Day 298

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Day 298

A day has passed since I saw [Beast King] Lionel, who must certainly be as delicious as the Dragon Empress.

After crossing the border on the storm dragons to find a suitable place to land, we continued the trip on the Skeleton Centipede. We arrived in a city called Dur Gha Varia that is associated with some 【Age of the Gods Dungeon】, where we spent the night in a hotel. 

Labyrinth City Dur Gha Varia is one of the cities associated with a dungeon, but at the same time, the associated dungeon was located in the ocean, because this city is a new type for us - a port city.

Here you can find trained sea monsters accompanying sailing ships.

From here, the whole trading fleet travels to another continent, from where are taken extremely rare items that attract the nobility and the royal family.

The structure of the city is like the "Queen of the Adriatic Sea, Venice" from my past life.

A lot of water channels interweave the whole city like a maze, in which countless boats scurry that serve to transport people.

With one difference, due to the fact that many among the inhabitants of the continent were very specific races, like mermaids and Gillmen, the underwater world is as rich as the surface and located inside the channels were the same great variety of shops as on the surface.

As a result, on the one hand the Labyrinth City Dur Gha Varia is an important commercial and strategic hub of the Beast Kingdom. On the other hand it is also a very popular tourist destination.

Since we have come to such a place, it would be a waste not to enjoy it.

Thus, today, we decided to visit the local attractions.

Not knowing the local popular places, it was decided to take the tourist boat, which are designed for such cases.

Scattered around the city are many interesting places to go to but there is not enough time to explore everything, both on the surface and under the waters.

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However, I was able to enjoy this place with my family and kids, making some good memories. And considering that the last few days were very hot, traveling around the city with a breeze blowing in from the sea was quite nice.

Today, we went to bed pretty early after having some very expensive dishes from another continent, which was great for the sake of tomorrow's trip to the dungeon, .

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A [Beast King] After watching the existence that will be surely delicious that is as good as 灼誕竜女帝 called Lionel directly; is a day too.
I entered the beast kingdom on a gale dragon, and we who continued moving in skeleton centipedes earnestly arrived at labyrinth city ≪ ドゥル ガ ヴァライア ≫ which contained とある [Kojiro dungeon] after finding a handy place, and having gone down in the ground and I took the hotel there and spent single night yesterday.

Labyrinth city ≪ ドゥル ガ ヴァライア ≫ is a city containing a labyrinth, but has the side as the harbor (wooden bowl to ask for) city in the place facing the ocean which there was not until now.
I perform the trade with the other continent by a trained marine monster by traction, a fleet comprised of a guarded large armed ship, and marine transportation is prosperous, and a business magnate and the noble that I want a very rare distinction article from a continent visit here all together.

≪ Queen of the Adriatic (buildings reminding of Venice )≫ stand, and innumerable hand-worked fishing boat boards come and go as a citizen's foot in the canal such as a maze set up all over the city.) of some previous existence
There were only life space and a difference such as many shops being opened underwater in the same way as ground that it was because a lot of this world special families including "a half fish person" (Gilman) and "the mermaid" (mermaid) lived.

Labyrinth city ≪ ドゥル ガ ヴァライア ≫ is popular from the city form that there was not until now as a sightseeing spot at the same time to be the important trade base of the beast kingdom from the property.
Because I came to such a place with much effort, it is a waste if I do not enjoy it.

と was reason to say and decided to see the sights today.

Because I have not been able to yet cover all where is a famous place, I get in the pleasure boat which targeted travelers first of all.
At uniformity time, I went round the famous places properly afterward.
There was much highlight just to go around the city, but was not at all the thing which could finish turning around in a day because there was a famous place underwater.

But I was able to do family service relaxedly, and it was possible for a memory to say to children.
A warm day has led to it recently, and it may be said that the sightseeing here with the moderate cool was significant at all by rich water.

Because it was other continent product, I bought the considerably expensive tableware and slept for the tomorrow's capture early today.