Day 303

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Day 303

After [Rank Up (Evolution)], Auro and Argento became representatives of the race [Half-Man Warrior Demon (Lord ・ Mixblood) ・ Subspecies (Variant)].

Since we can see the big changes from the growth of their bodies. What I had found out was that they each gained an ogre orb on their chest and still retained the other two located on each of their hands.

The magic emanating from the Orbs made it easy to understand that their power had increased.

Somewhere I read that the main condition for the evolution (subspecies), seemed to be divine favor. In this case, Auro received [Divine Protection of the God of Gold] and [Protection of the Demigod of Magic Guns], and Argento received [Divine Protection of the God of Silver] and the [Divine Protection of the Demigod of Magic Spears].

The [Divine Blessings] of the [God of Silver] and the [God of Gold] are very similar. The blessings manifest when the owners use magic items made of gold / silver; The [Divine Blessing] also allows you to temporarily turn your mana into gold / silver.

[Protection of the Demigod of Magic Guns] manifests itself when using magic guns.

[Protection of the Demigod of Magic Spear] will be effective when using a spear.

They both said that they wanted to try their combat capability immediately, which significantly improved overall; of course, when it comes to it, breakfast is first.

The unexpected can happen at any time, fighting with an empty stomach is like fighting before one is "equipped."

No idea what the above sentence is about. Maybe, "That isn't to say that the unexpected can't happen on an empty stomach, when you're not prepared for a fight; thus it is necessary to be ready at all times." - Gluttony (ED: I saw it as always eat like its the last time you are going to eat, since it's a dungeon and they may starve to death and what not. But seriously I think it's more or less like since Rou is a big time glutton, the lack of food is one of the most scariest possibilities for him, thus exaggerating how important food is.)

While eating breakfast, It seems that the body of the first two demons rapidly increased in size. Now Auro is a little bit beyond that of 180 centimeters tall and Argento's close to 2 meters in size - his clothes became too small to fit because of his growth [Original: too small to fit accordingly affected by it main cause]. So, just in case this happened, the Sisters, whom are their mothers, already prepared things that I could pass on to them. Previously, it was the thing that was passed to me when we stopped at the bases.

When I changed their clothes after we finished eating breakfast, the size seemed perfect, and it doesn't inhibit the movement the evolved Auro has. (ED: talk about woman's intuition about their children's growth.)

Such things like this give me an impression of what it's like to have the affection of a mother who gave birth through a painful cesarean section.

After small adjustments to the height of the arms, and checking our equipment again, we began to fight with the dungeon monsters around.

From the first battle, their improved abilities were visible.

Any "fierce brawler" that Auro had been struggling with before, were easily defeated by her alone.

The bows and spears that are summoned when they release the ogre orbs, could also become a hidden trump card that had even more power. The power of combat maneuvers had greatly improved one by one.

After that, I let the kids, which included Opushii, fight as much as they want with our aim being to reach the boss of the dungeon after eating lunch.

Because we were close, and not wandering, we quickly got into position in front of the boss room without getting lost up there.

In the place closest to the stern, the last level was the ship's bridge.

According to the size of the 【Ship Ambrasm Pontus】, the inside of the bridge stretched out in a pretty vast space.

[ED Note: In Greek mythology, Pontus (/ˈpɒntəs/; Greek: Πόντος Pontos, "Sea")[1] was an ancient, pre-Olympian sea-god, one of the Greek primordial deities.]

All the sides offer an extraordinary view of the sea and the interior had tables laid out with maps, ship rudders and other things necessary for navigation.

Due to that fact, there were so many obstacles in this room compared with the previous boss room, it cannot be said this would ever be an easy fight. Despite its large space, there were places that felt painfully narrow.

In this room there's a dungeon boss called [Grand Admiral of the Black Sea Port Santos Mega Russia Naval Host][ED Note: Possibly Novorossiysk, a Russian port on the Black Sea, recently turned into a naval base], wearing a black military uniform that covers his muscular Beastman body while his head has the look of a Killer whale.

With a size just under 3 meters, it also has a tail; in addition, here and there are visible characteristic features of a killer whale.

The most notable part of the Killer Whale is his peculiar eyes, where the real eye is hidden under a black and white pattern that shows the all-out war in his mind; it has such a war-like character that it's hard to imagine that "loveliness" could be felt from that figure.

Judging by the magical power emanating from his arms, swords, and daggers, which are part of his body, it is possible to judge his strength.

Among the beastmen of the ocean, the Killer Whales are known as a tribe that has spread its power alongside the fish's shark base.

Somewhere in the ocean, their country exists . His combat ability underwater can't be taken for granted, and it seems high enough to the point were we wouldn't be able to guard against him in the sea.

But, in spite of this information, it's not something to worry about, because I crushed it from the beginning with full force while he was moving at the same time to have a face-to-face with me.

First, setting the motion to trigger the activation of [3 Steps of Destruction], I leapt forward in the blink of an eye, while jumping over obstacles, and closed the distance between us.

The distance of about a few tens of meters disappeared in an instant. Reacting to my movement, [Grand Admiral of the Black Sea], in order to seize the initiative, began to pull out the saber from his waist. But faster than he could do, I activated [Silent Stab] and [One Injection Bee], hitting him with the augmented Scarlet spear.

Against a conventional enemy, Scarlet Spear, enhanced with activated abilities, can pierce through without much resistance, but as expected from the dungeon [God] class. It is not so simple.

His uniform already had a high defensive force contrary to the appearance of what it was made of: his skin is really hard to cut through. Being equipped with a strong skeletal structure and thick, supple muscles, the overall hefty body is not inferior to [wise serpent/Dragons] or [giant]; it has an unexpectedly higher density than those.

Due to that fact, at the time of hitting the [Grand Admiral of the Black Sea] it felt like the response you get from stabbing some kind of huge mass of metal.

Surely the majority of attacks would not even hurt his skin.

But, still it was not enough to stop the Vermilion Spear.

After piercing his real skin, coming from the end of the spear's tip I could feel the pulsing of his heart.

If possible, I would like to finish him off, damaging him as little as possible. But, as expected, this one was not that weak.

Just tearing his heart was not enough to kill him. Without even grimacing, [Grand Admiral of the Black Sea] came towards me, and unsheathed his weapon.

He did it with such speed that it created a shock wave. But before his weapon cut my body, I closed the distance on a step, and using two of my four hands, completely stopped its motion. His sword froze, barely touching my side, but it had not been able to cut.

While immobilizing the enemy, restraining his hands, and releasing the Scarlet spear that was stuck deep in his body, my other two hands went to work; I started to squeeze him from both sides, using concentrated power in my legs and activating my strongest abilities [Irresistible Destruction of the Black Demon King] and [Overwhelming Tyranny of the Black Demon King].

ED: Original was: Immobilize the enemy, freeing his hands, releasing scarlet spear that was stuck deep in his body, the other two hands, putting the force, I started to squeeze him from both sides.

I changed to realese as i think he left the spear in him if its wrong please change ~jtkes123

After this, all resistance by the [Black Sea Admiral] was completely pointless. Palms entered his violently writhing body, and I felt under them the torn muscles and breaking bones wrinkling inside.

Like a squashed frog in a machine or cloth wrung after washing.

Having been pierced and squeezed by two silver arms, the body of [Black Sea Admiral], was ragged, being crushed into a poor state.

Flattened on both sides, his insides turned to mush, and then they started to come out the mouth, eyes bulging, blood gushing from his nose, and underneath him a pool has begun to accumulate.

From the state of his condition, just a glance and one would know that it was enough to be a fatal wound.

But, he is still not dead, barely clinging to life.

Normally, this damage is enough to make one die dozens of times, being so injured in his condition, he is still trying to regenerate at a visible rate.

Either way, it would be nice, if I can observe an image of such a scene as going in reverse, like a playback of the destroyed object.

[ED:It means he want view "rewind" of destroyed object in motion like some video]

Frankly, I had not thought that any kind of organisms would be able to do something from this destroyed state and would start to put up my weapons Original: you think you have shelved their own; but even while it was hard to move its head, it still kept trying to do a last counterattack. [Grand Admiral of black sea] was trying to bite.

His huge mouth, studded with sparkling white light teeth, was large enough to swallow my entire head.

While making the last of the three steps at the same time, I head-butted him.

In addition to the [Head-Butting] and [Hard Head], which were activated at the time the attack, as well as the [Devastating Thunderhorn Blades] and [Frantic Dance Pair of Horns], one blow blasted out lightning while ripping the body of [Black Sea Admiral] in half.

It seems that it was trying to do some kind of sacrifice attack without having any goal further than that. The blood becomes a spray of blood and evaporated, meat spreading the fragrance of something lightning-burnt.

Unexpectedly, I took a bite at once. All over my body ran shock-waves.

While it has the feel of a wild taste full of meat, rich, and delicious. I wonder if the flavor it has comes from the flexible and powerful muscles that were needed to swim in the ocean.

The quality of the meat is strongly reminiscent of the Dragon Empress. Unexpectedly, I took another bite, but then I came to myself, and the rest was recovered for the item box.

I'm afraid to think about the reaction of others if I'd eaten a demon whole.

[Dungeon boss [Black Sea Great Admiral] successfully eliminated]

[Performer, as a bonus for the first elimination of the boss, the treasure box [Killer Whale Meat of Orca King] will be sent.

[As a privilege for conquering, use of the Warp Gate will be enabled]

[Since the warp gate will apply only to people that captured it, please take caution]

[For those who have awakened the Psalms/The key figures of God’s Lost Psalms, a part of the [God of Ships] divine power will be granted]

[As the collector is an important figure of a Greater God, the quality of the Divine Power collected will be inferior]

[Portions of the Divine Power rejected by this rule will be turned into an object]

[[Yatendouji] has obtained [Steering wheel of ship God ~ Paradise - Hull Drum]] !!!]

[Activating the unique ability [Dungeon Plunderer (crying demons of other worlds)], it is possible to seize Dominion of the labyrinth.]

Due to conditions being fulfilled, you can now plunder the 【Ship Ambrasm Pontus】.

Do you want to plunder?

"Yes / No"

Naturally, I chose "Yes".

While I was trying to understand the capabilities of only received my [ship's steering Demigod ships], it looks like a golden wheel the size of a coin, as well as being engaged in the restructuring of the dungeon by superimposing the three straight lines to circle to the outside by doing various odd jobs,

Unexpectedly, I took a lot of time and when we went outside, it was evening already.

The view of the sunset that dyed the ocean in a mad red color was unexpectedly wonderful.

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Day 303

Auro and Argento both [Rank Up] evolution yesterday, but so was the race of both [half people Takeoni load mix Brad subspecies variant].

Seemingly big change and that it was grown body, I wonder about the number of center and Onitama orb of both hands and chest that was only one hand has increased to three.

But, what increasingly surely the strength I found easily from magic to leak out.

The difference between the previously thing that was found by listening to talk to somewhere, [Bless] that the 2 demons got is one of the conditions that first become [Subspecies] has a [Blessing of God of Gold] is Auro [Blessing of Demigod of Magic Guns], seems to [bless nitrous God of Mayari] and [God bless of silver] is Argento.

[Bless ability] of [God of Silver] and [God of Gold] are very very similar, effect improvement of such magic items using gold or silver, the magic as [God Bless Jewelry] temporarily converts it becomes possible to gold or silver, but like.

[Blessing of Demigod of Magic Guns] is effective when you use the Ma-ho.

[Bless nitrous God of Mayari] will be effective when using a spear.

It had said that want to try the combat capability significantly improved Overall immediately, it was tentatively priority to breakfast.

And to say that the unexpected can Senwa in belly reduced, not equipped with above all ready yet.

While eating breakfast, the body of the first two demon became sharply - Auro in much beyond a little bit of one hundred eighty centimeters, Argento's close to 2 meters size - clothes became small in influence was because, if there is a thing of the sister's who is a mother If you pass this, and previously was the thing that was passed to me when we stopped to bases in as it is pass it.

When I change of clothes after you have finished base Eating, size seemed was perfect, it does not seem to inhibit the Auro our movement has evolved.

While this is impressed with what affection of the mother gave birth to hurt the belly, and finished ready such as the size adjustment of the armed and started fighting with the neighborhood of dungeon monsters also serves as meaning a little confirmation.

And evolved from the first match, improved ability was exhibited.

Auro had been struggling about any "of anger Arakuremono" is to have been able to subdue a single demon, bows and spears that appear when you release the Onitama or has become a thing that is hidden a more powerful capability , one by one of the power of combat maneuver is had greatly improved.

After it was to fight as you like to the children Opushii was also added in the morning, with the aim of dungeon boss from eating lunch.

And there in the first place also be had come close to, was arrival in front of the boss room without getting lost up there.

The location closest to the bow, but the bridge bridge which is under the one from the top floor.

There is only a bridge of huge Ship Ambrasm Pontus, had spread a very large space. Of course the front and left and right, it is an open sense of structure, such as visible to the rear, has a number of instruments also aligned needed to sail such as looks good size and to spread the chart desk or steering wheel handle .

Therefore so far very obstacle compared with boss room many, it can not be said easy fight never, it was also a broad, yet space Semakurushi is also felt place.

Dungeon boss "Kuroki Grand Admiral Pontos Megaro Na Val host of the sea" which was in such a boss room, beast's Shachihokoatama in which the athletic prosperous body type that wears a black military uniform.

Physique to the extent that more than slightly the three meters, seen features of Orcinus Orca in each sites, etc. there is a tail.

Especially true of the eye at the bottom of the white pattern, such as the killer whale specific eyes shine to Lang Lang and fiber, it's warlike enough to can not imagine from somewhere loveliness is felt figure.

From the long sword of saber type would be biological sword feel the corresponding magic, I can be inferred that probably a sharp sword.

In beast people ocean of Killer Whales system, known as a tribe that spread the forces alongside the fish's shark system.

It seems there somewhere even he, she, etc. of the country in the ocean, but its combat ability is underwater as a matter of course, seems high enough can not guard also at sea.

But such information is not having to worry about, because you crush from the beginning with full force, it was moving at the same time face-to-face was with.

Is allowed to trigger the first [Three Steps of Destruction], and then leap forward in one step eyes, and pack a pause while jump over obstacles.

Distance of about a few tens of meters disappeared in an instant, reaching to saber type long sword at the waist because the "Grand Admiral of the Black Sea", which reacted to it intercept is, fast [silence of Yabu突 silent than to Bakken Pierce] and [one stab of bee] I was sticking out Shuyari that was triggered, and the like.

It's to penetrate without the usual, if the other party likely response by power improvement by overlapping imposition of performance and ability of Shuyari response, but it should say truly [God] grade dungeon boss.

To uniform had a high defense force is contrary to the apparent, skin is difficult to Cut down a thick supple, strong muscles and skeleton hefty body is equipped with [some wisdom snake / dragon-dragon] and [giant] also The inferior unexpected higher density is high.

Therefore, the body of "Grand Admiral of the Sea Kuroki" had a heavy response stabbing the like huge metal mass.

In the majority of attacks it will must not even hurt skin.

But, still it was not enough to stop the Shuyari.

The pierce squarely, the pike of Shuyari protruding from the back there was still pulsing heart.

It was the best I felt that if dead as it is because I wanted Shitome while clean as much as possible, but Rashiku not in the presence die in the degree indeed.

Were only scooped the heart is not death, "Grand Admiral of the Black Sea" to me that went into the painful rather than a pause was Nukihana~tsu a saber that holding the handle while being Jaca.

Although the Bakken speed was enough to hear from later sound, approached about the Assassin is the body to contact dare by take the two steps first before you cut through me, in two of the four present some Ginude Completely restraining the arms of the "Grand Admiral of the Black Sea".

To my flank is touching saber is, but it's a state which can not be cut through longer.

After then you get stuck, he served with the rest of the two that became free in that you release your hand from the deeply To you stuck as-Shuyari on both flanks, and put a force to compress from both sides.

As well as screwing the force generated from the legs in the motion of a special body in that case, a hand-held the most powerful abilities such as [Trampled Violence of Supremacy Black Demon King] and [Kongo Destruction of Supremacy Black Demon King] was also allowed to activate.

Then palm as if there is no meaning, such as physical strength of "Kuroki Grand Admiral of the Sea" is sinking, fierce lightning is hopping up the whole body, handed down feel going crushed all absolutely such as muscle and bone and blood vessels and internal organs from the inside come.

Like or frog was drawn to the car, or squeezed rag, and even I wonder should I say.

Two and that it had been stuck by binding on both arms in silver arm, the body of "Kuroki Grand Admiral of the sea" by was a rugged, go been crushed much of somewhat poor.

Body extending up and down by a force from the left and right were added. The interior becomes a mess, the contents of which I will swell the distortion is divided up and down.

Eyes bloodshot, blood leaks from otolaryngology, the lower was able to accumulate blood.

Damage condition of enough would know at a glance to be a fatal wound.

But, still it is not dead yet barely.

The normally be dozens of times even wonder not the dead, and it's miserable state that would think, but still scary because he is trying to play at a speed that is visible to the eye.

Either it would be nice, if I destroyed object is an image of a scene, such as going to reverse playback.

Honest here until what about as organisms to play from the destroyed state, and when you think you have shelved their own, hard to move the head was just still safely the last counterattack, "black sea Grand Admiral "has been bit.

Sort gleaming white fangs orderly, large open mouth is huge enough to swallow my head easily.

But, according to it, Kurawaseru the same time head butt and take the last of the three step eyes.

In addition to the head-butting] and [hard head] to be effective at the time the head attack, [Kaminarimetsu of Kikaku] and blow that slashing has also been enhanced according to the bi-corner dancing] etc .. This angle, Hotobashira Leiden It was while it was dissected the body of "Grand Admiral of the Sea Kuroki" in the vertical.

It seems that it was sacrificed without having to play from there indeed, but the blood becomes a spray of blood and evaporated, meat has issued a fragrant smell is burnt by lightning.

That I had to bite involuntarily, but soon to be chewed, shock penetrate the body. While the taste of the wild taste full of meat, rich, and delicious. I wonder that the flavor you draw precisely because flexible and powerful meat needed to swim the ocean.

The chewing and dabbled in the next piece of meat is not seems to it to be reminiscent of the Dragon Empress to return to us from, the rest will be recovered in the item box.

For information I've exhausted eat at one demon, and he was afraid the other everyone's reaction.

[We succeeded to subdue the dungeon boss "Grand Admiral of the Sea Kuroki"]

[Treasure chest [Killer Whale Meat forest Shachinikurin] as an initial punitive bonus to achievers line was awarded]

[As cheats after benefits, use of warp gate will be lifted]

[Since the warp gate will apply only capture people, please note]

[Because of Kami迷 Psalm Exploits Psalm awakening manager / main character, part of the God force of [God of the Ship] has been collected]

[Shenli collection because collection Lord was Okami, divine power of God inferior quality has been played]

[By some of the provisions of the divine power that was repelled, it will materialize]

[Night Sky's Child's party got the [Steering Wheel Poraidorasu-Harudora Noriyuki Ship God]

[Due to the effect of the special ability [labyrinth looting, Kikoku alien world], now as be able to get the win already labyrinth]

[By the conditions fit, you can plunder the Anburasse issue-time Pontus]. Do you want to plunder?

[«YES» «NO»]

Of course we chose the «YES».

And general invisible only to the golden-made steering wheel of design whether or [Steering Wheel Noriyuki Ship God] has hidden what capacity, new regulation of internal labyrinth that was obtained by superimposing the three straight lines to circle go outside and from doing the various odd jobs, such as.

It was like I spent the unexpectedly time, outside was a time of just dusk.

Ocean that is dyed in madder red was a superb view of the more instinctively admiring.

Day 303








































































  ≪YES≫ ≪NO≫]