Day 300

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Day 300

First of all, the 【Ship Ambrasm Pontus】has clearly defined safe and hazardous areas.

In safe areas, everything is organized like a small shopping mall, or hotel, in other words a resort.

There is a bar, a place that looks like a restaurant, a swimming pool, as well as a casino where you can enjoy gambling.

Besides there were weapons and armor shops where you can not only buy weapons, but they also held other useful tools for the conquerors.

Taking into account the specificity of errant dungeons if the conquest is too tightened, you cannot manage to raise the anchor and go wandering on the ocean, so these places are well structured.

In contrast to the places equipped for the convenience of explorers, the hazardous areas are in the internal structure, full of danger zones, home to the dangerous monsters that significantly slow the conquest.

The [Ishiriddo] with its octopus like head and its humanoid body, its kind spreads madness.

The [Fierce Brawler], a six-meter giant armed with an ax, like an anchor, with strength that cannot be compared with the conquerors' physical ability, attacks opponents with brute force.

The [Nereis] which has the excellent appearance of a mermaid, able to charm anyone, is a subspecies of natural perfume nymphs.

The [Crab Strong Fist] covered in a red and white shell with capable round claws, has strikes that can split stone, as the representative of the family of non-human crab.

Or, the [Bishop of Vicious Seas] which has an old man's face, with its body covered with scales, tail fins like a fish, and is dressed in luxurious clothes.

Such are the monsters we've found on the path. In fact, they were quite strong.

Among them, [Ishiriddo] almost exceeds the average floor boss.

Attacking the mind, casting a lot of negative effects, and enhancing monsters that obey him, it was a very troublesome opponent.

His personal ability is also very high, because if you relax, you can get significantly damaged.

Well armed with the Scarlet spear and the cursed Spear, no matter what may come it will be dealt with.

Besides the [Ishiriddo], the [Bishop of Vicious Seas] and [Crab Strong Fist], Redhead, Auro and Argento, and the rest coped well with the monsters.

We gained quite a lot experience from them for Redhead and company to greatly increase their levels.

Besides, Redhead and company, thanks to ingesting part of the Sacred Horn, and the ability [Eater of Sacred Beasts] they grow much faster by ingesting monsters.

By quickly raising their levels here, it will be much easier later.

Of course, if it becomes dangerous, I will step in, but in a weak spot, after several battles, it became clear that if the opponents are not too much, Redhead and company are quite capable of their destruction.

Apparently their growth rate has far exceeded my expectations.

What is particularly pleasing is the maturing Auro and Argento.

Redhead is also developing incredibly fast, but as expected the ones who grow most are the still growing children.

Thus at this rate "evolution" is not far away. Perhaps this view is from a loving parent, but children growing up is a good deal.

Thus, due to the size of the 【Ship Ambrasm Pontus】 and the strength of the monsters, the speed of the conquest was not very fast, but the progress was still quite stable.

Just a couple of days and we will be able to conquer it.

Day 299 == Day 300 == Day 301

Google-Translation (Needs Editing)

Day 300
At first, in the inside of [アンブラッセム pop toss], a safety zone and a danger zone parted definitely.

Points and the safety zone that existed totally said with a resort, or said with what, or an at all small shopping mall or luxury hotel were able to be mixed; make it.
If there is the place like the bar, there is the place like the restaurant, and there is the place that can enjoy a pool and a casino game.
According to people of capture including the weapon shop and protective gear shop, there are the essential facilities as well as it and large amount of suitably, but can purchase a strong product as well as the repair of arms there.
If it pushes forward the capture, facilities better-quality than - - become available, and it is enabled even to stay at the bedroom which is more luxurious than a high quality hotel in - - that is advancing to the deep part more.

And there could be the thing to meet the group of the person of eccentric capture to go around the world while capturing it in the safety zone where such facilities crowd.
Because a period is over in an anchor day if the capture continues from the characteristic of the labyrinth to move for a long time and sets sail for the different sea area, I understand when there will be such a thing.

It is such a feeling and is the reason that is the internal structure that wants to say to a person of capture in various ways when I treat too much it well in the safety zone, but the strength of a dungeon monster coming out in an amount danger zone is far superior and is high, and only an odd ability is person that there is not it, and the capture advances only slowly.

As for giant "rowdy person (Ann garfish Albion) of the anger" of the 6 meters grade that crush the anchor which resembled the "イシリッド" ax which have the body like the human being on the head such as the octopus, and there is only only it, and should say to the neighborhood even with Rich for a fish person to spread for insanity to death by body ability of the 尽 くを wrong number of digits of the person of capture to a weapon physically whom "the ocean bishop" (arc sea bishop) who the sub-person "剛拳闘蟹" (high boxer clubman) pro-crab driving a strong blow to destroy a rock with the scissors which the "ネレイス" whole body which are kind of the apparition of a living person (nymph) naturally which did the appearance like a mermaid having attracted matchless good looks is covered in a tough external skeleton of red and the white, and is round, and transformed easily face is old man itself, but wears the frock which a body is covered with a scale, and have a fin and the tail such as the fish, and is luxurious

I block などが ahead, but, actually, it must be it for the feeling that a war watched to be considerably strong.

Above all, the strength of "イシリッド" may surpass even an incompetent hierarchy boss.
I am good at an attack to cause serious adverse effects in mind [Abnormal State (Bad Status)] and am difficult existence to enhance the dungeon monsters which I took as subordinates.
Because the ability for battle in the simple substance is high, I receive damage not to think to be careless.

Oh, it becomes it whatever you like if I hit it with チョチョチョイ and a vermilion spear and a curse spear.
In the case of the group of the dungeon monster which was slightly weaker than "イシリッド" including "high boxer clubman" and "the arc sea bishop", I sharpened a number and let red hair shortstop and オーロ and Argento defeat it afterwards.
Because there are considerably many experience levels to be provided, it is ideal for the improvement of red hair shortstop.
It is early markedly, and red hair shortstop can grow up to miss it than they only get an experience level by an effect of [Holy Beast Eater] that bite べて got a corner of the White Deer.
I seem to be able to take my ease in the future if I give a level quickly here.

Of course, I helped you, but as a result of having let you fight chiefly at the shallow place, the side reached it for the stage when I could expel it somehow when it became dangerous if red hair shortstop where I gave power to remarkably were not large groups.
It is greater-than-expected growth rate.
In the thing that is nice in it, オーロ and growth of Argento are remarkable.
The red hair shortstop is wonderful growth rate, but after all the growth of children who are a period of growth seems to be better.
I think that it may be almost a day to do this [existence evolution]. It may be a doting parent, but is good with the growth of the child.

It was such a feeling, and [アンブラッセム pop toss] was wide, and the invasion speed was not early because a dungeon monster was strong, but advanced smoothly.
If there are another several days, I may capture it.




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