Day 301

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Day 301

After spending the night in one of the last safe havens located nearby, in the early morning, we resumed our conquest of 【Ship Ambrasm Pontus】.

The 【Ship Ambrasm Pontus】, like most of the previous dungeons, depending on the location, had an interior that differs considerably from the previous levels.

The higher the level, the richer the interior, as befitting of an ocean liner. At the same time, the water level is deeper in this area and is actually quite close to the bottom. Sacrificing the temple, the interior is like sinking into the ocean floor.

The walls here are almost always wet, thus, covered with poisonous colored moss, like somewhere in a cave under a waterfall. Here and there, I heard the cries of fanatics bowing down before the statue of the evil god with an octopus head, emitting a purplish glow, while still stinking like a huge pile of rotten fish.

Frankly, we can say that the whole【Ship Ambrasm Pontus】 is a mostly flawed place .

There are almost no traps here, because treasure chests are quite hard to find here, and the magic item's quality are generally low. The dungeon is better for capturing out of a profit for physical and mental strength that mattered more for veterans.

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In general, it would be much more profitable to skip this place and go on. We are moving slowly over time along this zone.

Of course, if it's only the conquest, one of us would be enough to get through.

Fortunately there is me, Kanami-chan, Avenger and company, so from the point of view of a fighting force, we have more than enough.

In addition, I was able to get a map, as this dungeon has been explored for quite some time, and though it is not quite complete, it has about 80 percent of the dungeon.

Talking of dried out, I know the location of the dungeon, as well as the shortest route to them.

So, if no unforeseen incidents occur we may seize the【Ship Ambrasm Pontus】.

But since this time Auro and Argento, as well as Redhead and Opushii are with us, I decided to use our family trip to the dungeon for training.

Well, although it is a family camping trip, we were missing some members, yes, we will have fun with them a little differently.

Because, despite the fact that this place is quite defective, due to the fact that most of the monsters here are in groups of no more than 3, as well as the benefit of experience with them being slightly higher, this area is very convenient for us.

Especially because here you can almost always fight one on one, thereby reducing the cases where our intervention is necessary.

Yet, if we begin to weaken the monsters, or reduce their number, the children will get to experience much less. So it is much better if they are left to cope with the enemy themselves.

So we went far enough away that we could come to their aid at any moment, while embracing my favorite, Opushii, watching the brave battles of Redhead and company, glad that everything is becoming more difficult and at the same time worrying about them.

Auro's Point of View

For the first time I saw the ocean.

Translucent ocean waters seem to stretch into infinity.

Yet at the same time, for him to say, there are other continents, unimaginable worlds increasingly pique my interest.

I learned of this only a day ago. And at that moment I had new ambitions. I will seek these out. They are somewhere here on this earth.

Well, let us leave aside these ambitions. It is good that we were able to see the incredibly beautiful ocean and slowly enjoy the sightseeing of the【Labyrinth City】【Dur Gha Varia】.

As expected there is a completely different environment, culture, and levels of technology.

The manners of life, food, and culture, here you can find a variety of unknown things.

Especially since I have not seen these types of cities, which in itself is very interesting and fun.

However, it was very disappointing that at this time, mom or Oniwaka was not with us.

A stay in such a beautiful place, and without mother and the others, it seems a little in vain.

However with the presence of our dad, who I don't want to fight but will exceed one day, the beautiful and kind aunt Kanami, the strict aunt Rubellia who was wrapped up with us, as well as my half brother Argento, my dear cute sister Opushii, at same time helps with the training of Avenger and company we will be well.

So that's all right.

Moreover, dad said that we willl come here again together in the future.

For now, we need to have some fun with all our heart and then all arrange a tour.

The next day, we all sat on a boat which is not great, and went to a gigantic merchant shipShip Ambrasm Pontus】that is huge like a mountain . This is our first experience in the conquest of an【Age of the Gods Dungeon】.

Perched on the anchor inside, it was clear that this is different from dad's 【Age of the Gods Dungeon】.

The intense specific atmosphere.

The feeling that someone has set his sights on your life.

The surrounding air is saturated with hostility.

Enemies hidden away in the shadows.

In dad's dungeons, I felt a certain peace of mind.

But here in this place, since it has not been conquered, the feeling is not there.

The lack of guaranteed security for me and Aru is heavy on us.

Alone, we would have been killed here almost instantaneously. We can say that we are small fry. It is not a place where we are allowed to challenge, which makes it interesting.

But father and the rest of us are always ready to help, so we were able to get combat experience.

By reducing the numbers or weakening the enemies, the amount of experience gained will be reduced. Since the enemies are stronger than us, there is still a lot of experience gained and our levels are growing quite fast.

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In addition, eating the meat of the opponents whose bodies did not have time to disappear after the battle, due to the effect [Eater of Sacred Beasts], increases the efficiency significantly.

As a result, our strength has increased dramatically in comparison with the moment we arrived here.

But still, we are still too early to be in this place. I think that we need to gain experience in the world above. Dad could quickly conquer this place and then we'd have to train.

Yet, my father said that "This area is great in order to raise the level of Auro and the others. Therefore, we will move slowly."

Of course, we also want to quickly become strong.

Becoming a little stronger, to stop being those who are constantly helped by dad, and to help ourselves.

But nevertheless, I think it is not necessary to do this in this area.

Here, close to the bottom of the ship, the horribly humid walls are wet and slippery and covered with slime. it's awfully nasty.

It might give me a kind of goosebumps just by looking at it.

Besides, there is a terrible stink with monsters who are slimy or raw, covered in some kind of creepy negative effects body fluid.

In addition, each enemy is stronger than us, making it impossible to relax even for a second.

If you make a blunder, you'll be immediately killed.

We accumulated mental and physical fatigue very quickly as we continued on without talking.

The accumulated stress can be removed from the soul by blowing everything to smithereens with magic guns, so it was not really so bad.

- "Sister Auro, how much longer?"

In order to support aunt Rubellia, who is fighting alone on front line, brother Argento and I quickly released our Ogre Orbs to activate our silvery spear bullets to fire at the enemy in front of us, [Furious Brawler (Albion)].

- "Goooooooo !!!"

Came the roar of a crowded malice "Rampaging Brawler". It stands at a height of 6 meters and has an enviable physique, armed with an anchor which is suited to the race of giants.

His huge body itself is dangerous, but his huge bluish thick skinned muscles as well as bones was a natural armor that won't get damaged from conventional attacks.

Fortunately, it does not have long-range attacks, only melee attacks. Aru and I did not have any problems fighting against it.

- "Damn ... what kind of protection does it have?"

Aru was aiming at weak spots, such as the eyes, the ears, the throat, as well as the patella, in order to slow down. But as expected, the skin is too thick and the attacks are not strong enough.

We hoped to reduce it's strength by inflicting enough wounds. The resulting blood loss will eventually slow it down.

A common opponent in the current state probably would have fallen, but with his huge body, the damage we dealt is still not enough.

Because now it is still cheerfully rowdy.

- "Gaaaaaaaa !!"

Being closest to the "Furious Brawler", Aunt Rubellia, uttering a savage roar while moving from side to side, began a fierce attack.

Evading the huge anchor and temporarily rejecting her shield, the thick concentrated attacks of her pointed sword covered with a red glow slashed at the right knee.

As expected, even a thick skin and strong muscles did not survive the blows of fighting techniques, emitting a powerful jet of blood, the leg, like a huge tree, was severed.

- "Ki ha ... Gooooooooo"

Losing balance due to the severed legs, "Furious Brawler" finally decided to at least counter, throwing the anchor in the fall, aiming at Aunt Rubellia.

The attack was like a falling rock, only aunt Rubellia was not there.

With an agility envied even by animals, she had already left the area of the attack.

At the impact of the anchor fragments of the stone floor flew on all sides, but it caused no damage.

- "Chchi"

This small tut-tut is what aunt Rubellia said.

- "Already started to recover? The same growth should have long collapsed, this big enemy is really troublesome"

In the small period when Aunt Rubellia increased the distance, "Furious Brawler" decided to restore the severed leg.

Even a severed leg, he stuck back and almost immediately started to heal.

It did not look quite natural, or like it even hurt. Then he rose again from the state when he should by lying on the ground.

At the time when he joined the leg Aru attacked with his partisan, but "Furious Brawler" ignored him, concentrating on regenerating.

As expected, compared to other monsters in the dungeons, he has a very developed mind.

Even in the event of an attack, it can properly assess the situation, and focus on the action needed to win.

- "Against the enemy of superior level we lack decisive force. In the future, we will need to work on that moment."

Aunt Rubellia has overwhelmed "Furious Brawler" three more times, without receiving damage, inflicting unilateral attacks, even in close combat. This is certainly understandable, but still, there's that constant regeneration, to kill him our attack force is not enough.

If the level difference is too much, there's nothing you can do about it, but still it is probably not good enough.

Aunt Rubellia, while dodging mutters something about target points. Trying to process the necessary space in their attack, Aru helps her, but due to a lack of decisive force, it is barely effective.

You can say it's a stalemate.

But now its my turn.

Creating a Magic Bullet Completed! "Give us the experience"

If it is difficult to stab at "Furious Brawler" just by causing him small amounts of damage, which was healed by his regeneration. For example all the time to burn physique.

[Fighting techniques Auro [Destroying Gun] is activated]

At this time, fighting techniques include a bonus, so I do it immediately to cremate the target.

- "Hey, Aunt Rubellia as yet ..."

Aru shouted something, only even though he did not see, but Aunt Rubellia has long retreated.

In addition, before this, she retreated by using fighting techniques and managed to knock out the eyes of "Furious Brawler".

After a while, it would be recovered, but still, he temporarily lost his sight. As a result, his chance to evade my attack has fallen even lower.

In gratitude for this, I'll cover it.

- "Fire!!"

Pressing the magic gun's trigger, that my dad gave to me, a blinding flash flew out of its muzzle and a shot roared out. With a speed that's not visible to the eye, the bullet, that was made by compressing my mana, crashed into the enemy, it was unavoidable because of the wounded leg and impaired vision.

Flames broke out like a huge torch. The pillar of fire was large enough to scorch the ceiling and the walls.

- "Gee, gigaaaaaaaa"

Bathing in the bluish flame of hell, even "Furious Brawler" couldn't stand it all.

Prominent areas of blue skin blistered from the heat, the eyes that were beginning to recover immediately boiled and burst again, the hellfire was inhaled frying the inside and causing a smell of burnt meat.

Used this time was a magic bullet, which happens to creates an unquenchable flame, called the [Ancient Bullet Flash] by [Synthesis] creates a flash and wind in a certain area like a firestorm.

After raising [Magic Gunner], among the synthesized bullet possible to be created, the bullet has the greatest offensive force, but also as a bonus, I used the combat ability [Destructive Magic Gun], as a result, its destructive capacity has been increased by 3 times.

Like any living creature with its body on fire, the damage cannot be avoided, even by the incredibly robust [Furious Brawler]

- "Gaaaaaa !!"

But he was still alive.

Fully covered with flames like a fire giant, [Furious Brawler] produced a wild roar pointed at my direction.

At this point, flames covering him have reached a temperature of several thousand degrees.

Due to the effect of the magic bullet the surroundings were being roasted by quite hot heat waves if they were approached.

- "Fire !! Fire !!"

Though somewhat bearable, there are limits.

Hastily stepping back, I poured on the same fire bullets to try to defeat him.

The flames' temperature increased further, and the waves began to diverge around the hot air.

- "Gaaaaaa AAAA AAAA !!"

Finally, unable to withstand the stress inferno, burning limbs began to fall apart in tatters.

Legs fracture, unable to withstand its own weight, and his huge body began to fall forward. At the same time, he still had his hands, because he continued to crawl towards us. As expected it was scary, but still Aru, releasing [Arts] one by one, began to destroy his softened body.

Even when more than half of his body was burned, he was still moving, but after [Furious Brawler] stopped moving, Aunt Rubellia dealt him the final blow.

The previous top to bottom of the combat technique looked like a flash. The attack was so acute that the sound came only after the sword reached the goal. It looked beautiful enough that it was possible to fall in love.

However, the battle against the "Furious Brawler" ended.

- "Okay, now ..."

After defeating "Furious Brawler", I let my guard down for a second.

That was a fatal mistake in the face of a new enemy.

- "The Waves of Evil, Destroyer the Psyche! Nasuaburuba".

From the side corridor, in my blind spot, a black wave passed through my body immediately in just a moment it hit me "Wave of Evil, Destroyer of the Psyche", belonging to the 5th range of Mental Magic.

In front of that overwhelming force, resistance is almost meaningless, and I felt as if my brain was stuck on a red-hot metal rod.

Still, I managed to raise myself in order to confirm the situation. In front of me there appeared to be a mountain of corpses, which were not only Aru and aunt Rubellia, but all my friends.

Heavily soaked with blood, mixed with the entrails, bone fragments mixed with rotten meat.

All my five senses are saying that it is not a hallucination.

- "Upa"

Bile rises from the stomach to my throat, feeling the glow of esophagus, a pungent smell rises to my nose. ( Think she means she is vomiting here )

The spectacle of the death of my family has a lot of stress on my mind and the red-hot pain in my head prevents any logic.

Rather, I am now been affected by [Panic] and [Confusion].

While "Waves of Evil: Destroyer of the Mind" has no effect on the body, it causes a severe blow to the psyche, and entails several negative effects. I learned from the lessons of magic, so there is no doubt.

Because all I see now is an illusion, it should not be.

But a picture too realistic casts doubt in layers and again, I do not know if this is true.

I can't shake out of it. I cannot resist the magic superimposed with such overwhelming force.

"Ia! Mugudiangurumu"

Mountain of bodies, this must be an illusion. And there is an enemy capable of using magic.

The head was like an octopus, tentacle licking out of his mouth eager to devour the brains of all. This sitting on a of body like a man, a brutal dungeon monster emitting madness "Ishiriddo."

With a body that is not particularly distinguishing, but in the magic field he is very able. For those who know, in this dungeon a meeting with him is considered to be the worst outcome.

Speaking honestly, we have no chance to win. At the time of meeting, his victory is sealed, so is his status.

Whizzing whizzing, I hear unpleasant sound.

Ishiriddo seems that it was had smile full of malice

- "Ah, again, again. Why is it again that we lost. How furious."

The cry came involuntarily out from my mouth.

Even if it is a hallucination, still that scene, would a thought of that reality had surely tormented me.

Definitely, I was not in a normal mental state because of the attacking magic. If it attacked again, I think I would have been killed without being able to even defend myself.

Until coming to this section, I have not encountered an Ishiriddo because the numbers were small and only a few existed.

Like mowing grass, we are witnessing the Ishiriddo killing us instantly.

Moreover, with respect to the [fear] of Ishiriddo that comes to barrage me, the magic as strong as the high seas, without even a need to defend, like father just mows down opponents with a spear, it is now approaching just to kill us.

My head does not hurt anymore. Apparently the negative effects are over.

If there's a good way to vent my anger, after watching this stupid show, I do not hesitate to use it.

- "Everything, everything, I'll blow everything away !!!"

By creating and sending a bullet born from the magical gun filled with mana to the limit, in "Isshiriddo" 's direction, I pulled the trigger. Then the overwhelming outbreak swallowed him whole.


Obarou/Yatendouji POV

I'm a little worried when soon after the battle with the "Furious Brawler", appearing from the corridor which is in a blind spot, there was an "Ishiriddo" casting magic at Auro.

It seems she was terribly hurt by him without me realizing it. I rushed to help her, but as expected from my child, even under several negative effects, thanks to a strong will, she could still win.

While I was glad she surpassed my expectations, her growth, Auro released an insurgent bullet storm that caused the vast destruction of our surrounding environment.

With her storm of emotion hitting such a range Argento was blown away by the aftermath, well, such things happen.

As expected, a single blow-kill of "Ishiriddo" did not happen, but it has received significant damage from the blast, which left him smeared on the wall.

Of course Redhead couldn't miss the moment when he was still unsteady from the shock, and approached him from his blind spot, she finished him off successfully, immediately cutting off his head.

Octopus legs "Ishiriddo" are quite tasty, and because I have not forgotten, I immediately put his carcass in my Item Box.

After a brief meeting over what happened on the last battle (while relaxing after the victory, and a missed surprise attack), I praised them for their good work. There were, of course, mistakes, but in general it was not bad.

Focusing on their education, we slowly conquered dungeon. This is how the day went.

Day 300 == Day 301 == Day 302

Google Translation

Spent a comfortable night in one of the safety zone, which are scattered in various places, it was also start the capture of [Anburasse JP-time Pontus] from early morning today.

[Anburasse JP-time Pontus] the same way as the labyrinth that has been capture up to now, such as the interior is greatly changed depending on the location.

Whereas the luxurious interior was enigmatic palace such as luxury cruise ships to be made about a millionaire who accustomed to ride in the upper layer, in the section close to the bottom of the lower than is currently capture waterline, it sank almost to the seabed and false god interior of the corridor and a small room such as a dedicate temple had spread.

The dark green of the stone walls that are wet all the time in seawater, shellfish and poisonous shades of seaweed such as barnacles is dense enough Bisshiri and creepy becomes worse.

There are many here and there false god Christian believers "Oia! Oia! "Or false god image spread the madness of the followers to likely Takoatama to say at the same time shining in dubious blue-violet, and sprinkled the odor, such as when it is ripening rotten if it were a large amount of fish.

Honest, [Anburasse Pat-time Pontus] inside it's location would be nice to say that most poor is.

Trap of the kind is easy to proceed because it is not so much placed, but it is Given Overall, including this section is poor quality of contents and drop items in the treasure chest, and the flow-through is better to capture the partition out of more profit physically and mentally also, veterans manner to also probably good.

But ours was progressing slowly over time this compartment.

Well, if only to capture, it would somehow now of the ours if push the envelope.

I have to have, because the Kana-bi chan and avenger who also there, and I say that excess Far too well as forces.

Moreover, a long month still throughout from other cheats who have capture over the have not been filled unfinished goods, but still it's already purchased a dungeon map that about 80 percent is buried.

Collects information from casual conversation to other, the route leading to the deepest that would dungeon boss is present are also able to roughly but expected already.

As long as you do not also occur in unexpected events, it will be able to accommodate the [Anburasse issue-time Pontus] by as cheats in the hands ever.

But this time much trouble Oro and Argento, then red hair short and Opushi are accompanied.

Since recently had to neglect, one or two of family services is the place to be for training that labyrinth, it would be nice down.

Well, but not all to say that family services, this time it is not the way. And as to that reward in a different form to other family members.

Property that is the environment's poor at why, dungeon monsters appear that either instead of the basically wandering in one piece, at most only a flock to three-body, get experience value is obtained little more than the other compartment this compartment there is a convenient was good.

It is possible to move to combat in an advantageous situation well Yare if a one-to-many if here, it's possible to reduce with a jerk the opportunity to help so far.

Again because ours is Oro our acquisition experience and or weaken you can reduce the number resulting in reduced, a good person who was overthrown in soil fertility is not helping as much as possible when you defeat the enemy.

Down to the distance that can be helped at any time by that, and suffer embrace the graces come Opushi, while watching the red hair short who challenge the brave bold, and I am glad that the thing that has become much stronger than with everyone before, or would be okay at the same time , was watching the fate of the battle while the nail-biting.

■ ◇ ■

For the first time to see the ocean was born.

There was filled with crystal clear seawater, thought to have first endlessly spread.

Yet it is said that there is a different continent still that not even seen the tip of the ocean, you can not even imagine it was interested in the world, just the other day things.

Only at that time, I'll say I'll go to the continent that lies ahead of this ocean someday, the ambition is that I was the moment that has embraced.

Well, such ambition Well put, it's a labyrinth city «Dur and gas-Vu~araia» facing the beautiful ocean than you think could be tourism and carefully, it is thought that it was very good.

Depending on the characteristics of the place where are living still, I because what is Toka Toka culture technology to development.

Or concerns of lifestyle, or concerns of food culture. To know that it did not know until now, it was a great opportunity. It was a structure also was not up to this was the streets, but it did very enjoy because was interesting.

However, the did not have this time mom or Oniwaka us was a very disappointing.

To make tourism a place this clean, No I think wasteful Nante there are no mothers.

Though he, to stayed Dad you are the target is thought that I'll exceed one day, say it gently in and clean Kana beauty mother-in-law mother, also wrapped in us Ruberia mother-in-law's strict, and my side of the body who are from the time you were born in it even and Al and is a counterpart of cute cute my precious sisters Opushi, because stayed revenge who's who to me tempered sometimes after, it decided to keep the Well good should.

Dad is also this time, I had to say I wonder, it will Koyo in everyone ~Tsu.

Now big time and playing, rather than give to my guide when it came in all this time Chane~tsu.

Hard as the next day enjoying the sightseeing, we mountain like a size of a ship riding in boat - boarded the [No. Anburasse-time Pontus], was to be the first time experience in the real [Jindai dungeon] .

At the same time and went in and along the anchor, it was to be understood as different from [Jindai dungeon] dad.

Such as to Hiyari, unique atmosphere.

It has been targeted life, sense.

Lurking around, a clear hostility.

It was cleverly hidden, divine to try the challenger.

The father was capture [Jindai dungeon], somewhere sense of security has been obtained.

Since here but not necessarily are still cheats, there was no its sense of security.

This is a real [Jindai dungeon flame Even, was able to understand immediately.

Promised safety is none such as cocoa is still a heavy load to Al and me.

I can think this is a just us just Kaku-jo, such as would have been killed immediately are arranged as ordinary soldiers, and. Have not yet been allowed to us even to challenge, I like that area.

But if dad who help me, and was able to experience the battle as several times.

You can us to reduce the number, experience value obtained only you can have that amount me cut the strength I probably was reduced, because the total amount of experience values obtained either because had just Kaku-jo many, stored in us if we experience will exceed the prescribed value, it increased the Gungun and level.

Is that to eat meat as much as possible before the corpse disappears after defeating In addition to that, we effectively the imposition of [eating Holy Beast] with is going to improve much more efficient capacity than normal .

We increased the strength reliably than before entering by it.

Still, because it is still too early place to us, it's to capture and dad Sassa here after we have experienced the world of top thus, I thought later to us and us with the training.

- But you know.

"Because would just say to the level-up of Oro us and if this partition, you can either let go carefully."

So, the father said.

Well, I want not strong early Even us.

It becomes strong even a little, it 's not the presence of the only guarded father who, I want to become accustomed to help.

But no I think separately's not okay 's not this compartment, and.

The compartment that I do it close to the bottom, here is to have very humid, grew and Bisshiri on the wall, barnacle? Tteyuu Forget, it is bad really feeling.

It will likely start the goose bumps just looking.

To it to smell as the nose is a fool, come out dungeon monsters also somehow to raw-ish, somehow or rather sticky, anyway I gonna even have're wet creepy bad body fluids.

Moreover, because as individuals stronger than us, can not be off guard even a little.

If poor, you'll also be probably killed instantly.

Mental stress to accumulate in the pressure, and No bear both physically.

Well, because it also serves as a stress divergence not offend even release Bukkake the fullest Ma-ho, it's not not mean to completely dislike.

"Sister Auro, still do ~Tsu"

In order to support the Redhead mother-in-law who is willing to work hard as a Single avant-garde, brother of Al releases the "Ogre Orb", Tsugae the partisans in silvery white Daiyumi was in hand, in rapid succession before the eyes of the enemy - " it is Ikake to Arakuremono Anger Albion of anger ".

"Goooo Ooooo cover !!"

"Arakuremono of anger" to roar to let Minagira is an anger, a kind of giant fighting and outstanding physical ability, which provided enough of the big frame look up that six Merutoru, an anchor, such as the ax of a size commensurate with the big frame you want to hand in weapons.

Even though a threat only the weight of the big frame correspondingly, some tough muscle and skeletal support it, and also in the armor of natural does not accept the blue chunky skin is odd attack.

We do not come to Fortunately long distance attack, still minute I bad formidable enemy in me or Al in close combat.

"Damn, out of the question defense force ~Tsu"

Though Al is aiming structurally relatively soft eye and ear, neck and easy to inflict a fatal wound, the same limb of the joints that can dampen the movement exactly, effectiveness of the attack after all skin and muscle is too thick It's bad.

To have bled reasonably in once Gusari and pierced, and is successful in inhibiting the movement slightly while.

Normal and I do not anymore to defeat even though strange if opponent's less likely to damage if from that big frame.

To have rampage cheerfully fact even now.

"Moth ah Aaaaa ~Tsu!"

In the closest location of such "anger of Arakuremono", Ruberia mother-in-law's has been attacked in freely while emits a roar like a beast.

Is lightly avoid an anchor to be swayed by the Australian speed, sometimes Ruberia mother-in-law, who is fighting while averted in [Shogun kite shield General shield] is red in love sword [Shogun large kitchen knife general chopper] in which the thick blade in white It was clothed phosphorescence, and to concentrate slashing the same portion of the right knee.

It seems did not withstand thick skin and muscles of the truly the crossfire of slashing using some kind of combat maneuver arts, I like the foot, such as the big tree that was cut while spouting the numerous fresh blood.

"Giga~tsu, Goooo Ooooo covers"

It was a been cut one leg broke the balance "of anger Arakuremono", at least one thing counterattack of the, it was swung down on him Ruberia mother-in-law's the anchor that has in its hands while lying on the ground.

It was a like a huge rock, such as has been falling blow, Ruberia mother-in-law's not already stayed there.

It is because had already fled out of attack range in the beast more agility.

Anchor is bored a cobblestone corridor, I was vigorously scatter debris, there was no other damage.

"- Pitch"

Small tut-tut was heard.

It was something Redhead's mother-in-law's was leaked.

"Huh have another begins playing. Though I be long ago Shitome and if the same degree of physique, Naa's troubling me size, really."

between slight that Ruberia mother-in-law's took a distance, "anger of Arakuremono" is made to play the cut right foot.

Stuck to cut off the site and the site forcibly, and he had stitched together in the playback force that was ridiculous.

Although there seems to be some discomfort, it is not seen as a problem to which the movement. From the state would have been lying on the ground, we've already stood up.

While stick the cut legs, but has had hard bombarded the partisans, it had priority play by ignoring some of the hit.

Is high intelligence is still compared dungeon monsters and fought in the Labyrinth dungeon far.

Even being attacked, it is moving to slaughter us to decide firmly priorities.

"The shortage decision on opponent with overwhelming stature difference, or. If you do not to future improvements."

Redhead's mother-in-law's have overwhelmed a large "anger of Arakuremono" three times more than in the proximity warfare.

It is not inflict damage at all, unilaterally and I thing evident from the fact that it was attacking, but still to murder by breaking through the regenerative capacity attack force is not enough slightly.

Though unavoidable because of too different in size, it seems it was not repugnant to.

Redhead's mother-in-law's will re-examine the points to be improved and the rash while avoiding the attack, Al I support it, I do not defeat likely quite for determining force is missing.

Situation was stalemate, I'll also say.

But, I gonna of this time what my turn ~Tsu.

"Magic bullet generation completion ~Tsu, Ageru~tsu In our experience"

If the "anger of Arakuremono" slashing and difficult to defeat in the blow, gonna once you at once burned whole body with firepower enough not keep up with playback ~Tsu.

[Auro was feeding the [Magic Cannon of Doom] Combat Arts]

This is plus also combat maneuver, Ageru~tsu be reliably cremation.

"Chopper, still Redhead mother-in-law Sanga~tsu"

But there is shouting something, Redhead mother-in-law's just there is not visible long ago retreated already.

Before you save, it went deeply dissected the eye of "Arakuremono of anger" with a combat maneuver for feeding the slashing fly.

It will be playing in a short period of time, thereby was temporarily deprived of the sight possibility "of anger Arakuremono" to avoid my attack I'll was lower with a jerk.

Thanks to such Ruberia mother-in-law's assistance.


If you squeeze the trigger of the magic gun that dad gave me, from the muzzle of the magic guns roar piercing 劈 the ear along with the ignition flame muzzle flash like also dazzling eyes outpouring, it was generated in food my magic inside Madan is injected as fast as invisible, deprived of sight not differ aim, to land on the target that could not be of that move Tossa because of not foolproof right foot.

At the same time and was Nokezo~tsu big while let go the anchor by receiving a direct hit in the chest, the pale hellfire wrap the whole body of the "anger of Arakuremono".

Moreover, it is not to spread around, it is wrapped like a whole body of the "anger of Arakuremono" as armor.

Like if enigmatic giant torches, pillar of fire of enough to sear the high ceilings were ramps up.

"Formate, Giga Aaa Aaaaa ~Tsu"

In burned the whole body by pale hellfire, I so unbearable "anger of Arakuremono" also of truly.

Blue skin between see burnt sore, eyeball, which has been trying to play fly burst by boiling, lung sucked the Fire is out burning from the inside, it began to drift smell going burnt meat.

Not 鎮炎 bullets this time the selected Madan generates a magic flame indelible, world destroying conflagration wearing storm bullets that were synthesized confusion style bullets that generates a strong wind to a specific range.

Among the synthetic magic bullet just made it possible to generate recently in my [Tsukai magic cannon] that level is raised, it is the most attack power is high magic bullets, and plus a [Magic Cannon of Doom] combat maneuver As a result of the power is raised to a normal to three times or more as compared with the time.

But tough "Arakuremono of anger" before abnormal example, damage if burned systemic than it is biological Toru~tsu.

"Moth Aaaaa Aaaaa ~Tsu!"

But, still it was not dead.

Whole body inflamed the, though now of giant flames "of anger Arakuremono" is coming towards me while sprinkled the roar of Ensa.

Flame that wrapped the whole body of the current "anger of Arakuremono" has reached up to several thousand degrees.

Though not what flying sparks around by the effect of Madan, very hot by being roasted in the heat wave if indeed too close.

"Fire ~Tsu! Fire ~Tsu!"

Though somewhat bearable, it also there are things that limit.

While falling behind in a hurry, it bombarded the world destroying conflagration wearing storm bullets Add to defeat.

Momentum of flame increases even more, we understand well that the air had been with the surrounding dank go scattered in the heat wave.

"Moth Aaaaa ~Tsu ah, ah ......"

Finally it seemed no longer withstand the hellfire that was gaining momentum, sites that are burned out from the extremities of the end goes collapsed and tattered.

Legs that no longer withstand its own weight is broken, bulk was falling plunged forward. Still, I was fear indeed to things did not stop you approaching using or arms, there is a bombardment the partisans, were crushed one after another body that had become brittle.

And I was surprised that it is not dead yet also burned more than half of the body, to "anger Arakuremono" which became stuck Ruberia mother-in-law's was stabbed in the coffin.

The Issen by combat maneuver that was swung down from the top. Sharp enough to wind noise is heard from after it has been carefully pretend blow, was beautiful enough to be charmed.

But, the battle of the "anger of Arakuremono" In this was the end.

"Alright, now -"

By defeating a formidable enemy that "Arakuremono of anger", I got careless, even only for a moment.

It for a new enemy, no doubt became a fatal advantage.

"-" Spirit violate malicious wave Runasu-Aburuba ""

Emitted from the side street, which has been in my blind spot, the black wave and ran through the body in a moment - abyss system fifth revised magic "spirit violate malicious wave".

It is meaningless in front of overwhelming power, such as resistance by the guard to have the spirit, I was only crouch in unbearable pain, such as that stirred the brain in like the heated metal bar.

Still, when you looked up to confirm the managed situation, it is not only and Ruberia mother-in-law's, know carcasses of all kinds of people that it was like to witness the spectacle that was stacked full view as the mountain.

Numerous blood through the nasal cavity, bad smell peculiar when offal and filth is commingled.

Fresh feel stepped crushed the bones of carcasses's, rotten meat rub.

I feel in the five senses it is not a hallucination, it was not only felt a reality.


Bad feelings that well up from the stomach. Esophagus is burned by stomach acid, the smell was pungent to come to the nose.

like the whole family was Shinihate Mugotarashiku has mentally strong stress, severe pain of never-head disappear was effective to try to cut off the normal judgment.

Perhaps now I have been affected by [state abnormal bad status], such as [Depression] and [Confusion].

I do not effect, such as to destroy the hit was "spirit violate malice of the wave" in body, spirit to give a strong damage, you know to study mental cause some of the [state abnormal] insidious magic, and from, I'll no doubt.

So all the things that he is visible now is hallucination, even though its supposed such.

Realistic sense too is, than has become layers Maybe is, What a would pull out the thought.

I do not can now such that you shake off. I can not resist the magic that has been emitted from overwhelming the strong.

"Oia! Mugu Dian Grum"

Supposed hallucinations, mountain of corpses. There are enemies who exercise the magic.

Like head, such as the octopus, Ugomeki countless tentacles type predation organs seeking brain to mouth, with a body like a human, brutal dungeon monsters to spread the madness "Ishiriddo".

But not strong until there physically, that you are very good in the magical area is also known, I exist worst close as the enemy to be encountered in this labyrinth.

Frankly, there is no so wins in us. victory or defeat in the moment that is encountered is Kesshiteru, it was such on the case.

Such Ishiriddo is, grasp the Namakubi dad wearing the white of the eye in the elongated bone only skin and finger like, was sipping a brain using a tentacle type predation organ wriggles of mouth.

Whizzing whizzing, I hear unpleasant sound.

Bryde, Ishiriddo is felt that it was a smile full of malice.

"Oh, Oh, Aa, ah ah ah ah ah"

cry involuntarily out from my mouth.

Ishiriddo you better mind And has crushed the father of the head of exhausted suck brain with both hands.

Piece of meat that flying in as if exploded.

"Oia! Amba Ru Gun Nam"

Triumph as Ishiriddo is good for something, to consolidate the dense magic in his hand that piece of meat was the father of the head stick.

Though probably it is trying to trigger some sort of magic, such was no relationship to me.

"Oh Aa, stupid or ~Tsu!"

"Oia!? Aburunma!?"

If it is found to be a hallucination, still scene, such as would thought that reality had surely tormented me.

Definitely, I was not in a normal mental state by the "spirit violate malicious wave". If it is attacked, I think I had been killed without being able to even defense.

But, this indeed, if Rarere let the sight that impossible, it is something that returns to sanity.

"There probably bored! Dad mean that dad is killed in Shiki Anta is" tail when it encounters a cognate of Anta, the octopus discovery. Well, to say that I try will "eat, Shun is not allowed even resistance in the spear of one Nagi Then ~Tsu !! And of not it has been killed by actually eat, "Oh, do not delicious octopus legs is not crunchy. This one is hunting what body or to souvenir" I was not saying ~Tsu".

Until coming to this section, I have encountered a Ishiriddo us but the number was small and only a few bodies.

Like to mow the grass at that time, dad we are witnessing the killing Ishiriddo us instantaneous.

Moreover, with respect to the [fear] to Ishiriddo that frantic to come to barrage the magic of high sea, without even defense seems to defense, dad just Nagiharau with a spear approaching just is killing.

Such exist, such as sip brain under the banner of the father of Namakubi, and I too cruel even to hallucinations.

"Oh the other, uh anymore, I wonder why lost in this for! Amuka made"

No longer the severe pain of the head. Maybe that in [abnormal state] also Keshiton.

To dispel anger such as that butted against the sideshow that is ridiculous, since perfect way there already, I was running it without hesitation.

"All all all, Buttobe ~Tsu !!"

Magic bullet magic gun produces that put the magic to the maximum.

Until it is exhausted, I draw bow to limit the trigger towards the Ishiriddo.

Overwhelming blasting is swallowed in an instant Ishiriddo.

■ ■ ■

It had been watched, immediately after finishing the battle with "Arakuremono of anger", when exactly that would not win in the still Oro us it came from the side street, which was in the blind spot magic of "Ishiriddo" was hit in Oro is composed of what genuinely It was worrying whether.

That it has been trying to involuntarily because had been badly spicy likely to help, indeed whether I should say even with my child, and to say that it had suffered multiple of spirit system to the state abnormal], overcome only by strong mental strength It was show me the feat.

While impressed as he has grown to more than expected, overwhelming destruction is Furimaka around by the magic bullet of the magic gun that resurrected Auro's shot.

There was a happening Nante Argento is blown off by being caught up in the aftermath, well, there will be also such things.

We did not go in until the defeat Ishiriddo indeed, but it is inflicted moderate damage can be blown off.

The unsteady was gap in shock without going to miss the red hair short, is approaching from blind spot, to be successful in that it kill by bisected the neck in an instant.

Since Ishiriddo of octopus legs quite tasty, and do not forget those housed in the item box immediately.

A little bit of evaluation meeting after the battle - and off guard and win, because had received a surprise - after you, and praise that it has done well. There was also bad place, but it would have been not bad on the whole.

Today day in such a feeling, it began to capture in children priority.







アチラコチラに多数ある邪神教信者が『イア! イア!』とか言って信奉してそうな蛸頭の狂気を撒き散らす邪神像は怪しげな青紫色に輝くと同時に、まるで大量の魚が腐って熟成された時のような臭気を撒き散らしている。
















■ ◇ ■




































船底に近い区画なんだけど、ここは凄くジメジメしているし、壁にビッシリと生えた、フジツボ? っていうのなんて、凄く気持ちが悪い。





































































「ファイヤーッ! ファイヤーッ!」




























「イア! ムグディアングルム」












「イア! アンバルゥグンナム」




「イア!? アブルンマ!?」




「お父さんがアンタ如きに殺される訳ないでしょうがッ! お父さんはアンタの同族と遭遇した時に『お、タコ発見。よし、食べてみよう』って言って、槍の一薙ぎで抵抗すら許さず瞬殺してたじゃないのッ!! しかもその後実際に食べて『あ、タコ足がコリコリしてて美味いな。お土産に何体か狩ってこうか』って言ってたしッ」





「あーもう、あーもう、なんでこんなのに負けたのかしら! あームカつくッ」







■ ■ ■










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