Day 304

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DAY 304

I would be struggling a little bit more if the [Grand Admiral of the Black Sea] that I defeated yesterday was a giant like the [Dragon Empress].

While looking back on yesterday's fight, we headed back to the harbor with the 【Ship Ambrasm Pontus】 which was renamed to 【Ship Ambrasm Parabellum】 after it became mine through the use of 【Dungeon Plunder】, and made me able to control the ship.[TL note : 1].

All because, I received information that recently, several armed merchant ships from another continent has docked in the harbor of 【Dur Gha Varia】.

Previously mentioning the labyrinth city, 【Dur Gha Varia】 trades with other continents by having the convoy composed of armed merchant ships towed and escorted by a sea monster that's been tamed.

However, the voyage across the ocean involves very dangerous risks. If the marine monster that has been trained is annihilated the ships would be wiped out.

From the stories that I heard, this ocean is called [The Absolute of The Devil Sea Area].[TL note : 2] In this ocean, a super huge monster that boasts a length of several kilometers called [Devourer of Islands][TL note : 3] seems to exist.

Also there is a Shark and Killer Whale tribes which they can't handle, so in order to continue trading and reduce the risk of complete destruction, the action they take is to disperse the risk, so the ships divide into small groups.

That is why only a single one of the several groups arrived safely today.

As the first day is today I shouldn't waste the opportunity to obtain rare and unique goods from other continents.

I, who was already in high spirits, sighted the two hundred meter class armed vessels that are reinforced with magic metal being unloaded promptly. The marketplace at the harbor opened so I will go around looking to see if there are any bargains.

There is a wide variety of trading goods.

From magic alloys and magic items that are made with unknown techniques, to item drops which are produced by the labyrinth. From valuable livestock that have never been seen on this continent, to plant seeds that don't exist here. From unusual shapes of clothing and beautiful pottery, to jewelry and precious metals that are made with a special process.

Trained Monsters are sold alongside Criminals, who are sold as slaves with a [Slave Collar]. A lot of the Criminals have been involved in heavy crimes and torture.

What comes from the ships is not only trading goods, but also people that wanted to cross the sea. Wandering [Bards], and [Adventurers] that have been in search of unknown adventures around the world.

It being just the first day, there is an abundance of trade goods, but, proportionally to that, the number of merchants seeking those goods is many.

Because of that it's so hot its painful. The market is full of ardor to the point of bloodthirstiness of a certain kind. We are also motivated despite the merchants continuing to swell up around. I went to buy goods that i carefully and accurately selected in a short period of time.

My method is simple.

I use the combination of [Parallel Speed thinking] with [Spatial sense of Objective Identification of Area], also [Expert level - Equipment Appraisal of All Magic items] with [Appraisal of Goods with Detect and Analyze]. All of the ability effects overlap with each others' invocation. With all that, I got detailed data on the trade goods which were arranged one after another, so I would only purchase what we really need.

I've got more than enough money in the first place. However, In order to be able to omit troublesome negotiation, I invoked [30% Purchase Price Reduction]. I would say that this is the main reason why we could finish the business/trading within a short period of time.

Since I have collectively bought many expensive goods, I occasionally appeared be a kind of guest of honor among the merchants. Because of this, I can pull out the goods that are treasured by the shop which usually common folk won't be able to buy. It can be said that I was lucky.

I considered that there are some vicious merchants behind the scenes that might be trying a scam with cunning moves, such as switching the goods with fakes after people purchase certain items. However, since the majority of the merchants didn't do such things, I still naturally want to make sure some items are secured.

(ED note: The previous context a bit complex to chew after translated. In short, Rou thinking about the Merchant that doing cheat by swapping goods actually secure the goods for him. )

Nevertheless, shopping took until the early afternoon. We got some free time after I finished going around to look for everyone.

Right after that, Auro tried to convince and drag Argento out, and Opushii said that she would like to go with the two demons.

Auro immediately agreed, Auro and Argento, with their beloved younger sister in the middle, held Opushii's hands. I walked away while they happily discussed the fun places to go.

Since the goods here are better compared to other places, you can search and buy things that you need. After all, going around the city is going to be a good experience for the children.

Really, it would be nice if the children would just stay put near me. It just can't be helped for now.

Well, I think that's okay but I still attach my partial body clone to them as insurance.

They already have enough strength to take care of themselves, even without my partial body clone. If something really does happen to us, I still could literally fly to them.

Well, the one who worries about them is one to be worried.[TL note : 4] Closer to "home is where the heart is"

Anyway, I had ended in needless anxiety after all, but this is for the best.

By the way, Avenger is still battling the dungeon monsters to his heart's content inside 【Ship Ambrasm Parabellum】 that is anchored offshore. As for me, I went sightseeing together with Redhead and Kanami-chan.

It was a very good day.

TL note :

  1. 【アンブラッセム・パラべラム号】 =  Ship Ambrasm Parabellum; 号 = gou = number/edition/issue/model/pen-name/part of group
  2. “魔海域の絶対者”= Ma Kaiiki no Zettaisha = "The Absolute of The Devil Sea Area"
  3. “島喰い”= Shima Kui = Devourer of Islands
  4. Shinpai na mono wa shinpai na noda. This pun is really something about "worry"

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Day 304

Looking back on the last day, I again thought, if not for the "Admiral of the dark seas," we would not be here slightly delayed. And so today we safely left the former ship "Aburassem Pontus", which became "Aburasem parabelum" and headed back to the harbor.

All because, I received information that recently arrived here armed merchant ship to another continent.

Again, here in the city maze "Duru hectares Vara", he gathered a fleet of various vehicles, and specially trained to protect them monsters who carry out commercial flights to other continents.

That's just the way is very dangerous, and even given an escort of tamed monster is not uncommon for complete destruction.

According to rumors, the sea is the [Devourer of Islands], a huge sea monster with a body length of several kilometers.

In addition, the sea is enough and other huge monsters who prefer not to touch even Fishman and animal-shark species, because in order to continue trading and to reduce the risk of complete destruction, merchant ships are sent to another continent in small groups.

Thus, one of these groups, just today arrived safely in port.

The first day, besides rare goods from another continent. Naturally such a chance I could not miss.

Hastily went down to the shore, admiring the power of magic brooms warship larger than 100 meters, immediately went to inspect the port in search of interesting goods.

the goods were many and very different.

Of course by using unknown technologies, alloys, and a variety of magical items learned from the dungeons value, then the seeds of unknown plants and is quite useful pets created from precious metals and gems art objects, as well as criminals, sold into slavery together with tame monsters, which could be seen collars.

We arrived at the King not only goods. Here you can see the adventurers who came to another continent in search of new adventures, as well as wandering minstrels of the world.

On the first day, even while many products, because of what is gathered a lot of traders.

But unlike them, we do not push in a crowded street in the scorching sun, and pretty quickly and accurately to buy everything we needed.

A method was simple.

Using [the feeling of space] [Enhanced Speed of Thought] [Greater Analysis Magic] [Analysis of the goods] activating them together, gather all the information laid out on the shelves of goods, I chose only what we need.

The money we have had enough, and thanks to the [30% discount when you buy], you can avoid the strange charge.

Continuing to make expensive purchases, traders probably find me a rich client, and on the shelves began to spread, expensive goods, which are usually not easily spread because it can be said that I was lucky.

Naturally, if someone or something I took a chance to try to cheat, for example, substituting goods for buying, I would have found a way to deal with the villain, but the majority of such cases there is not hunted, because I was able to get a lot more than I expected, I needed things.

And anyway, this thing took me all morning because before lunch, everyone went about their business.

Immediately afterwards, Auro grasping hand Orji, somewhere it dragged and Opushii said it wants to go with them.

Auro immediately agreed, taking hands beloved sister, Auro and Argento retired, happily discussing where are they heading.

There is quite a rare commodity, which nowhere else can not buy, because I think wandering the city in search of things they need to be for the children is not a bad experience.

Although, in normal, it was necessary to take all the children, but it's nothing you can do about it, next time come here together.

[ED note: missing 3-4 lines here. go Google trans to check the missing]

Incidentally, the Avenger and company, enjoy the city, returned to anchor nearby threw "Aburrasem parrabelum", continued the battle with the local monsters, I, together with Redhead and Kanami-chan and enjoy the local attractions.

This turned out to be a very good day.