into the subterranean cave. I then went into a lateral hole at the right.

If you look within the poorly lit lateral hole, you can slightly make out a light further down. As you move forward, the space begins to spread open and eventually becomes a wide open area.

This place is like an underwater paradise.

The bottom had coral spread throughout the place becoming a light source shaped like the vine of some sort of "ocean grape". The stock of [Umami Kelp] can be used to make soup with a deep and excellent flavor.

[ED note:try google "Umami" is kind of a broth that used in soup made of certain ingredients from sea product. I dunno the what Umami means literally in English] -- Umami is one of the 5 basic tastes that human tongues can register

There are [Golden Sea Urchin] that are covered in spikes and needles (splinters), but that has high quality contents inside.

There also could be found [White King Oyster Hakuoukaki] which is referred to as "sea flavored ​​concentrated milk", and only here can you find the firm and lean "Crown Snow Crab". ((It's not untranslated because it perfectly said "Hakuoukaki" in katakana. Anyone knows?))

In addition, there were big [Black Headed Tuna] which could be sold at a high price as a luxury fish, used for special occasions, all around swam schools of the [Glory Red Sea Bream], and so many more!

You can find a variety of seafood all over the place.

Looking at the sight, I was left speechless.

On land, there were a large amount of merchant retailers that had expressed their descriptions about this place. After coming here, I found that it was just as described.

Here you can get all kinds of delicious ingredients from this dungeon by reaching out to grab it. I can only think of words like: "here you can be filled to your heart's content."

There is some skill needed to collect this stuff however. If not done well, it can result in destroying the taste. Also, you need to make sure there is no poison in the ingredients so it won't be dangerous.

Here you can safely collect a large amount of tasty foods, foods that can't be found in other dungeons.

(but also there are other things that can't be found from other dungeons.) - original


Probably because the shallower area is known to be safe, there are spectacles that are similar to that of a group of friendly "moms" chatting together at women's meetings.

The merman's children that look a little younger than 10 years old kids and other mermaids would freely play with visitors around the edges, and eat "sweet shrimp" that they caught by themselves.

For these children they probably considered it as a common snack, but "sweet shrimp" is a dungeon ingredient that is quite expensive if sold outside.

If you looked at this as a person who cannot swim underwater, the sight might cause you to envy these children.

A couple of merman and mermaid sat down close together on chairs of coral, the atmosphere seeming like it would lead to a situation where one of them would put some sweets on their lips to then try to feed to the other as if it will lead to something like a kiss.

As far as this "sweet" things goes, besides spreading a pink aura around, the things that the couples were eating are called "Jellyfish Love Balls".

It was a hard pink candy that looked like a jellyfish. By mutually eating it with a lover, the love between them will be long lasting. That also is one of this dungeon's food.

Therefore, it is quite hard to obtain because of its high popularity and rarity but couples here seem to have managed to obtain it in abundance.

It's not unheard of for people to be relaxing in a dungeon like this, however here the occasion seems to be an every day occurrence.

Honestly, I can say with all certainty that this is a wonderful place.

Due to the fact that there is a huge variety of seafood ingredients, I couldn't go into detail on all of it.

So for the time being, I went around examining what I could.

By weaving a net of gold thread and swimming quickly around the area, I managed to collect a large catch of marine fish and seaweed.

Outside of the nets reach, some shellfish started clinging like reef on to the thread as I swam.

I can ask to the locals later whether I picked any unusual finds if I run into one.

As I continued examining and catching the wildlife, I came to the realization that night had come without me having fought a single thing.

But all the same, the seafood here is too delicious. I just couldn't stop!

While regretting that I had spent the time uselessly, I decided to put serious effort into capturing this dungeon properly tomorrow.

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Day 305

Today, it was decided to undertake the conquest located in a cave at the bottom of the channel "Deep Den, Bestowing a Blessing for Women".

Due to the fact that it requires cave diving, I'll go there alone, and the rest will be engaged in is their own business.

You can train and go to the "Amburassem Parabellum or go shopping.

Only Kanami-chan is busy. I asked her to choose and buy a building for the subsidiary "Heart Snake", for the opening of the branch in the Atarakua Demon Empire.

I have looked after clones suitable and Kanami-chan with her charm, regardless of gender charm anyone. So, I think that it will sign a contract quickly and join the kiddies.

Well, be that as it may, I'm using a small pedal-powered boat, sailed to the entrance of the "deep lair, bestowing a blessing to women."

The entire surface was just packed with small boats that traveled here so close that their almost rubbing against the sides.

But probably because of the experience, they're pretty easy to maneuver without causing collisions.

Upon arrival I went, to the shore, to a remote gateway. Using the [identification of an obstacle], in order not to attract attention, I activated one of my registered exoskeletons - [Thunder Shark Dragon Scale].

The suit, a silvery bluish color, made in a streamlined form on the back with a lot of fins made of crystal thunder, dark, on the added hand, too, there were sharp fins.

Between the fingers were webbed, but near the back there was a big fin stretches along the tail.

There are other minor differences compared to the old form, well its ability did not fall, but on the contrary increased, so that it will not be a problem.

Satisfied that I was not being watched, I quickly dived into the water.

[Thunder Shark Dragon Scale] was made out of "Shark-Head Thunder Wyrm" because it swims much faster than a Mermaid or Fishman.

In addition, I activated the [speed swimming] [sea creature] [underwater predator] [territorial effects: water], abilities which greatly increased my settings, raising even more speed, as a result, easily surpassing Mermaids and Fishmen, I came to the blue hole, which It is also the entrance to the "Deep Den, Bestowing a Blessing for Women."

Swimming only a few meters under the sea, arriving at the site, and went on the way straight down.

Going forward, through the gloomy tunnel, after some time, in front of me opened up to an openly bright space.

This place was like an underwater paradise.

Everywhere germinated corals, which have become a source of light, Sargas sprouted like bunches of grapes that give the broth dashi kombu special taste, topped with spikes, megkie and excellent taste "Golden sea urchins", called the sea of ​​milk "white oyster" tightly curled "benthic crabs" well suited for expensive meals "black slam tuna", lined up in rows, considered precious "marine carp glory" in a variety of other products could be found here in abundance.

From this scene, I was speechless.

Before that, I had heard that this place is like a huge fish market, but seeing with my own eyes, I can confirm that it is true.

Excellent products are everywhere, one has only to extend a hand. And all completely free.

The truth is, there are those products for which you need some knowledge. But it's more products that lose their quality if they are clumsy to cut or contain ingredients such as poison, but a direct threat they represent.

Here you can safely collect many tasty foods, but there are other things which are nowhere else.

Due to the fact that at the upper levels is completely safe, the spectacle is like a huge party. Mermaid and Fishman, spend their time with friendly conversation, and kids of all ages free to frolic in the neighborhood, catching and eating the sweet taste "sugar shrimp."

Probably for the kids, they eat them instead of sweets, but if taken outside and sold, you can earn a lot of money.

For those who can not work under water, it is a spectacle to truly envy.

In some remote area, on coral chairs, sat a sweet couple of Mermaid and Fishman, producing such sickly sweet atmosphere that i was about to pour out sugar from my mouth, eating something.

This, releasing pink aura, pair is likely to eat "Medusa love balls."

It looks like a candy pink in color, they say that if taken and to sit with your loved ones, that love will last longer.

Due to the great popularity of this ingredient is quite rare, and apparently they managed to get some here.

Besides them there were a lot of people, slowly relaxing here, which in itself is unheard of in other labyrinths. Around here, it's just the usual routine.

Well, it's just a great place.

Due to the fact that there is a huge amount of extracted ingredients, I could not get all the information.

Because, to start with I need to look around here.

Weaving a network of gold thread, fast floating around the neighborhood, I have collected a large catch of marine fish and algae.

A passing on the shallows, I scored a mountain of coral and shells. So, due to my excitement, I sailed all day, never enjoying battle, after which I returned to the surface.

No, well... the seafood here is too delicious, I just could not stop.

Repenting over the time spent in vain, I was determined to start the conquest tomorrow.

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