Day 302

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Day 302

It seems that Auro and Argento need a few more levels to reach level 100.

If that's so, the plan is to hover/wander around the same area that is not far from the bottom that has been observed for all of yesterday.

Opushii, who had come to visit yesterday had been inspired by the battle of Auro and the others, and also began to say she wants to participate.

She has strong fighting instincts, which is dark evidence of [demon] in her blood.

I didn't think that she would say things like that someday.

However, it's not the time yet, Opushii is still too small.

Indeed, because of my blood, the speed of her growth is significantly above the normal [Lord]. She is able to walk, but to fight here, it is still impossible.

Although light training has already started, but compared to Auro's growth nowadays, I don't think that her body is able to withstand such full-fledged training.

In the first place, it's quite ridiculous to arrange the first battle for her in a 【Age of the Gods Dungeon】, but in the end, I did. (ED:lol)

Opushii has two kinds of 【Divine Protection】, those belonging to 【God of Gems】 【Demigod of Dark Beasts】, and have had to clear the problem.

Opushii Through the [Favor of God Gemstones], has the hidden ability to temporarily transform her mana into gems.

Opushii, As a [Demon Apostle (Apostle Lord) (sub species)] has a lot of magic power while still being just a child. Just by expending her entire inner mana, it could be converted to a gem of fifty "kilos" at the maximum.

However, this method of magic gem conversion for materialization will make it dissolve again into mana after a predetermined time has elapsed. As it is, there is nothing we could do about it.

The fifty kilograms of gem that was obtained by exercising one of Opushii's ability [The patronage of the dark beasts], can then be used to form certain beasts which could be made from magic gems.

It sure would be nice if she could create some sort of golem using the gem.

So now, thanks to these two types of [divine protection], two dark beast created from corundum rose to fight along side Opushii. (one being ruby-colored while the other is blue sapphire)( she can summon a wolf, a tiger, or a lion.)

As a result of the first battle, it was clear that each part of the body of the dark beasts were made of Magic, the gems themselves are weapons.

For example, the sharp fangs used as a drill which rotated at high speeds, scraping and stroking the enemy with hair where each piece of hair on the tail is like a razor sharp wire. It's also possible to cut through the enemy by changing it's limb into a blade.

And given the fact that they are made of corundum, which is used for grinding, conventional attacks from them did not do much after all, because from the very beginning I thought it would be enough to use them as a (defense/tank)"wall" for Auro. However, sometimes it was more "active" than expected, such as hunting dungeon monsters, and proved the strength-class here.

(ED note: "active" = kinda aggressive toward foe)

By the way, it seems that there is a thing called chemistry or compatibility toward magic gems that Opushii can convert. She had obsidian as the most suitable one.

And by converting it for a longer period of time, it's possible to have it ready immediately by adding more Mana and if it has been damaged, to a certain degree.

But this is a battle that has a certain goal. Since obsidian's hardness is not suitable for this battle, the role of [Jewelry Dark beast] is to participate as a "wall" auditor.

(ED note: the auditors/observer took a part in party, but doesn't participate in the fight. In this case, it refer to Opushii

Since it can be killed quite easily by the dungeon's monsters, because it's quite fragile, it is considered a bit inappropriate as an Auditor's wall.

Therefore, this time, the chemistry/compatibility conversion isn't good, but it was neither bad since she chose corundum.

To be frank, it is really interesting to watch Opushii fighting while laughing happily, whilst gaining more and more strength and experience.

As her level rises, so does her magic and skill. With more magic, she will be able to convert more gems.

Compared to her previous level, The number of [Dark beasts of the Gemstone] that are under her, have increased by two and now are able to organize themselves better.

For the first experiment, it turned out quite well. Apparently she inherited my [delicious allies in the army] and [the power to unite the army] genetically .

But if she somehow in the future is surrounded by a large amount of gems, I can't help but have thoughts that she would most likely become a queen to Dark Beast Magic gems of various type of color whom are quite loyal.( Samurai-like)

Well, it feels too good to be true.

After raising the level of the children, we were able to arrive at a safe area before the last part of the dungeon.

Having fallen into a soft bed in preparation for the next day, I immediately went to sleep ...

[The character of World Psalms [Legend of the Black Eclipse Demon], Auro, a member of the [18 Demon Warlords] completed [Rank Up (Evolution)]].

[Condition "1" [Rank up (evolution)] is fulfilled, the title [Golden Queen of Guns] will be granted]

[The character of the World Psalms [Legend of the Black Eclipse Demon], Argento, a member of the [18 Demon Warlords] performed [Rank Up (evolution)].

[Condition "1" [Rank up (evolution)] is fulfilled, the title [Great King of the Silver Spear] will be granted]

ED note: Russian translate said [a silver king Copies], originally it was "Gin yari-ō gin sō ō" which mean it has 5 different part of context. Google translate result had 3 context [Ginyari-o silver commensurate] (ED: I changed [Great King of Silver Spear King] to [Great King of the Silver Spear] because it sounded better - Anon)

Apparently, both gone through past (evolution).

While looking forward to what they had become, I fell asleep slowly.

Tomorrow is going to be a good day.

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Google translation

It seems to reach the level of Auro and Argento is "100" in a little more.

If it, it's a plan to hover in the even bottom of the nearby partition the 1st today in the fact that although, Opushii who had visited the 1st yesterday what has been inspired by the battle of Auro, I also began to say and want to participate.

The fighting instinct is strong, it's blood is dark evidence of [Demon].

Do not will say someday so, I was not think.

But Opushii still young.

My blood is compared with normal demon who load species or because they flow certainly growing fast, and is to the extent that you walk around on the other their own, but still it is My God is not fight here.

Although death once lightly training, growth compared to the Oro we are not the body still can be so gradual, it is unlikely to withstand a full-fledged training.

The first place [Jindai dungeon] is it is ridiculous for the first battle, but he.

Opushii two pillars of the cage with is, in other words the benefits of [sub God niece Beast] [jewel of God] and have had to clear the problem.

Opushi by [God bless jewelry], it has hidden the ability to convert to temporarily gem magic.

Opushi that as [Apostle demon A post Le load subspecies variant] have included a wealth of magic yet children, it can be converted to also fifty kilometers at the maximum gem.

Gem converted by the method resulting in atomization and is reconverted into magic a predetermined time has elapsed but, as it is unavoidable.

Fifty kilograms of jewelry that was obtained so by exercising one of the ability of [bless nitrous God niece Beast] another with the Opushi, can be deformed in the main beast was built with jewels It was.

Is it sure would be nice if you it's some sort of golem using the gem.

Of the two [bless] by resulting wolf both modeling like also seem a tiger with a lion, corundum corundum made of biceps of the jewelry Dark Beast - easy-to-understand way one horses ruby ​​ruby, the other one head is made of AoiTama sapphire to have - was supposed to take part in combat as an alternative to the Opushi.

It's that it was found to be actually allowed to combat, jewelry Mei-juu was synonymous with weapons systemic each site.

You can only sharp fangs to as drill rotated at a high speed, scraping stroked the enemy hair one by one in the tail is sharpened as wire also, it's also possible to cut through the enemy by changing the limb to blade.

Mei-juu it does not accept it if the odd attack there is also the fact that that of a corundum made to be used as a polishing agent, but at first he was thought to be okay with it if accustomed to the wall of Oro who is not plunged in damages ignoring, sometimes it is active in more than expected, such as hunting dungeon monsters, and proved the strength-class here.

By the way, it seems there is a thing called chemistry also in jewelry Opushi can convert, had the most suitable was obsidian Obsidian.

And to definitive by converting a long period of time, it is possible to play immediately by adding the magic and if some degree of damage.

But this is a battle that purpose, because the role of jewelry Dark beast wall auditors, Mohs hardness manner obsidian is not suitable.

It can also be kill the certainly sharp and dungeon monsters, but because fragile to say clearly, I did not could be destroyed even Toka weak punch. It is a little inappropriate as wall Auditor's it.

Therefore this time chemistry is good not but but he chose neither corundum bad, it seems was not a bad choice.

And it is interesting whether Opushi and to fight laughter and happily Kerakera, went gaining more and more strength.

Level rises, magic is increased, and the skill level goes up, it was able to convert more of jewelry.

Subdue jewelry Dark Beast we also Hue than first biceps, go now even to be able to operate in organized it.

Because it is precisely in the first time the leadership, perhaps, it is not the difference in holding the [Guntomo oversee] and [army] oversee such abilities of the kind I have as genetic.

But somehow the future is surrounded by a large amount of jewelry, or did not think you can think you're likely to Na, and become a queen to be Samurai-ra jewelry Dark Beast of various shades.

Well, in such a feeling.

After raising it only raised the level of the children, take the last rest in the safety zone that was in close location to the partition that will dungeon boss are.

It will lie with a soft bed, in an attempt to go to bed early in preparation for tomorrow -.

[World Psalm [black 蝕鬼 story] [Oniran eighteen races Prefect] a is Oro existed evolution rank up]

[Condition "1" With the [presence evolution rank up] clear, title [gold Hohime gold broom] is awarded]

[World Psalm [black 蝕鬼 story] [Oniran eighteen races Prefect] a is Argento existed evolution rank up]

[Condition "1" With the [presence evolution rank up] clear, will receive a title [Ginyari-o silver corresponding]]

It seems apparently was [there] evolution Both demon.

While forward to what has become to any wind, causing sink slowly consciousness.

Tomorrow, it's going to be a good day.