Day 299

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Day 299

After a breakfast that consisted of seafood dishes, we moved jauntily to conquer dungeons.

Located in the Labyrinth City 【Dur Gha Varia】 was the 【Age of the Gods Dungeon】 【God of Algae】.

Deep Lair Female Algae Blessings】 (* name * Well).

At the bottom of one of the channels that pass through the city is a dungeon called Blue Hole.

Due to the water pressure, the conquest of the depths is very problematic, at the same time on the shelf the monsters are not aggressive and will not attack as long as they are not touched. Even children of Fishman may dive without any danger.

So, you can find not only armed conquerors, but unarmed locals visiting this place for many sea products. There are plenty of products here that are well-suited for sale to tourists.

Also, without needing to go into a dangerous sea, it is possible to stably produce a large number of marine products. Thanks to the development of city infrastructure, the resulting products fairly quickly fall directly to dealers.

Without the conquest of the depths, residents are giving a blessing while collecting [faith], provides self-defense. Was not a bad idea.

But now the goal is not conquering 【Deep Lair Female Algae Blessings】.

No, of course I'll do it, but it is better to conquer underwater dungeons alone.

A large number of vessels, from small boats to large galleons of different shapes and materials, berths in the huge port. Here, a huge number of different sea products are unloaded from diverse races and species. On the part of all of this is reminiscent of an eternal fair.

At some distance from that same port one ship dropped anchor.

On the prow, there's a detailed sculpture carved in the shape of a beautiful girl armed with a spear, sitting on a sea dragon, and the structure of the hold was much like a passenger ship. A thousand meters long, a width of up to two hundred meters, and a height of more than one hundred and fifty meters. Like a small mountain in the sea, its size was no joke.

This same ship is the goal of today's hike, 【Age of the Gods Dungeon】 created by 【God of Ships】, 【Ship Ambrasm Pontus】.

Despite the fact that the interior of the ship became a dungeon, it still has the ability of a ship to travel by sea. Thus it travels around the world, appearing in different parts of it, which is different from the underground and naturally made dungeons. It represents a very unusual type - an itinerant dungeon.

[Make sure the above is accurate]

There two more dungeons of the same type: a huge island, floating in the sky, and a dungeon on the back of a huge turtle at the bottom of the seas.

Due to luck this time 【Ship Ambrasm Pontus】 was temporarily anchored here at【Dur Gha Varia】, and given our future plans, the benefits of owning it is considerable.

So we're going to win, and there are as many as 3 ways of challenging the 【Ship Ambrasm Pontus】 :

The first - going in from the sky.

The second - swimming under water to get inside.

The third - swimming to the ship, and climbing the anchor.

This time we chose the third way, sitting on a ship plying to 【Ship Ambrasm Pontus】.

On the way, rocking on the waves, I caught an unusual fish, pulling it in with a silver hand, and immediately butchered it, so we enjoyed fresh sashimi.

Slowly, enjoying the taste, we arrived at the scene. Sending Avenger and company to climb up the anchor, I wondered what would happen next.

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Weblio-Translation (Needs Editing)

I thoroughly enjoy the breakfast which seafood was used abundantly and caught fresh. I started the hunt lively.

[Kojiro Dungeon] in Labyrinth City ≪ ドゥル ガ ヴァライア ≫ is called [cave (タングラブル ディープケイブ) of the deep blessing of the algae woman] which [God of the Sea] created.
The bottom of the sea cave which got more like the blue hall in the bottom of the crossing of a large number of canals in the city center is it.

The hunt is at a deep place is very difficult, but the citizens of not only the person of armed capture but also the demilitarization often go for a sense going to the large size general merchandising store for the ingredients on the day from relations such as the water pressure to be able to easily gather the a great variety of marine products which even the child of "the fish person" is alone and can return in being only the dungeon monster which I do not attack unless I attack it at the shallow place, and I am safe and did seaweed with a representative.

It is stable throughout the year and is provided in large quantities, and marine products seem to be useful even if they do not appear in the ocean which is dangerous to it because even an aspect of the transportation called the city center is superior when they get the marine products which merchants carry inland.

It may be said that the system is such that a formidable calculation to defend for its own protection than it is captured in the deep part at the same time to gather [Faith] by giving a big blessing earlier was done.

Actually, I stay without what is captured by this aim street and I am good and am impressed though originally it was [Demigod] because it is with [God] now when it is the thing which did it.

However, it is not to capture this time [Cave of the Deep] [Blessing of the Algae Woman].
No, I intend to capture it later, but am going to do the capture in a single ogre because it becomes the underwater war.

That's why we came over to the port.

At the huge port where the a great variety of ships which varied in the style anchored in from large size to small size, a great variety of families gathered for marine products and trade product wholesaled by a fishing boat and a merchant ship and rose in the vigor such as the certain festival.

If I push the wall of coming and going people aside and fall out, the ocean to watch for the first time since I transmigrated opening there clears up forever and wants to look at beautiful blue water all the time.
The unseen world spreads out in the other side of the endless horizon, and imagination is excited what will happen.

One ship did it (I wear a thumbtack) in the slightly remote offing from the port of such ocean in an anchor day.

The perspective which got more like the high-rise which reminded of the figurehead (figure skating head) of the beautiful woman with the spearmanship to extend to manly [Sea Dragon], the hull of the decoration that the small metal plate which reminded of the dragon scale of the [Sea Dragon] was piled up innumerably, a cruise passenger boat.
More than 1,000 meters in total length, it is a ship of the size such as the joke that I seem to take for the small mountain called 150 meters in height or more more than 200 meters of overall width.

Such a ship was which -  [God of the Ship] toward the capture [Kojiro Dungeon] created this time [アンブラッセム pop toss].
The ship inside becomes the labyrinth, but because the function as an advancing ship has the ocean, self-run is possible and is a labyrinth classified in the world patrol type that it is extremely unusual that is different from a basement hierarchy type or the nature siege type going round all parts of the world regularly again by the characteristic (Dungeon).

An island to drift or the palace in the back of a huge tortoise swimming in the bottom of the sea seem to exist, but it puts the heavens aside in a similar labyrinth.

[アンブラッセム pop toss] around the world thought this time because, fortunately, an anchor stayed at the offing of labyrinth city ≪ ドゥル ガ ヴァライア ≫ days if I thought about the future because there were predominantly many advantages to capture it.

That's why I capture it, but it is big and classifies it in the invasion course (route) challenging [アンブラッセム pop toss], and there are three patterns because the offing has it.

The first flies in the sky.
The second invades it through an intake from the water.
When the third approaches by ship and climbs it up along an anchor, it becomes.

I had selection of 近 づくを, [アンブラッセム pop toss] pick him up on the sailor of the beast person which started a liner by the last ship this time.

Stretch out a silver arm in the fish which saw on the way while being jolted in a wave for a while; and a handful.
I deal quickly with living in "the a diligent holly" which a scale shining with silver is characterized by with a kitchen knife and decide to have fresh sashimi do it.
I just had, but am readily delicious for the resistance to the teeth of the white which I did angrily and refreshed taste first.
Because there was seasoning such as soy sauce sold at the stall of the port, the next touched it, but taste seemed to increase in it still more.
I climb up the anchor and will enter while letting Avenger precede it, and watching a state, and doing it because a ship arrived when I taste it slowly.
By the way, how will the inside turn out?

 水圧などの関係から深い場所での攻略は非常に困難だが、浅い場所では攻撃しない限り襲ってこないダンジョンモンスターばかりなので“魚人”の子供でも一 人で帰還できるくらいには安全であり、かつ海藻を代表とした多種多様な海産物が簡単に採取出来る為、武装した攻略者だけでなく非武装の市民などもその日の 食材を求めて大型量販店に行くような感覚で潜る事が多い。

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